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Suri Cruise Has Pretty Pink Heels

Suri Cruise Has Pretty Pink Heels

Suri Cruise shows off her pair of cute pink heels while spending time with her mom, Katie Holmes, on the set of her dad’s new film, Knight & Day, in Sevilla, Spain on Tuesday (December 8).

The 3 1/2 year old cutie clutched her teddy bear and bag while taking a walk with Katie. At one point, Suri covered her ears with a loud noise going off on-set!

Papa Tom Cruise, meanwhile, had to deal with Cameron Diaz wrapping her legs around him on a motorcycle. Tough job Tommy-boy!

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise and her pretty pink heels…

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suri cruise pretty pink heels 01
suri cruise pretty pink heels 02
suri cruise pretty pink heels 03
suri cruise pretty pink heels 04
suri cruise pretty pink heels 05
suri cruise pretty pink heels 06
suri cruise pretty pink heels 07
suri cruise pretty pink heels 08
suri cruise pretty pink heels 09
suri cruise pretty pink heels 10
suri cruise pretty pink heels 11
suri cruise pretty pink heels 12
suri cruise pretty pink heels 13
suri cruise pretty pink heels 14
suri cruise pretty pink heels 15
suri cruise pretty pink heels 16
suri cruise pretty pink heels 17
suri cruise pretty pink heels 18

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • A

    Incredible. The high heels again. Katie dresses her 3 years old daughter like a ho.

  • AAAAAARGH!!!!!!!


  • megameg

    Can they please get the poor child some ear plugs. She is going to be deaf by time she is 10.

  • julie

    Suri’s not that pretty anymore imo. She’s less cute than she was a year ago. Strange bone structure strange facial expressions!

  • AAAAAARGH!!!!!!!

    Well, although I say that, I secretly enjoy articles about this freakshow.

  • TO

    She is adorable, and cute and has so much personality.
    I wonder who is the real father though. Chris C. or Josh H. anyone?

  • suri’s the next Paris Hilton

    High Heels now purse and full make-up… When’s the black lace lingerie for Suri?

  • AAAAAARGH!!!!!!!

    @TO: LRH. She is Scientology royalty.

  • mandy

    this little girl hasn’t any socks…. oh sure high heels on a toddler are more attractive to paps than socks and boots. More exciting for pedos also

  • AAAAAARGH!!!!!!!

    Katie is looking a little vexed in these pics. Maybe she is getting insecure, worrying that Tom might prefer to slip Cam the baster instead of her.

  • http://deleted adambrodyrocks

    suri is such a katie holmes mini me. what really adorable is that surie holds her toys exactly the way her mom holds her.

  • AAAAAARGH!!!!!!!

    @adambrodyrocks: huh!? Katie holds Suri in a strangle hold?

  • :

    suri is adorable . she looks like a mini Rosie Odonnel

  • :

    @TO: google william mapother

  • kyle

    That kid has a WEIRD FACE !!!

  • caramel

    The world of a three-years-old-woman in nylon stockings. Cute!

  • AGA

    When Suri started wearing the heels,I defending Katie by suggesting that it probably was’nt all the time & she was playing dress-ups etc….Well I will admit when I am wrong,Suri is regulurly wearing heels now and has a purse withh what appears to be make-up inside(Maybe) I don’t like to post nasty about celeb kid’s but kids are only kids for a short time and as Suri is only 3 1/2 years,she is growing up to fast.
    Tom & Katie should be careful b/c she will be a child of HW and is going to grow up faster anyway!!!

  • kyle
  • cindy

    Is Suri autistic? She reminds me of my friend’s daughter–very sweet, quiet and distant. We try to fll her life with pretty things and interesting adventures, but she doesn’t get very excited or engage. Although she doesn’t mind much either. It’s probably more for us than for her.

  • Stan

    Why is this kid always being pimped out, lots of celebrities keep their children private, this spoiled high-heel wearing BRAT is getting on my nerves!!!!!!! Enough of the daily exposure, PLEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • LuckyL


    A poster above me said it already: “Incredible”

  • Old McDonald

    More pics from the park. What a fun day out it looks – not!
    Katie looks utterly miserable in most of them, and in the ones where she is smiling it looks put on.

  • Beep

    It’s not enough that we see this kid Boston, NY, LA, and now we have to see her in Spain as well? Are Holmes/Cruise the only parents in Hollywood? I feel bad for this kid for being born into such media ho parents. At least, Connor and Cruise have one parent who protects her children from the paps.

  • cheese-y

    You are all so mean!!! Your children are surely ugly so you are all envious of Suri. She is just a 3-year old…give her a break morons. You don’t know the family personally so stop judging…Americans are such idiots.

  • Shannon

    ugh. katie get rid of the stupid heels. she’ll have plenty of time to wear heels when she’s older so let her be a kid for goodness sakes and please dress her like one

  • AAAAAARGH!!!!!!!
  • klkl

    l see divorce coming..Katie isn’t happy..she looks 45 not 31 or whatever age she is…still very old.

