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LeAnn Rimes is Chatty in Calabasas

LeAnn Rimes is Chatty in Calabasas

LeAnn Rimes makes a phone call as she goes shopping on Wednesday (December 2) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer, who was out and about without boyfriend Eddie Cibrian, will be performing tonight (December 3) at the LA Kings Holiday Ice.

LeAnn will help light the Christmas tree downtown and open the new outdoor skating rink, which will be open to the public until the end of the month. For more info on the rink, visit

If you’re in L.A., catch LeAnn at 6 p.m. at 800 W. Olympic Blvd.!

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • bebe

    Has she been dumped? COS she is not FLASHING her FAKE smiles.

  • Halleron

    How the hell can LA have an outdoor skating rink? Nice to see she’s still gettin gigs, though – heh heh heh

  • pat

    i am European and Leann here is a one-song singer – i have no idea what her career nowadays is about
    is she that popular in the States? looks like paps are following her everywhere she goes..

  • Rake

    Why is the picture of Susan Boyle on her cellphone included with a story about LeAnn Rimes?

  • michaela

    Le Ann looks great! At least Eddie traded up unlike Tiger who has a mistress with a missing tooth at 24!

  • Mack

    LeAnn pays paps to take her picture and keep her name in circulation. She isn’t selling any music and most people consider her a good 90′s teenage talent but hasn’t done much since then. Now days she’s known more as a tramp who broke up a beautiful family with two very small children. Perhaps we should send her across the pond and you Europeans can use her for something.

  • michaela

    The copy and paster will be extra busy going from one to the other. LOL!!!

  • Marissa

    I used to have all of the cheaters CDs. So, I took them and swapped them for something else. Now when those used CDs are bought … she won’t get a dime off them selling.

    That gives me odd comfort at night.

    I can’t believe I ever wasted money on her concert tickets. :(

  • roro

    Cheater cheater.

  • Tom

    Eddie and Tiger like the same kind of women….cheap publicity seeking low lifes.

  • michaela

    @ Mack…I mean Jason

    So Tiger must be paying the paps to sniff out and photograph his mistresses and their stories. He loves the publicity! So goes your line of reasoning.

  • michaela

    Marissa, mack, jason..I don’t believe you!

  • michaela

    Eddie made an upgrade. Tig is scraping bottom in his choices.

  • Flower

    Why is someone as well known as Le performing at an ice skating rink and Taylor Swift is selling out the Staples Center? That seems backwards to me.

  • Tom

    Hey Flower power, if Taylor Swift wins half the grammies she’s been nominated for, she will have won more grammies in one night than has-been-LeAnn has won in her life.

  • michaela

    cbme…notice how the men are just waiting for a new Le Ann thread to jump on? Most unusual !

    Hi Jas !!!

  • Becky

    Love to Deane, Brandi and her children. Stay strong and move on. Eddie and LeAnn didn’t deserve you on your worst days. Eddie and LeAnn’s relationship is built on sex and photo ops and I’m quite sure the sex is getting a little old for Eddie. In the begining, the sex Was fun and the money Is still nice, but Eddie must be getting tired of the crazy…crazy-LeAnn.

  • michaela

    Jas, Lenny, mack and the list goes on and on. One and the same…ALWAYS!

  • Fenix River

    She looks great. I’m so happy she has found a real man to love!

  • Mary

    Brandi, if you read this I would like to read more twitters from you. You are a beautiful woman both inside and out. Keep your children close. Eddie’s star seems to be rising and I hope you benefit financially from it but pay no attention to Rimes. I can not imagine Eddie being with her for long. She is aging poorly and her career doesn’t amount to much anymore. She’s more of a novalty for him than a long term relationship. Eddie will never again have someone as beautiful and gracious as you.

  • michaela

    Jason…give it up already! You are so obvious!

  • Miss Anonymous

    God you people need to get over it. It’s Leann’s life, not yours. You people have flaws too, you know.

  • Baby

    she is a cute looking girl

  • AutumnM

    Lee Ann is ugly and trifling!

  • Zoe

    I think she’s very pretty. I agree that Eddie traded up unlike Tiger. WTF was he thinking?

