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Olivia Munn Buys Condoms Sans Chris Pine

Olivia Munn Buys Condoms Sans Chris Pine

Olivia Munn buys a bag full of condoms at the Pleasure Chest on Wednesday (December 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old host of G4’s Attack of the Show purchased several boxes of Crown condoms, which are branded as “The closest thing to nothing at all.”

Just this past Tuesday, Olivia and Star Trek stud Chris Pine were seen out on a dinner date together. They’ve been romantically linked for about a month now.

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Credit: Jonathan Friolo; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
Posted to: Chris Pine, Olivia Munn

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171 Responses to “Olivia Munn Buys Condoms Sans Chris Pine”

  1. 1
    Stone Says:

    A girl after my own heart!

  2. 2
    Turtle Says:

    Safe sex is always smart, but the extra small size sort of hurts Pine’s macho image…

  3. 3
    marissa Says:

    talk about TMI

  4. 4
    LOL Says:

    Now you expect us to think that Chris fuuccks her?

  5. 5
    Jello Head Says:

    Bet they were size SMALL for Chris. Dude looks like he has a teenie weenie. :(

  6. 6
    mimi Says:

    This is just gross! Reporting condom buying of celebrities down to the size. Come on…. A little privacy would be decent. Not everything is NEWS.

  7. 7
    Chris Pine Says:

    @LOL: Ewww, don’t be silly!

  8. 8
    Caught Says:

    She’s so damn hot! Should’ve seen her on Greek, smokin’. Where does it say the size anyway?

  9. 9
    amanda Says:

    Klassy like always.

  10. 10
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:


  11. 11
    sofia Says:

    That’s just rude. Why do we have to know about their buying condoms?

  12. 12
    steph Says:

    @sofia: Yeah, I agree. Besides, its not like everyone wants to know, anyway.

  13. 13
    fresh Says:

    LOL A bit unnecessary to report .

  14. 14
    Mary Says:

    “Why do we have to know about their buying condoms?”
    Who are they?!
    I can only see some woman.

  15. 15
    homey Says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for this. This is the height of invasive reporting.

  16. 16
    Eye candy Says:

    How invasive and crude.

  17. 17
    john Says:

    this chick is not classy! another ceiling eyes it seems

  18. 18
    alexandra Says:

    at least she’s being safe… a venereal disease is not cute

  19. 19
    Frida Says:

    Ok, we know things are going too far when people can’t even buy condoms in privacy. Why do we need to know this exactly?

  20. 20
    pauline Says:

    wow, Jared, way to lower the tone – this is disgusting of you.

  21. 21
    heyyou Says:


    Crowns are condoms that are for average sized men and they are very, very thin. They aren’t meant for the large, oiled men of your adult movie fantasies.

  22. 22
    hobie83 Says:

    Maybe they’re not for C. Pine then because he clearly does not have a small *****…just look at pictures of him in basketball shorts and tight jeans. That being said, reporting on condom buying is stooping to a new low in paparazzidom.

  23. 23
    SAN Says:

    Being safe ,ok! I think she pretends to be a private person the way she talks about him on Twitter is very “smart” and now with all attention about her , she buys a bag of condoms. I think the line walks soon.

  24. 24
    G Says:

    This is “news”?

    Gimme a break, people.

    I wish everyone in the world would buy condoms.

  25. 25
    Melanie Says:

    Chris, Chris, Chris…I thought you had some brains. This chick is just as trashy as Ceiling Eyes!!! Date a nice girl, Chris!

  26. 26
    Jon Says:

    The paps just happened to be there just as she was buying the condoms?? How strange…. what is it with Pine and the D-list airheads? She has a bit part in Iron Man 2. Is a bit part in Trek 2 the next move? Man, I hope these idiots are not going to ruin Star Trek for me!

  27. 27
    Rose Says:

    Sheesh. Which publicist thought up this ridiculous stunt and bribed you to print a stupid story like this? I was doubtful before, but now I’m certain Chris Pine must be gay and this condom bag nonsense is a very pathetic cover story. There’s no other reason for a girl to walk around in front of paparazzi with condom boxes jutting out of her bag like that.

  28. 28
    wayne Says:

    who cares what size its ,its a great american that keeps the ball rolling economicaily. good going olivia

  29. 29
    Elle Says:


    Exactly. I smell major cover up too, Why would a oh so private CP be soooo public about his girlfriend??

  30. 30
    LuckyL Says:

    You guys are so f*cking invasive

  31. 31
    CoCoPuff Says:

    I bet this was staged. She could have bought the condoms online or asked for a bigger bag to conceal them. Don’t expect us to believe that she doesn’t know exactly what she is doing – drawing attention to herself.

  32. 32
    hannah Says:

    actually, crown condoms are a bit larger than average trojan condoms, plus, they are like the best condom ever! i agree though, very invasive!

