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Adam Lambert: Cancelled By ABC Again!

Adam Lambert: Cancelled By ABC Again!

Adam Lambert gets axed by ABC again.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the network canceled Adam‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live scheduled for December 17.

“We decided not to move forward with the booking at this time,” an ABC spokesperson said.

Last week, the American Idol star was pulled from performing on ABC’s Good Morning America and was replaced by Chris Brown.

According to Adam, it sounds like GMA and Jimmy Kimmel may not have been the only ABC shows he’s been nixed from.

“Yes, sadly friends, ABC has cancelled my appearances on Kimmel and NYE,” Adam tweeted. “Don’t blame them. It’s the FCC heat.”

Adam is probably referring to ABC’s New Years Rockin’ Eve where he was expected to perform.

Nevertheless, Adam is still seeing the greener side of things and so far is still confirmed to appear on The Jay Leno Show on December 21.

“It’ll all blow over,” he tweeted later. “Let’s focus on being positive.”

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  • dundies

    okay i’ll start this thread off by saying; The backlash that Adam’s getting should have nothing to do with being gay. That is my opinion and what I believe because it is discrimination. With that being said, his AMA performance was shocking because what he *did* not because of *who he is*. If it had been a straight male, straight women, or gay women who had done what he did, people and myself included would still find it offensive. This does not make me a prude or my personal favorite…homophobic. Remember that by calling my opinion close minded is close minded in its self

  • bella

    Ears everywhere will be spared

  • you can bet on it

    “It’ll all blow…………………………………………………………. over,”

  • Jen

    dundies – Pink did the exact same thing in 2003 at the Billboard Music Awards on FOX, before 10PM, and no one was offended.

    This is all thinly veiled homophobia.

  • shalotte

    Dundies, if that were actually true, no, you wouldn’t be a homophobe. However, given that plenty of other performers have made moves as risque and explicit on tv for ages before, without producing a fraction of the pearl-clutching frantic reaction of Adam’s performance, it seems a little unlikely that all the people going around claiming they would be equally offended by a female performer or a heterosexual act are telling the truth.

    ABC actively blacklisting an out gay artist for having been too explicitly gay on television is a significantly more disturbing action IMO than that gay performer pushing the boundaries with a five-second crotch-snorkeling move in a 3 minute performance at 11 o’clock at night. And if they really are doing this in response to FCC pressure, then I am even more disturbed.

  • dee cee

    he’s a flat-foot, little talent bore

  • Amber

    So, I wasn’t really buying the “homophobia” argument either. However, I just saw Pink shove her male dancer’s face into her crotch too after she sang “Open your mouth, give me your tongue.” (Billboard Awards 2004) He wagged his tongue at her before diving in. If that’s offensive too, then where was the national uproar? I believe it got censored, but no one made a big deal out of it in the national media. No one canceled her gigs afterward. I ask rather seriously, if it’s not an issue of sexual orientation, what’s the difference between Pink’s move and Adam’s move? Both were broadcast on music award shows on national television networks. It’s weirdly hypocritical to be outraged at one and not the other. If we are offended by overt sexual displays, then we shouldn’t single out and penalize Adam when it’s been done in the past with little or no consequences.

    Basically, ABC needs to get a grip and let Adam perform again. He’s been humbled enough, and his new single has nothing to do with crotch-shoving. The guy is a really talented singer and performer. Give him another chance and stop being so shocked.

  • Danielle

    so what??? I don’t like him

  • jb

    abc is homophobic

  • evalynn

    it’s not so much that some people like him and some don’t, but rather he is being discriminated because of his sexuality?

  • Cheri

    How does ABC justify axing Adam Lambert yet allow a CONVICTED domestic abuser perform?

    It’s okay to beat your girlfriend but not kiss a man?

    I am glad they have their priorities straight….

  • Kora

    and hopefully this is the last we see of him! good riddance.

  • pffft.

    He killed his “career” right out of the gate. The Leno show???!!! That’s hitting rock bottom.

  • sillyme

    Adam has said that he’s not sorry for what he did, that it was spontaneous. So, if that’s the case, I can see why Dick Clark might not want someone like that on his shows. Because, who’s to say Adam won’t do the same thing again…you know, just kind of spontaneously. And, maybe next time Adam will spontaneously do something even more vulgar than shoving a guys face in his crotch. Sorry, Adam, you made your bed and now you have to lie (lay?) in it.

