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Sarah Palin is Going Rogue in Virgina

Sarah Palin is Going Rogue in Virgina

A smiley Sarah Palin signs copies of her new book “Going Rogue: An American Life” at BJ’S Wholesale Store in Fairfax, Virginia on Saturday afternoon (December 5).

The 45-year-old former Alaska governor will be featured as one of Barbara Walter‘s 2009 Most Fascinating People, airing this Wednesday (December 9) at 10/9c on ABC!

“Going Rogue” traces Palin‘s journey and imparts her vision of a way forward for America.

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Credit: Gene Young Is Da Bomb/Brandon Todd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Yawn


  • katie

    i like her shoes

  • only in ‘Merca

    complete moron

  • Jordan

    new low for jared

  • jeimy

    what’s up with the hat?

  • baby cakes

    I luv her, such a strong woman and role model

  • Maggie

    She’s an attractive FREAK…thought she would have found an Alaska cave to crawl into by now.

  • Dieter

    I like her shoes as well and the whole working attitude of her’s. This hot woman would have been the best possible president that States have ever had !!!

  • marla

    @baby cakes:

    Yeah strong enough to be a quitter. As a role model? unless anyone here wants to be charge with ethics violation as her then yeah she’s a good role model for not being ethical.

  • Theresa

    Wouldn’t vote for her if she was running for dog catcher………the position is way over her head ….she’d quit anyway

  • BiB

    I wonder if she can see Spain from Virginia?

  • Greg

    This woman is lazy. Her entire book was about talking trash about other Republicans and petty score-settling but she never once talked about policy in her book. She just wants to be a celebrity and is trying to hard to use her looks to get ahead instead of actually working hard and applying herself. Her only other worthwhile expereience was being a governor and she QUIT after only 2 years. Only half of ONE term. No thanks, I want to see someone REAL run in 2012. Ron Paul maybe… not this embarrassing lazy person.

  • Greg


    You’re an idiot. Because you think she’s “hot” she would have been the best President we ever had? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • shoegal421

    dieter, you are aware that she ran as a VICE presidential candidate, right?

  • http://aol Patti

    She is so pretty. Why doesn’t she get contacts.

  • loyal

    She is an amazing American woman. Not like you low lifes that just trash talk people you have never met. She has it all, career and family. You guys should do half of what she has accomplished before you start throwing stones.

  • happy girl

    quitter who while governor forced women to pay for their own rape kits and is against abortion even in case of rape and incest. yeah, great role model for women. wonderful. this woman is not buying what the dimwit is selling. sellf-promoting opportunist. quits her job to sell books while dragging speciall needs baby throughout the country to self -promote. yeah, real nice….barf!

  • Professor Annie

    Go Away!

  • Liza

    She’s a pretty woman, but I never want to see her in the presidential office. She sunk McCain’s campaign.

  • To Greg

    You are the real idiot. She stepped down because instead of putting the people of Alaska through Hell while she was forced to deal with all the ridiculous lawsuits that were being thrown her way ( all have been thrown out) not to mention having to deal with attacks on her family, she graciously turned over the helm to someone else. She put the people first. Call her what you will, love her or hate her, but Palin has never been quitter.

    During the campign she was the only one among them McCain, Obama and Biden with any real true managerial experience. Obama was a glorified community organizer and a junior Senator who repeatedly voted present and could never make a decision to save his life. Always covering his ass. Hence the dirthering over Afghanistan.
    As Govenor of Alaska she was Commnder of the Alaska National Guard getting briefings from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Prior to that she was a Mayor responsible for a smll city… Doesn’t sound like much, but she made real execuitive decisions. Unlike two policy wonk bought nd paif dor Senators and a Community Organizer.

    And by the way BiB, she never said she could see Russia from her back porch. That was Tin Fey poking fun. But I suppose most of you here get your news from SNL not that the minstream media is much better.

    She has been trashed by the Mainstream Media which is funded by George Soros and the Democrtic Party. You can’t believe a word of the news you get from here. It’s lies, You notice how they never report on Climategate – how the data has been manipulated to make it look like Global Warming is real when in fact the earth has been cooling for the past 11 years. It’s broken all over Europe. How come not here?

    Al Gore is on the run. Cancelled his talks in Copenhagen, refuses to debate nyone. And if somene questions him in a crowd, he has their microphones turned off.

    The government of Australia has been over turned by it. Out with the Prime minister…

    Here is an oldie but a goodie on the globl warming lies…

    The media here controls what you think you know. It’s bought and paid for. You don’t get the truth about Palin and certainly not about Obama. Why do you think? Becuse you are useful idiots just like in George Orwell’s Animal Farm or 1984.

  • Grace

    The people who are criticizing her need to study up. She didn’t say or do any of the things posted. LIke for instance, she never said she can see Russia from her house. Study people, study.