  33. 33
    cindy Says:

    HAHAHAHA! It takes a “king” to ………

  34. 34
    Cheap PR stunt Says:


  35. 35
    Memei Says:

    Why do we get pics of random people all of a sudden just because they are dating a celebrity. Why jared why. Noone is interested

  36. 36
    oliivafan Says:

    crown condoms are for average men of average size. if you guys dont think paps follow these people around then you’re crazy. a publicist isn’t going to call a pap and tell them that their client is buying condoms. she and chris need to come out and saying they are dating. it will make it alot easier on themselves i think.

  37. 37
    Marge Sampsons Says:

    Wow, very cool and exciting news!

  38. 38
    Baby Says:

    wow she is ready to get it in….

  39. 39
    lucylulu Says:

    this is def. not a real couple. Olivia is a very minor celebrity & no paparazzi would have followed her unless she or her PR called them to the store, themselves.

    There’s something about Olivia that seems like she’s a bit of a famewhore – I don’t think Chris is, but he’s def. dumb about the women he’s been acquainting himself with lately…

  40. 40
    Aom Says:

    um…no offense, but for the clown whining about the invasion of privacy and all…um, then WHY exactly did you click on the link in the first place? Wasn’t “Privacy” on your mind BEFORE you came to the story page?

    I understand, your finger slipped and clicked the wrong link.

    Fall back hypocrites.

    And Olivia dear…not a good mood.
    You already have him, but you are doing some seriously dumb ish to make sure people know. This type of mess, the little mentions of Star Trek, the Tweets…really need to stop. Keep your relationship private, keep it classy, and STOP trying to build your career off of his.

  41. 41
    oliivafan Says:

    aom, you are reading my mind. she’s dating him for status period.

  42. 42
    Chau Says:

    LMAO. Poor guy. Small peen. haha

  43. 43
    lucylulu Says:

    this is def. a PR move by Olivia – I think it’s kind of obvious that her shopping is mostly done discreetly not out-in-the-open with paparazzi taking pictures with the contents put “on display”, as it were.

    Chris is book-smart, but obviously kind of moron when it comes to women & not navigating the hazards of Hollywood, obviously

  44. 44
    lucylulu Says:

    Olivia and the papazzari are the ones who are going to have a long-lasting and obviously mutually rewarding relationship – thanks to her agents/PR

  45. 45
    jaye Says:

    Condom purchase is newsworthy?

  46. 46
    Q Says:

    Chris Pine is a much bigger celebrity than Olivia. Her PR would never do anything without Chris’s PR approval. That is how Hollywood works. So what is Chris trying to cover up??
    Also if the paps are following Olivia around why is there only one pic of her buying condoms? Where are all the others of her??
    IMO, this whole dating mess is fake. Interesting question is WHY?

  47. 47
    xxx Says:

    Wow………… JJ has hit a new low.

  48. 48
    helen w. Says:

    I have no idea who she is, but this is awkward. I mean, good! she’s wearing them! haha

  49. 49
    Annoyed Says:

    Chris has no taste in women. This girl is sooooooo ******!!!!!! Next time ask for a bigger bag idiot unless you really want people to know that you are having sex w/ Chris, then that’s what you are ~ just a F*CK, and Chris will dump you when he gets tired of your a$$.

  50. 50
    oliivafan Says:

    i dont disagree with you annoyed. i give this relationship until spring or summer. he will dump her like he did audrina. u guys that are saying this relationship is fake care to give your facts on how this is fake?

  51. 51
    Esme Says:


  52. 52
    oliivafan Says:

    omg she’s wearing a white tee shirt so it has to be his? anyways were are seeing that those condoms are small?

  53. 53
    mary Says:

    This is pretty low. Show some respect and everyone shut up about chris and his “size” i agree with #22 go look at him in shorts or in his tight jeans.

  54. 54
    lucylulu Says:

    it’ looks like a set-up since she is never papped since she’s not much a celebrity.

    but after going on a date with him then the paps “accidentally” get pics of her going condom shopping? that seems very dubious.

    someone called the paparazzi to the store & it could only be her who called them.

  55. 55
    oliivafan Says:

    i live in la and i know how this works. someone more than likely was in the store and called the paps. @53 i have seen pics of him where his “bulge is less pronounced” those condoms in the pic are on the lower end of crowns length chart. 7 inches so he’s a little shorter than that. 6.5 or 7 inches is nothing to shy away from. upper end of average, but girth wise they aren’t that big. so he might have a pencil **** LOL.

  56. 56
    Chloe Says:

    At first I thought, oh noooooooooo, he’s dating (not that I ever have a chance of course, but I daydream). But I think she’s cool.

  57. 57
    oliivafan Says:

    i dont like people that make judgements on her or him. u may know these people on tv but not personally.

  58. 58
    What the... Says:

    “i dont like people that make judgements on her or him. u may know these people on tv but not personally.”

    I’m sorry, but are you completely insane? You make this statement, yet you said yourself that the relationship was so that she could further her career and improve her status. Hello, you just passed judgment on her motives.

