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Matt Damon: My Wife Loves Clint Eastwood!

Matt Damon: My Wife Loves Clint Eastwood!

Matt Damon and his wife Luciana arrive at the premiere of Invictus at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Theater on Thursday (December 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor posed for photos with co-star Morgan Freeman and the film’s director, Clint Eastwood before the film, which tells the true story of how Nelson Mandela (Freeman) united South Africa by joining forces with the captain of the country’s rugby team (Damon).

Last week, Matt told guests at the Museum of the Moving Image Gala that Lucy has been a strong influence on his projects. “I have come to judge good jobs and good directors by how my wife feels about them,” he said.

“And my wife loves Clint Eastwood.”

10+ pictures inside of Matt Damon at the Invictus premiere…

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matt damon invictus premiere 02
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Photos: Apega/WENN, Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • Anna

    Matt is awesome!

  • j

    loveeeee himmm
    and his wife has good taste

  • TO

    Matt is a mediocre actor and so overrated. He is so fake. Clint is a class act, I wish he chose someone else to work with.

  • TO

    Was she an illegal immigrant working as a stripper in a sleazy bar when he met her?

  • to TO

    your automatic assumption that because his wife is from south america she was an illegal immigrant working as a stripper is racist and insulting,

  • teri

    I like Matt and think Clint is awsome also. His wife seems really nice.

  • samantha


  • carrie

    i dislike her dress and i like his face on the second pix

  • Citygirl

    yes, she was a stripper. She’s earning the good money now, though, she married him to be his beard and that’s pretty good money. I wonder if she gets paid extra for doing his thinking? What a doof.

  • selma

    She’s fat and he’s got a huge head

  • Team Edward

    Ewwww, why did Matt have to go trolling for strippers to find a wife? Did Clooney teach him what he knows? He must have gotten her knocked up.

  • to citygirl

    oh, brother. we’re back to the old fairy tale about matt being gay. sorry to break it to you but there are those, including myself, who know what we’re talking about. we happen to know that matt is happily married to luciana. i know it’s upsets your apple cart but so be it.

  • mj

    Matt is a fantastic actor! I can’t wait to see this movie. His wife seems really down to earth and very pretty.

  • Todd

    Matt is a good guy I think. Clint well he is kind of Dirty LOL

  • LuckyL

    So many “pure” whites are so angry he married Luciana.

  • LuckyL

    Or is it just the Boston Irish?

  • flowerg

    Matt is a talented actor who was smart to say he would never marry another actress. He seems to have a great loving marriage and you never see his wife parading their kids everywhere in Hollywood. Why is that? Oh maybe because Matt actually loves his wife and his wife is happy unlike his bff Ben who is not that into his wife so she needs to pimp out the children to get attention in her miserable marriage. So sad.

  • Carlos

    She was a bad girl from Miami Beach working in a very bad bar(crobar) I remenber her black cuban boyfriend was going ballistic once because she was doing his friend in the bar’s restroom. not that this guy(matt Damon) is all that but what was he doing in crobar? what a freeking looser!!! now she has two kids and she will show him how things are done in South America. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! how can a public figure go public with a bad girl like Luciana thank God my friend left her ass, the only bad thing here is alexia his daugther.

  • Rob

    Argentinian girls are whores i hate them i hate the fact they come to Miami and tell everybody they are Italians hate them so much i hate that stupid accent they have. this freeking looser matt Damon is in for a treat.

  • Jess

    I will never forget the reaction of the employees when they found out this guy was going out with Luciana lol what the hell !!!!! how can someone (actor) come to a bar for a wife? he is not talented at all and has that stupid smile lol i will never forget our reation.

  • shamrock7


    Yes, Matty is talented, married a wonderful lady, has beautiful chilren, and OH SNAP, his bff Benjamino is married to Jen and has been with her for almost 5 years now. They have created two joys of life, Violet and Sera, and they do not pimp their children out. Just stop with that mumbo jumbo you speak of. You have no idea how one marriage differs from another unless you are on the INSIDE and see and know everything. All the OUTSIDE info is just that. Photos, rumors, etc…

    Great to see Lucy and Matt on the red carpet and look forward to this film!!! Clint Eastwood is a CLASS ACT and I’m sure it was an honor for Matt to work with him making this movie.


  • congrats

    Congrats to you Matt Damon for a fantastic year you’ve had. I’m loving all the awards buzz. He’s such an underratted actor. Your second Oscar is coming soon . Watch!

  • ck_always

    His wife is normal looking and I find that refreshing in Hollywood.

  • wtf


    why? It’s not like he’s pure white. There have been many a talk about how he looks so much like Cuba Gooding jr.

    Anyway I always expected him to marry an exotic woman. Most actors do.

  • anna

    wow some of you are straight up haters!!! I’ve never heard anything bad about their marriage in recent years.Everybody has their past(good or bad).Even Matt,yet almost everybody in hollywood always comments that matt is on the most humble down to earth,nicest guy they’ve ever met.

  • kyler

    WOWO.She is very sexy and hot, I love her very much. Recently I found she posted many her

    nice photos on I am wondering what kinds of relationship she wants to

    seek? Friendship? Discreet partner? Or maybe just for some casual fun??

  • landry

    WOWO. He is very sexy and I love him very much. Recently he was playing on a hot casual

    encounters dating site Maybe he was looking for some extra fun for his

    boring life.

  • Adrian Monk

    @to citygirl:
    Oh man, of course he’s happily married – he’s getting a good cover, she’s getting a load of dough. So much for the apple cart, dimwit.

