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Susan Boyle's Album Hits #1, Largest Opening For Female Artist

Susan Boyle's Album Hits #1, Largest Opening For Female Artist

Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle is #1 on the Billboard charts this week with her album I Dreamed a Dream. Here’s how the 48-year-old churchgoing celebrity stacked up against her competition:

1) Susan Boyle – 701,000 albums
2) Eminem – 608,000 albums
3) Adam Lambert – 198,000 – albums
4) Rihanna – 181,000 albums
5) Lady Gaga – 174,000 albums
15) Shakira – 89,000 albums

Boyle now holds the record this year for the the biggest first-week sales of any album and the largest ever sales debut for a female artist. Impressive!!!

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  • Miss Anonymous

    Holy. :O

  • lexie

    congrats to her.

  • tatty

    Och aye, ya wee clootie dumpling!

  • fergie

    just jared get your facts str8 , eminem didnt release an album this week , you read your source WRONG! Andrea bocceli is at number 2 , with 200 thousands albums

  • J

    Number 2 went to Andre Bocelli not Eminem.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ahahahahaha.. what a joke. and enimen dropped months ago. i was expecting rihanna to sell a lot more records.. at least 300+ first week.

  • Troy

    Eminem had the biggest first week sales of the year… until today. Susan outsold his by nearly a full 100,000 copies.

  • zena

    I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t stand Susan Boyle’s style of music. Those large, bombastic ballad pieces just aren’t my cup of tea. I heard the entire album at Barnes and Noble and almost left the store because it was getting on my nerves.

    But props to those who can enjoy it, and supported a truly precious woman who literally came out of nowhere to succeed.

  • rocky

    GOOD FOR HER!! I’m a true believer in ‘Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover’. Congrats Sue!

  • ….

    damn! Susan Boyle is kickin asss ant taking names. Good for her.

  • ness

    happy for her

  • kiki

    Just proves what I’ve know all along… people appreciate real talent over pretty faces who can barely sing unless they have their voice run through a splitter like Britney Spears does. Lol

  • kenortega

    that money wouldn’t be any consolation for her fugly mug. Maybe Boyle will be able to buy herself a better kennel to reside in.

  • Katherine

    So Happy for her. I think I’ll buy it, just to support the dream.

    Perfect pitch is so rare and it’s lovely she is finally recognized.


    GET IT SUSAN BOYLE! Show these no talent girls what a voice REALLY is.

  • Paulie

    Susan Boyle’s album has been getting pretty bad reviews. Her whole gimmick is that she’s an unattractive woman with a pretty voice. But I am happy that she’s making $ and will hopefully be financially secure.

  • Rand

    That list is crap, Eminem didn’t sell that amount this week.

  • w

    As previously stated Eminem had the biggest opening of the year until today, when he was beat by Susan Boyle. But he DIDN’T release a new album last week, so ranking him #2 is sorta misleading and you shuld change that.

  • hwooddood

    damn thats a lot

  • Daphne V

    I tried to buy 7 copies of Susan Bolye’s CD as gifts for my stressed friends…sold out in a lot of stores and Amazon is limiting 3 to a customer!!

  • pretty young girl

    Go Susan! Eminem is whack, and stupid.

  • tal

    love you rihanna!!!!!
    your the best!

  • lucy

    i’m happy for her
    she deserves it!

  • Lauren

    Hate This Overrated Bint!

  • team_jen

    i dont really like her music that much but i hope she does well 4 her self

  • enoughalready

    Guess what? Susan will be doing her thing again next week with another #1 spot. Regardless of how she looks she has talent and I for one are truly happy that real talent prevailed this go round… Gaga sold really good also she had the #5 & #6 spot selling over 300,000 for a week and that’s good also cause she can give a wonderful performance also. I really dont know about the guys on the list Adam and Broceli but good for them and Rihanna got what she deserved and to think they stooped to selling it for .99 cents and it still came in #4 with her fans buying more than 1 copy each. I would be ashamed if I was her!

  • LuckyL

    People love an underdog.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    boyles fan base is old ass people. ahahahahaahahahah.. god bless her and them, they’ll be dead soon. ahahahahahahaha..

  • go away

    I’m dreamin’ a dream…. and she isn’t gone yet

  • 198K hehe

    Adam Lambert isn’t fit to pop her pimples.

  • Miss Anonymous

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    Why are you so rude? Permanent PMS?

  • Jaye

    I just hope they don’t hype her into a nervous breakdown. She doesn’t seem to be too stable mentally. One minute she’s laughing, the next she’s freaking for no apparent reason.

  • Susan=real talent

    Good for susan, she prove that u can sell records without stripping and doing rubbish on stage al Britney. She is really talented which is why she is so sucessful. People are tired of the no talent female popstars out there , they want to hear real Music which is what Susan music is. Rihanna flop bigh time, CB new album will sell more than hers ,you just watched and see.

  • happy girl

    i don’t get the hype bout her at all but so glad glambert is #3!

  • Linsday Luv

    I bet she wished she could simulate raunchy acts on stage just like Lambs, because that is how you sell records

  • really?

    The public has spoken. Lewd, disgusting acts don’t sell. Lamberts PR machine may be trying their hardest to shove him down my throat, but I ain’t buying. Not now, not ever.

  • Stella

    Yea go rihanna!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats up from your last debut!

  • Linsday Loman

    She gets more attractive every day

  • Dyl106

    Well done Susan! Nobody deserves it better than you do =)

  • me me me

    lol @infamously cool! and maybe rihanna should take notes, not having your boobs and ass on display 24/7 isn’t necessarily a bad thing :P

  • lakers fan in boston

    eminem came out with a new album, i had no idea
    and anyways we all no her cat pebbles bought all those cd’s
    lmao at riri, shows how horrible ur album is

  • Babey Dada

    I would like to date her

  • MMA

    One hot babe!

  • MMA

    One hot babe!

  • MMA

    One hot babe!

  • Stone

    About time someone with talent went to the top!

  • Stone

    To the top with talent. Finally.