  • Mer

    LeAnn looks great!

    Jason is back, along with his aliases or his boy toys. LOL

  • AutumnM

    I think Eddie’s ec is much prettier than Lee Ann. Just because Lee Ann is famous and blond doesn’t mean she’s pretty, she really isn’t. Eddie’s ex has a much prettier face and body than Lee Ann.

    I agree that Tiger certainly didn’t trade up though, but a lot of times when men cheat it’s not about looks. Probably those women were more exciting sexually and otherwise than his wife. That’s really why men cheat a lot of the time, they don’t find their wives to be exciting and they’re bored so these women they cheat with will often do things with them their wives wont, that’s why they cheat. It’s sad, but that’s the case for many.

  • Babey G

    I hope she can marry Eddie soon

  • Marieme


    I’ll be there with my tomatoes. Ripe ones.

  • michaela
  • michaela

    She looks really good in her gold holiday dress on eonline.

  • Priscilla

    I’m glad she will get married soon

  • michaela

    Photos of Le Ann performing last night for the Christmas tree lighting from belga pictures. Great photos !!!

  • Mer

    Michaela – I couldn’t find anything on the second link, but thanks all the same. I was able to view the first one. We can always count on you to find the good stuff.

  • michaela

    I checked it when I put it up and the photos were there. I just now checked, and you’re right, they are no longer there. So go to belga picture, type in “rimes” in the search box and you should find them.

  • gwen

    micheala (aka cbme, mer, mec, validate, lydia, miss anon, Zoe, Fenix River)

    1) post: 22Leann needs to get over it. Eddie doesn’t love her and yet she still insists on trying to convince people that they have this great romance. It is Leann’s life, so she sould learn to keep her business to herself and stop tipping off the paps. Sleeping with a married man and constantly rubbing it in his wife’s face is not having flaws, it’s selfish and immature. As long as Leann keeps staging these LOOK AT I WON photos, people are going to comment.

    2) Post 25: Eddie traded up? Did you say this with a straight face? So now you are trying to save Leann by trashing Tiger’s mistress? The lengths you will go to save Leann. Didn’t you already say this in post 13? That’s right, since you can not get other posters to agree with you, you are doing that thing where you write a post under different names to make it look like you and Leann have support.

    3) Post 19: Leann has found a real man to love? Once again trying to justify Leann’s behavior by blaming the victim, Dean. Leann cheated because she is selfish and immature, it had nothing to do with Dean. Blaming Dean because Leann didn’t have the decency to say no, isn’t going to save Leann.

    4) Post 7: We know that you are going to go from thread to thread copying and pasting, you do not have to write a post where you tell us that you are going to copy and paste. We can see it with our own eyes.

    5) The paps are not following Leann. She is tipping them off.

    6) I thought that you were going to get a new trcik and yet here you are posting under yet several different names. Are things really that bad for Leann? Or are you secretly trying to destroy Leann. The sad thing is that you really think that you are fooling people with these posts.

  • gwen

    michea;a (aka cbme, mer, Zoe, miss anon, Fenix River

    1) Post 26: So now you think that you can convince people that Leann is “pretty” by posting it over and over under several different names. You have done this trick before, and guess what it doesn’t work. So now you are stalking Jason? You really need to get some help for this obsession you have for other posters. Since you are posting under several different names in this thread alone, you are trying to take the heat off of yourself by accusing other posters of doing what you are doing. Why do you think that no one knows that you and mer are one in the same? Are you really that dense?

    2) So you are still going strong with these “hi cbme”, “hi micheala” and “hi mer” posts? Writing posts to yourself is not going to prove that you have supporters or that Leann has more than one fan. You do this in every thread and for some odd reason you seem to think that each time you will get a different outcome. Everyone knows that you are CBME, MER, and MICHEALA. The more of these “I’m a different poster because I have conversations with myself” posts you do, the more you hurt Leann.

    3) Post 31: And apparantly you are the only to think so. Is that why you keep posting the same thing over and over and over. And you had the nerve to criticize others.

