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Taylor Lautner is Max Steel

Taylor Lautner is Max Steel

Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner has been cast as the superhero Max Steel.

Deadline reports the 17-year-old will play a “19-year-old extreme sports junkie recruited by a secret agency after an accident infects his body, leaving him with superhuman powers.”

Let’s hope this isn’t another Speed Racer!

Taylor has been rumored to be dating country cutie Taylor Swift, both of whom star in the upcoming movie Valentine’s Day.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Taylor Lautner on the silver screen again – YAY or NAY?

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  • Autumn

    I could see him as Max Steel.

  • rachel

    weineries. i <3 tay tay

  • lauren

    well i watch some episodes, it perfectly fits him well. but the series is really kidish. it might turn out as another speed racer. what i like about the show is that the characters are diverse.

  • Warren

    Nay. He needs to grow up. So annoying.

  • hmm

    can he do a movie that wouldnt involve his body?
    for someone to prove their acting skills to me they gotta do a movie like

    charlize theron – monster.
    angelina jolie – changling

    like movies like that
    but eyy. whatever works..

  • francis

    yesss.. im most definitely excited!!
    i love taylor lautner. but i wish he would explore a more mature role.
    but whatevs i guess

  • jlene

    @hmm: I agree, the movie industry is only looking @ the bottom dollar, it’s not about quality, acting abilities, no values just the almighty dollar, that sucks.

  • Abby

    Completely agree with #5. This movie just sounds idiotic.

  • Abby

    Completely agree with #5. This movie just sounds idiotic.

  • sweetness

    Oh leave the kid least he’s got a career. At 17 he has plenty of time to make his way towards meatier roles…Look at those other actors in the Harry Potter films..what meatier movies have they done aside from HP??? And as for the other members of Twilight (puttin Kristen Stewart and Pattinson aside), the actors who played the Cullen brothers and sisters what other movies are the going to be in..
    This dude is getting a lead role in a film…not bad..Beats working in McDonalds.

  • lauren

    very excited :)

  • Paul

    I wonder if Taylor Lautner will use HGH again to bulk up like he did in New Moon

  • Chanel

    If Taylor Swift and him get married they would both be Taylor Lautner & Taylor Lautner.

  • lady

    i’m not interested..this kid is not interesting at all. no personality!!!!i wonder why he was in twilight!

  • Headless Obama

    nay he is more suited for movies with guy on guy action ;)

  • LuckyL

  • Bledina06

    You’re rude #14…I think he’s good in New Moon…and I’m not refering to his body…I think he did a good job…
    But I’m not sure acting as Max Steel is a good option for him…

  • chelsey

    are you kiddddding?! This guy is a HORRIBLE actor. Just because he has a nice body doesnt mean he would be good in anything. Im sure there are TONS of hot guys who can actually act who could pull this off. wowwww.

    Dating Taylor Swift has really payed off for him huh…

  • Sarah

    This will prove to be a bad career move, he’s not ready for these roles. Other than a bit a body, he’s not a good actor.

  • christine

    Wow, he’sdoing pretty well for a KID.
    Jeez, hormones these days….

  • christine

    Hey, don’t pick on the little guy…. he’s barely made it into the real world to have experienced enough in life to become a better actor.

  • sharkboy can’t act…

    …all the actors in “the saga,” with the exception of some of the adults, are in for a rude awakening…r-patz is a goner — think “starwars/mark hamil/luke” type-casting hell — wolfboy/sharkboy/x-treme boy better rake in the $$$ well he can…

  • Jen


  • alexis

    He’s only 17, and he’s got time to prove himself. I think he’s got potential that he just needs to be given a chance to tap into. Unfortunately, his role as Jacob might be a bittersweet thing; it’s going to be hard to prove that he can do more than be a shirtless werewolf. Anyway, an action movie is light on the acting, so I wouldn’t worry about his “bad acting”, as some people think. Personally, I think he was the only one of the main three in New Moon that had any concept of emotion.

  • nativenyker

    You know Paramount is goin to look to have him showoff that body! I know I would milk it!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Sara

    He need acting lessons. I can’t stand him.

  • isabela

    don’t care.

