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Alexander Skarsgard Has Massive Golden Globes

Alexander Skarsgard Has Massive Golden Globes

True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard arrives at InStyle‘s special Golden Globes party held at Nobu Los Angeles on Tuesday (December 8) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor shared why he initially decided to join True Blood. Alex explained to Dark Mag, “It’s the fact that Alan Ball was attached to the project. When they first contacted me to tell me that they were doing a new series on vampires, I really wondered what it might look like. I even thought it was a joke! Then they told me that Alan Ball, who wrote and produced American Beauty and the HBO series Six Feet Under, was involved.”

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • Sophia

    Well good thing he joined because he’s the best thing about True Blood.

  • true blood

    He looks great.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • ANV

    I agree! He’s great!

    And I’m so happy to see that his hair is longer LOL

    thanks jared, always sharing amazing pictures!

  • kc

    love him!!! :) Couldn’t imagine Eric being portrayed by anyone else.

  • Veruca

    I agree it’s good his hair is growing out, but it’s still a much darker blonde than it was last seasaon. Methinks Pam will need to whip out the highlights again…

    I love the nerd look he’s been rocking lately – ever since the premiere in France he’s been wearing the plaid shirt with the cardigan and blazer with the cords-ish pants. I miss the bow tie though! But someone needs to let him know that the pants should not be tucked in to the boots… makes it look like he’s been splashing around in puddles in his free time. Very nice photos of him, though.

  • anne

    I miss the bow tie too

    I hate the boots!

  • Meh….

    This guy is sooooo over-rated. He has a nice body but the
    face is very average, he looks so much older than 33, more like 43.

  • The Comedian

    Seems that he can’t give up the plaid shirt and the cardigan…well he should ;-)


    Not only is this guy handsome, educated and refined – he can act!

  • J

    Many ppl say that Alex has a plain average face. I tell u what. He is Swedish and Swedisg celebs don’t do plastic surgeries!!! Look at all good looking hotties in Hollywood, they have all done nose jobs and cheeks implants etc. Alex is natural goodlooking as he is a Swede.

  • Jo

    He’s a beautiful man. It’s like life was in a good mood when he was created, or really horny or something and just made this man. I’m greatful.

  • ganymede30324

    LOL! Like it’s charity work or something! He joined because he needed a gig! I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy, but some interviewers treat these people as if their every utterance is the most important thing ever said.

  • Paul

    He’s delicious. A breath of fresh air on Hollywood.

  • cool

    I agree he’s delicious! The man can act like nobody’s business, I can’t see anyone else pulling off Eric in True Blood the way he does. I also love his nerd look, boots and all. Thank you Jared!

  • andy

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  • achtungbaby

    Why is it that nowadays Hollywood makes these celebs look tired and very exhausted? Someone needs to tell them it’s getting boring.
    Though still, I love Alex Skarsgard to death :)

  • http://justjared DebbieBlomert

    Alex is the best import the US has had in ages! He’s not only uber talented he is uber sexy! I cant wait for season 3 of True Blood..he is what makes the show worth tuning in for! The Need for Swede! YUMMY!

  • amy

    Elin and Alex sittin in a tree, K*I*S*S*I*N*G………..i’m just sayin they’d look good together.

  • Hottie

    Just found this on a twitter page. Seems like someone has been having some extra fun outside of Hollywood!!!
    Check out this twitter page and the entry from December 8th!!!!

    Oh…okay I will put it here for you:
    “my trainer’s gf had an affair w/ Alexander Skarsgård. Instead of comforting him, I really just wanted details. I am more animal them woman! ”

    I was searching his name for pics from the Hollywood party last night and came across that! And it sounds like it has to be recent because the guy still needed comforting!!! Uh…I wish I was that girl!!!
    Wonder if Kate and ERW know that!!!

    Go get ‘em Alex!! Don’t get tied down just yet!!!

  • http://justjared DebbieBlomert

    @Hottie: Jesus…do believe everything you read? Like AS said, he cant share a cab with someone,or the media labels them as married. Just enjoy the pics and leave the gossip to the rag mags.

  • Hottie

    @DebbieBlomert Usually I don’t but the posting was so random that I just had to post it here. Maybe it’s true maybe not….but hey it’s out there on twitter so why not. Jared gets a lot of his info from twitter…ALOT…so there you go!!!! Even some of his recent postings about Alex were from Twit pics!! You probably enjoyed those pics from from twitter too! Well here is some info. to enjoy!! I did enjoy the info. The woman who posted it lives in Berlin, Germany so I am guessing the trainer and gf live there too!

  • http://justjared DebbieBlomert

    @Hottie: A picture on Twitter is just that, a picture, why make up a story to go with it? What people dont know they invent lol. Anyone can say anything…where’s the proof? Enjoy the pics and leave the guys personal life out of it. The paparazzi are going to be relentless enough….

  • Lamb

    If you believe that twitter, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you…

  • jean

    somebody twitter the german lady for details.I doubt it’s been recent,unless the GF has been living in the states.

  • Hottie

    @DebbieBlomert Yawn….listen, Debbie, stop being a control freak!!! It’s a free country and if you don’t like it then take it up with the person who posted it on twitter. I am all about freedom of speech and press so once it is out there then we are allowed to talk about it. You talk and post what you want and people are allowed to do the same. Not everyone is like you or going to agree with you and that is a good thing. Have a nice day and remember to stop trying so hard to control people and make people think like you. It’s not going to work and you will be a much happier person if you just enjoy your life. Again, have a nice day!