  • emma

    ABC is acting really weird!

  • ilikedreaming

    HOMOPHOBIC!Adam is such a nice guy.

  • lily

    I wish this jackass would go away!

  • Amber


    Concern over what he may pull off on a live morning show was ABC’s official reason for why he was canceled on Good Morning America. However, Jimmy Kimmel Live, despite its name, is not actually live. They tape the show and the performances a few hours in advance. If Adam ends up doing anything inappropriate, they can easily edit it. Also, I highly doubt he’s going to do anything like that now. He’s been humbled enough, and his new single has nothing to do with crotch-grabbing.

    I have a feeling this guy isn’t going away. He’s receiving attention for valid reasons. I suggest you learn to deal with it.

  • Calray

    I hope he gets cancelled from everything. He is just not that good.

  • Cristina

    So according to ABC, its okay to be a woman beater but wrong to be a gay man? Nice going ABC. :\

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    even more publicity. thanks abc, thanks justjared. does anyone even remember who “won” american idol? ahahahahaha

  • happy girl

    HOMOPHOBIA. Write to ABC people at and also contact gay organizations like GLAAD and have them put the pressure on the network. This is discrimination. If so, have Women Against Domestic Violence groups protest Chris Brown going on ABC. I mean the network has interviewed convicted felons but can’t interview a young gay man for kissing a guy on TV? Wow. Speak up everybody!

  • Anon.

    ABC has no right to censor Adam and blacklist him for his performance at the AMAs. It is wrong. The other performers that night were just as risque as he was. Yes. You don’t have to reach back to what Pink did, or to what Madonna and Britney did. There were people on the show who were really raunchy. Eminem talking about rape, Janet Jackson grabbing her male dancer’s crotch, Gag, Rihanna, I could go on. This is phoney. I do notr like anyone telling me what it is proper for me to watch. I am boycotting ABC. I am going to call them and tell them, and I am boycotting my local affiliate and I will call them and tell them. ABC is going too far. What a perons does at 11 PM at night shouldn’t even concern little kids. So who are they worried about? I will call their sponsors, too. I am serious. I will boycott their sponsors and I will let them know it. I strongly suggest others do likewise. This isn’t about Adam any more. It’s about censorship.

  • Dj

    B!tch please.. This was a thought out publicity stunt he pulled…NO ONE would be talking about him OR his performance without all his raunchy acts he “added” …..This was the AMA’s NOT the VMA’s …..Adam needs to realize there is a time and place for “stunts” like that….Not even Madonna or Lady Gaga pulled this trash at a legit show like the AMA’s….

  • Angela

    What a freaking idiot! He was given the opportunity to close the AMAs and he gave that tasteless and terrible performance(and I mean,also vocally, he couldn’t hit a note), he missed a great opportunity and made a fool of himself. Whether straight or gay, the whole performance sucked. What was he thinking of?

  • H.

    This is disgusting. They let women kiss (Madonna & Britney and hello that was considered sexy, ugh) and don’t have anything to say about it. It’s called a double standard, and it sucks.

    And as a woman I have to say that I would think it sucks anyway but it’s a friggen slap in the face to women everywhere that they would replace him with Chris Brown. Are you friggen kiddin, ABC?! It’s also a slap in the face to every gay person out there that is a good, decent person that wouldn’t physically abuse anyone. That one kiss has gotten a representative of their community banished and replaced by an convicted abuser has to be offensive to every gay person out there. What a f*ckin’ insult to women & gays everywhere, ABC. Disgusting.

  • Frida

    Yes, ’cause Chris Brown is a so much better role model than he is…. I agree with you Cheri #11

  • dundies

    Pink did the exact same thing in 2003 at the Billboard Music Awards on FOX, before 10PM, and no one was offended.
    Had I watched this performance, I would have been. Though I see what you are saying. It doesn’t make it right for ABC or CBS or whomever to cancel without a reason. If they were to say it was because he’s gay, then thats wrong on their behalf. Being gay isn’t a newfound thing. If they had just admitted they didn’t agree with what he simulated, fine. But for them to say it was okay for Madonna, because her “image is more recognized” is bullshit

  • Pandora

    @ #24 — B!tch please yourself. It’s a bunch of BS. In the context of the times that others have been raunchy, it was considered over the top for then. But, they were not gay. It is discrimination plain and simple. Whomever buys otherwise is clearly missing the point. Missing Adam’s point too.

