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Jennifer Garner Covers 'W Magazine' January 2010

Jennifer Garner Covers 'W Magazine' January 2010

Jennifer Garner trades in her mom jeans and for Dior‘s silk tulle dress on the January 2010 cover of W Magazine. Here are some interview excerpts from the 37-year-old actress:

On starting a family pretty quickly: “We were together for a year, and we just started breeding. We were like, ‘Let’s have a baby!’ And eight days later…”

On her gal pals and husband Ben Affleck: “I miss my girlfriends! That’s the hardest thing about being on location when it’s not for your own project. When it’s for you, you’re on set with everybody you know, but if not, it’s lonely. I can live with Ben working crazy hours. But I can’t live without girlfriends… It’s fine if he’s not there; I just need someone to b—h about it to.”

On dressing with daughter Violet as Fred & Ted: “I just was so fat and huge and ugly and in a furry dog costume. And of course there were tons of paparazzi outside and I couldn’t escape them! (laughs)”

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Photos: Craig McDean
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  • Chef Coa

    @anon: You said it!

  • Beth Bubbles

    They hav the perfect marriage

  • Marieme

    Meant to add that cover is gorgeous, though! Should have keep it in that direction.

  • ellie’

    Jennifer is so beautiful.. Love all the pictures.. and theses beautiful lips are Jens…Nothing fake about her.. Wonderful Family another one of my favorite couple in Hollywood..

  • Liar!

    No one’s confusing Daredevil and Elektra. Jen’s affair with Ben during Daredevil is what ultimately ended her marriage to Scott Foley.

    And she was dating Michael Vartan when she hooked up with Ben Affleck, which was in about July 2004.

    If Violet was born in Dec 2005 (which she was), then she was conceived in in Feb 2005 (pregnancies are 40 weeks long). So Jen and Ben had been dating for about 7 months when she got knocked up.

    GROW A BRAIN! This chick is LYING!

    And the dumbest part of this is that at this point, she just needs to keep her fake lips shut and not say anything rather than LIE.

  • IDK

    Even with all the air-brushing and makeup etc, she is still not pretty.
    The photographer did his best, but she is so plain.
    I used to want Ben to get back with J-Lo and start acting and looking like the movie star he used to be.
    Now he looks so miserable and always running away from his wife. Do they still live in the same house?

  • December

    No, you were togther for about 7 months when you became pregnant, who plans a baby after only 7 months of dating, hmmm someone like Jennifer Garner whose afraid her A list, rich, famous boyfriend is about to dump her. Ben had no intention of marrying you let alone having kids with you, he didn’t run off and elope with you 8 days later when you found out you were pregnant, he waited until you were 4 months pregnant before he did the right think and married you.

  • mary

    Did she just admit to cheating on Vartan with Ben without knowing it? If you do the timeline she was with Michael V. Wow…cheater.

    I wonder how much Ben/Jen paid his mistresses to shut up?

  • sara

    Oh, let’s not sweep under the rug the fact that she had a SHOTGUN WEDDING!! They waited 3 weeks to make sure the pregnancy was viable before tying the knot. Then she totally trapped Ben with baby #2.

  • Pippi

    Ben and Jen and everybody who knows the truth are laughing like h ell at some of you people and your lame spin on their relationship and marriage.

    Eveybody loves to fabricate stories about famous stars because their lives are so empty and the only entaintainment for them is thru the tabloid lies of people lite Brangelina and this couple.

    Seriously, some of you are pathetic. The bottom line really is whose business is it anyway. You either believe what you want or THE TRUTH AS TOLD BY THE ONES INVOLVED.

    BTW, I have always known what a beautiful woman Jen is and never failed to defend her when you guy only saw and knew her thru unflattering paparazzi pics of her. You have no clue how gorgeous she was and she kept it that way. She vowed to never give them they shots they wanted of her with her children and husband. They thought to wear her down…hahaha she only poses for her work, not her private life.

  • ,

    that doesnt even look like her

  • Whoever

    Im amazed….she is a pretty in a regular way… actually I think her look is very dry, but she looks amazing here!

  • Stone

    The dress is fine anyway.

  • LIsa Rose

    @anon: She’s one of hollywoods biggest liars ….