  • Avatar

    @Team Edward: Low self esteem.

  • ellie’

    Matt wife Lucy is a very beautiful woman.. and very smart .. who doesn’t love Clint Eastwood, ,I do remember Matt saying who would never marry another star,, and your a smart guy… As far as his BFF Ben and Jennifer they are very happily married.. I also love Morgan Freeman.. all the best actors. together..

  • ellie’

    Of cause the usual haters..

  • LuckyL

    wtf @ 12/08/2009 at 9:56 pm


    why? It’s not like he’s pure white. There have been many a talk about how he looks so much like Cuba Gooding jr.

    Anyway I always expected him to marry an exotic woman. Most actors do.
    You’re hilarious. But please link to some of those comments. And what counts as “exotic”?

  • coco

    I love it when Matt pretends to be straight!

  • anon

    Clint Eastwood married a Latina also

  • bwa ha ha


    anything that’s not Swedish rotflmao!!!!!

  • LuckyL


  • Love Matt

    Hunkilicious Matt! :D Love, love, love ya! So good to know that his wife is so supportive of him and his career.

  • Rain, Man

    @Love Matt: It’s like this – if he dont work, she dont get paid. Any questions?

  • lily

    Can i just say that I LOVE HIM!!! His wife is pretty, he is so humble and thank goodness he is not like the rest of hollywood deuce bags that get as many young models as they can. These ppl seem real and i love that.

  • Freak

    Right, strippers are much classier.

  • Oh….how….lovely…..

    @Carlos @ 12/08/2009 at 9:44 pm
    I happen to know her ex-husband very well and doubt very seriously that you know him at all. I also happened to know Lucy when he was married to her and she is and was a lovely & wonderful person. And just FYI, if you knew/know her ex-husband at all you would surely know that he would stomp your azz today or any other day if he heard anyone talk about Lucy in that manner. They are still very close and he spends time with Matt and Lucy when their schedules permit. You are a loathsome creature who just doesn’t like Matt and wants to spew ignorant lies about a lovely person – his wife. And if you had ever met Lucy, you would realize just how ridiculous your “whore” and “stripper” claims are. I can only deduce that you have NEVER EVEN MET LUCIANA. Lucy is the “good girl” that got what she deserves in life….”a good guy”. You have never even met her ex husband – if you had you would also know that he’s not half black either. Haha, you really know nothing at all!

  • Oh….how….lovely…..

    FYI to all you JJ folks, you have people on this site that claim to know things about these celebs and they really have no clue. Now, I cannot say that I know anyone that’s a celebrity but I can say that I know still Lucy’s ex husband and I did know Lucy when she was married to him. And I can also attest to the fact that she was NEVER a stripper and was not the type of woman to get it on in a bathroom of a bar. I can also say with some assurance that she would never be married to someone as a front. She is truly a lovely person at heart and a lady through and through. I love to bag on celebs like anyone else but anyone here that claims that Matts wife is a beard, stripper, wh00re, sleazy cocktail waitress or any other vile thing I can only say one thing…..they just have never even met her. And her ex-husband would attest to that – it was her ex that was the player and she ended it because she’s not some stupid little girl trying to drink whiskey from a bottle of wine – she loved him but she left him because she had some self respect. They have remained close because they share a daughter and he has immense respect for her to this day. This is the truth.

  • Oh….how….lovely…..

    Also, she was never an illegal immigrant. Where do you vile losers get these thoughts. And why do you have to act like you “know” someone that you don’t??

  • Belinda

    Yes, I have to say that it really really gets on my bloody nerves to hear that almost all actors are gay, their marriages are fake etc. How would anybody know? And how easy is it to spread idiotic rumours in order to damage someones reputation? That is very much like the STASI methods that were used in East Germany.

    And the rumours don’t become more true just because some idiots keep repeating them on the net! As for Matt Damon: he is a brilliant actor, obviously a nice person, a devoted husband&father and surely many more things that we don’t know him to be. His wife looks absolutely gorgeous, her hair is to die for, her figure is womanly and curvaceous and where the two met is none of anybodies bloody business. They have been together for many years now and still seem to care for each other and have respect and your denunciations are not going to alter that.
    So leave them alone and get a life of your own you Waisters!!!

  • Anna #1 Eastwood Fan

    #35, NO! Clint Eastwood did not marry an Hispanic woman read the facts. Dina Eastwood (Clint’s wife) is part Black, White and Japanese. She is not Hispanic in any way though she does speak Spanish because her father was adopted by a Mexican family when he was a baby.

  • Ashley

    There is nothing exotic about Matt’s wife why do people always say that when an American marries someone from a different country? it is absurd. She looks like any other hispanic woman I have ever seen. And Matt is totally Irish.

  • Oh….how….lovely…..

    And I bet that loser “Carlos” doesn’t even know the name of Lucianas ex husband, that is such a good buddy of his (eyeroll)…….What makes people feel they need to spread stupid lies about someone they don’t even know? He can’t hate Lucy because it’s obvious he never even met her going by what he claims as his knowledge of her ex hubby. Must really be a lonely life to hate on someone for absolutely no reason.

  • Scottksmith

    By the way, Matt, why did you marry this horrible looking woman? I’m white and find pretty much all Hispanic women to be sexually repulsive. What’s the deal with you?

  • Chef Coa

    Smart man.

  • Oh….how….lovely…..

    Nobody cares who you find “sexually repulsive”. And, although she seems to have recently put on a few pounds, she is not ugly by any standards. Grow up white trash.