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Rihanna: Beautiful People Convention!

Rihanna: Beautiful People Convention!

Rihanna slips into a slinky zebra-design dress with sexy cut-outs at her Rated R after-party held at M2 Ultralounge on Thursday night (December 3).

Earlier in the evening, the 21-year-old songstress performed at Hammerstein Ballroom.

Tomorrow, Rihanna will be performing at Saturday Night Live with host Blake Lively. Watch the promo of both of them below!

If you missed it, check out the first look pictures of Rihanna‘s new “Hard” music video.

Rihanna: Beautiful People Convention!

20+ pictures inside of Rihanna‘s beautiful people convention…

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rihanna beautiful people convention 01
rihanna beautiful people convention 02
rihanna beautiful people convention 03
rihanna beautiful people convention 04
rihanna beautiful people convention 05
rihanna beautiful people convention 06
rihanna beautiful people convention 07
rihanna beautiful people convention 08
rihanna beautiful people convention 09
rihanna beautiful people convention 10
rihanna beautiful people convention 11
rihanna beautiful people convention 12
rihanna beautiful people convention 13
rihanna beautiful people convention 14
rihanna beautiful people convention 15
rihanna beautiful people convention 16
rihanna beautiful people convention 17
rihanna beautiful people convention 18
rihanna beautiful people convention 19
rihanna beautiful people convention 20

Credit: Turgeon/Rocke, Fame Pictures; Photos: Mr Blue/WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • jj fans

    So not beautiful…

  • salma

    Not the best dress and the makeup doesn’t work.

  • G-UNIT


  • G-UNIT


  • LA

    I think that’s a man.

  • Nay

    Oh dear.

  • Yily

    She’s so fu**ckin’ ugly! And what is that he’s wearing? Booo!

  • bon temps

    Where are the beautiful people?

  • Taylor

    Her makeup matches her dress and that’s not a good thing.

  • seton

    Rihanna looks like a middle aged trollop. She should be on the Real Housewives of NJ.

  • DARH

    i miss the old rihanna
    she used to be beautiful
    she looks like a cross between a clown and a hooker

  • Yily

    “Rihanna looks like a middle aged trollop. She should be on the Real Housewives of NJ.”


  • WTF
  • lilac

    She seems to be aiming for some sort of Grace Jones redux style but it’s not working.

  • gfreeze

    She looks manlicious!

  • yourlover
  • crack is wack

    Is she doing crack?
    She looks like a crackhead with those purple lips!

  • asdf

    That is one ugly dress.

  • mariposa

    The hair is terrible and so is the dress…

  • King

    They need to stop abusing that blind woman and leaving her alone waving to everyone.

  • who?

    RiRi is looking butch.

  • Kris

    She has the potential to be adorable. but she dresses horribly.

  • just say no

    Bitch is rocking the MANFACE!

  • LT

    Why is she always wearing sunglasses?

  • powder

    I don’t think she’s sexy at all these days.

  • Tina

    Blake looks cute.

  • Yily

    Someone said “manlicious.” LOL!

  • maxine

    what the fug was she thinking. She looks like a cushion a cat tore its claws through.

  • angel

    I think she looks hot!

  • Luiza

    OMG she is so patetic!

  • tim


  • eww

    its sad rihanna needs the devil to stay relevant. rihanna, jay z, beyonce and all those who worship the devil for fame and piece of paper you can’t take with you when you die.

  • S*

    the hair is a disassstteerr! Its gonna take a long time to grow if she cuts it all the time
    cute girl…but dont like the dress at all…whats up with always showing too much skin and breast?
    U can be sexy in a classy way, dont u think?

  • Riska

    Do not judge people by how they r look. She just trying to be more fashionable in these days. As long as she has a talent, why we have to get bother how her looks. She looks fine in her way. *_*

  • austin
  • Sakirty

    Thats cocaine in her nose?

  • B.i.u.

    Now what do you pretend to be? a mixture of Britney (without Litium)- Amy Winehouse┬┤s adictions- Lady Gaga┬┤s wardrobe- and a nearly dead cat singing??

    Too ugly

  • Girl

    There is not one ounce of femininity here. Scary that no matter how little she wears, she is completely void of any sexiness.

  • tal

    OMG!! fierce!!
    love her so much!

  • Danielle

    Beautiful people? SIKE!!!

    Blake looks like a Tranny and that old guy. Enough said. I find it hilarious how Rihanna just stood there and didn’t say one word, Just like a MODEL. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Comedian

    Can we spend ONE day, just ONCE WITHOUT seeing her fugly face on Justjared ? Because, let’s be honest, this girl is a fraud, loosy face, loosy songs (if you’re older than 8) …

  • Laquisha

    Ferocious! I love her style so much. Classy, trashy and fierce. I don’t see her ripping off anyone. Grace Jones? No. Lady Gaga is ripping off Grace Jones. Beyonce? Yeah right. Beyonce only wishes Sasha Fierce could have this sense of style. Amy Winehouse? WTF…LMFAO. She has her own style and it suits her fine. She is obviously happy with how she dresses and so do all the fashion mavens in the industry…So who the hell do all you people think you are? Karl Lagerfeld? FAIL. Karl LOVES Rihanna and so does Marc Jacobs and countless other fashion industry experts. What do you all know? Nothing. Just reash talking and blogging. So ANY women who has make up on looks like a tranny? I’m starting to come to that conclusion that all people think ALL women look like trannys. Which is weird because trannies try to look like women…So Rihanna is a woman who looks like a tranny (who looks like a woman?) I don’t get it. She looks like a woman to me…Curves, slender hands, long neckline, velvet skin, pretty eyes, full lips, nice breasts…None of which i associate with a man at all. The only thing “tranny” or rather “draggish” is her make up, but it makes the whole look POP and it works.

  • atrium

    I Like Her Style
    + She’s Expressing Herself (2 All Haters)

  • jessie


  • serena1994

    she’s anything but beautiful ..

  • jolentini
  • Wonder

    Rihanna’s style — if you want to call it that — is atrocious not ferocious. Nothing classy or fierce about it. It’s trashy and usually plain ugly. She tends to rip off established artists like Prince, Michael Jackson and even Lady Gaga. Gaga’s style is all over the board so she’s not just ripping off Grace Jones and at least her vocal talent gets just as much mention as the next ugly outfit. Agree, Beyonce may not have the best style but she usually doesn’t look like this walking disaster.

    The fashion mavens want their clothes to be advertised and will ride any starlet doing the current pr rounds. Rihanna is no exception. Karl Lagerfield treats Kate Bosworth as his muse so there’s no cache there. They’re famewhores like a lot of celebs and will do what it takes to get their designs and label splashed in the papers even if it means temporarily buddying up to singers and actresses with mediocre talent but busy press schedules.

    She has a very harsh masculine look for a young woman of 21 so, yes, she tends to look trannyish at times. Trannies may try to look like women but usually people can tell they’re not. Short hair also does not flatter her. Not every woman can wear short hair and look great and she seems to be going bald too. She does have pretty eyes but the huge forehead and square face/jawline gives her a mannish look. That coupled with the garish makeup makes her look like tranny. Her outfits do pop but not in a good way — it’s a “Look at Me” attention starved way. They’re mainly just mismatched and ugly, as opposed to interesting and ugly.


    She needs to help more girls by putting some damn clothes on. She looks like a slut, and I will never allow my family to buy anything she does

  • emoly rack

    I like her body, she deserves to be respected

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