  59. 59
    oliivafan Says:

    @58 olivia?

  60. 60
    Q Says:


    FACTS? honey this isn’t a courtroom it’s a gossip blog. All is opinion….

  61. 61
    orly Says:

    @55 O rly? srlsy? you think that its a huge coincidence that on the day after her big date she was suddenly recognized shopping in a sex shop and some clerk called the paps who rushed over to snap this momentous occasion? She was never papped before so why now? Don’t tell me she is suddenly news worthy on her own plz. It’s a clear set up.

    Btw she bought these before her girls night out. Gang bang, olivia?

  62. 62
    too funny Says:

    Haha I sure hope someone is paying “oliivafan” for all the hard work!

  63. 63
    oliivafan Says:

    @61 u dont think she’s new worthy now because of who’s she dating? you’re an idiot if you dont. that’s why she’s getting the news she is. i highly doubt she called a pap and said hey im buying rubbers come and shoot me. someone in that store called them.

  64. 64
    ST Says:

    Celebrities like Olivia are a dime a dozen in LA. no one will call the paps for her. As for Chris Pine, he played Capt Kirk. Big deal. He sure ain’t made it yet. Hell, Tiger Woods got away with cheating for years but Chris pine can’t get away with one date??!!

  65. 65
    what? Says:

    A ton of celebs (or their publicists) call the paps themselves. I’m not saying that that statement is certainly applicable to this particular situation, but it does happen a lot. Its just unlikely (though not impossible) that a sex shop would contact the paps themselves (and these shops aren’t usually overflowing with customers/bystaders).

    @#24: I agree. I wish everyone would buy condoms.

    @#53: Why is it wrong to specify factual information about a paticular brand of condoms, but perfectly acceptable to oogle at a guy’s bulge? There are a lot of guys out there who stuff their pants (once again, I’m not saying for certain that Chris practices this, but still…). Its is a fact that Crown condoms are meant for guys who are smaller than average to average. That’s just the way it is.

  66. 66
    thatoneawesomlyamazingguy Says:

    why would this even be important news, so what if she is buying condoms of course she has a sex life… as for the size well sucks to be that guy

  67. 67
    umm... Says:

    If a sex shop calls the paps when a celeb comes in, it would run out of business pretty fast I think!

  68. 68
    tsk, tsk Says:

    “why would this even be important news”

    Because it establishes Pine’s studly, heterosexual image.

  69. 69
    oliivafan Says:

    i dont know if pine is gay or not, there are rumors but nothing factual. personally i dont think he is. @65 that particular box tops out at 7 inches in length. if you have a 7.5 inch ***** u aren’t gonna buy a 7 inch condom. u would break it.

  70. 70
    Nay Says:


  71. 71
    heyyou Says:

    >Its is a fact that Crown condoms are meant for guys who are smaller than average to average. That’s just the way it is.

    That’s right. I mean if the fangirls are in such disagreement they should just go Google Crown condoms as they usually have the size specified. Those condoms are not meant for guys who pack big, So what fangirls, so he’s average, most men are.

    As for the one who said you can tell he has a big package by the bulgie pics, what are you some kind of a virgin? 70% of a visible bulge is made up by the testies, think of it as the stuffing that makes up most of the stuff.

  72. 72
    oliivafan Says:

    @71 bingo. look 6.5 to 7 inches is nothing to shy away from at all. that’s the upper end of average and from what olivia said once on loveline that is what she prefers.

  73. 73
    nicole Says:

    this is ridiculous and pathetic. Chris Pine could do better

  74. 74
    Cheap PR stunt Says:

    Cheap PR stunt is working:
    - 74 comments about nobody
    - some naive people will believe that she really dates Chris Pine

  75. 75
    Nikki Says:

    I agree something should not be posted and this being one of them good that she is for safe sex but come on can a girl get condoms without having it be plastered about what she brought by spying in her shopping bag down to brand!
    That is just nasty! you are lowering yourself Jared to the likes of Perez tactless and tasteless as well.

  76. 76
    orly Says:

    @63 No, I don’t think she is. If she is, if its just being linked to Pine then why haven’t they been stalking her for the entire month since the gossip happened. Why is the first time she is “stalked” on a condom run? Please don’t be naive. She couldn’t have gotten a sole to take her picture without being linked to him and the only reason these pictures are posted are because she is buying condoms. And if you think celebs don’t call the paparazzi themselves wow how naive are you?

    What are the chances someone recognized her and called the paps and this was the OMG first time it’s ever happened? Be real. This is a set up. And I hate to say it but it does make it look like Pine is hiding something since he gets upset over being photographed buying coffee how do you think he’d feel about his supposed gf parading around with condoms falling out of her bag and then thinking it’s so funny she has to tweet about it? If this is real it shouldn’t last since divergent opinions can’t be reconciled. Someone has to change their ways, Chris hates the paperazzi with all his soul–his quote. She clearly thinks its funny. If it lasts well– can you spell beard boys and girls?

