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Rihanna: Shy Ronnie SNL Digital Short!

Rihanna: Shy Ronnie SNL Digital Short!

Rihanna sang in a hilarious SNL Digital Short co-starring with Andy Samberg as Shy Ronnie on Saturday (December 5).

The sketch really worked and was hilarious! It was taped yesterday evening, ahead of the live Saturday show.

Later in the live show, Rihanna performed two songs from her Rated R album, “Russian Roulette” and “Hard.”

Rihanna Sings with Shy Ronnie — SNL Digital Short
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80 Responses to “Rihanna: Shy Ronnie SNL Digital Short!”

  1. 1
    Ker Says:

    She was so hilarious! I loved her performances too. She rocks. <3

  2. 2
    Marcus Says:

    I love the digital short!

  3. 3
    shenanyginz Says:

    haha that was funny

  4. 4
    Wow Says:


  5. 5
    Lisa2 Says:

    I thought it was pretty funny too……. Does she really have a song that sounds like that one?

  6. 6
    ems412 Says:

    I love Andy XD Rihanna…not so much

  7. 7
    aeg Says:

    Wow, funny, i like it!

  8. 8
    aeg Says:

    Wow, funny, i like it, especially the part when she says, “i left my purse” :)

  9. 9
    elis Says:

    She cannot sing.

  10. 10
    astro Says:

    She does always sound the same but that was funny.

  11. 11
    jess Says:

    Love Samberg. He’s a comic genius!

  12. 12
    Ocean Says:

    The short was funny but her live singing performance blew.

  13. 13
    GROSS Says:


  14. 14
    GROSS Says:


  15. 15
    chewie Says:

    She’s does much better on tape than she does live. It’s the same with her videos.

  16. 16
    yourlover Says:

  17. 17
    truly Says:

    that was hilarious and i love how she sung it in that same tune she always uses. finally they put her monotone voice to good use.

  18. 18
    Halo Says:

    SNL did the unthinkable. They made Rihanna entertaining!

  19. 19
    Black Says:

    She is a very butch looking chick.

  20. 20
    rate it Says:

    Does she have an Adam’s Apple?

  21. 21
    rate it Says:

    Does she have an Adam’s Apple??

  22. 22
    elis Says:

    shemale chic.

  23. 23
    PJ Says:

    Love Andy Samberg. His shorts are amazing!

  24. 24
    beats Says:

    Any guy who can make Rihanna intentionally funny is a genius.

  25. 25
    Snow Says:

    Not a huge Rihanna fan — she really needs to lose the awful blonde hair too — but I enjoyed it.

  26. 26
    **JAMIE** Says:

    i love her, but that hair has go to GO!

  27. 27
    Sana Says:

    hahhaa love this and love her!

  28. 28
    =Logan= Says:

    Rihanna is beautiful, she doesnt mind standing out from the crowd which i love.

    and this skit with Shy Ronnie made me love her even more, she is so good in it! :D

  29. 29
    Katsaridoula Says:

    wow, look at the horse-jaw… very impressive :-))))))))

  30. 30
    sundus Says:

    Wow….totally enjoyed it…..both andy and rihanna did a great job…love em!!!
    Rihanna rocks!

  31. 31
    awesome Says:

    @yourlover: “″ its funny bcuz a couple of days ago i was listening to the french version of this song called ”Au Plus Noire de la Nuit” from Anastasia. i LOVE it. what is it with evil characters in cartoons?! oh, n by the way, who’s this gay guy rite behind?… no offense

  32. 32
    Cindi Says:

    I enjoyed Andy Samberg NOT stupid Rihanna. Can she lose some weight!

  33. 33
    tal Says:

    love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 34
    kenzosh Says:

    OK…Although I really liked Rihanna’s first couple of songs, and totally LOVED the song and video for Umbrella, when I saw her live, opening for Kanye about 2 years ago, I was not overly impressed. Then, with Disturbia, I felt she was going in a direction where her music was being overshadowed by the props. Although I have not listened much to her new album, this Shy Ronnie skit upped her show biz cred SIGNIFICANTLY in my eyes. Very WELL done!!!!

