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Natalie Portman is Lovely at Lincoln Center

Natalie Portman is Lovely at Lincoln Center

Natalie Portman braves a chilly morning in New York City as she films Black Swan in Manhattan on Monday (December 7).

The 28-year-old actress filmed scenes coming out of a subway station at Lincoln Center – check out the posters behind her of Winona Ryder as a ballet star!

Black Swan, directed by Darren Aronofsky, is a thriller about the relationship between a veteran ballet dancer and her rival. Natalie will be starring opposite Winona and Mila Kunis!

15+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman filming in Manhattan…

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natalie portman black swan filming 01
natalie portman black swan filming 02
natalie portman black swan filming 03
natalie portman black swan filming 04
natalie portman black swan filming 05
natalie portman black swan filming 06
natalie portman black swan filming 07
natalie portman black swan filming 08
natalie portman black swan filming 09
natalie portman black swan filming 10
natalie portman black swan filming 11
natalie portman black swan filming 12
natalie portman black swan filming 13
natalie portman black swan filming 14
natalie portman black swan filming 15
natalie portman black swan filming 16

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Katie B/Eaglepress
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  • Katsaridoula

    first!!!!!!!!!! SHE LOOKS GREAT!!!

  • sam

    she looks old

  • tom

    I saw Brothers, what a great movie. I have faith in
    Darren Aronofsky, this will be another great film and Natalie is talented and beautiful. She looks like a professional dancer.

  • me

    Natalie looks gorgeous, I can’t wait for the movie.

  • me

    BTW, Brothers was 3rd in the box office this weekend, which was not expected from an unpopular topic type of film. It is doing better than expected, at least the first weekend. Good for Natalie.

  • hey

    I don’t see the poster of Wynona Ryder, which pick is it.

  • @2

    she does not look old, she is supposed to be playing a dancer who is worried about a character played by Mila Kunis, she is supposed to look upset.

  • carrie

    she’s pretty but she thinks stupidities( free Polanski,eat meat is rape,…)

  • @carrie 8

    she is against animal cruelty, I respect that

  • mary

    She is so cute! But I agree with Sam, she looks old in these photos.

  • @mary 10

    she looks in character in these photos, she looks very young at the premier of brothers

  • @mary 10

    she is playing a tormented dancer, she needs to look tired

  • Alias

    Keira Knightley is a better actress than Natalie, and I bet Natalie is happy Polanski is finally out on bail

  • jolentini
  • Gin

    The outfit is horrible

  • @Gin

    She is playing a character and the costume designer dressed her accordingly to replay the message of the scene, what is your problem?

  • @Gin

    Natalie is very sweet and lovely here.

  • lexy

    JJ is right for a change – she does look lovely!

  • padme

    @#13 -Alias
    Natalie and Keira might look alike, but Nat is definitely more talented than Keira as proven by Nat’s many movies and her nominations/awards.

  • jamie

    yeah, she’s playing a character, but she’s not using anything to look older, she is just without makeup and with her hair tied back, she looks horrible without makeup.

  • @11

    yeah, she’s playing a character, but she’s not using anything to look older, she is just without makeup and with her hair tied back, she looks very old without makeup. At the Brothers premiere she is using make up, because of that she looked younger.

  • @above

    Natalie is wearing make up in the pics above

  • @11
  • Stacey Saturns

    She is such a smart woman!


    So OK NAT is a so-called intellectual actress, the biggest pride of Hollywood & nobody can deny her good looks.

    But she has the most puncheable face E.V.E.R. !!!
    And you can see through her interviews how full of herself she is.
    She never got over her prodigy-child-star status & thinks she is a phenomemon.

  • @25

    I think she is just classy and I find her interviews captivating, she is profound and smart in her answers and most importantly honest. But I don’t think she is stock up, just very classy.

  • Mary

    Natalie is very busy girl !

  • Dream-on

    @ Carrie

    I read the list of actors that signed the petition on Polasnski I actually didn’t see Natalie’s name on the list. Tilda Swenson, Harvey Weinstein, Whoopie Goldberg, Woody Allen all were listed as ppl who were in favor of RP relase. So in all accounts give it a rest about RP and who freed who. It was said that many actors supported this as did directors like Allen, Scorsassi many men who are beyond respected in HW and other countries. If she did sign it big deal if she didn’t oh well then.

    She looks beautiful as always BROTHERS rocks so hoping it gets Oscar nods.

  • lakers fan in boston

    why are some of u complaining about her outfit, she only looks like that for the movie…and it’s not even that bad, ive seen other actresses wear much worse
    as always, natalie looks amazing
    cute and beautiful at the same time =]
    more natalie, jared

  • love her

    Natalie is beautiful and classy.

  • Linea

    Just realized: The director Darren Aronofsky only works with actresses of Jewish descent — Jennifer Connelly in ‘Requiem for A Dream,” Rachel Weisz (his partner) in “The Fountain”– and now, Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman, and Mila Kunis for his latest film.

    Branch out, man… Add some freakin’ diversity!

  • Sam Midnight

    Can she bring mid-east peace? Give palenstine land?

  • love her

    There@Sam Midnight: There was never such country as Palastine as there should not be one created by Natalie Portman.

  • @31 Linea

    How about Micky Rourke? I know he is not a female but anyway.

  • Stone

    It’s the homeless of NYC who brave the elements.

  • get a life

    The homeless can go into a shelter or welafare program, nobody wants in the streets.

  • @31 I AGREE

    I totally agree with you LINEA but this is exactly a subject people don’t want to talk about in Hollywood because obviously ARONOFSKY is not the only one.

  • get a life


    why don’t name someone else who would do a better job in these roles! what the hell the difference, how dare imply something so irrelevant, he pick talented ppl who fit the part, it is a coincidence

  • Hugo

    Winona Poster is in photo number 10

  • Corinthians

    She is sooo pretty, but unfortunately CAN’T ACT. AT ALL. She was sooo fake and phony in Garden State. Terrible accent in V for Vendetta. I could stare at her face all day tho.

  • @40

    She is extremely popular for her acting nothing else and got an Academy award nomination, if she can’t act than who can? I think she is a great actress and is very beautiful.

  • christine

    Now I havent read everything she’s done as ar as activism but I believe Natalie Portman has the potential to do some really big things, greater than what she already does.

  • J

    She is not a natural beauty. she looked terrible with her big nose before she did a nosejob.

  • rachel

    She never had any work done and said it in an interview. Furthermore, I liked her nose more when she was 13 or 14 than now. Stop spewing lies, she is a talented and intelligent perfection and you know it. Go to the board of your loser who you defend so much. You don’t belong here.

  • Chef Coa

    She is lovely.

  • Chef Coa

    She is lovely.

  • Chef Coa

    @mary: Count me in with you, too.

  • guest

    natalie looks awful her face is scrawny looking and she looks 10 yrs older then she is her body is like a little boys body and she is not the actress some people are saying she is brothers were awful!!!! bad movie i will go to see black swan only cause mila kunis is in it i think she is an amazing actress and gorgeous!!!

  • Stone

    She’s lovely wherever she goes!

  • melinda

    natalie looks horrible she is not even pretty she has a very boring look and her acting is not at all that great dont know what the big deal is about her……mila kunis is really gorgous just saw her in a movie i never realized what a great actress she is and talk about gorgeous wow what a face she has a natural beauty!!!