    Damn Pine before this I thought you might actually be one of the legit heterosexuals in Hollywood but stunts like this?

  77. 77
    Hmm... Says:

    @ orly

    Please cease…you are really making me question this. Only because about three or four weeks ago, I was reading Jill Jackson’s little celeb column where she usually always mentions something about Chris. She would always make it a point to mention that there was no “Leading Lady” in his life. In the latest one I read, she expressed being excited that she may be able to get an interview with Chris soon and that, of all people, his agent called her and told her specifically that he is seeing a lady by the name of Olivia Munn who is an actress. I noticed more and more that people keep referring to her as mainly an actress rather than the co-host of G4.

    Not only that, what stuck out to me was not only did his agent supposedly confirm something from his private life, but even provided the name of the woman. I thought it was the job of the agent to protect the client, say no comment, or this is their personal lives and we don’t discuss that. It was very strange to me. I can’t image that someone as private as Chris Pine, would give his AGENT of all people, the go ahead to discuss the main thing that he said he wants to protect.

  78. 78
    LOL@uguyz Says:

    Obviously for attention. I mean WHO goes to a sex shop to buy condoms?? Why not somewhere more discreet like CVS or Walgreens where the bag is big enough to hide the stuff. If she cares about her private life why be seen at a sex shop, deliberately stirring up ideas then tweet “Well at least i’m being safe”.

    Honestly, you ppl who say that the store called in are stupid. She’s a ZZZZ list celeb–who would recognize her? And who at the shop would call in without risking business?

    Obviously, this ho is making the most out of her 15 minutes.

  79. 79
    orly Says:


    exactly. at the time I doubted that his agent would do something like that since he is known to be so fiercly private but now with this? All I can say is if stunts like this continue then something is up. Just recently Pine said he hates the paparazzi with all his soul. He also mentioned that eventually they get bored and move on to someone else. They aren’t bored now are they? Hell this condom trip and her twitter are going to keep them interested. Paparazzi and Gossip blogs and magazines will watch her twitter and wait for the next hint. If he has no problem with it then that means either he is full of sh!t about wanting privacy (which I don’t buy anyone who sees how upset he gets at the paparazzi knows he is) or he is using a fauxmance to hide something.

    And to anyone saying this is beyond Munn to set up something like this, really? A woman who aks her fans if they prefer pictures of her t!ts or a$$? Come on. This fits right in with her persona. If Chris wants privacy this sure isn’t the way to get it. She is only feeding the frenzy by tweeting what she does. It’s clever and subtle of course but don’t kid yourself.

    Like I said, I thought he was straight but now I’m wondering. I guess he’s landing big movies now so he’s got to play the game. If I’m wrong and he’s not got anything to hide he’ll dump her as fast as he did Audrina when she started similar games (like trying to get to sit next to him at the MTV Movie Awards).

  80. 80
    orly Says:

    @78 Bingo. At the very least they could have given her a larger bag? LOL.

  81. 81
    orly Says:

    @hmmm and actually an agent is only responsible for the business side of things. It would be Pine’s PR (who is one of the CEOS of the biggest flack firm in HW btw) who would make the comments about his love life which I would guess Pine would want to be no comment. If his agent who handles his CAREER is commenting then I can only have one conclusion: this thing with Munn is about business. Damn Pine I am getting more discouraged about you LOL. At least he’s still pretty.

  82. 82
    LOL@uguyz Says:


    you made me lol :-) thanks, the “are you some kind of virgin” thing was hilarious.

  83. 83
    halim Says:

    Ah, this is not a news !! Give them a break !!

  84. 84
    Mizzy Says:

    If she didn’t have the condoms practically falling out the box, then it would have simply been “Olivia Munn does some shopping in West Hollywood.” C’Mon Olivia…you are smarted than that. There is something to be said about discretion.

    After the first pics of them broke on Tues, at that point, you should assume that you will be followed heavily from this point on. You are too intelligent to do something so stupid and blatant. Then to tweet about it and draw more attention to it? You need to take a page out of the Jay Z/Beyonce handbook. You never fuel anything therefor, no fire can start. You should know this already.

    And P.S. Chris…Never ever ever ever let the woman purchase or touch the condoms…for obvious reasons. Every guy knows that.

  85. 85
    Stacie Says:

    Good Job , Olivia …. Safety First !!!!

  86. 86
    heyyou Says:

    @Hmm…: @orly:

    You both have way too much invested in all of this, seriously. So he’s with that girl and his agent confirmed it, he’s average in size ***** wise and you are jealous as hell about Olivia. Remember fangirls always come up with the “PR conspiracy” every time their favorite is dating someone they don’t like. Sad, but true.The “conspiracies” usually turn out to be fake and from the imagination of a fangirl who neither has a real boyfriend or hasn’t had sex in a while thus explaining why the fangirl is so bitter.