  35. 35
    ROCK Says:

    genialllllllll…………..muy gracioso………porque hay varios que no se cansan de escribir malas vibras…..algo les falta chicos……jajajajajaja……….ella es genial………cada vez mejora mas……:):):):):)

  36. 36
    ali Says:

    i think snl is just getting less funnier every week blake lively wasn’t a good host they should of just let rihanna host

  37. 37
    John Belushi Says:

    SNL is O V E R
    They are never funny anymore.
    Rhianna was horrible, so boring.
    Sometimes, she went off- key.
    SNL should close down, it’s done.
    There are so many comedians so much better than this group of

    Sorry, if the truth hurts.

  38. 38
    nativenyker Says:

    Not really funny.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  39. 39
    Matt Says:

    Her new songs are just not very good…which must be why theyre not catching on.

  40. 40
    Fire Bomb Says:

    go rihanna! love u

  41. 41
    mia Says:

    i cannot believe some people are saying that rihanna needs to lose weight. her body is great in general, but it is especially amazing for a pear shaped body. pear shaped bodies have some of the most difficult bodies to dress but she always looks awesome.

    i’m not even a rihanna fan, but a lot of women would love to have her body. it’s toned. it’s not like she has a huge gut or bat wing arms.

    this was the only part of the show i laughed mildly at…mostly the “speak up” part.

  42. 42
    rated r sux Says:

    Those were pre-recorded vocals. That song sounded better than anything on Rated R. That’s for sure.

  43. 43
    rated r sux Says:

    Her new album really sux. Her career might be ova.

  44. 44
    Whoever Says:

    @rated r sux:

    No it don’t and critics actually gave it rave reviews and I have been playing it for 3 weeks on repeat, including right now. She will have a slew of #1′s… Just watch.

  45. 45
    Whoever Says:

    Anyway…. that was funny!

  46. 46
    ladybug Says:

    She’s lip syncing on Russian Roulette, or the timing is slightly off on the video.

  47. 47
    jolentini Says:

  48. 48
    g-girl Says:

    Love it!

  49. 49
    black beauty Says:

    rihanna did an amazing job last night. i she hosts SNL one day

  50. 50
    just me Says:

    She sounded horrible on everything but the pre-recorded track.
    Glad SNL put her repetitive vocals to good effect. Very funny indeed!

  51. 51
    lol Says:

    ” Shy Ronnnaaayyy. Speak UP” lol

  52. 52
    weber from Brazil Says:

    I love RiRi
    but her hair is totally FUG –’
    Change it, please
    Where is my Umbrella and S.O.S D I V A ??

  53. 53
    ems Says:

    “oh no, he pissed himself” hhahahahaha HILARIOUS! :D

  54. 54
    Love Jenn Says:

    She is so lovely

  55. 55
    Anon2 Says:

    I think she is very beautiful and does not need to lose any weight. – at all Yes, she doesn’t have the widest vocal range but her voice is unique and the songs she does sing, she sings well. I don’t like all of her music but I do think she is talented. She is really funny in this skit. She did a good job…not a lot of people can come off as funny on SNL.

  56. 56
    Kim Says:

    Agree, she is the best singer but she is funny as hell in that skit. Don’t know if it’s just good writing by SNL, but Rihanna should consider acting over singing.

  57. 57
    Kim Says:

    Sorry, meant she is not the best singer. Maybe she would fare better at acting?

  58. 58
    ommmz Says:

    what a charming performer!!!

  59. 59
    hannah Says:

    don’t know what the h3ll yall are talking about she sounds good

  60. 60
    ali Says:

    this was the funniest sketch from last night. lol.

  61. 61
    happy girl Says:

    HILARIOUS! That was so funny! And she was really good in the skit!