  • dp

    …I’m just here to say Virginia’s missing an “I” in the headline. Just thought you ought to know. Carry on. :)

  • Carrie

    @BiB: oh god I laughed so hard XD

  • Lisa

    She’s a LAZY QUITTER

  • LuckyL

    Who’s the celebrity now?

  • nk

    ewwww dirty low-class trash.

  • To Happy Girl

    That was shown to be a lie. She never made vitims of rape pay for their own rpe kits. Another malicious lie.

  • angel

    I can’t stand this illiterate hillbilly and her trash family. Every time she opens her mouth, she embarrasses herself. Pure trash!

  • k

    sorry to be picky…
    but you need to do spell check more often…


  • mommymonitor

    Palin vs.Obama

    I really am not pleased with Obama and I certianly would not have been pleased with McCain

    Palin was thisclose to becoming president.

    Palin and Obama were rather equal in their political experience.

    Obama is much more educated than Palin.

  • Dieter


  • Jed

    Where’s Todd? Somewhere’s killin’ possum fer supper?

  • Jen

    ewww everything about that woman is gross.

  • Mike Licht

    Sarah Palin’s bus tour is really taking off.


  • Paulie

    “Not like you low lifes that just trash talk people you have never met.”

    As compared to Simple Sarah who seemingly trash talks every person she has met (judging by her book).

  • OMG

    Although attractive she’s not authentically bright and proved herself not only to be a quitter (Governor of Alaska) when the going got tough with a job for which she was not truly qualified, but she is one of the most destructive people to ever hit the political scene in the United States.

  • Disgusted

    Jared, you are better than this.

  • rhonda

    2 1/2 million books! the laugh is on you!

  • Are you kidding me?

    I cant believe she was right down the street and i didnt even know it. Get out of Virginia. Plus its missing an “i”

  • the dq

    Nice Castro hat………………..who’s the communist? DUH!

  • Love Jenn

    Love her so much, what a strong female

  • megan

    LMAO at all the people who believe the stupid rumors…what ethics violation was she found guilty of? Name it, since you are so smart!

    I’m not sure I want her as my president, but I do admire her as a woman who didn’t go thru the conventional Ivy League/prep school route, but instead achieved a lot based on her own hard work and merit – plus she has a successful marriage, family and has run a marathon to boot!

    I think she is a good role model for showing that no matter where you come from , you can achieve great things, just like our current president.

  • Message to “to Greg”

    LOL. Nice PR there. You just repeat the same old Sarah Palin Talking points about how QUITTING is now supposed to be a good thing. This lazy woman cannot chew gum and walk at the same time. If she cannot handle being a Governor and cannot handle running a household without a daughter getting knocked-up by her boyfriend in her own home, she cannot handle anything else. She’s as dumb and lazy as her followers and thinks she can get by with a wink and a smile.

    And she apparently hates ASIANS. According to her dad! So she’s also a racist. Not surprised, since this woman insists that “real” Americans live in “pro-American” parts of America. Its all very clear.