    Get over it.

  87. 87
    Lesli Lipstick Says:

    Its better to be safe

  88. 88
    Keli Says:

    “That’s right. I mean if the fangirls are in such disagreement they should just go Google Crown condoms as they usually have the size specified. Those condoms are not meant for guys who pack big, So what fangirls, so he’s average, most men are.

    As for the one who said you can tell he has a big package by the bulgie pics, what are you some kind of a virgin? 70% of a visible bulge is made up by the testies, think of it as the stuffing that makes up most of the stuff.”

    The fact that you even felt it necessary to discuss something so moot completely negates your original point. You are saying other people are investing too much then turn around with your “size” theory and go by bulge pictures?

    Honey, shut the hell up. I’m thinking YOU have way too much invested and are the fan girl sitting there staring at bulge pictures and making assessments (while at the same time, apparently concerned enough to discuss it here) of someone’s body part.

    Got Hypocrite?

  89. 89
    oliivafan Says:

    @88 but he’s right. most of a guys bulge is testicles not *****. like i said i have seen pics of him where his bulge is less pronounced.

  90. 90
    @oliviafan Says:

    Are you a guy? WTF are you staring at CPine’s bulge? And WTF does it have to do with anything? Why do you care if fangirls fantasize about how big CPine is? I bet you fantasize about how tight OMunn’s p**sy is.

  91. 91
    lucylulu Says:

    why are you all going on about his size – that’s not the concern here. The concern is why is he allowing Hollywood agents and PR/media people to RUIN is private life?

    I’m sure someone from Olivia’s team is a friend of someone on Chris’ team and thought they would do each other a favor – she needs fame and he has it. however exploiting your client(s) is not going to buy loyalty and I hope he ditches them the first opportunity that he can.

    I do think the PR people and agents tend to use their clients personal life to drum up interest in them professionally – obviously someone is trying to help Olivia’s career but it’s such a dumb way of going about it.

    She needs to grow her own career without resorting to stupid tabloid drama. Sienna miller ruined her career by being really stupid about her personal life and Olivia doesn’t even have much of a career and she’s already ******** it up, bigtime.

  92. 92
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lmao, at least she’s having safe sex unlike tiger woods =p
    she’s cute but i just never really been a fan of hers
    i really hate her fake geek personality

  93. 93
    heyyou Says:


    Ooh so hostile.

    But whatever fangirl, keep your hopes up that maybe maybe one day “Twinky dinky weeny” Pine will give up his love for beautiful women and finally notice your fat ugly angry a$$ self.

    I’ll tell you it will never happen, but I get a laugh out of you thinking it will.

  94. 94
    @heyyou Says:

    is that you, olivia?

  95. 95
    Keli Says:


    I’m loving it! That’s what I thought. In your quest to call the other poster out, you basically showed yourself to be the same imbecile that you were accusing them of being and concentrating on idiocy as well. I knew you wouldn’t be able to defend it. And again…why are you so focused on his personal if you AREN’T a fangirl yourself. You didn’t accidentally click on this link. Again, drink that hypocrisy right up kiddiewinkle.

    Besides dear, I’m not a fangirl at all. I am one of the ones who thinks the guy is gayer than a picnic basket full of rainbows, but hey, whatever floats the boat.

  96. 96
    oliivafan Says:

    people who are saying that his pr team is running his life need to grow up. ur basically saying he doesn’t make his own decisions. the story i am hearing is that he met her in new york while she was there for work. a couple of weeks later she went back to new york and he called her and asked her to come to college station, so she did. a couple of weeks later she went to west virginia.

    she has been laying low today and i think probably will for the next few days. the only twitter posting she made today was updating her blog.

  97. 97
    @wimpy ie oliviafan Says:

    stop making this sh!t up based on gossip and tiwtters you string together. stop plz. its sad.

  98. 98
    dumb Says:

    Chris Pine is an idiot to get himself into this mess. Where the hell are the brains he’s supposed to have? The only answer now seems he’s probably gay and his PR organized all of this. Z-list beards are not a good idea, Chris.

  99. 99
    oliivafan Says:

    @@wimpy ie oliviafan:

    who? anyways are u getting scared olivia? that sounds exactly like something olivia would say.

  100. 100
    @oliviafan Says:

    r u talking to someone? who is supposed to be olivia what sounds like what she’d say? clarity please?

  101. 101
    See Says:

    As another poster stated earlier…

    Up to 100 comments on Olivia Munn.

    To repeat…need we say more?

  102. 102
    oliivafan Says:

    wimpy ie oliviafan is who im talking too. im starting to think olivia is using names to post here.

  103. 103
    oliivafan Says:

    im done here. way to many fangirls getting pissed.

  104. 104
    Bad fan Says:

    “Up to 100 comments on Olivia Munn.”
    No. 100 comments about Chris Pine, Olivia Munn, condoms and set up paparazzi photo ops.

