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Jude Law: Six Shows Left!

Jude Law: Six Shows Left!

Jude Law heads to his car to go uptown and perform in Hamlet on Wednesday (December 2) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor, whose run in the title role ends this Sunday (December 6), signed autographs for fans waiting for him at the theater before going in and preparing for tonight’s show. Jude only has six performances ahead of him until the show closes!

Jude was reportedly followed out of his apartment by former flame Sienna Miller. The two are rumored to have spent a romantic Thanksgiving evening dinner together.

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Credit: Tom Meinelt, Famepictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Mario Magnani/Bauergriffinonline
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  • http://sexy sharyllee

    I wish I could see Jude on broadway again… so beautiful and talented.

  • Hey Jude!!

    He is such a PIG. Didn’t he just have an illegitimate kid with someone else?? And, now he’s chasing this broad?? Sheesh.

  • sweetness

    Oh geezus he’s back with that slacker Sienna?….how many pens have dipped themselves into her well…dude she is nasty.

  • natalie smith

    …Well it is official after all!! I think they went around for a few years and now ended back together!! They can both talk about their mistakes over the past few years and comfort each other putting everything behind and making a new start!

    I think the guy -as much as I like him as an actor and thought I did so as a person also-….HAS GOT ISSUES!

    LOOK AT the women he is attracted to and you’got the answers!!

    Of all the women in the world he is back with her! it is disappointing!!

    I thought he had more depth than that…!!!!!!

    BUT THAN MAYBE WE HAVE TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH AND TRY NOT TO IDOLISE THE GUY he only really feels good with that sort of women!
    Spoiled brats that make fashion icons and can act just a little bit as well!!


    It’s a pity she is a whore!!

  • Emily

    @natalie smith: well he’s lucky to get Sienna back. that dude isn’t look good anymore. look at those pictures above, dude is smiling all over his face. Run Sienna Run. I like her boots anyway.

  • dulcemirita

    Jude , come back to London soon¡¡ You deserve to relax, to disconect , to run away for quite a bit time, having time for yourself and your children. Your Hamlet as got to be an unforgettable one on Broadway, the best Hamlet of all the times. A Tony Award is surely waiting for you.

  • anonymouse

    look who’s sexing up the justjared side…
    LOVE him, good luck for the last few Hamlet performances… and get rid of the sl*t!

  • g!na

    He needs to go see his new baby! whether he has a relationship with the mom or not ,he has a responsibility to that poor precious baby.

  • carmen

    Either JL is a cover for her affair with Getty or she is trying to make Getty jealous. It would not be the first time that SM used another man to cover up her affair with Getty. I won’t be surprised if these photos are followed by photos of her with Getty.

    How interesting. Notice how the press always knows how to find SM. When JL and BG are not with SM, we rarely see them, but as soon as SM steps into the picture the public is bombared with photo-ops like this. Sienna is still tipping off the paps. When will her need to court attention end? Wasn’t she just whining and playing victim about what JL did to her? That’s right, SM is “naive and in love”. How many times is Sienna going to be “naive and in love”, she is waht 27 yo? You would think that she would have learned her lesson by now.

  • chloexxxgirl

    Once a cheater, always a cheater, Sienna. Remember that!
    It surprises me that she’d still be interested in him after he cheated on her. If a man cheated on me in that way so publicly and during our engagement I definitely would be out of there and never go back in.
    please, Sienna, wake up. Jude isn’t that good looking either. He’s an old balding man.

  • Susan

    Jude & Sienna = *TRUE LOVE*
    hope it works out for these two… you can’t keep true love apart, no matter the obstacles.

  • Lila

    I think Sienna and Jude make a good pair. They have a lot in common. Well…they’re both wh0res anyway.

  • Pole

    Those two together makes me feel sick.


  • dolorescraegt

    it seems ben jackson was there with jude while sienna visited……maybe she just went to see jude’s flat. they are friends……

  • Kate

    @chloexxxgirl: It surprises me that she’d still be interested in him after he cheated on her.

    that is called TRUE LOVE. I agree with one poster above.
    true love never dies.

  • nattiep

    Jude is a hot property on Broadway at the moment and being associated with him is bound to do Sienna some good (I doubt it will help her career much though!). After Miss Julie is suck big time! shame.
    *I still try to catch Hamlet*

  • Sandy

    It’s not like Sienna can stand on the high moral ground, she’s a cheater too, and a lover of married men.

    They are both whores who deserve each other.

  • bebe

    it’s all about publicity! look at her face, she looked so sad and Jude looked the opposite.
    I think Jude doesn’t want her back, she couldn’t receive it and run. run. run. LOL

  • Lyn

    it’s been confirmed according to digitalsky.
    Law has told his ex-wife Sadie Frost that Sienna is back in his life.
    Good luck to them. Law looks very happy in those pictures.

  • sheryl

    Only 6 more shows. Gosh, I wish I could have went back to see it again *sigh* I hope Jude gets that Tony nomination because he truly deserves it.
    *blows kisses at Jude*

  • sheryl

    @Lyn: What in the world is digitalsky? I’ve never even heard of them, much less believe they have any breaking news on what Jude told Sadie.

  • Pole


    True love? I thought Sienna’s true love was Rhys Ifans. Oh, no – wait; it was Balthazar Getty. No, no – it was DJ Slinky last month, wasn’t it? Nice breaking up a marriage and breaking so many hearts if she’ been in love with Jude all the time. What a selfish cow :( They should both grow up IMO.

