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Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO

Rachel Bilson just doesn’t feel comfortable doing a nude scene with co-star Adam Scott for her upcoming film Hearts of Palm.

But director McG gives her a little pep talk and convinces her to do it. Check out Rachel‘s exclusive sex scene below!

Is that a body double or did she just have an hair growth spurt?

Watch the hilarious Funny or Die video below! NSFW!!!

Rachel Bilson’s Deleted Sex Scene — VIDEO
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245 Responses to “Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene -- VIDEO”

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  1. 151
    lana Says:

    I was thinking, they became engaged in december last year at Christmas, can they get married during Christmas this year? :D

  2. 152
    brightside Says:

    Poor Rachel – it must be humiliating for her to realise that not even her fans think she is known for her work as an actress!

  3. 153
    brightside Says:

    Women don’t copy her ‘style’. Kids copy her ‘style’.

  4. 154
    Boom Boom PAU#16 Says:

    Ummm??? Lana,
    Saw that clip a long time ago. How can you tell from a silly clip that she will be a good mother? You realize she is a media wh*re do yo?. She called the paparazzi out to her step sister’s Hattie soccer game practice/ game. She obviously wants to convience gullible idiots like YOU, she will be a good mother. Her BS worked. This proves your very young and, very gullible. Someone could see you would be sucked into buying a newly painted jalopie. Someone could even sell you a bucket of poop and, you would still buy it. Reason why your stereotyping rhe fighters as being old woman. Your a classic Rayden. First, it was merly jealously and, now you know Rachel is not nearly or could never come close to Natalie’s beauty. So…Duh???…Nothing to be jealous of Rachel. Now..Say, we sound old b/c some of us are a bit wiser then you and, actually have kids and, know what a good mother is then, watching a stupid 5-10 minute clip of Rachel holding her youngest step sister baby and, pointing her gnomish looking fingers at Hattie and, giving her orders on how to play out in the soccer field. She wanted to come across as being a future soccer mom someday. YUCK! If, you cannot see how superficial Rachel is then,. you are crazy.

    She will be a great mother! NOT!!! Her kids and, if they happen to be Hayden’s then, Hayden can expect his children to be media exposed half to death, If, you think that makes her a wonderful future mom then, enjoy your jalopy. This is what Hayden is getting for a wife. The jalopy and, Natalie is the Rolls Royce. Oh well. That is on him.

    Besides, your stupid stereotyping is racist. An older woman?? What is old to you? I’m a mom but, I’m tall, slim and beautiful. Hmmmm???Since, your a fan of Rachel and thinks she is all that? You must look like a bucket ball of poo!! Congratulations. Keep on supporting your Bilpoo!! Others will have their opinions.

    Hayden should marry Rachel and, ASAP! They two are shallow and, the talentless pair deserve each other. Let them marry and do it really soon then. What do you think of that Lana?

  5. 155
    @126 Says:

    Al Roker interviewed Natalie back in 01 when he asked her about HC and she didn’t comment to the dating when asked, just smiled back at him and blushed as HC blushed each time asked about NP. Before many of us have seen that interview maybe you didn’t catch it that’s on you. Really it’s of no importance b/c NP has a progressive career ahead of her something your looney tune crew doesn’t. It has been on a few website, can’t promise they are not removed now b/c Dumbass Christensen choses to wed some dumb as dirty moron who is out to score what money and celebrity she can get from him. Not to mention the press attention she conjures up in hopes the tweenies maybe like yourself would think her intelligent.

  6. 156
    @126 Says:

    Does that interview exist now?

  7. 157
    brightside Says:

    @lana: They can get married at anytime. I agree with others here as I don’t see this marriage having a particularly high survival rate. Half of marriages end in divorce and the rate of divorce is even higher in film industry circles. These two don’t have good prospects and I believe that her inattentive fiance said himself that she would rather be shopping in Hollywood than on the farm. The apparent differences in their charcters don’t bode well.

  8. 158
    @brightside 158 Says:

    When an actor marries another bad actor, it reflects badly on them. You have to be loving and adoring of your significant other, feel excited and respectful of them, this is the way Hayden must feel about Rachel, however, we all know that there is nothing respectful about Rachel, she is a failed designer and an actress and a person. It only means that Hayden can not even differentiate between good and bad qualities, that is why he is not respected in the industry and she drags him down even more. I don’t think any director in HW respects these two and their relationship.

  9. 159
    lana Says:

    Why do you worry so much if Rachel will be a good mother or when they will marry? Get a life! One invented an interview with Natalie (that never existed) saying that they dated LOL! You are ridiculous, I said that haters have an illusion of Hayden and Natalie that never existed. People! Hello!? Don’t exist Anakin and Padme, don’t exist Hayden and Natalie, you should know this. Why do you insist on a history that never happened? Boom Boom Pau- I’m not talking to you so I will not make any effort to answer you, get a life.

    Haters make me laugh LOL

  10. 160
    MMA Says:

    I’n willing to talk her through the next one!

  11. 161
    Stone Says:

    Comfort Smomfort. You gotta do yer job!

  12. 162
    brightside Says:

    @lana: Comments 116, 118, 122,127,134,142 & 152. I think, Lana, that you are the one who is obsessed about their marriage, Rachel’s ability to be a mother and whether or not Hayden dated Natalie. As 126 pointed out, it seems likely that, even if HC & Natalie didn’t date per se, there was a shared intimacy on some level. He’s an actor, she’s an actress and it’s common enough. Many co-stars in a movie get it on together.

