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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Beanie Bunch

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Beanie Bunch

Chad Michael Murray and his girlfriend Kenzie Dalton keep warm in beanies as they at shop at the Roots clothing store in Los Angeles on Wednesday (December 9).

As for One Tree Hill spoilers, E! is reporting that Taylor James, played by Lindsey McKeon, will be back around episode 14 as Hailey and Quinn’s bad seed sister from season two. Except this time, she might just have another James family member on her arm. And apparently he’s been on the show before!

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chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanies 01
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanies 02
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanies 03
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanies 04
chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanies 05
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chad michael murray kenzie dalton beanies 07

Photos: WENN
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  • =]

    GROSS! She’s looking stupid as always.

  • Hanson

    Sometimes he looks buff sometimes too skinny.. i don’t know

  • Ka-blamo

    These two look like a couple of skeezies.

  • Hilary

    He used to be such a hottie..

  • jason

    Do these two every get tired of shopping? Do they do anything else but shop?

  • jason

    Pretty funny how his career is in the toilet so much that the only thing can mention with him is spoilers about a show he isn’t even on anymore.

  • Tathy

    simply he’s not happy with her…i’m sure of it.

  • Tathy

    Sophia is insuperable on life him

  • ….

    He looks kinda unhappy. And i don’t like his style now.

  • lalalove

    Also mention the OMNI ONE T-shirt that you had us practically begging for that you STILL didn’t give away! Damn liar! Ya sure can be a prick, dude.
    I don’t know why people still waste their time on you so-called “contests” when NO ONE wins. Or win 1 in 1,000 times.

  • Chad Michael Murray

    Hey everyone,

    How about you stop talking sh*t about me and my wife. You f*cking losers need to worry about your own life and not mine. It’s not my fault you all are fat slobs who can’t get a man, jealous of Kenzie because she can actually see her feet when she looks down. Get a life losers, or commit suicide.

  • jamie
  • WTF?

    @Chad Michael Murray:
    Ummmm…..are you serious???
    If it really is Chad, all I have to say is that I hope this just proves to people what a huge douchebag he really is by calling people “fat slobs,” “losers,” and telling them to commit suicide. You can’t get any more dumber than that.
    And if its someone pretending to be Chad, nice job you idiot for making the guy look stupider than he already is while telling people to go kill themselves.

  • Cali

    LOL @Chad Michael Murray:

    @WTF?: Thats clearly not Chad so I don’t see how it could make him look bad?

    lol these comments are better then last time. Chad looks like he has lost weight, hopefully we will get word on his new project soon enough!

  • Beth

    @Tathy: ya.. thats why he cheated on sophia with everything with a hole and a tooth. idiot.

  • Meg

    @Chad Michael Murray: <<<<< Anyone with a brain should know that is NOT Chad.

    Anyways I LOVE Chad. I can’t say the same thing about his gf bc how can that girl be taken serious is beyond me? Due to certain stuff she has posted or said has proven the majority right about her. She is a pathetic liar.

  • All Women Stalker

    Wow, Chad comments here. Hahahaha! I have to say that I think his tiny girl is pretty. :D


  • Nikk

    Oh look!!!!!!!!!!
    Its Chad and his daughter!!!!!
    How he can possibly be “happy” with her is beyond me.
    She’s so clingy and clearly a goldigger. Notice that everytime we get pics of these two is when they’re out shopping and spending his money.LMAO

  • http://no Paulina

    I have to say that both Chad and Kenzie look great in these pictures!

  • Kris

    She looks like his sister..

  • http://no Paulina


  • Anonymous

    So much envy!!!! Someone needs a therapy here!

  • Anonymous

    So much envy!!!! Someone needs a therapy here!

  • Jen

    No, I think YOU need therapy.
    Everyone else is just telling it like it is.
    They both SUCK. Period.

  • sarah

    It looks like chad has lost some weight but he looks good. Honestly i think he can do much better..

  • Heartless

    goldigger. FACT!

  • ali

    i love chad he is so cute i miss him on OTH i hope he is trying to find a new project he has too much talent i hope he dosen’t waste it

  • Stone

    It looks like LA’s gone beanie mad. What up? What happened to the climate there?