    So, just what did Sarah Palin accomplish? First, there is no government closer to the people than at the municipal level. Palin spent eight years in city government, winning a seat on the Wasilla City Council in 1992 mostly thanks to her opposition to tax increases. She went on to serve two council terms from 1992 to 1996. She was elected mayor of the fast-growing Anchorage suburb in 1996 and again in 1999. Mayor Palin had a record of reducing property tax levels, increasing municipal services and attracting new industry to her town. During her tenure in Wassilla, she was elected chair of Alaska’s conference of mayors. Next for Sarah Palin was service as chair of the Alaska Conservation Committee, a board which regulates the state’s oil and gas industry. In this appointive position she began to gain what would become extensive and valuable knowledge and experience in the area of one of America’s most pressing issues – energy. It was in this job where Palin first really demonstrated the toughness, political courage and maverick spirit that would years later so impress presidential candidate John McCain. She resigned in January 2004 as head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission after complaining to the office of Governor Frank Murkowski and to state Attorney General Gregg Renkes about ethical violations by another commissioner, Randy Ruedrich, who was also Republican state chairman. State law barred Palin from speaking out publicly about ethical violations and corruption. However, she was vindicated later in 2004 when Ruedrich, who’d been reconfirmed as state chairman, agreed to pay a $12,000 fine for breaking state ethics laws. She became a hero in the eyes of the public and the press, and the bane of Republican leaders. In 2005, she continued to take on the Republican establishment by joining Eric Croft, a Democrat, in lodging an ethics complaint against Renkes, who was not only attorney general but also a long-time adviser and campaign manager for Murkowski. The governor reprimanded Renkes and said the case was closed. It wasn’t. Renkes resigned a few weeks later, and Palin was again hailed as a hero. As governor, Sarah Palin’s list of accomplishments lengthened rapidly. She used her line-item veto to cut $268 million from Alaska’s state budget. She stood up to some of Alaska’s most entrenched interests, including three big oil companies (BP, ConocoPhilips, and ExxonMobil) who hold the lease rights to much of Alaska’s oil and gas wealth: Once in office, Palin took an aggressive stance toward the oil companies. Her nickname from high-school basketball, “Sarah Barracuda,” was resurrected in the press. Early in her term, she shocked oil lobbyists when she was so bold as to not show up when Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson came to Juneau to meet with her. Palin, after scrapping Murkowski’s deal, would not give Big Oil the terms they wanted, yet insisted that the companies still had an obligation under their lease to deliver gas to whatever pipeline Alaska built. She invited the oil companies to place open bids to build a pipeline, but they refused. A bid by TransCanada, North America’s largest pipeline builder, was approved by the legislature in August. Palin also raised taxes on oil companies after Murkowski’s previous tax regime produced falling revenues in 2007, despite skyrocketing oil prices. Alaska now has some of the highest resource taxes in the world. Alaska’s oil tax revenues are expected to be about $10 billion in 2008, twice those of previous year. BP says about half its oil revenues now go to taxes, when royalty payments to the state are included. Recently, Palin approved gas tax relief for Alaskans, and paid every resident $1,200 to help ease their fuel-price burden. Some other Palin accomplishments include supporting and signing an ethics bill passed by the Alaska legislature and creating the Alaska Health Strategies Planning Council to find innovative solutions to effectively provide access to, and help reduce the costs of, healthcare. As governor, Palin is commander of her state’s National Guard. Not content to merely sit on the title, she traveled to Kuwait to learn about her troops’ mission there. On the return trip to Alaska, she stopped in Germany to to visit wounded soldiers in the hospital, an activity that Barack Obama did not see fit to engage in during his own overseas venture, blaming the Pentagon for his snubbing of the wounded. More accomplishments: Gov. Palin signed a resolution in opposition to the FAA’s plan to increase taxes on aviation fuel, impose user fees and slash airport funding. Also, before Palin became governor, her predecessor Frank Murkowski had purchased a Westwind Two business jet for the governor’s use at a $2.5 million price tag, despite the objections from the state legislature and the public. Her first order of business after taking office was to put the jet up for sale. Palin did keep the governor’s state-owned Chevy Suburban, but she got rid of the driver, saying it was wasteful for the state to pay someone to drive her around, since she was perfectly capable of driving herself. The governor’s gourmet chef also got changed from a full-time to a seasonal-only basis because Palin considered it a luxury she didn’t think Alaskans should be paying for.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks stupid with that hat
    it looks like she’s trying 2 act young, lmao
    i cant believe some republicans actually wont this dumb woman as their president

  • sERIOUsly!

    #20 & #44 aka Palin fanboys – how big was your high school? mine was 3500 and bigger then wasilla the town she was mayor of. i had a budget and made policy decisions as president so i guess that makes me qualified to run the greatest country. alaska is known to be the easiest state in the nation to run – the state govt is in session only 2 months of the year and the rest of the time their fishing. also, this bus tour is funny b/c it’s reported that she’s not on the bus to get to the city – she’s on a private jet (100-200K per trip). I guess with her $9 million dollar book signing he’s such and elitist in my book. she’s either a hypocrite or not very bright but hey, she’s so pretty she can get away with a lot.

  • Duh

    She is an ignorant woman plain and simple. I was always embarrassed for her. I look forward to the day when I don’t see her stupid mug in the media.

  • youngDolo

    Sarah Palin is an actress to me, it as if she is playing on Broad Way, conning the audience to believe she really is the character they see. She has always been quirky in many of her interviews, and when she gets in trouble she will flash a little leg and smile while the audience proceeds to watch her beauty and forget her lack of depth. She is beautiful they say so that is enough to make up for her misgivings. It is the story of America in many parts of the world.

    Why shouldn’t it because in America if your beautiful you can get away with anything and it seems even president. She has stolen the show in the G.O.P with her beauty and smile more than her policy issues.

    I respect Sarah Palins hustle because she is truly milking America. Sarah, keep milking those suckers Baby Girl and make your money because Americans are just that dumb and materialistic.

  • marla


    BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! What the hell are you talking about. What resonate most to the voters is her stupidity. Wasilla is a hicktown which is run successfully by a hickster. What we’re talking about is the most powerful country in the world. The fact that some of you are salivating on a wet dreams about her being a President of that country is an abomination. SHE WAS ALREADY PUNKED TWICE BY PEOPLE FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THIS COUNTRY IF THERE WAS EVEN A DIM POSSIBILITY OF HER BEING A POTUS. NOBODY IN THE WORLD EVER RESPECTED HER. HER POPULARITY IS BASED ON HER BEING A LAUGHINGSTOCK SHE IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLY . DEAL WITH IT!!!!!


    Dear me, is she running for vice -president of Forever 21?