  • dundies

    a real talent should make waves for their *talent*. His would be singing. So please do so. Why is no one talking about *voice* rather his *excuse of a performance*

  • athena

    Well, it’s sad to hear that…but, what can you expect when ABC is owned by Disney. Suggestive smut is not going to happen on their screens…ABC is a family channel, with family values, not those that are everpresent today….Sorry to hear that A-dam’s B-een C-ancelled from ABC…

  • Jayde


  • Carlos

    They cancelled him because his singing was awfull,man, not because of the s e x factor. Other artists were provocative,too, but they pulled great preformances and they actually SANG! He couldn’t do any of that.

  • Richard

    Just asking,…is this the guy who said to Clay Aiken, if he wants to ride my coatails…? Well, at least Clay sold more than 600,000 albums on his first week. and didn’t embarrassed himself in front of millions of people on his first TV app. after Idol.

  • XY


  • Jen

    This is SO very disgusting. The FCC definitely have their heads faaar up their asses. Adam wasn’t doing anyting many teenage performers have done before him and the FCC was ok with that. Whoever these people at the FCC are they are big time hypcrites and morons! Seth MacFarlene was right to have ridiculed them, they’re horrible! When they’re ok with a woman abuser being on TV, but not a gay performer who had a risque performance, that really says something about their screwed up values.

  • cindy

    More image than substance right from the start, and it ends up being his downfall. Who’d a thunk.

  • Henry VIII

    For those who say that Pink did something similar few years ago, well,…maybe, but I bet she could sing at the same time!!!!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l @ 12/03/2009 at 12:58 pm

    even more publicity. thanks abc, thanks justjared. does anyone even remember who “won” american idol? ahahahahaha


  • jared fan

    @dundies…i agree with you!
    I’m glad ABC cancelled him and would not like ABC if they didn’t. He acts sick! no class!!

  • donna

    Adam! stay positive, you are better than this/them! jimmy kimmel? who wants to in that show anyway, we in Asia hate his show, stupid and boring! Come to Asia, we are open minded here and we will give you the stars and sun and moon :)))))) Your american people lack the ‘critical thinking mind’ mentality!

    Make love and not war. peace!

  • marla

    When did America becomes the land of inhibited people. I thought this country embodies Liberty. I thought the great motto WAS GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. SO WHAT ADAM LAMBERT KISSED A GUY, HE DID NOT KILL HIM. WILL ABC OR ANY FUKNUT NETWORK PREFER THAT HE KILL THE GUY INSTEAD.

  • LeviKlein

    This is absurd. I’m not a fan, I don’t even watch American Idol, but they should at least give him another chance. His first perfomance was oversaturated for me, but how is he supposed to make it up for the next time if they don’t give him the chance? Poor guy.

  • doodie

    @dundies: damn thats one gay fag

  • aida

    And yet Donnie Osmond is always welcome. Guess its okay for Mormon men to kiss and dip male judges on Dancing with the Stars for points. That was really uncomfortable, with his wife and sister sitting in the audience pretending that Donnie’s expression of man love was just a joke.

  • no mas


    I totally agree with you. I found his “singing” offensive, not to mention his freaky brand of entertainment. This is the beginning of the end for this dude. Next week his CD will tank even harder than it did this past week…

  • Fenix River

    @Jen: And Lamb is as successful as Pink? He is a nobody who has a huge ego, his 15 minutes are up. He now wants GLAADD to promote his album. Just stay on MTV and Bravo, that’s where he is most comfortable, not the Mickey Mouse channel

  • Nameless

    I don’t care that he is gay but honestly I would not mind if everyone would just cancel his shows and Adam just disappeared altogether. Hate his voice and his music.

  • Kathy D

    I agree with the person who said he cannot sing unless you call screeching singing. He did waste a once in a lifetime opportunity. He completely blew it. He thought way too much of himself to pull a stunt like that so early in his so-called career.

  • Shakespeare

    Beating up chicks is OK, but gay frottage or whatever isn’t? F ABC. F ‘em in the a.