  • http://justjared DebbieBlomert

    @Lamb! Exactly lol! I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale..
    @Jean…I wouldnt waste my time, and that woman obviously doesnt work out , lie number one! lol

  • Veruca

    Um, when has Alexander been in Germany recently? He was in France like 2 months ago… but France is not Germany. And really… if I were to ever say I cheated on a boyfriend, I’d probably list Alexander Skarsgard at the top of my fake cheats list. Sounds better than ‘the mailman’!

    As for his looking tired, they just started working on season 3 like a week ago. He plays a vampire so he shoots very odd hours. I think it’s pretty understandable that he might look tired if he’s shooting from 7pm-7am.

  • Hottie

    @Lamb yeah…and that’s what they said about Tiger Woods in the beginning too. At least, Alex is not married and can have a good time if he wants. It wasn’t his gf that cheated!!! Go Alex!!!
    Lots of “regular people” have knowledge of what celebrities do and that is what ends up showing us the “real” them.
    TEAM ALEX all the way!!!

  • http://justjared DebbieBlomert

    @Veruca: LOL Veruca, great point! Much better than the mailman!
    AS also looks tanned, hope they dont paste the make-up on too heavily this season!

  • Hottie

    And Debbie/Lamb go get a life and stop pretending to be different people!!!

  • Get off!!!

    @DebbieBlomert: where do you get off telling people how and what to post? Hottie has the right to post whatever she wants. This is a thread/board, go back to your FB page, fangurl with that bullcrap ish. Some of you act like you have a damn exclusive right to Alex…STFU and get a life, you cannot control what people post, fat and bitter girl….(rolls eyes)police your board not this one…

  • http://justjared DebbieBlomert

    @Get off!!!: I never told her what to post…i just said i dont beleive it, and there is enough gossip out there lol…a twitter from germany about AS having an affair wih someone’s trainers gf? thats laughable….post away :)

  • Mrs Northman

    LOVE HIM!!!!!

  • hans

    Cant belive people are arguing over something that has been written on a twitter account…

  • Lamb


    Agree. And I don’t post under any other name. And since Alex isn’t married, it would hardly be a scandal if he hooked up with someone.

  • http://justjared Shanahan

    I agree, I wouldnt believe that shit on twitter! The lady just said to enjoy the pictures and not spread nasty lies/gossip. Some people have nothing better to do I guess.
    Thx Jared for the photo’s w/o any BS!

  • http://justjared EricsGrrl

    I agree with the last posters….who cares if A/S hooks up? He ain’t married…also peeps tend to “want” to know what’s up, and iffen they dont know, they post some twitter garbage like its the “word”.
    Some ol lady from germany knows whats up with A/S? whatta joke.
    I dont beleive it for a minute,freedom of speech or freeom of stupidity?

  • Elliot

    Alex is human, which is why he isn’t some Adonis statue, but he’s beautiful in a very mortal, very real way.

  • yep

    He’ s not married nor does he have a girlfriend so he’s free to do as he wishes. Love you A.S., true or not, give ‘em hell!

  • Chef Coa

    Why bother with a suit if you wear it like that?

  • Question

    Someone should ask the lady on twitter to give the scoop!!! Haha…
    some sites report that Kate is his girlfriend(popsugar), he says that he doesn’t have one(why lie though?), so if he did mess with this girl recently and he is supposed to be with Kate then that WOULD be cheating. yes?

  • Elliot


    Seems to me that actors and actress are always “seen” out together during filming or promotion of a movie- doesn’t mean they’re dating, just means they’re forced to spend a lot of time together. Why not go do fun things and break up the monotony?

    & if you’ve ever read any of his interviews, he’s stated clearly that he hasn’t ever cheated and that “Hell will freeze over” before he does.

    I’ll also make a side note as not a big fan of Bosworth BEFORE the Alex rumors, Skarsgard seems to be sort of a new “It boy” at the moment, something new for Hollywood to bask about. She’d be silly not to want some of that shine and attention, and since most people can only name Blue Crush as a movie she’s been in, she’s really only famous for being linked to famous men (F.ex Orlando)

  • http://justjared EricsGrrl

    @Elliot: Elliot….I read that Q&A as well in regards to cheating and hell freezing over first…he also recently said he is linked with every woman he is seen with, even while sharing a cab…..KB wouldnt mind the attention….and its promo for Straw Dogs as well. I think Alex’s journey with the paps is just beginning…

  • charlie

    Swedish guys are hot!!

  • Funny

    Have you noticed that not many are posting about him here? I think the Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Bosworth thing have kinda diminished what people thought of him. Also, the pics of him kissing guys(albeit joking he was) also turned some peeps off…. I thought it was cute and funny but not many did from what I read on other threads. I’m sensing that peeps are that interested in him anymore. He went WAY TOO HOLLYWOOD and that is a turn off in America now. Sad..but maybe when Season 3 starts. Who knows huh! He blew himself up tooooo big, got hooked up with the wrong starlets, acted stupid and put it out there and now no one gives two sh*ts! Still think he is cute though.

  • Malmö

    after GG party he went to the Mulberry party with KATE BOSWORTH.

  • Malmö @ Funny

    Funny , I agree with you.

    I’m still a fangirl, but what the eff talking about privacy but agreeing to post his photos on tweeter at the same time?

    Also, I think the initial emotion about him was so lusty and strong, that it all has worn out by now.

    And whatever he says, his outings with KB look like coupley dates. It’s easier to stan for a single celebrity. :(

  • Emily

    i love him so much! thank you for always putting him on your site! perez never does :( you know whats up thanks jared!!!!!!

  • Elliot


    Oh, yuck to that link.

  • Chef Coa

    @The Comedian: All he’s missing is the red nose!