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Alexander Skarsgard & Jon Huertas: Killer Reunion

Alexander Skarsgard & Jon Huertas: Killer Reunion

Alexander Skarsgard reunites with and nuzzles his Generation Kill co-star Jon Huertas during a party over the weekend in California.

Jon joked, “I tried to tell him, ‘Skarsgard, you only play a vamp on TV!’ Then he bit me.”

Alex, 33, recently told France’s Toute La Tele that he tries to avoid press about his hit vampire show, True Blood. He said, “I try to avoid blogs, or websites related to the show. As an actor, I don’t think it’s good to read everything that is written about True Blood. If you read a lot of positive things on the show, it would probably be bad for my ego. (laughs) And negative criticism would get my attention but I would start doubting myself.”

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  • achtungbaby

    Oh, God. I have to befriend him so can I nuzzle with him or even get a kiss from him. Oooooh. Love him.

  • Squirrel

    They are both adorable.

  • true blood

    Great pic. You can tell they’re really enjoying themselves.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • Emily

    i love him so much he’s such a cutie :) lol alexander seems like a fun guy :)

  • carrie

    he doesn’t look “fresh”!

  • Willa

    Jared, why don’t you ever provide a source for all these Alexander pictures? I mean, I know where they come from, but other people who read your site don’t…

  • anna

    he looks drunk,

    I guess his hair will look like that in TB season 3,since they started filming already.

  • liza

    Aah! I cant wait to see season 3 next year. But its good they started filming now. I need to go to the bookstore today and pick up book 7, just finished book 6 of the Sookie Stackhouse books.

  • ComeOnAlex

    Why has Alex resorted to pap photo ops and dating the trashiest hollywood actresses for attention. He should take a professional note from actors like Matt Damon, Chris Hemsworth, and Sam Worthington. Maybe if he acted like a sensible, stable male actor instead of a fame seeking, fangurl pleasing, Hollywood trash picker-upper(ERW/KB) then he might have actually landed the role of Thor and might be considered for the role of Captain America. Alexander is going down quickly in my eyes. He has appealed way too fast to fangurls, paps, media, etc without really focusing on the discipline, focus, and stability that it takes to MAKE IT ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. Not that he can’t date an actress but just take a look at the BEST actors. They date and marry people who they can build great lives with and have fantastic careers at the same time. Not someone who is desperate to get into the weekly tabloids or put pics on twitter for attention. I feel that he is into stunting way too much at this point and even I am not taking him seriously anymore. I am just waiting for the next KB photo op of him “pretending” to be pissed and her looking stupidly smug. I think he is getting addicted to fame way too much. This kind of fame is like reality TV fame. Its stupid, ridiculous, not deserved, and will fade quickly. Too bad Alex that you are always on these ridiculous sites and mags. That is only going to hurt your career in the end and you will see those like Sam and Chris continue to rise. Because they have enough common sense to focus on career. Alex is way too into the idea that he has to “date the right person from Hollywood” to be accepted. Even people are over Brad and Angelina at this point. Sad, so sad!

  • hmmm

    ^^ lol

  • Shirey

    Seriously Jared, credit the Twitter source.

  • Ash

    He’s never affectionate like this with females. Just sayin’.

  • cassie

    god he is so beautifful

  • Willa

    @ComeOnAlex: Haha, you’re stupid. I can’t believe you actually spent time typing all of that.

  • marissa

    he is always snuggling up or kissing some guy.

    when can we see him kissing up and snuggling a girl for once :)

  • Squirrel

    Alex recently commented that if he shares a cab with a girl they are married according to the gossip sites, can’t think what they would write if they caught him on camera kissing a girl… I understand why he avoids that…

  • Nen

    lol @ComeOnAlex , that must be the creepy fangirl that always posts these things and writes letters to him. That’s not a pap picture, it’s from Huerta’s twitter account, the generation kill cast had a private party at someone’s house.

  • hans


    What are you on about? Most photos of Alexander are from fans or friends… stoopid.