    Oh anon above, you KNOW he didnt intend to marry her? HOw do you know this pray tell? He told you so????? It sounds like it was a mutual decision “they” decided Lets have a baby” and then she conceived rapidly after they decided to do that. Why does everyone keep insisting “he never would have married her if she wasnt pregnant” blah blah blah, as though he cares like Liev Schieber or Johnny Depp or brad Pit cares whether or not their child is out of wedlock or not! he married her becuase HE WANTED TO and they have been together 5 l/2 years so get over it and accept it peeps!

  • The Truth

    Jennifer Garner had been dating Ben Affleck only 7 months when she got pregnant, they were not engaged at the time and Ben did not plan on marrying her. Ben Affleck waited until Jennifer was 4 months pregnant to make sure there was no way out of a shotgun marriage with jennifer garner, if he really wanted to marry her he would have as soon as learned she was pregnant instead waiting to make sure she didn’t have a miscarriage.


    You are full of BS girl. You have NO IDEA how long they were dating when she got pregnant or whether Ben Affleck planned on marrying her before that or not. You know nothing! Don’t lie and say you are an insider, or his cousin or some such garbage. You are just a jerk who thinks they know everything about Jen Garners life because you are a stalker. Even stalkers don’t know the REAL private life of famous people they just know what they decide to show the public or have the public know through PR people.

  • LIsa Rose

    And why doesnt that Madden guy marry Nicole Richie? Doesnt love her I guess.

  • xxx

    Wow, that is one talented photoshop dude. Anyone know his name? Hahaha.

  • katie

    i like her dress. i don’t think she is as ‘nice’ as she trys to present herself to be. i’m sure there are a lot of skeletons in their marriage but who cares. none of my business. do i think they’ll last forever. doubt it. some of her diehard fans are a bit pms crazy here. don’t believe everything a star tells you. 99% of it is b.s. and what they want you to think to keep their public image up.

  • The Truth


    She did just admit to cheating because a year before she got pregnant with Violet she was still with Michael Vartan. Yes she’s a cheater.

    Ben’s not stupid like Tiger he knows you have to pay off the mistresses to keep them out of the national enquirer or let the national enquirer get the exclusive pictures of your wedding like he did when he married jennifer garner in return for keeping their story about him cheating out of their magazine.

  • AutumnM

    I still don’t think Jennifer Garner is naturally pretty, but I’ll admit they made her up very nicely here! Jen looks very nice

  • Liar!

    Jen Garner MADE it everybody’s business when she LIED about it in this interview.

    And what movie does she have coming out? Why is she even doing interviews now if she values her privacy so much? Just to show us she photoshops well???


  • hmmm

    I wasn’t sure but she basically admitted what all the posts here have said about her marriage. 1) Ben is never around and she’s okay with that as long as she has her girlfriends to ‘bi**ch” that he’s never around 2) that she was with Ben when she was dating Vartan. What’s up with the Rihanna looks? I know it’s for a photoshoot but from homeless woman to this makes me wonder if she even knows who she is.

  • rona

    Im happy Ben got Jen Garner even when I prefer her with Michael Vartan.I miss Alias.

  • Beth Appleseed

    It is not a sham marriage

  • susan

    Good air brushing job!!

  • hmmm

    Marriage is such a relative word for the famous. Who knows if they all mess around – technically they do when they are kissing and doing love scenes with other women. Work? yeah, right.

  • Pippi

    I missed the part when she said Ben is never around. What I read was that When is working and she and the family are on location with him, that the time she misses her friends. What can’t people read what is written and not weave their own thoughts and ideas into what is printed?

    To all the historians out there, she and Vartan broke up in May 2004. She and Affleck stared dating in August 2004; first appeared together as a couple in October (World Serias Red Sox game ) of that year, got engaged (at a surprise birthday party he threw for her) in April 2005 and married in June 2005. You can see the story unfold on People website under how Jen & Ben went from friends to mom and dad.

  • Dimana

    She’ s different in this pictures but I like her. She’ s beutiful.

  • hong kong

    she looks just AWESOME AND STUNNING!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ET

    she looked good here, good to look abit more glam and beautiful than her normal housewife look.

  • Liar!

    Pippi, by your own timeline (which is bogus- JenGa and Michael Vartan had dinner with JLo and Marc Anthony in JUNE 2004, so the obviously hadn’t broken up & JenGa and Ben Affleck were spotted kissing in Vancouver in JULY 2004),

    Jen is LYING: they obviously hadn’t been together for a year when they decided to start breeding if they supposedly started dating in August 2004 and she had Violet in December 2005. Unless JenGa’s pregnancy only lasted for 4 months.