  13. 163
    lana Says:

    If you stop I would stop too, but as you can’t do this and I bet you commented more times than I here, I don’t think I will stop too. You spent all the day here? God! You don’t work? Every time I come here you are here too, incredible!

  14. 164
    @163 Says:

    Just ignore Lana, she is another stupid teen who does not know what good actress is and like’s Rachel’s stylist’s taste, who selects clothes for Rachel. Rachel is a nothing and everyone knows that except for Hayden who obviously is an idiot to fall for a ditz/loser like Rachel.

    I agree that Hayden could have been attracted to Natalie, I just never heard her say that she dated him.

  15. 165
    lana Says:

    @165: Other Nayden fan!
    Haters make me laugh LOL

  16. 166
    @166 Lana Says:

    Rachel Bilson is a community college drop out, with all her family money she could not apply at a normal school, she is mentally retarded and so are you Lana, if you are her fan

  17. 167
    lana Says:

    @167: Oh yes, I have to like what you like, I forgot, you are my mother and tell me what I should like or not like, look, I don’t know who you are, I don’t want to know you, I don’t know why do you waste your time in a post about a person that you hate. I think you’re retarded and you favorite hobby is speak ill of others. If you’re a fan of Natalie, Jude, Brad, Angelina, why you don’t go on a post about them instead staying here?

    Before you could say that you were here because of the pictures of Rachel every day, but she’s not appearing for two weeks and you still here, I just don’t understand why you still here if we don’t have new photos of it for you tell us how you hate her.

  18. 168
    @lana 168 Says:

    I do post on Natalie, Jude, Brad and Angelina who are all very good actors and I say that and I also post on Rachel Bilson who is a very bad actress and will never compare to these actors I am sure of it.

  19. 169
    lana Says:

    @169: Good try, but you don’t answer my question.

  20. 170
    ATLQueen Says:

    @ lana
    I said it a long time ago. They’re obsessed. They love to hate. Just think about it. What kind of a person WANTS someone’s marriage to fail? What kind of a person WANTS someone to be a bad parents so the rest of us who will have children can deal with their bad A$$ kids? Which by the way are way to our future. They’re just pathetic obsessed HC fans that can’t accept that they will never have him. Or they want him with their precious but absolutely boring you know who. Cuz if he ever becomes single again all of a sudden he’ll be the sexiest man alive and a good actor. It’s crazy! Don’t worry they’ll find someone else to fall for then eventually hate. I thought it would be the Twilight guy but thank God they realized that he just isn’t worth the time. Jebus that man is ugly.
    Guys if you don’t like these two then let it go already. If you do then admit it. If you don’t like them together then just say that. It’s useless to support (cuz that’s what you are doing by commenting here day by day) them when you hate ‘em. I’ll agree with you though they aren’t award winning actors but I don’t care about that. I just like to watch the movie and if they can make their characters come to life why complain? I just want to be entertained the rest is bull sh*t. And someone thinks they look good cuz they both made that sexy list not long ago. But, you all will find some way to argue so I’ll just go back to my everyday life. BYE!

  21. 171
    Stats Says:

    Marriage rate: 7.1 per 1000. Divorce rate: 3.5 per 1000.

    Problems Celebrity children encounter: Depression, drugs, struggling to find a balance, difficult/non existent relationship with parents, inability to form relationships in later life, not understanding bounderies, alcohol (common), suicide, murder. Higher stats than per average nuclear family.

  22. 172
    Stats Says:

    Divorce puts children at greater risk.

  23. 173
    @171 Says:

    What’s your excuss for living on the board here do they pay you to protect RB’s reputation. Each time you come to the board it’s with the same story of ppl hating on her and need ot leave it alone. Well if she would not put herself in the spotlight to be walked on, act so damn idiotic then ppl would not raz her all the time. You act as if this is your lot in life to come on her board each time comments are made in the negative and defend her. It’s anyone right to comment if you don’t like the hate then please ignor it and move on.

  24. 174
    hater/s till end Says:

    Why do you care if we still care?!
    Hope that you bade your BYE for real good this time around (as in good riddance though you always go back in here w/ that recurring tag line) and take along that Lan@ss too who looks like who never even heard the word fansite/forum before yet still continuing to be a “naive, nonsense, preachy & whiny teeny-tweeny-twiddle-dumb”.
    Just get it at your static brain/s, their JJ threads are “trash” and will continue to go on till “oblivion” sucks them up. They are now “eternally doomed” & no one or even nothing can change that!

  25. 175
    aberfitch Says:

    @ I thought it would be the Twilight guy but thank God they realized that he just isn’t worth the time…
    And anything/everything would have to do w/ that Twi guy huh?!
    Ironically funny is that many had been commenting that Robert Pattinson’s hackting school is where Hackden had also attended w/ top honors (lol). Talented or not… ugly… gross… hype… or whatever, his (still) mounting fanbase just dont give a damn & I so bet sure that most of the posters here did catch up those Twi movies & that any up-coming &/or a has-been/wash-up actor (that HC now belongs to) would want to be in that Twi guy’s shoes of popularity & bankability (a sureshot $$$) nowadays.

    @ They are now “eternally doomed”…
    With RaTchel’s still non-existent of any career and Hackden’s series of movie flaks & flops, feel sure its true.

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