    “way to many fan girls here getting way to pissed off.”
    Thank God for those who cannot be fooled by PR manipulation….

  105. 105
    oliivafan Says:

    ok i have to say i still don’t see why people think its a pr setup, i really dont.

  106. 106
    Fred0 Says:

    I’m sure Olivia will appreciate the fact that she’s aged two years.She’s 27.And bad shop of those condom packages

  107. 107
    very Bad Fan Says:


    It’s ok, there are some people who just don’t get it………
    Anyway, I thought you said “im done here”??

  108. 108
    sammyreynolds Says:

    people let them have their fun and get a life pls. this pic is distasteful. i usually like justjared compared to perez hilton but this is just creepy.

  109. 109
    John Says:

    Who the hell cares? He’s an actor and she’s a tv host. Big whoop. Why in the world do we idolize these Hollyweird clowns? Two young people getting together to f**k or do whatever. Big deal.

    I will say thought, she could have concealed the items a little better. Had she done so, this wouldn’t even be a topic at all beyond her exiting a store.

  110. 110
    Len Says:

    ahhh…now it makes sense. So THAT’S why she made it to all those A-List celebrity premieres.
    Way to step your game up Olivia! gj!!

  111. 111
    unknown Says:


  112. 112
    Esme Says:

    I think it’s sad that Olivia Munn comes on here under fake names to fight with fans of Chris. Way too obvious girl.

  113. 113
    sammyreynolds Says:

    I highly doubt olivia comes here and posts anything seriously. i will defend this woman because she doesn’t deserve it. nobody deserves the amount scrunity that she has gotten over this. leave them alone. both of em.


  114. 114
    lucylulu Says:

    I don’t think Olivia is posting on this board, personally., but there’s vitriol towards her for being a famemonster. I think everyone can agree that the pics of her being ‘papped’ at a sex shop definitely look like a PR stunt.

    It’s bizarre for a Z-list celebrity to get ‘papped’ like that by “accident” – no one knows who she is & only knew of her name, just by virtue of being associated with CP.

    I think people don’t like their intelligence insulted – we’ve all pretty much figured that this ‘photo op’ was set-up by her. The vitriol towards her is that she seems like she is trying to build her acting career by becoming a tabloid spectacle.

  115. 115
    sammyreynolds Says:

    this is the main thing chris pine doesn’t like about the internet. people can come and say whatever they want and not be held accountable. im a fan of olivia and watch her slow frequently, but you dont see me freaking out on him. why? because i dont know what he is or what he isn’t. it seems to me fans of chris are so eager to bash people they dont think he should be seen with or dating. he’s not gonna come knocking on your door for a date. what does it matter to you?

    i agree though she’s not posting here. what’s the point?

  116. 116
    Pretty Says:

    THE POINT IS YOUR OLIVIA IS A MORON. Chris fans are not delusional, we don’t think that Chris will be knocking on our doors asking us for dates. I am a fan of Chris and I think he’s a great actor and I couldn’t careless who he dates (although he can do SO MUCH BETTER than this girl – yuck). Yes we are protective of Chris when his privacy is being invaded. She could’ve been more discreet but she chose not too. When some people on here are talking about the size of his p*nis, then that’s just wrong and that’s why some fans are upset with her FOR LACK OF DISCRETION, not because she’s dating Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your stupidity is so f*cking irritating.

  117. 117
    Summer Says:

    I totally agree with pretty! lol

    I don’t think the fans are upset because Chris is dating her or using her for sex (hehehe) but because of how she intentionally did not hide those condoms.

    I’m all for “being safe” BUT doesn’t she have any friends to buy the rubber for her? She clearly wanted people to talk about her. I’m not on here because of her but the title mentions Chris Pine’s name that got me here. HA!

  118. 118
    Jenny Says:

    Not that it matters, but that works both ways Sammy. I have seen some very rude comments about Chris Pine from Olivia Munn fans. That’s just the internet.

    I like Olivia and don’t care either way. If they are happy, great. It’s their business. She’s not that much of an upgrade from Audrina (even though I don’t know her at all, yet people didn’t seem to mind the bashing of her when he was linked with her earlier this year) just cause of the way she presents herself on attack of the show, but oh well. Again, it’s their business and let it be left at that. People are going to think what they want. I would have shown a little more respect in general though as I wouldn’t have something so personal falling out of my bag, but that’s me.

    Wow, I must say though…117 comments on someone that no one knows outside of the G4 geek realm. I would say that’s something. They both had better be used to the invasion of privacy. All celebs have to go through it. It’s not right, but that’s how it is. If they can’t handle it, then they chose the wrong profession.

  119. 119
    sammyreynolds Says:

    i guess i haven’t been to sites where they have bashed chris, but i dont go to all that many to be honest. i still say leave em alone. i didn’t know he was linked to olivia earlier this year.