    4) Post 34: Here you are trying to establish that you and mer are different posters. You already exposed that cbme and mer, and thus you are one in the same. Why do you insist on posting comments to yourself as if this will help you? So since you can not get support from other posters, you just create it by posting under a different name and telling yourself how great you are. That’s sad, that you feel that your posts can only be validated when “someone’ agrees with you.

    5) How nice of you to offer yourself some advice. To bad you didn’t tell yourself that no one is buying this different poster nonsense, no matter how many sites you pull this stunt on.

  • gwen

    Leann is shopping again? That can mean one thing. She is giving Eddie his alone time with SMJ or some woman he met on the set of CSI. So is that what that photo-op was all about the other day? In order to stage that “EC is not cheating on me or using me for free publicity because he showed up in public with me outside of his Sat-Mon WATCH MY SHOW schedule”, Leann let EC have some alone time with his other mistress(es). There is not that much shopping in the world and the fact that she is always seen shopping should be a red flag to the media/press that Eddie is cheating on LR. Of course Eddie isn’t with Leann. It’s not Sat-Mon and he already did the favor for Leann where Leann bribes him to show up with her outside of the Sat-Mon schedule to fool people into thinking that he isn’t after her for publicity.

    So once again Leann tips off to taunt Brandi and her kids and let them know that she is in their neighborhood. Leann is unstable. If she “won” or has Eddie, then why does she keeps taunting BG and her kids? It’s like LR is afraid that Eddie will run back to his wife and kids once he has used all her money.

    Of course Leann is lighting a Christmas tree and “helping’ to open an outddoor skating rink, she is on the “SAVE MY ***” Tour. Charity is supposed to come from the heart, not when one needs to whitewash one’s image or lessen the backlash from the public so that one can make public appearances with a man who has no qualms about throwing his wife and kids under the bus for fame and fortune. So this must mean that Sienna Jr. plans on staging “EC loves me and isn’t cheating on me because…” photo-ops. That was what she did when she crashed her car those two times and “donated” the playgroud. It’s all ploy to sway the public in her favor so that she can gloat about the pain that she is causing BG, DS, and the two kids. Why would anyone believe that she cares enough about others to help build a skating rink, when she does, hasn’t, and won’t show any consideration to DS, BG, and the two kids as she keeps airing her and EC dirty laundry? Lighting a Christmas tree or “helping” to build an ice rink is not going to make the public like Leann, have any sympathy for her, believe that she and EC have a ” great romance”, or make people believe that she is a good person. She has every chance to prove that she can be civil and each time she pulls one of these photo-ops where she gloats or taunts BG and the kids by showing them that she is in their neighborhood.

    When is the media/press going to be honest? Eddie is not Leann’s boyfriend. He is her business arrangement.

  • cbme

    Hi, Michaela, thanks for the tip on the pictures. All of you skip off and leave me and its hard for me to keep up somedays. She does look great in her gold dress. Wonder what’s happening at Christmas? I’m sure since this is their first Christmas together, they will be together quite a bit. Has her mom remarried, do you know? Don’t know if she has a large family. Geez, I see we’re back to throwing the ex back under the bus!! Any idea on the Jan 2010 logo on LeAnn’s shirt? Jan will be six months since Eddie and the ex went their seperate ways. About time for another date night isn’t it?

  • Mer

    Thanks Michaela, I was able to see the pics on belga. The first thing that came out my mouth was WoW! She has some killer legs, so minis look great on her. I really like her hair to one side, and she looks so happy.

  • gwen

    micheala (aka cbme, mer)

    1) “Hi, Michaela, thanks for the tip on the pictures.”

    Still trying to eastablish that you have support and that Leann has more than one fan.

    2)”All of you skip off and leave me and its hard for me to keep up somedays. ”

    WRONG. It is just YOU, Leann’s pr person posting under all these different names to make it look like Leann has support. I’m surprised that you are still going strong with this farce. So just like Leann will forever hold onto the farce that EC is in love with her, you will forever hold onto the farce that Leann has fans.

    3)”She does look great in her gold dress. ”

    How many times have you written this today? No matter how many times you write this or how many different names you write it under, it will NEVER be true. LR looks happy? No she doesn’t, she looks desperate. EC is cheating on her and she is going through extremes trying to keep it a secret. She looks stressed, the public is not buying her fairytale and her bank account is not getting any fatter.