  • Pole


    It’s digitalspy, not sky and here’s their story – it sounds somewhat made up to me:

  • whatever

    True love? Isn’t a fairy tale… Jeez…

  • Sandy K

    The person that signed on here as Nol 17 is not me I am the originhal
    Sandy and would never cal lJude a whore!. I will diffrentiate as shown here ‘Sandy K’.

    I do not have a lot of faith in a rematfch with Sienna beause I do not trust her. Some of the things she did to him were really nasty and I thinkli he is a very loyal and trusting person and deserves better. But if this is what will cure his loneliness and make him happy I am all for him being happy, the great blessing of life is the sense of happyness that comes with a good relationship with someone you care for who respects you and cares back. If true, gOOD LUCK..IF NOT – again
    GOOD LUCK Jude.

    Wish I had been able to make one of these last shows..( Hope you are
    enjoying ny book) Luv

  • Denise

    “it seems ben jackson was there with jude while sienna visited……maybe she just went to see jude’s flat. they are friends……”

    You are delusional. Give me a break. I don’t think Slutienna is capable of being just friends with any man she is with. It all smells fishy to me. What is he thinking getting back into such close contact with this woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suzziey

    Honestly, I was totally unprepared for the avalanche.

  • suzziey

    I just can’t seem to find my groove for this man anymore.

  • christine

    # 3 sweetness @ 12/03/2009 at 1:58 am Oh geezus he’s back with that slacker Sienna?….how many pens have dipped themselves into her well…dude she is nasty.


    Anyway, I cant stand Jude Law anymore. Ever since I read that he threw fruits at a couple of ppl from his balcony…. who were his FANS… and disrespected NYers …. where he works… I was fed up w/ his antics….. procreating w/ every sl*t in the world…. isnt he up to 10-20 children now.
    (Not that I havent wanted to throw things at NYers before, but these ppl were his fans). But I also have 2 places in West Hollywood and in one of them my balcony faces the street and I have ppl staring at me & my guests when we’re on my balcony ALL the time.
    All you have to do is put up one of those wooden screens or whatever they’re called to block the view of others. It’s not exactly a GENIUS idea… but then again by looking at Jude’s choices in life both personally and in work, he apparently relies on his agent to get him roles.

  • christine

    @Sandy K:
    There’s atleast a billion ppl w/ ur name. I dont think any1 gives a dam about u.
    There’s atleast 10 ppl on here every day w/ my name.
    And I really dont care……
    Then u said Jude “…is a very loyal and trusting person and deserves better. But if this is what will cure his loneliness… “

  • dolorescraegt

    god….all this judging two people we don’t know… must give people sitting at home a certain feeling of power to be critical of celebrities they never met and know nothing about….what they are really like.
    should jude be critical about you sitting at home from some tabloid gossip……what has the public turned into…… chew up the celebrities and spit them out…america should be better than this. myself i wish jude luck only good luck in his future.

  • Lori Joyce

    I wish Jude good luck also but it will be without me as a fan of him as a person.

  • whocares

    sienna is disgusting, spa day with getty and two weeks later..
    oh hey jude! you want me back yes lets get it on!
    jude is her garante to stay in showbiz.. hate them both

  • *

    @christine: Sandy is a sweety and very well known here.

  • pubis

    He has a pubis right on the forehead. He is a Manwh0re!

  • helen

    who cares? I hate Jude.
    I love Sienna in Interview with Buscemi. amazing actress.

  • @36

    There is HW royalty and there is HW trash, Jude and Sienna are the prime examples of the latter.

  • Tina

    @helen: you gotta be kidding me

  • Celebwatcher

    Broadway shows are so expensive. I think I’ll netflix the Mel Gibson version of Hamlet.

    visit for the latest psychic predictions!!!

  • Annie rich

    @christine: I don t think those girls were fans, they were only excited to see a famous person.

    Anyway, I don t like Sienna Miller, not as an actress or as a person and I have never liked her style. Jude on the other hand, I love everything about him and I will still be his fan, even if he is with Sienna.

  • thatgirl

    Jude’s always been pretty good about refuting rumors re: his love life with short statements from his reps. He released one re: Sienna a while back but that seems like ancient history now. Unless and until he releases another one, it sure looks like they’re ON again.

  • no wonder braindead hipsters like him. his forehead reminds them something..

  • whatgoesaround

    this is the how much relationship of miss miller this year?
    she is like this celebrity of which you really don’t wanna hear
    something of their private life but you almost have to suck it all
    first they demented it and now they are together again bowie and now
    we have to be glad for them
    the next days we have to see them on vacation together kissing blah
    what a crap she was dating all this hollywood hotties what a cool girl..

  • Dawson River

    His hair looks good today. How many kids does he have. He is such a good father

  • ericap

    So handsome, Jude! Luv you!

  • dolorescraegt

    agreed…he is a beauty and a great actor…..

  • dolorescraegt

    agreed…he is a beauty and a great actor…..

  • Halleron

    @thatgirl: What’s wrong, bitch, can’t stay away after all?

  • Sofia

    Jude’s smiling. That’s good. Wish him good luck!

  • Sandy

    no one is just friends with Sienna. She’s good for a BJ or nothing at all.