  • AutumnM

    She looks cute, but enough with the heels already. It’s ridiculous at this point.

  • snickerdoodle

    This brat and her idiot mom is just too much!

    Idiot family!

  • The whole lot of them

    Weird, weird, weird!

  • sue

    3 going on 21, that child has never been a kid and never will be , she’s way older than her 3 years.

  • charlotte

    Those are flamenco shoes, I wore them when I was a little girl as well, as many girls here in Spain do too.
    I don´t like Katie or Surie, but there´s nothing wrong with those shoes.

  • Gag

    Quit pimping this child. What creepy parents.

    No one is being mean to this kid. But being mean to the gross parents is permissible, even in this pc world. Keep her out of the public eye. Many Hollywood stars’ kids have grown up way under the radar… not being pushed in the paps faces everyday. In fact, many have filed lawsuits to keep the paps away from their children. But not Tommy and wifey. Just stick the poor baby out there for more pap photos. IMO, sad Katie and creepy Tom are exploiting the baby. Just go away. I think mommie dearest is as creepy as Tom. The photos of her without makeup artists’ work are very telling.

  • Leslie

    I thought it was just Tommygirl who was nuts but Katie is off the wall. That child is going to need back surgury at a young age and she can blame it on her mother. Katie needs to learn to just say nooooo.
    No we don’t know the child but not being a betting woman i still would bet in this situation that Suri is a spoiled brat. What suri whines for Suri gets. ridiculous!

  • lena

    Oh for fack sakes take the bloody panty hose off the toddler and ditch the highheels you zenu nuts.

  • Imahit

    I never thought i would say this about any child but it is what it is.
    Katie dresses her 31/2 yr.old daughter like a Ho.
    Scifi peeps are really weird. Crazy teenytom and katie know they would not get the attention such as hits here at jj’s onless they pimp the kid.

  • Qyz

    Look at the pic where unhappy Katie is holding the brat. Surie has a large red mark on the side of her ankle. I guees Katie thought if she bought lower high heels it might not hurt Suri’s ankle so much.
    How Dumb . How stupid can Katie be.
    Buy yourself a clue.

  • reeze


    #32 the only time i saw kids wearing shoes like that in spain last yr was at dancing shows. And yes they were dressed like Suri was with that pink flamingo dress she had on last pics. I liked Katie before she met the zenu freak.

    I think Katie is a terrible mother. Diapers on a kid going on 4. Taking her outback of her show to wrap her in a baby blanket and feed her an infants baby bottle 2 weeks ago.HUH! The pics are here down below.
    But yet Katie dresses her like a 21 yr old. with panty hose high heels and dressses that look like something an adult or teen would wear.
    Yes this bull does get them alot of hits at JJ’s doesn’t it.
    This is my last one. I would rather say something nice but this crap makes it impossible. Insane.

  • mandy

    At 3 years old, Suri’s already too “different” from other kids.
    Yesterday at the park with the flamenco dress , the kids there were maybe put off by her “differenceness”, none were engaging towards that “weird” little girl.
    She gonna have a lonely, difficult childhood in my opinion. A poor little rich girl, which may have some developmental issues on top of infamous parents which are the laughing stock on the Internet, on tabloids, etc. Children, which are often so cruel towards one another, will not want to have someone like her as a friend.

  • mandy

    I also think, I have the impression that Suri is gonna experience depression at a very young age.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Mandy Mandy
    you know as well as everyone on this thread , Suri will have so many friends she won’t be able to fit them all in
    She has character …, and you all know it
    thats what you can’t stand
    Too bad for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • plez

    She looks like Khloe Kardashian.

  • jenny

    no doubt, they’ll get suri a designer haircut right before their movies open.

  • CJ


    Yes, I was going to mention him too…since Suri was small I have always said that she looks like Tom’s cousin William…so that goes to prove that she is Tom’s child..

  • Cathx

    She’s cute, she’s popular the day she was born.. but I don’t really like her, I think when she grew up, she’ll be the kind of i-want-to-have-everything girl, spoiled. I just hope she’s not dumb. lets see.

    poor girl anyway, i wonders if she has normal childhood like other children; with papz around her all the time

  • Cathx

    @suri’s the next Paris Hilton:

    i think the same way lol

  • the dq

    She looks like a dirty little street urchin.

    Shilo Jolie-Pitt was just voted the most adorable kidlet and Suri didn’t even make the list. LOL

  • jolentini
  • http://hotmailaustralia Elaine

    Really high heels for a three year old is terrible, and the amount of times I have seen Suri in heels it won’t surprise me if she has feet problems very early in life.

  • kyle

    @Cathx: I thought more like pink lace lingerie for Suri! How cute, can’t wait when katie’s gonna find a way to show us all Suri’s new lingerie!!!