  • jolentini
  • Alias

    Who the heck is Max Steel?!!! Lame!!

  • jaye

    I don’t get the appeal. This is the same guy who was in Twilight and didn’t get a lot of attention and now that he’s bulked up he’s somehow able to carry a movie; a cartoonish movie, but a movie nonetheless. A 17 year old with muscles doesn’t do anything for me, perhaps if I were 12 years old it might work, but I don’t think I was that shallow even at 12. However, this is what studios do, they milk everything. He has to be careful not to take parts just because they are being offered. He’ll get stuck doing caricatures and not really acting. Superhero movies are not about acting. He also has to be careful that he doesn’t get burnt out or overexposed. Frankly, I can see in another year or two that no one will be interested in him.
    I might be a little prejudiced though. I never thought he fit the Jacob character of the Saga, bulking up still didn’t do it. Maybe I just don’t like the Jacob character, he’s a very much an opportunist, arrogant and annoying in New Moon. I’m not particularly eager to see anything else he might be in.

  • Love Jenn

    This iis great news!

  • Erica

    LOVE HIM!!!

  • miapocca

    Very happy for twilight actors, I hope they can remain humble and clean and carry this on for a while..and hope he can use his money to invest in really good projects and make good choice…Lindsay lohan is a sore sight to behold these days…so pathetic..all that wonderful start she was given went to waste…

  • xxx

    ANOTHER star getting by on their looks. Sigh.

  • sweetness

    Nothing breeds contempt like success…so Taylor must be doing something right…

    Team Taylor and Taylor

  • lcyr

    idk.. i guess this is a good thing for him, but i doubt i will watch it.. seems kind of lame
    i do love him in the saga though, and support him fully with his career choices :)

  • Sarah

    All he’s doing is getting by on the Twilight hype, which the 2nd edition was a snoozer, the good news is the good young up and coming actors BTS are starting to get more work like Danielle Radcliffe, Tristan Wilds, Ed Westwick, Daren Kagasoff, Luke Grimes, Penn Badgley..etc. This kid again not saying he can’t but he’s just not a good actor.

  • amelia


    so true!

  • MMA

    Can’t wait to see it!

  • Tara Andrysiak

    Good to see his Twilight success is landing him other rolls! I think he will be good as Max Steel. I am Team Edward but I tell everyone it’s only because I WANT Bella and Edward to be together so I can have Jacob all to myself LOL I’ve even decorated my room with Twilight stuff…I guess I’m a little twihard. I got some cool stuff from this place if you are a big fan like me check it out

  • Stone

    Give me Marvel!

  • shona

    I think his acting was fine in new moon, so i dont see why people are calling him a bad actor. Its not his acting performance i would be worried about. But you know when you hear about a movie, and it just sound like its going to be a flop? “max steel” sounds liike one of those movies with bad script writing and crappy CGI effects. Its not something that would get a very high budget- thats why im wishing he hadnt signed onto it. Its flop material- no matter who was cast as the main role.

  • m&m

    I can’t wait to see taylor lautner as max steel!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • team jacob^__^

    yay!!! i love to see lautner taylor in action movie!!

  • Kayla

    @Bledina06: I agree with you, all of the other people that post crap saying that Taylor is a bad actor and its his body that got him places; there freakin liars who need to back off. The only reason they pick on an amazing guy like this is either because they are jelous or they have nothing better to do! If you dont like Taylor Lautner, then why post on this site? If he were to walk up to ANY of you people who said that he cant act, I could garentee you wouldnt say it to his face. So if you cant say it to their face then back off!

  • Jokergurl

    For all you doubters, this guy knows how to move. I mean he knows Kung Fu, (anyone catch SNL knows this guys been doing martial arts for a while you don’t get that flexible, accurate and athletic otherwise) he did a standing backflip! He got great charisma too, maybe looks a little young but so what.

  • britt

    heyy is this movie likle animtated or wht is better not because i will be really mad. i love taylor lautner biggest fan. orrr when is this thing coming out!!!

  • britt

    @Jokergurl: hahhaha i saw that is was good

  • Julie

    People he is hot and haters are not! Hes also a great actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Taylor!