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Madonna: Single Man Support!

Madonna: Single Man Support!

Madonna comes out to support fashion designer Tom Ford‘s directorial debut at the special screening of his new movie, A Single Man, at New York City’s MOMA on Sunday (December 6).

A Single Man stars Colin Firth as the protagonist George Falconer, a gay British college professor living in Southern California in the 1960s.

The event, which was hosted by The Cinema Society and Bing, was also attended by its stars Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode, and Nicholas Hoult.

A Single Man opens this Friday (December 11). Also pictured: pregnant Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi.

FYI: Madonna is wearing an ink blue murmasky fur coat by Ferragamo.

15+ pictures inside of Madonna giving Single Man some support…

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madonna single man 01
madonna single man 02
madonna single man 03
madonna single man 04
madonna single man 05
madonna single man 06
madonna single man 07
madonna single man 08
madonna single man 09
madonna single man 10
madonna single man 11
madonna single man 12
madonna single man 13
madonna single man 14
madonna single man 15

Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • DANI


  • dollhouse

    padma lakshmi is so ugly and has a weird name

  • not me

    In the 2nd pic of Madonna you can see the marks left by her sunglasses. Her face probably feels like one of those silicon filled stress balls which take a while to regain their original shape after all the fillers she has had injected into it.

  • yourlover
  • lola


    Wow, you’re an ignoramus, her name is weird?!. Padma is beautiful but her dress and boots combination is FUGLY. Come on Padma, you can do better than that.

  • Yuri


  • ivanka

    @not me: so agree with you

  • Paulie


  • Ali

    in these photos, it does look as if something is wrong with Madonna, almost as if she is ashamed of her looks. The getup looks like she is hiding. And when she takes her glasses off, she seems sad. She shouldn’t mess around with her face anymore, though. It is starting to look strange.

    Love Colin Firth, and this film looks very interesting. Julianne Moore also makes such good choices in the work she does. And Tom Ford is an enigma. Can’t wait to see the choices he has made in this film.

  • P. Surgeon

    Madonna’s getting senile- she forgot to wear her blue contact lenses-

  • d9

    Julianne Moore is the same age as Madonna. She’s had no surgery, but she looks phenomenally better. Hell, Madonna is practically hiding behind that ridiculous get up!

  • bae


    Ha.. yeah right Madonna looks ten times better then ole firecrotch (who actually is pretty

  • Hannah

    @d9: I agree! Julianne looks great. She is actually two years younger than Madonna. But still..

  • Lyla

    I love MADONNA but why she did that surgery on her face?? she looks good in 2006

  • jolentini
  • jj

    RE: dollhouse

    Bytch you stupid. If she was ugly she wouldn’t have work with Ralph Lauren, Alberta Ferretti, Roberto Cavalli etc. And host a sucessfull show. Your just a hatin ho.

  • Lisa

    Madonna looks lovely. Any person who has worn sunglasses of any weight has had them leave indention marks on their skin when they frist take them off. She has maintained her face but she looks basically the same as always. She hasn’t had nearly the work done that some people like to claim she has. A little botox and some filler to smooth and that looks to be all. She hasn’t undergone the knife because there was never any need to. She has never had sagging skin that needed tightening. And the clothes are very sheik and movie star looking. I seriously doubt she was hiding behind the look. Once the jacket came off when inside the party I’m sure her dress was quite revealing….

  • kenzosh

    lets keep this gossip site free of haters. its what it makes it better and classier than the others. Haters-be-gone!!!!

  • mk

    @d9: shut up shes not madonna age.madonna is 51. madonna looks amazing.madonna never did a plastic surgery.she just had cheeck implants. she has better body, what u want.look at madonna life.she has 4 kids alone.she works harder than anyone. what u expect.and she does amazing live acts. she looks very good actually.maybe she is tired. but last pics of her even on brazil she is looking real good

  • mk

    @Lyla: madonna looks great.look at her pics of london before she goes to malawi.she looks perfect

  • lol

    @P. Surgeon: shut the *** upf
    what the hell are u saying.senile is ur mom. madonna has that colour eyes u dumb ass

  • Liverwurst

    Madonna ruined her looks. So what if she had a few lines or fallen face? Now with the big cheek and chin implants, full face lift, eye lift and over botoxed forehead, she looks peculiar….like someone who looks like Madonna but not quite. And that’s not good is it?

  • Mollywoo

    @mk: Ok first of all Julianne Moore is 49 and thats close enough to 51 to be considered the same age. 2nd, cheek implant is very invasive plastic surgery and is never implanted without a lift along with them. Also the chin implant usually follows a kneck lift too. Madonna also had her eyes done the year before the facelift/implants ( there are many pictures of her with black and blue eyes when she recorded with Justin Timberlake) It is reported that Madge also had a breast lift. Madonna is one of the most “refreshed” celebs there are. That saying you can’t take away from her tone and fit body, she lives a very healthy lifestyle and I admire her for that.

  • Lys

    it’s a very bad choice to wear a fur! she supports the animal’s cruelty!

  • MMA

    She’s one hot mama at moma!

  • what the hell

    she looks like the cat lady

  • cutiemcfreckles

    Saw this film at the Chicago International Film Festival. It was great!!

  • Stacey Sunlight

    Madonna is old!

  • Stacey Marsbars

    I like her last album!

  • Naima

    Wow Madonna looks like a hag, what the hell happened to her, for 51, she looks pretty awful especially given how good Julianne looks at her age.
    And lets not even get started with Padma and her shifty eyes and that horrible outfit, how can you call yourself a model and always dress in such poor taste? Love Tom Ford.

  • hedda

    How pathetic is madonna to have to continue to pay her stupid pr bunch to defend her on the web? we’re on to you, you stuped bi-otch. ps. hire people who can spell, instead of losers posing as illiterate teens to try and make people think you appeal to anyone under 40. and take a bath onein a while, you’re giving old people a bad image.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i really wish 50 yr old ladies would dress the way they’re suppose 2
    i cant stand this stupid bitzch
    she’s on my most hated list with the likes of lady caca, dita von jizz and katie price

  • Idiots


    Ugly? Whatever the case, she’s still better looking than you are. Also, her name is Indian you ignorant toad so, yes, it’s not gonna sound generic like Kelly or Kristin.

  • ERIC

    So did Julianne and Madonna discuss their experiences with “Body of Evidence”?

  • Stone

    What’s with the white rags look?

  • Stone

    What’s with the white rags look?

  • jenny lopez

    Madonna looks so classy and elegant. Beautiful!

  • Chef Coa

    I’d like a little support from her, too!

  • Chef Coa

    @Ali: Someone has to take Michael Jackson’s place.

  • Crack Sindy

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