  • Amintad

    lmao @comeOnAlex, oh dear, you know you’ve made it when you start getting mentally unstable fans. Welcome to Hollywood Skarsgard!

  • jj credit, don’t be an ass


    askars, you iz a twitterwhore now? :(

  • true blood

    Here is the source:

    Thanks, Jon!

  • jj fans

    @Amintad: And co-stars too. :-)

  • sweetie

    hehe. Adorable. :-)

  • issie

    Wow, he can bite me anytime!
    Loved Gen Kill.

  • yeah

    He is perfect! More A. S. please Jared. Jeez you people can’t see two male friends together because you have to assume their gay, why is it that when it’s two females the same assumptions aren’t made?

  • Stacey Batman

    What a cute couple!

  • stacy

    Apparently AS looked just like this with Kate Bosworth at the Scream Awards. He’s just a snuggly guy who likes to hug his friends, male and female. Very cute pic! Loved Generation Kill, so thanks, Jon!

  • Oceane

    He is most welcome to bite me anytime.. looks a bit drunk here too, wha a bonus!

  • True Blood

    I am not a fan of the guy. I truly enjoy True Blood and I think all the casts including him have deliver great lines. It is definitly a wise desicion not to follow blogs or web sites on the net about the True blood. Most of them are turning into filth especially the facebook on, where you constantly shut for not liking Eric or told that Eric should be with Sookie because of the books. His acting is good in True Blood, I don’t understand others stuff that he does.

  • Rosemary’s Goat

    Has anyone seen my lamb?

  • marissa


    I understand that but if he is always snuggling up to guys, then people are going to wonder

    I mean they are rumors about his sexuality as it is but i guess you cant please everybody :)

  • jen

    alexander is so cute!

  • megan

    what a cute pic…i just love him

  • Squirrel


    I don’t think Alex cares about possible gay rumors, but I think he cares about the hate directed towards the women he’s been linked with by commentators on various boards. By the way, no in-the-closet-gay in Hollywood would ever dare to kiss a guy publicly, only very confident straight men have the guts to that.

  • AliceSays

    I know Alexander has heard this a million times…but damn he is fukn’ HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marissa


    that’s possible. or he could be in the closet and the girls he is linked with is a front. or publicity for his projects(ERW/True Blood and Kate bosworth/Straw Dogs)

    But It will be nice to see him kissing up with a girl fro a change, give his fans some hope that he likes to snuggle with girls too LOL

  • Lauren

    He is absolutely stunning ! he looks adorable

  • victoria

    Very handsome both are a cuties

  • nikki

    nice pic..its cool how comfortable he is with his friends..he is flawless in my eyes

  • my3cents

    @Squirrel: Alex doesn’t read boards though if he did, he’d probably be more enlightened as to why certain women inspire certain reactions.

    He seems a pretty chill guy. He even had nice things to say about Perez Hilton.

  • jean

    I’m suprised there hasn’t been any groupie stories about him.

    Is it me or does he have the look of love there,lol

  • Sway

    I don’t think this man is gay. Maybe bisexual.
    What a hottie!

  • me

    @ComeOnAlex: ROFL you take all this shit so seriously *points and laughs*

  • Earl

    @Squirrel: What hate are you referring to? I don’t know about this.

  • me

    He seems like a funny guy, I think he is gay but not because of these pictures, he just gives that vibe :)

  • Georgie

    He loves men, you can tell. He looks disinterested and annoyed when he’s with a woman, but when he’s with another man, he can’t keep his hands to himself.

  • marissa


    lol exactly and see that’s what i was wondering. if he can snuggle with a man, why not a women? :)

    people are going to talk about him if he is gay or straight. so him not snuggling with a women to stop people from hating, dont make sense

  • Willa

    Anyone who has followed his career for the last TWENTY YEARS in Sweden will tell you that he’s most definitely not gay. He’s just a very affectionate person.

  • dana


  • sher

    I’m wondering about his hair. They’re supposed to start shooting true blood any day now and his hair is cut shorter than eric wore it last season. Maybe they’re shooting flashbacks and he has to have it short for the wig? Or maybe another highighting session gone wrong? LOL