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Suri Cruise Makes A Seville Train Stop

Suri Cruise Makes A Seville Train Stop

Katie Holmes and adorable daughter Suri visit papa Tom Cruise on the set of his new movie, Knight & Day, at a train station on Monday (December 7) in Sevilla, Spain.

Tom was seen giving a Katie a sweet kiss on the cheek. And Suri wore a cute pair of pink high heels!

Katie has defended Suri‘s heels before. “They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids,” she told Access Hollywood. “I found them for her and she loves them. She, like every little girl – she loves my high heels.”

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise at the Seville train stop…

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suri cruise seville train station 01
suri cruise seville train station 02
suri cruise seville train station 03
suri cruise seville train station 04
suri cruise seville train station 05
suri cruise seville train station 06
suri cruise seville train station 07
suri cruise seville train station 08
suri cruise seville train station 09
suri cruise seville train station 10
suri cruise seville train station 11
suri cruise seville train station 12
suri cruise seville train station 13
suri cruise seville train station 14
suri cruise seville train station 15

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  • catherine

    so cute love suris dresss and katies dresss

  • what

    Were is that kids coat? Katie has on a wool coat and scarf and that lil spoiled brat has nothing on. that lil sh*t bugs me.

  • zk

    No coat!!!! Again!!!!

    So it’s cold enough for the parents to wear coats & scarves, but no coat for the mealticket?!?!

    It’s just pathetic that Suri is all that is left of Tom & Katie’s careers, so they keep a coat off her so the media gush over her little dresses?!?!

    Beyond sad………

    And I wonder – do you think they have told her of their belief that Aliens created humans out of volcanos yet?!?! LOL

  • laurie

    I agree w/ # 2 they are weird and she is a spoiled brat.

  • rainbow

    Suri looks so adorable and Tom and Katie look really happy. And before people start complainig about Suri’s lack of coat……….I looked up the weather in Sevilla, and it was in the high 60′s so I’m sure Suri was fine.

  • l

    what a happy and beautiful family

  • thanks jj

    awwww they are precious

  • Frida

    Katie can call them whatever she likes, fact is they’re still high heeled shoes that will destroy her kid’s feet. Yes, kids wear shoes like this for play but then only for a little while and certainly not out walking the streets. And put a coat on your kid, Katie! If you feel the need to wear a coat, then I assure you your daughter should too. Doesn’t matter what SHE wants, YOU’RE the mother!

  • anonymous

    I <3

  • 911

    The people and paps wont leave this family alone and that is sad.

    I love the dancing pink shoes of Suri for myself and my nieces.

  • Skye

    Why do we even need to see pictures of her, she is a baby and should be left alone. Who cares what she wears? Get a life people.

  • Lauren

    Does anyone agree with me that this ammt. of spoiling can’t be good for any child? Every day another gazillion dollar outfit, high heels etc.

  • paloma

    cuteness overload

  • Trix

    Hey 911, your complete idiot! They CALL the paps to come take the pictures!!! Why do you think it is we havent seen them in a week and all of a sudden, wham, their everywhere again. Your a stupid moron.

  • vixen

    I want the website and info.where to purchase this cute dancing shoes? Jared please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pr person

    Does Crazy look upset that the paps are there taking pictures of him and his family? NO! The gruesome twosome are pathetic, attention seeking, child pimping, losers. Won’t be spending my hard earned $ to see anything that these two are a part of.

  • oh please

    @ 14 angry and denial much? people and paps love them.

  • anon

    Beautiful family

  • cheery

    They all look good!!!!! Always good to see them together!!!

  • seattle

    Suri is getting so big….

  • dancer
  • corky

    Cankle sure is all smiles recently, and it looks like she could care less about her kid. Guess she got the millions more she was after in the “marriage contract”, and that was ALL she cared about. Lets see, a woman paid to be with a man, what do we call them?? Oh yah, WH*RES!!!!!!!

  • Mousse

    Katie is even less intelligent than I already thought, to let her child wear high heels. AND again no coat for the kid. A freak of a mother she is.

  • zzzzzzzz…

    they even make weird boring

  • meg

    Wow! What kind of lifts is TC wearing to make him tower above his wife who is at least 3″ taller than him? LOL!

  • Cindy

    Why is everyone in winter wear and Suri is dressed for summer?

  • Oh Great!

    Now Suri’s feet are being ruined for ugly shoes. Also, the dress is ugly.

  • helen

    this little girl is going to grow up just hating the paps. everytime she turns around there they are.

  • Lowest denominator

    EVERYONE in those pics has on at least a coat but the child.

    I don’t care if the forecast says it’s going to be 40 C (100+ F), it’s cold enough for the ADULTS (not in the scene being shot) to have on turtlenecks, hats, scarves, and puffy coats, then she could at least have on a cardigan.

  • http://justjared deke

    I really don’t care to see anymore pics of Suri without a coat on when everyone else around her is bundled up.

  • moron overload

    Gee, I can’t wait to see the kid in stripper heels

  • may

    they are soooo weird
    that kid will be nutjob when she’s older
    no friends, no life
    just weird, hangin’ with katie and that will be their life

  • Brrrrrrr

    can’t wait to see Suri go skiing in the French Alps in a sundress.

  • Denise

    The ridiculous shoes hurt the kid’s feet after a while and Mom has to carry her.It’s not the paps.

