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Tiger Woods: More Alleged Mistresses

Tiger Woods: More Alleged Mistresses
  • Tiger Woods has a long list of mistresses
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  • Ka-blamo

    Tiger Woods = man hore

  • Kacee

    I don’t believe all of these women, I mean skanks.

  • lmao

    What a sorry excuse for a husband……..So disgusting ! Where is the commitment in marriage anymore. So sad.

  • Pinkrose

    Kacee, you are so RIGHT!!. amAYBE 2 OR SO, NUT ALL THESE WOMEN ARE LOOKING FOR FAME. Tiger was sitting at home for most of 2008 and then doing aggressive rehab up to 8 hours per day. He has played really great golf for the past year, finishing Player of the Year. Where did he get the time to service all these women, keep up with his family, especially with two babies, keep up his practice hours on the course, gym training and then play so well at tournaments. Please, like the rest of us he has just so many hours in one day!

  • Pinkrose


  • nout

    I don’t care how many mistresses crawl out of the woodwork, he’ll always be Square to me. Dweeb!

  • MMA

    Can’t get enough of that funky stuff.

  • Anthony Stark

    He is such a great golfer and father!

  • Juxter

    These people are all alike. Tiger, Mel Gibson, Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes, Jamiee Grubbs, and the pornstar are all the same. If it feels good, I’ll hit it and if I can get some publicity I’ll do it and don’t give a damn about anyone else.

  • Mystery Who#$#

    I for one minute don’t believe any of these extras that are coming out and claiming they had sex with Tiger Woods. These opportunists trolls are just tramps looking for their 5 minutes of fame in the lime light. They saw the attention this Rachel & Jamie chicks have gotten and figured they would get in on the action.

    They should be ashamed of themselves because their lies are doing nothing but possibly destroying a marriage that probably can be saved. I’m glad Tiger & Elin aren’t fueling the fire of the media by adding more comments and attention to this matter that should be between husband and wife. Not media, fans, non fans, and tabloids.

  • Starked

    Leave tiger alone!

  • AGA

    I have read/seen that the women making the claims have absolute proof of involment with Tiger(ph calls,E-Mails’,travel schedules etc) and the legal dept of all the tabs,real news would not of printed most of the stuff b/c they would be sued by Tiger if it were not true…and as I have heard nothing that suggest Tiger is going to sue..I reluctantly have to believe it!!
    I just can’t fathom WHY Tiger would choose to go with woman,most likely to talk..low paid waitresses..Of course they would for extra money for bills.
    I just don’t see Tiger & Elin getting past this or how TW will get back his stattered image. It was a lot to risk for casual sex

  • Alice88

    Kacee—I would love to agree with you,but you can’t just walk into a newspaper and say I had a fling with Tiger and be believed.YOu would have to have some type of proof,like loads of texts from his number!! Poor Elin & kids

  • jaye

    I’ve thought a few things about Tiger, but never that he was STUPID.

  • Chef Coa

    It’s good that his Dad isn’t here to witness his son’s crash.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think he had an affair with a couple of woman
    but like most scandals, random hoes just come out of nowhere 2 get a few mins of fame
    i agree tho, he’s an idiot

  • Barbette L.

    It has gotten to the point now where the women who DIDN’T sleep with him should come forward! hahahaha

    I’m sorry, it’s hard to manage any sympathy for a man who could be so callous toward his wife and children. Why didn’t he just stay single if he wanted to **** every cocktail waitress in Vegas???? Did someone put a gun to his head and force him to get married?

  • Stone

    And they all claim what we all knew – that he’s really good with the club!

  • Katsaridoula

    I’d chop his d*** off and throw it to the dogs :-D