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Rihanna Rocks Hammerstein Ballroom

Rihanna Rocks Hammerstein Ballroom

Rihanna rocks it out on stage at Hammerstein Ballroom on Thursday night (December 3) in New York City.

Loving the portable mic stand — it even had a brass knuckle attached to the bottom of it!!

The concert, which presented by MySpace, JetBlue and Sprite Green, opened up with “Wait Your Turn” and closed with her smash hit “Umbrella.” Of course during her performance, countless fans opened up their own umbrellas and danced along.

Watch one of her performances below!

Rihanna Gets “Hard” at Hammerstein

20+ pictures inside of Rihanna rocking it out at Hammerstein Ballroom…

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rihanna hammerstein ballroom 01
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 02
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 03
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 04
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 05
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 06
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 07
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 08
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 09
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 10
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 11
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 12
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 13
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 14
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 15
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 16
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 17
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 18
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 19
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 20
rihanna hammerstein ballroom 21

Photos: Theo Wargo/Getty
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  • yummy

    They are going to have to rename her Tits-hanna. ;-P

  • Stevie Wonder

    Ms. Warwick has fabulous legs and doesn’t look a day over 50.

  • pam

    has anyone pointed out that Ri-ri hair-cut looks like a variation of that of Kate Gosselin?

  • All Women Stalker

    Haha that’s funny, #1. But I always did wonder how her nipples stay hidden when she wears these kinds of stage costumes.


  • yes!

    @pam: Yes, she loves to swagger jack other celebs — Prince, Michael Jackson, Adam Lambert, etc….

  • I want that ass


  • Powersaver

    She should tone it down with the scandalous outfits.. All I can rember from this clip is her crotch and up the tight wedge up her behind..
    I really don’t think in Barbados people generally would approve of this over exposure of her female parts, if I was her I would feel so embarassed lnowing that the pics and video will make their way to my family & relatives’ eyes. Rihanna is going that the slippery slope.. But I admit she looks much liberted after emptying her chess and driving Chris Brown under a bus..

  • whatever

    The wedge cut is not very flattering.

  • dieter

    @I want that ass: Don’t be so sure. There’s a wiener that hangs in front.

  • essence

    The racoon eyes ruin the look.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @yummy: womp womp.
    @Stevie Wonder: get new material.
    @pam: good try kate, nobody cares about you anymore.
    @All Women Stalker: it’s called 2-way tape, you fcuking idiot. ahahahahahahaha.
    @dieter: it’s hanging right in your mouth. you’ve been sucking it for quite some time.

  • L’Ron

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: No, dude, you need to get new material and a job that pays at least minimum wage. The only d.ick that’s being sucked here is Tommy Boy’s in your mouth.

    This ass clown is part of the DJ clam crew that gets paid to post about Rihanna and Tom Cruise.

  • JJ

    @pam: Yeah, I noticed that too. She is going bald and they bought her a bad wig to cover it up.

  • Whoever

    LOL@I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:
    LMAO!!! I was about to say the same thing about Pam!!!

  • curious

    she needs a new mgr and stylist.
    she’s slowly becoming irrelevant.

  • Hot spotter

    Time to chop that turd off her head.

  • YUCK


  • YUCK


  • jingles

    Rihanna must be very cold.

  • RJ

    She needs to put her clothes on…a girl can be talented without being a skank.

  • harper

    Wow she really sucks live. They save it all for the videos.

  • maison martin margiela

    Rihanna killed it last night. Haters take a nap!!!!

  • cupcakes

    Rihanna should take a break from the semi-nudity. It’s boring. There’s no mystery to it.

  • Mavrick

    @maison martin margiela: She did kill it or them…many cats and humans died after their ear drums burst. Poor things…

  • Bigz

    @maison martin margiela: Fanatic go sit your ass down and take your meds. The girl does not sound good.

  • Adri

    She has a sick body. She’s lookin good.

  • Corteny Sox

    Wow, she is gorgeous, great body!