  • bobo

    Thought this might amuse/frighten some of you. Just reposting from the last thread:
    Scientology Employees Forced To Watch Tom Cruise Videos
    Marc Headley left Scientology after being involved for 15 years and is publishing a tell-all book called Blown for Good about the bizarre religion and he talks about Tom Cruise’s supreme influence on its members.

    Those working at the Scientology compound in Gilman Hot Springs, California are not allowed to watch television or read newspapers, but apparently they were gathered at different times to view clips of Scientology poster-child Tom Cruise!

    Headley explains the strange ritual:

    “Everyone there thought Tom Cruise was just brilliant. Absolutely all the employees looked up to him. They think he is an exhilaration, which is very high up on what they call the ‘tone scale’. People who work within the organization were not given access to newspapers or television shows. The only thing we knew was what we were told or shown.

    “At the International Headquarters they would record any appearances on TV shows or even mentions of Tom Cruise, or little stories they heard about him. Then they would re edit them and cut them together into a five or ten minute video of all the snippets of him on TV. But it was never the full interview or story.

    “For example the actual footage might have said; ‘Scientologist Tom Cruise, the biggest movie star in the world, acts like a crazy person on Oprah.’ But what we saw was ‘Tom Cruise, the biggest movie star in the world.’ Then it would cut to the next thing.”

    After Headley left the compound it was then he saw what the world was really saying about Tom Cruise and Scientology in general and he began to question the religion and their “propaganda:”

    “I just knew he was a superstar who talked about Scientology everywhere he went and encouraged people to join. I thought everyone was embracing Scientology and that millions of people were joining because of him. But somehow just before I got out I happened to see a few episodes of Conan O’Brien and he was making fun of Tom Cruise and the church.

    I had only been shown the good. I had never been exposed to anything else. But it got me thinking that if jokes are being made and people are laughing at them then not everyone thinks Scientology is so great. They don’t think Tom Cruise is awesome, they think he is a freak show.”

  • bobo

    And regarding the high heels:
    WASHINGTON – Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have come under fire from health experts after snaps of their 3-year-old daughter Suri wearing high-heels surfaced.

    One pic shows the kid wearing a pair of open toe heels about an inch high, while clutching a cup from Starbucks.

    Experts are of the opinion that wearing heels at a small age can be damaging to the child’s physical growth.

    “A common side effect of adults wearing heels too often is the tightening or shortening of the Achilles tendon,” Fox News quoted New York podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong, as saying.

    He added: “At Suri’s age, children are growing quickly, and you want everything growing at the same rate. If the tendon is not growing at the same rate as everything else, it could become a problem.

    “If a parent allows their child to wear the heels in moderation, that’s one thing, but who’s to say what is moderate for a three year old child.

    “With an adult, [high] heels that don’t fit properly can lead to hammer toes or bunions, but an adult’s growth plate is closed. With a child that young, her growth plate is still open, so a pair of heels that is too tight could damage the growing bones of her feet.

    “A child’s proper growth could face serious problems if a growth plate is crushed.” (ANI)

  • Oceane

    isn’t winter in the the northen parts and she’s dressed like this?

  • rocky


    ITA!!! Seems Suri is the one calling the shots in this family.


    Oceane, northern parts? Do u know where Sevilla is?

  • rocky


    Why are you posting if you’re so against remarks being made?

  • rocky


    I KNOW where Spain is. I’ve been there several times. Sevilla is a gorgeous place with wonderful food and wonderful people. This American KNOWS where Spain is.

  • twpumpkin


  • Alaina

    EVERYONE in the photographs is dressed for cold weather, not just Katie and Tom. It’s unforgivable that these two morons don’t have enough common sense to put proper clothing on their child! I don’t care if Suri doesn’t want to wear a coat or not. As a parent it’s your JOB to make sure she’s warm enough. If you need a coat (and everyone else needs a coat) so does she! Either dress her properly or don’t parade her for the paps for once and keep her indoors. Did Katie and Suri NEED to be there? Obviously not.

    I don’t usually post on these threads, but as a mother of 3 girls, I’m so disgusted with the poor parenting skills of The Cruise’s. I have girls who love to play dress up with my heels. They have princess dresses too, but I absolutely would not allow them to wear heels outdoors on a daily basis. It’s simply not good for their growning bones as any doctor will tell you. And my husband and I sure as hell dress them in coats if we need to wear coats! What are Katie and Tom thinking!?!?!?

    Tom and Katie are the most absurd parents to ever walk the face of the earth. Take a parenting class people!! I feel for that little girl. God knows what’s going to become of her as she gets older with parents who lack common sense and normal parenting skills!!

  • Mousse
  • Chris

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnnnnnnnnnnn, boring kid, idiot katie, short-ass gay Tom!

  • athena

    Tom and Katie look so great together. I’m happy for them both…and it’s great that he still spends time with his son and daughter, Connor and Isabelle too. He’s a great family man.

  • supernova

    Why Suri is always missing her coat…not a jacket or pullover…everybody else has wintercoats or pullovers and a child is in a summerdress all year long?

  • Oh Geez

    why doesn’t t tom come out already and just leave the poor kid alone?

  • rosefr

    she is a very spoiled kid.. and what a mother! no coat again?

  • Soaplover

    Suri is so cute!
    Her dress is really cute! The hairdo is adorable.
    I don’t know what to say about the whole coat/heels thing, but you never know what goes on before/after the photographers leave,