    4)”Wonder what’s happening at Christmas? ”

    Leann already told you what was happening at Christmas. She is going to stalk BG and her kids while EC visits with SMJ.

    5)”I’m sure since this is their first Christmas together, they will be together quite a bit. ”

    Of course they are going to be quite together a bit, Leann has to watch EC like a hawk so that he doesn’t let the media get a hold of another one of his affairs. You see how much his affair with SMJ is costing Leann.

    6)”Has her mom remarried, do you know? ”

    Wait. Don’t tell me that you are Leann’s mom. You said tha tyour husband cheated on you and that you remarried. Well that explains the inexperience and lack of common sense. Now it all makes sense. That is why you wanted everyone to think that anyone who disagreed with you was BG mother. It’s because you are Leann’s mom.

    7)”Don’t know if she has a large family.”

    Well if she had a large family, she wouldn’t have to rely on you alone to create the fanbase that she is lacking.

    8)” Geez, I see we’re back to throwing the ex back under the bus!!”

    Well Leann is a very insecure woman. If she has Eddie, then there was no need for that family speech. Leann, using Charity to taunt an innocent woman and her kids. That is low. What does Leann know about family when she helped and keeps helping to destroy one.

    9)” Any idea on the Jan 2010 logo on LeAnn’s shirt?”

    EC proposed to BG on New Years Eve. You know Leann, she has to one up BG in EVERYTHING. So maybe Leann is going to force EC to propose to her on the same day that he proposed to BG. Poor Leann, she is obsessed with BG.

    10)”Jan will be six months since Eddie and the ex went their seperate ways. ”

    EC is still married to BG, so she is not his ex. Just like LR is not DS ex. So that is what you are calling cheating now. So it was how long before EC and LR went their seperate ways?

    11)”About time for another date night isn’t it?”

    Date night=EC Sat-Mon WATCH MY SHOW tour and any day outside of this LR attempts to convince people that EC loves her, isn’t cheating on her or using her for free publicity. Another date night, is just another chance to show that EC is a liar and does not care about LR or his kids. Instead of wishing for another date night, perhaps you should wish that EC learns to stick to his word. EC is not winning any points with the public. Well you already know that, hence why you are pulling these “hi cbme”, “hi micheala”, and “hi mer” posts.

    12)”Thanks Michaela, I was able to see the pics on belga. ”

    Thanking yourself because no one else will.

    13)”The first thing that came out my mouth was WoW!”

    Sure. And you and cbme and micheala are not one in the same. You are trying way to hard to convince people that Leann is “beautiful”. What is the matter? Does LR have competition from SMJ or some other woman?

    14)”She has some killer legs, so minis look great on her.”

    Thanks for outting yourself. You made this statement about her legs in one of the old threads you revsited as micheala.

    15)” I really like her hair to one side, and she looks so happy.”

    She looks happy? Well let’s see. She is taunting the married man’s wife and kids on national tv.

  • michaela

    Awfully sour mood for a festive time of year, eh? My condolences!

  • michaela

    Gee, since Brandi’s fan base consists of usually only one and sometimes two with a rare drop-in from 2 others we can deduce her family is rather small.

  • cbme

    I do not believe that there is one single person in the world who would admit being a relative to Gwen!!

  • michaela

    His Royal Highness (HRH) has heartily praised her a number of times in the past.

  • cbme

    HRH is probably poor old Gwen, writing under a different name to try to give the idea of one more convert for baby bear. My lord, will they ever get over this divorce? This was worse for them than WW2. None of them appear to have the brains of a “pi@@ ant.”

  • michaela
  • MMA

    Does she look in a mirror before going out?

  • cbme

    MMA, I’ll just bet you go out everyday and I’ll just bet you don’t look as good as LeAnn. Right or wrong?

  • Mer

    Let ‘sget ready for some pissed off folks. If Eddie and LeAnn haven’t hit six months yet as couple, they will soon. Hmmm, and I recall some saying it wouldn’t last six months…Hmmm. Yep, we gonna have some pissed off folks. LOL