  62. 62
    Koree Says:

    i agree. my favorite part was when she left & he started to rap with emphasis lol, that was funny

  63. 63
    Smile4me Says:

    It was funny.. and agree the song is better then anything on her album..

    The only reason she’ getting these good reviews is because of the incident w/ Chris. And thats why they are giving him poor reviews. When in actuality his album is better then her’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins awards in the future. She needs to thank Chris if she does..

  64. 64
    Lovetoshop Says:

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  65. 65
    lisa Says:

    @reply Smile4me

    I only saw a couple of good reviews about her album,but most of the reviews are not good.

  66. 66
    khristi Says:

    I don’t why you all would expect anything in the talent department these days from the music industry-they have been finding pretty faces and bad voices since the industry started. That said, I think that she has good material for what little voice she has, and I also like her willingness to think outside of the box as far as her fashion sense goes. Most of it isn’t something I would personally wear…but good for her.

  67. 67
    Stella Says:

    What are you talking about? Shes getting AMAZING reviews.

    Chris Brown’s album is trash just like him.

  68. 68
    Smile4me Says:

    She’s getting AMAZING reviews b/c people feel sorry for her. Not b/c her album is AMAZING.
    She is a def jam puppet. their cash cow. Which i’m sure is part of these Raving reviews. when the people who hear it say its sucks.. Her and her team is milking this situation for all its worth.

    & Chris album is not trash.. its better then a lot of albums that came out these year. But of course he won’t be recognize for it. Mainstream America will turn on u in a second. None of these stars r perfect ..

  69. 69
    umoron Says:

    love her..fuqq these broke losers

  70. 70
    Whoever Says:


    Why can’t both of their albums be great?! They both are good at creating music! And her CD was good to those who is trying to blame it on sympathy! Your just to focused on being negative 2 realize it!

  71. 71
    enoughalready Says:

    She lip synced a skit? How talentless can you get. She was standing there so I guess that would be her best performance ever… But really lip syncing was her only way of performing it?

  72. 72
    MMA Says:

    She was superb!

  73. 73
    lisa Says:

    What are you talking about? Shes getting AMAZING reviews.

    Chris Brown’s album is trash just like him.

    The only good reviews she is getting is from the critics ,but the people that bought it says its not good. And it pretty much confirms it when the album is not doing that great.

    Also regards to Chris Brown’s album the critics are saying its not good,but the general public are saying its a good album.

  74. 74
    Adriana Says:

    What? She sounded fine. She wasn’t lip syncing at least. Come on! You guys are waaaaaaay too harsh on Rihanna. BTW, that was genuinely, funniest part of the show.

  75. 75
    Bella Says:

    Sympathy reviews? LOL> So Rollingstone, Entertainment Weekly, Fuse, MTV, New York Times, NME, and all the other magazines just feel sorry for that’s why they all gave it EXCELLENT reviews? Have you even listened to the album? It’s ACE and is better than GGGB overall. There will be #1 hits, trust me. Listen to “Firebomb”, “Te Amo”, “Photographs”, “Rock Star 101″, “Cold Case Love”, “Rude Boy”. There is gonna be a few #1′s off the album. I think she and her label were incredibly brave for releasing “Russian Roulette” and “hard” as the first two official singles. They are good songs, but there are more commercial songs on that album. They didn’t just go for #1′s. They are going for artistry and edge. Those two things really don’t equal #1 songs. Give it a minute. GGGB didn’t take off immediately either.

  76. 76
    Bella Says:

    @enoughalready: All the digital shorts are lip synced DUH!

  77. 77
    Stone Says:

    Great SNL sketch, but she needs to take a break.

  78. 78
    Stone Says:

    Great SNL sketch, but she needs to take a break.

  79. 79
    MMA Says:

    It’s time for this one to go home.

  80. 80
    butt Says:

    It’s a shame you cant watch the vid’s because NBC blocked it bunch of greedy azz’s makes me not want to watch any thing on NBC hope the ppl that blocked get firerd . NBC sucks !

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