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Alexander Skarsgard & Michael McMillian: Kiss Kiss!

Alexander Skarsgard & Michael McMillian: Kiss Kiss!

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard plants a big wet kiss on the cheek of his True Blood co-star Michael McMillian while out to dinner together on Thursday night (December 3).

Michael shared, “Alexander Skarsgard is drinking a 1903. I am noshing on a couple of muscles… Garlic is key.”

He continued, “Alexander can’t make up his mind on dessert. He must be a libra!”

How about Alexander for dessert!

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  • cassie

    they look like they are having fun

  • Mrs Northman

    OMG, I love Alexander SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!! There are some sexy shirtless pics of him in this article *DROOL**

  • true blood

    Yes, they do look like they’re having a ball.

  • sweetie

    Alex is a Virgo.
    He is so handsome and sweet. :-)

  • JJ

    Cute. They’re enjoying a bromance. :-P

  • Wendy

    Jared, you MIGHT want to mention how you stole that pic from Michael’s twitter link… After all, HE took it and shared it last night!

  • annalisa

    whelp…guess we know who is gay for sure!

  • annalisa

    cause they go out to dinner like every night for some time…..check out the twitter page of michael

  • Erica

    Oh yeah @annalisa that sure makes him gay! Come on. That is the absolute stupidest thing I have heard in a while. And who cares if he is? Give the guy some privacy so that he can lead a happy life. It is not your business. And Jared this is a little bush league to put Michael’s Twitter on blast.

  • s

    Jared, I like your idea of Alexander for dessert. I second that.

  • yeah

    KISS ME Alexander KISS ME!!!

  • capitanne

    Gee, He’s noshing on a couple of “muscles” not mussels – what a freudian slip. Tres Gay!

  • ErinN

    I just love Alexander. What a funny guy. Kiss me too Alex!!

  • me

    Aww I love them!

  • Pole

    I third the idea of Alex as dessert. How can you not adore him ♥

    Puss, puss Alex!

  • All Women Stalker

    Aww a bromance. This made my day. :)


  • laurah

    im jealous!

  • Erica

    I love, love, love Alexander. He is SOOOOO HOT!!!! and talented too

  • Emily

    haha thats cute lol alexander looks like he’s a fun guy i love alexander hes so beautiful :)

  • Squirrel

    Aww, they are cute. Love the bromance LOL

  • Corteny Soxy

    I thought he liked women

  • Katee

    He seems to like kissing the guys.

  • Squirrel

    He loves the women but he’s not afraid of a bromance…

  • Alexis

    Are you on ontd_askars?

  • nyro

    AS is so adorable!

  • me

    How about giving credit to the source?

  • Lauren

    So Cute! Alexander is gorgeous!

  • ani

    omg lol what is this? I love it! Eric Northman <3

  • forkme

    I’m telling you, the guy is Gay… doesn’t matter to me, Hope he is happy – I think that KB and ERW were Beards!

  • Kimberly

    alexander is not gay!! he’s just having fun with a good friend!!!

  • GSL

    C’mon ladies. AS is as gay as Christmas. Deal with it.

  • diana

    they look like they are having fun!

  • zoegirl


    Sorry to disappoint you but he is not gay. He is reportedly a very affectionate person and, being from Sweden, not uptight like many Americans. They were just having some fun…and I am officially jealous of Reverend Steve Newlin.

  • w

    Skarsgard seems to be very touchy feely w/ his close friends, you see this kind of pix all the time when he hangs w/ his friends…..dang lucky to be his buddies!

  • achtungbaby

    Damn, he’s too hot. Only a very masculine man can do this. They’re not afraid of doing friendly things. Love him. And I’m dead jealous. He definitely could date me, and I’m willing to be gay for him. LOL.

  • Mar9645

    At least he’s not with the blond female piece of bad news this time. Since he’s been seen with her so often since he got back from Sweden, this pic of him enjoying dinner without her with a male friend in public with a picture is a very smart move on his part. Just proves that he’s not joined to her at the hip – thank goodness!

  • liza

    @Alexis: sometimes I think JJ goes on ONTD_ASKARS and reads there, like the time he took that GQ red carpet video thing too. I think this was posted up on there first before JJ got it. Who knows maybe JJ just checks Askars tweets or something.

