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Sarah Michelle Gellar Takes Charlotte for a Checkup

Sarah Michelle Gellar Takes Charlotte for a Checkup

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her daughter, Charlotte Prinze, arrive at a doctor’s office on Sunday (December 6) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 32-year-old blonde beauty kept Charlotte, 2 months, snuggled up tight in a pink blanket where she’d be covered from photographers. Charlotte is Sarah and hubby Freddie Prinze, Jr.‘s first child.

With rumors swirling of a Buffy reboot as a movie franchise, Sarah‘s co-star Alyson Hannigan said she wouldn’t consider joining in, even for a cameo, unless creator Joss Whedon was involved.

Joss is the only reason that we would go back. I mean, it’s just ridiculous to think of that TV show without Joss. That’s just silly to me,” Alyson said. “And all the fans know that, too, so I don’t know what they’re thinking.”

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  • Ashley

    I CANNOT believe she just had a baby. She looks AMAZING!!! LOVE HER!!!!

  • Manhattan Guy

    To a Psychiatrist? Has the mental illness gene prevalent on the father’s side only made its presence known this early? Probably.

  • Liz86000

    @Manhattan Guy:
    You’re an ass.
    Sarah Michelle & Freddy are great together, and I’m sure little Charlotte is just beautiful.

  • team_buffy

    I love SMG she looks gorgeous to

  • roronutz

    she looks great
    i was a huge fan of buffy

  • ceren

    She looks fantastic. They are the best couple in Hollywood. Hey Jared there were pics of them from 5th December, why didn’t you upload them?

  • Janie

    she looks terrific!

  • KD

    I think it is an absolute JOKE that she needs a nanny to accompany her to a doctor’s appoint. Some of these celebrities are just so far removed from a normal parenting routine its insane. I was slightly appalled when I read in People that she has a full-time nanny. She probably isn’t working right now and has ONE baby, give me a break.

  • lexy

    Newborns always go for check-ups to get shots and what not. I know people who AREN’T celebs and they don’t work but have a nanny – it’s not a celebrity thing it’s a money thing. However in SMG’s case she’s probably bringing the nanny to help with crowd control. She’s tiny and the paps don’t care if she’s holding a baby or not – they’ll step on her to the pictures. Look how they followed her and stalked her car until she and the baby got out. They have no shame.

  • jolentini
  • Cristobal

    I love her

  • LuckyL

    Um, but she’s not really blond?

  • brunettefury


    You’re kind of ridiculous. That looks like a nurse. Nannies in the United States don’t typically wear scrubs but way to assume you know who it is. She never said she had a full-time nanny either. She stated that they had someone helping them with the house, whether that means they’re helping with the baby is anyone’s guess.

  • lexy

    As I recall her grandfather only killed himself…he wasn’t a “killer” – so go take your meds so you can stop hearing the voices tell you lies about celebs.

  • Ashley

    No she isn’t a natural blond, she’s Jewish.

  • Courtney

    just cause Sarah is Jewish doesn’t mean she can’t be a natural blonde but most blondes in modern day hollywood are dyed or bleached anyway look at Paul Newman’s three younger daughters for instance are a quarter jewish a quarter catholic and half episocapalian and all of them were at one time natural blondes but the middle one dyes her hair brown to cover grays as she went gray around the same age her mother did 35 but of course that’s also about the time she gave birth to her first child Peter where her mother had three step children two under 7 and a newborn at that same age though Mama dearest would’ve had the stepchildren 3 under eight and a newborn had she not miscarried on her honeymoon in 1958 of course their oldest was born 14 months or so after that April 8th 1959 of course some of you will over look that and make tacky comments

  • Chef Coa

    Those are things that have to be done,

  • All Women Stalker

    Some nasty comments here…I just want to say that SMG looks great for someone who just gave birth. And yes, a Buffy movie without Joss is just plain stupid.


  • Beth Bubbles

    Wow, she is looking good

  • Io28

    She is naturally brunette and NOT Jewish. It comes from mother’s side and then her name is Gellar. not Geller (as Monica and Ross on Friends)!

  • Stone

    There’s some things you just have to do!

  • lucie

    The other woman is most likely a nurse from the doctor’s office. Nannies doesn’t dress like this!

  • Kate

    @Io28: yeah she is jewish. whatever…she looks great! and its great to see her on here instead of the same people everyday…

  • yami

    omg she has been my fan since i was a young child!
    i love her!!
    she is heaps beautifull and looks gorgeous!

  • MMA

    Yeah, kids are more of a pain in the A$s than cars sometimes.

  • sazzy

    Shes NOTjewish and she did say she had 5 days a week help.. and also why wud a NURSE?! be in her car? lol.. think it is a nanny.. but hey she has the money so why wudnt she. she looks beautiful

  • brunettefury


    She said they had help but it wasn’t clear what she meant as she mentioned household chores in the same comment.

    Why would a nurse be in her car? Maybe she’s helping her with her things since you know, Sarah’s obviously got her hands full. Why would a nanny be wearing nurse’s scrubs and shoes?

  • Steve

    Both of her parents were/are Jewish, so she is fully Jewish.

  • Serge

    I mean, she’s of Jewish descent, and it’s an aspect of her heritage that she has no interest in. Not that complicated, or unusual.

  • Jamie

    Courtney, that’s true but Sarah has mentioned several times that she’s a natural brunette who had to dye her hair blonde for Buffy.

  • Jamie

    sazzy, it’s well-known that Sarah is Jewish. She’s mentioned it before that she’s Jewish and believes in God, but doesn’t belong to any specific organized religion because she’s more of a spiritual person.