  • crazy123

    He is so stupid for being with that little bitch, anyway how long has chad and sophia been divorce,
    They was the cutest couple ever

  • Anonymous


    You are the only person who admits to be heartless. I like that! :)

  • Heartless

    Haha. You’re funny. Actually i like the song heartless but whatever!

  • Marge Sampson

    Wow, i hope they get married

  • lalamama

    All of you need to stop all these horrible things you say about people. These two are clearly in love. They are both hard working, and extremely nice, decent young people. I just don’t understand why you must write horrible things about people you don’t even know.

  • Chad Michael Murray

    I don’t like n*ggers

  • Lol

    Hardworking? Decent? Clearly in love???
    They’re both shallow….well at least Kenzie is. And Chad looks like he rather have the ground open up and swallow him most of the time.
    Why he continues to put up with her fake personality beats me.
    And FYI, I do know them on a personal level……especially Kenzie and she’s as fake as one can get.
    She’s manipulative and knows exactly what to say to get people to like her. Personally, I strongly believe she’s make a great politician……especially since she’s a pro at lying.

  • Jenna

    What a down grade from Sophia!
    He is a douche and has found his female equivalent!
    I’m glad Sophia got out of that marriage cos she can do way better!

  • Eww

    Kenzie is fug. DOWNGRADE

  • Love u Chad!

    for a change – Jared why don’t you put some interesting pics of them, you always publish them shopping while some other fan sites show them coming out of the hospital! now that’s interesting! God i hope he didn’t get her pregnant then there’s no way out .. you can see it through her eyes shes always upto something i love chad but he’s so blind when it comes to that area! I hope he opens his eyes soon! he deserves better even tho i dont agree with what he did to sophia! I WISH some could tell the REAL story behind the divorce it was so fast it doesn’t make sense!

  • LH

    Kenzie can you please piss off?

  • kate oth

    They look awful..

  • etoile

    @Chad Michael Murray:
    clearly not CMM but maybe Kenzie (my bet) ; everyone know she devotes her time to surf on sites and read comments about her and so-called fiancé. So Kenzie, go back to your so-called blog and get a life !

  • Anonymous

    Chad is one of the guys who is kind-hearted. He donates money and this is only one of his positive characteristics!
    Speaking of donating money, we should take this to heart and donate money to people who urgently need our help!

  • Anonymous

    Chad is one of the guys who is kind-hearted. He donates money and this is only one of his positive characteristics!
    Speaking of donating money, we should take this to heart and donate money to people who are urgently in need of our help!

  • SS

    Are you another one of those annoying people who is using celebrity names to try and promote things all over Just Jared? Half of these people who claim that a certain celebrity does this or does that or uses this or uses that is always lying to make others buy or do whatever it is they’re trying to sell or promote. I get you are trying to get people to donate money to those who need it but I’m sure there is something else you can do that will get your point across about donating money…..and also where it will reach a bigger audience.
    Last time I checked, this site isn’t the place for that.

  • Anonymous


    If you have watched or listened to one of Chad´s interviews, you would know that he had donated money and toys. He gave me the idea. That is why I mentioned it! You can go and see for yourself!

    Here are two links

  • lia

    And so does every other celebrity. About 97 percent of the celebrities in Hollywood donate time, money, or things to different charities all the time. Unfortunately, it isn’t always sincere and most do it to boost their image.
    I agree with the person who said that this isn’t the place to be promoting good causes…..after all, its a gossip site. No one’s really going to care all that much on here.

  • Vickyy

    To add to what the person before me said, Chad is walking around the store with a camera and news crew watching him as he picks up toys and talks to the reporter. So it kind of goes to prove the fact that many celebs do “charity work” with the main purpose of getting publicity while also trying to improve their image. Sad but true.

  • lee

    Can this couple disappear? Really who give a sh*t about them out shopping. There is only pictures of them shopping or eating at STK – WTF

  • oh lord

    kenzie hasn’t had her computer for like week, her status on her facebook says she took her computer in to get data transfered to a new one.