  120. 120
    Q Says:

    I can’t believe the posters who keep saying “leave then alone!” If they want to be left alone why do they have set up photo ops?? Isn’t the purpose of set up photo ops to attract publicity? and this coming from a guy who is supposed to be sooo private? Please don’t blame Olivia alone for this. Whatever she does Chris’s PR is involved too.
    It’s real funny how the story of this so called romance broke the news almost a month ago on the internet. yeah, remind me again how private Chris Pine is. Damn for a private guy he seems to have a very public Olivia Munn romance.
    No one likes to be taken for a fool and that’s exactly what these stars stupid PR think they can do. They seems to forget there is a hell of a lot written about HW PR games and how stars manipulate their public image. Rock Hudson, Tiger Woods anyone?
    So what’s the cover up here? Is Chris gay??

  121. 121
    lucylulu Says:

    that’s way harsh to say that they’re covering up something for Chris – he’s 29 and born and raised in Hollywood – it’s impossible for him to hide anything there since he and his family have been part of the industry for decades.

    I think Olivia’s PR team are somehow friends with Chris’ team and somehow he got dragged into this mess – he was busy filming “unstoppable” so it’s not like he could deal with his job filming and also deal with the numbskull(s) that got him into this mess.

    It’s kind of like Hollywood business people believe in arranged marriages, but where the businessmen, instead of family, are the ones trying to foster the relationship. If the relationship is a success, a la Brangelina, it’s a huge financial bonanza not just for the actors but for anyone in their entourage as well.

  122. 122
    Q Says:

    I’m sorry but to say that Stars don’t know what their PR is doing is rather naive.
    Apparently Chris Pine does not like the internet because people are not held accountable for what they say. Are celebrities held accountable for the images they sell to the public? How many fake, downright false images have we been sold throughout the years? Who is held accountable?!

  123. 123
    sammyreynolds Says:

    acutally Q they are held accountable. when a star’s imagine is shattered it can be catastrophic. someone mentioned tiger woods look what’s happening to him.

    chris went out with audrina patridge for 4 or 5 months and called it off for some reason. it didn’t seem to hurt either of their careers.

  124. 124
    Bella Says:

    Chris and Audrina did not go out for 4-5 months! WTF?!?!?! They were spotted/photographed ONCE and that’s how the rumor mill started. But they were never seen together again after that. But I guess in hollywood, you’re seen once on a date or whatever, that means they’re in a relationship. Everything is magnified, it’s ridiculous!

    And Audrina has a career? You must be joking, right?

  125. 125
    dreamweaver Says:

    Most celebrities only reluctantly face the consequences of their actions on the rare occasions they are found out. 99% of those in the closet are found out after they are dead or when they are too old for the public to care.

  126. 126
    @bella Says:

    so right. one pic and a couple gossip stories and people actually believe Audrina was Pine’s GF and not his convenient fcuk.

    seems like the talk is getting to munn. she’s whining on her blog about women being mean to her and how all they need is a good fcuk. she seems to think posing provacatevly makes her a strong woman. plz. making cash off horny fanboys and showing that all women are are their looks is not good for women. don’t pretend. just be truthful. i guess she doesn’t like Pine fans calling a spade a spade. Apparently we got our “trapper keeper” stolen. Lulz, olivia.

  127. 127
    Jenny Says:


    Actually, I was referring to Audrina in my last post. But they didn’t go out that long. It was only one time that people saw them together, but, there was a picture taken BEFORE st released and the rumors broke about them being together where she was photographed leaving his house in the morning. She was dropped (reportedly) due to the intense media pressure he was experiencing (which is BS…she was just a reality star and deemed not good enough for him as the uproar regarding them on the net was really disgusting…mainly towards her. Again, I like Olivia, but she isn’t that much of a step up from the image she gives off).

    My point was, no one was defending Audrina and she was being attacked in a completely vulgar way. No one knew her either, but everyone was on her like she wasn’t worthy of him which I found insulting. No one knows these women at all as they could be the complete opposite of what they portray, but unfortunately, in the celeb chasing world, we go by what we see and what the person puts out as a representation of themselves.

  128. 128
    sammyreynolds Says:

    @126 actually she was referring to the stigma that comes with posing for maxim mag. for some reason women think when a woman poses for maxim they are a ****. its actually more exceptable to pose for playboy than it is to pose for maxim. i dont understand it.

  129. 129
    Mediadoctor Says:

    #128 and others: People are not responding to the difference in magazines. People are responding negatively to this woman because she embodies (Literally) the sexist, patriarchal media culture that suffuses our society. Ms. Munn has apparently bought into the rhetoric that posing semi-nude is “empowering”. In fact, this is a position (no pun intended) that women have always had access to and approval for doing. I am not here to hurl accusations at Ms. Munn; however, I do believe she has bought into the idea that women should monetize their bodies. I am an educator, and every day I I deal with the damage that this kind of media exploitation of women causes. My young women students doubt themselves, they limit their aspirations and feel that they cannot succeed in life or personal relationships or in their professional lives unless they conform to a rather uncomfortable way of presenting themselves to the world. I have to admit that Ms. Munn’s comments about making things better for her two year old niece really upset me. Does she mean that she wants her niece to be comfy posing spread legged in men’s magazines? Is that what we have reduced ourselves to- that empowerment means spreading your legs for a camera? Is she not aware of the insidious culture of sexualizing increasingly young women in the media?