  • 1903?

    Alex is drinking a 1903 WHAT????

  • Wine?

    I think he meant some kind of wine or liquor from 1903? But then wouldn’t something that old be extremely expensive?

  • Yucky

    Maybe it’s because I grew up in the South, but I’m uncomfortable seeing two grown men kiss (even if it’s on the cheek). I just don’t think that’s appropriate behavior for a man. The only exception is if they’re Italian or something like that. But I don’t think Swedish men kiss each other on the cheek like Italian men do, right?

  • Alpha Alex

    I wouldn’t say the kiss looks gross, in fact it looks kinda sweet and funny. But I have to admit it makes him look less like an alpha male which is the reason so many women love him. He was Brad in Generation Kill and now Eric in True Blood. Both of those roles make him look like such a sexy alpha male. This picture? Not so much.


    Maybe if gay rumors start, the crazy fangirls will finally lay off Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Bosworth. I feel bad for these two actresses who are constantly being attacked by unstable fangirls. It’s been even worse for Evan, why would women stoop so low and call her all these names? She just a kid.

  • Pole


    Swedish men don’t have problems with kissing each other on the cheeks. He seems like a very typical heterosexual Scandinavian.

    Does he have a twitter account?

  • GAY

    If it ever turns out he’s gay his insecure fangirls will be devastated because there will be no more actresses left to berate and humiliate. Who will they speak badly about?

  • GAY

    The fangirl hate seems to be even worse for ERW than Kate Bosworth. So what if ERW has pictures where her panties show and if she dresses crazy sometimes and dates shock rocker Manson? She a YOUNG GIRL. This is her time to be immature and crazy. Idiot fangirls resort to calling her derogatory terms which only puts women down. Women are the ones keeping sexism alive and well.


    As a “fangirl” I don’t think either Evan Rachel Wood or Kate Bosworth are a good match for Alex. But I have never called either ladies any derogatory terms. Yes some fan forums have seriously insulted ERW (including the Alex forum at Purse Blog). But I am not one of those insecure mudslingers, and neither are all of his fans. And I agree that we women need to stop calling each other names like slut or bitch or ho because we get plenty of that from men and society in general.

  • liza

    I do agree with some of the comments about some fans being rude to Evan and Kate. Now that Evan is with Marilyn I think they are going to lay off of her more since she isn’t considered a threat to them. But now its left to Kate.

    I feel bad for Kate too because she got a lot of hate for dating Orlando Bloom and now these rumors about her with Alex is making some fans angry. I don’t hate either of the two girls, they just happen to be friends with him and co-stars too.

    No one really knows if Kate and him are really dating or not. Only he seems to know the truth and I hope it stays that way.

  • I’m a victim of Women

    Yeah, why does everyone say that rap music is dangerous and insulting to women when the most threatening thing to women is OTHER WOMEN? I’ve never had a man call me a ho or slut but I’ve had women call me that. They will call you those names for any reason, including jealousy. We are keeping each other down. I love Alexander Skarsgard but I would never resort to calling someone he’s dating or rumored to be dating any names.

  • Homo Steve says

    His crazy eye bags don’t look so bad from this side angle. I’m a gay man and I don’t beleive for one second that Alex is gay. He’s just joking around. And I agree that women are keeping themselves down. Believe me when I tell you that I know what discrimination and unfairness feels like. And women dish this out to each other on a daily basis. Women will NEVER BE EQUAL TO MEN UNTIL they finally stop discriminating against themselves. Before you call a woman a bad name stop and think if you would do the same if she were a man.

  • Purse Blog forum

    I’m not a member of the Alex forum at Purse Blog but yes I do stop by there from time to time because they have some great information about Alex. But there’s a lot of sexism on that forum. You would think that women in their thirties and beyond would be more mature and understanding but not these ladies. They’re always talking bad about Evan Rachel Wood. In fact, they have dozens of pages devoted to berating her. They even call her EWW. How immature and catty is that? Grow the hell up!! Evan Rachel Wood is a girl who is still making mistakes and most of those forum members are grown women acting like children.