  • maison martin margiela

    @Bigz I’m not gonna efight with you. I’ve got my opinion and its that rihanna is the hottest chick in heels. You bey stans know it, I know it. I like this site, plenty of haters. I like haters.

  • maison martin margiela

    Where’s her thick thighs?? All those beyawnce fans who said she all thick and fat like her, how you like her now. Thin, and beautiful. Bey the only one with those nasty tree trunks.

  • Nay

    What’s with her and being half naked all the time??

  • Weeds

    @maison martin margiela: You must be blind. Good to know they’ve got braille keyboards.

    You can see her big thighs here:

  • maison martin margiela

    @weeds Are you an idiot?? I mean that sincerly. Are you mentally challenged?? Have you seen those hamhocks beyawnce calls thighs?? I saw your picture, its a super close up, and her legs look thin. I also looked at the picture above, and her legs look great. Now put up beyawnce’s tree trunks. She is a fat cow, so deal with it.

  • clay

    Well, for sure someone has told her she can sing and she believes it. Her coloring is lovely and she is pretty, but her music and voice just sound like noise. Oh well, you have to spend your money on something, why not her.

  • Story

    @maison martin margiela: Her legs do not look thin in that picture. She is heavy just like Beowolf except her top half is slim. What does Beyonce have to do with this? You must be the one who is mentally challenged since you need to drag the other chick into the discussion. Both have big thighs.
    End story.

  • oh snap

    Agree, she has put on some weight.
    She needs to get her balding under control. She is only going to have three hairs left by next year.

  • maison martin margiela

    @oh snap Its called a haircut nimrod. LOL

  • Wilson

    @maison martin margiela: No, it’s called female pattern baldness. She is wearing a wig or weave now but she’s still losing her hair.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • empress-ali

    Why don’t all u haters get a life. Riri is not the only female super star who performs in little or no costume, all of the others do the same. Whether u want to beleive sexy sells. So get heads out of th clouds and let pop princess do her thing. While u guys are criticizing she is making her millons

  • maison martin margiela

    @empress The funny thing is most of these haters are beyawnce and gaga fans. Gaga whose ass hangs out all the time, and bey who whores it up on stage so much, you can see her cooch hairs. EW. Those chicks are nasty.

  • rap it up

    @empress-ali: Why don’t you stan(s) get a life? If you only to read positive comments, go visit a fan site and you can censor everyone there to your heart’s content.

    Sex definitely sells and it really helps when there’s not much talent to back it up. Thank God for videos where they can manipulate her voice to sound half-decent cause she truly sucks live.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @L’Ron: hey, dcikbag. i’ll let you drink my pisss if you can show me one comment i’ve posted on a tom cruise thread within the year 2009. YOU CANT. ahahahahahaha.. you have a bigger crush than kate does.

  • way too easy

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: lol@L’Ron getting under Fugmous’s skin. Whenever you mention Cruise and c*ck, he lights up like a Christmas Tree!

  • JP

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Nobody wants to drink your piss, Dumbass. You must be mentally challenged since you posted this under a Tom Cruise thread — you do realize it’s still the year 2009? — and you made the post before you posted here:

    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 12/04/2009 at 6:18 pm
    ok.. that was actually kind of funny.

  • jay

    Nearly naked again how original, never done that before have you

  • I still want that ass

    Blogs 4 ‘haterz’ .. damn !! .. *slaps that crazy b*tch’s ass !!* ..

    Wadda ‘Rude Boy’ I am ?! .. I like her !! .. So does JJ’s !! .. O.K. !! ..

  • Stella


    Go get a life and stop hating. The Hard song is all about u haters!!
    Keep hating cause shes rich gorgeous and talented and u all hating!

  • Corteny jobbs

    Wow, she looks great!

  • Captain

    @Stella: Why are this girl’s stans (all two of them) so dumb? You do realize opinions are subjective, so stop trying to apply yours as fact.

    ITA, Rihanna does not sound good live. She never has. The label knows this and that’s why she usually opens tours but is usually not the main act. They make their money off the videos and synthesized tracks.

  • mickey

    She should cover her cooch so her peen does not flop out.