    As I said before, GROW A BRAIN!

  • Pony


    well, what are you supposed to say if you had the similar situation……“We were together for exactly X months”? Ridiculous!
    This is a quite personal things which is none of our business. I just notice that Jen may feel embarassed for such direct rude questions. She just wanna get passed without leaving out any details……

  • rodrigo

    I love jen so much

  • Liar!

    Pony, JenGa can NOT SPEAK ABOUT IT.
    That’s how you handle those “embarrassing” things rather than LYING, which is what she did.

  • LolaSvelt

    Why bother trying to make this woman look edgy. She’s a bore.

  • SO what

    She did not lie the writer did…she knows that she started dating Ben
    in Feb and got pregnant in March and marrried in June and had Vi
    in Dec…We all know that.. so this is where the writer makes up this
    crap because we all know the truth.. writers do it all the time because
    they think the story would other wise be boring… Second Jlo got in
    this too every since the BREAK UP IN 2003 NEW YEARS EVE The
    press has to put Jlo in this article tooo…Write down the name of
    this rag W meant for whore writers…

  • elisa

    she loks beautiful in this pictures
    its a shame that she is not really like that

    photoshop= hollywood god

  • julia

    wow! I thought it was alexa chung! she looks gorgeous though, as always..

  • ()

    You either believe what you want or THE TRUTH AS TOLD BY THE ONES INVOLVED.
    Vartan himself said in an interview that JGar cheated on him.

  • Marge Sampson

    I love how their marriage is the real deal

  • lakers fan in boston

    in the cover i like the dress she’s wearing but honestly she just doesnt look all that great
    she doesnt look bad but not good as well
    and the other pics are horrible

  • Giddy aunt

    She looks great!

  • Kiwi

    *Sigh* To set the record straight…Garner and Vartan broke up (coincidentally) DAYS before Garner and Affleck started “dating” officially–July 2004–but Ben & Jen had been having an affair long before that. Vartan found out that Jen was single when she announced same during a TV interview. Also, Vartan was NOT the reason Jen split up with first husband Scott Foley. In fact, Foley himself exonerated Vartan by publicly stating that no third party was involved in the divorce. I also don’t believe that Vartan ever said in an interview that Garner cheated on him–he has never said much about their breakup and never once said anything against her. Jen and Ben are better off with each other, they are more suited. Vartan is not ambitious enough for her and is happy to stay out of the spotlight.

  • weezle

    Get real! Its all over Hollywood that Jen and Ben were at it in the trailer during the making of Daredevil. She cheated on Scott. Held a torch for Ben ever since and was writing Dear Ben about her lousy marriage. She knew exactly what she was doing. Meanwhile she used Scott and Vartan til Ben was free. Does anyone recall how livid JLo was when she broke into Ben’s email account and found out he was corresponding with Jen? For all the hoopla over she said, he said, is Ben even straight???

  • Tom

    It doesn’t even look like her. Amazing what photoshopping and airbrushing can do.

  • IDK

    It doesn’t look like her, but her chin is terrible and jaw-line still very masculine.
    As for her lies- everybody knows she is totally fake and trying to sell that image that is completely different from what she is.
    She cheated on her husband and fiance, she is a social climber who would marry and then divorce in a second if she sees a career opportunity.
    Now she is milking Ben’s name and his children as much as she can, because she doesn’t have the beauty or the talent to make it on her own, without piggybacking other people careers, connections and fame.

  • shania

    OMG the haters are so disgusting and CRAZY!!
    their comments are so pathetic :((
    get your facts rights and pls don’t make some cock and bull stories about jen garner, it’s terrible!!
    and stop bashing her, bec. she’s a good person, she’s beautiful inside and out, a hands-on-mum and very down-to-earth :D
    stop being jealous and get a life!!!

  • hazel

    there’s nothin’ fake about her, her lips are pretty real, just like her mom and siblings.
    airbrush, photoshop or whatever, jennifer is still gorgeous and fab.
    she’s even pretty au naturel, how much more if she’s wearing make-up.
    ben is very lucky…

  • Chegs-HUN

    This is funny :) The woman in the pictures looks fabulous, but bears little resemblance to the Jennifer Garner we know from the paparazzi photos…
    I don’t see the reason why they’re doing this.. Is there a single person who believes that’s how she looks?!