    There is a world of difference between feeling comfortable with your own sexuality and reinforcing the very old stereotypes of women that things like Ms. Munn’s posing in Maxim represent. I will not accuse her of anything; I am a serious feminist and believe that she has a right to pick her own path. However, since she does so quite publicly, her actions are a legitimate object of critique. Her actions are influenced by the notion that her body is an asset that she can trade upon. This notion is an extremely old one that has served to oppress women for centuries.

    I refuse to criticize her personally; her posing nude or semi nude does not make her a “****”, and this type of “argument ad feminem” should be shot down immediately when it occurs. I think part of the negativity toward her comes from the fact that people do not know how to critique the patriarchal society that enables such ideas to circulate and receive approval. So she, or someone else who poses this way, becomes the visible “point person” who is more accessible to criticism than the system.

    However, her actions are part of our media landscape and are legitimate targets of discussion and critique.

    The final point I would make is that womens’ bodies signify differently in culture than those of men; otherwise where are the male pinups? We routinely shrug when women are nude in films but men are sitll exempt from the type of nudity that we find acceptable for women. This is sexism, pure and simple. to ignore this point is to ignore the fact that men still control our media and its productions. If you don’t believe me, take a look at who manages/controls magazines, film productions, television etc.

    I would only ask that she and those who think this is ok, give some serious consideration to the way that this impacts younger women, and frankly, themselves.

    Sorry for such a long post, but I feel very strongly about this issue.

  130. 130
    thankyou! Says:

    @129 THANK U! What I find so annoying about this is that she actually thinks she is empowered (and empowering others) by peddling herself to a bunch of horny guys (while making a bunch of old guys tons of $$) and that if we don’t agree with her – then we are jealous. It really pisses me off to hear women who sexualize themselves scream empowerment! There is nothing wrong with a woman who is confident with her body taking some sexy photos that she is comfortable with for a photo shoot every now and then – that’s empowerment! And not to be judgmental but when all of your photo shoots/magazine spreads consist of nothing but T&A – that’s not empowerment! I wish women would set standards for themselves instead of buying into the notion that sex sells – that’s only true because so many of us allow ourselves to be sucked into it. Thank god there are women who are truly empowered for us to admire…

  131. 131
    thankyou! Says:

    And let me say for the record, that its completely her choice to take these pics. All I am saying is please don’t insult the rest of us by claiming that you do so because you are “empowered”….

  132. 132
    Sam~E Says:


    I agree with you…and also, Olivia will soon figure out that at 30+ taking your clothes off for photos doesn’t have the same appeal to men as it used to. Her phone will stop ringing soon enough. Have a look at the Maxim photos she leaked on her website, between her spread eagle skills she demonstrates on the cover and the ass shot on the inside, I’d say she’s got her next career path lined up; its absolutely porntastic. That is the dirtiest Maxim spread I have ever seen. The worst part is that the pics are terrible, she looks so old. Wow it must take “a strong woman” to degrade herself in the way Olivia does. We should all be taking notes, LOL!!!

    PS: know when to close your legs, that’s just good advice.

  133. 133
    sammyreynolds Says:

    let’s get something straight. she’s not 29 she’s 27 IMDB IS WRONG.

  134. 134
    Violet Says:

    27 is still a bit long in the tooth for your first Maxim cover and famewhoring by association. Especially when you think she is the same age as Anne Hathway, I think an Oscar nod is more ‘empowering’ that a Maxim spread, call me old fashioned.

  135. 135
    Esme Says:


    What does it matter if she looks like she’s 35. I don’t believe for a second that she’s 27.

  136. 136
    Sil Says:

    Thank u!
    It wasn’t only the pictures which annoyed me. It was her comment she published with that pics. A slap in the face for me.
    I’m tired of seeing her spreading her legs. And then she wants to tell the whole world that she is empowered to speak for women? Oh no. That’s one step back. Wrong direction.
    Her comment made the pics more worse as they were before.

  137. 137
    amen! Says:

    She’s posing for a stroke mag. The only purpose is to get men off. She needs to get off her high horse. She can do what she wants but she can’t claim the mantle of empowering women. All she does is reduce women to what they have always been reduced to by the patriarchy: sex objects. A$$ in the air, legs spread eagle. Just own it, Munn. You’re entire worth is wrapped up in your body and men’s fantasies. I weep for her niece that she will grow up believing her only value is being skinny like Auntie Olivia.

  138. 138
    @sammy Says:

    How sweet of you to defend the horrors of being said to be 29 and not 27! Because 27 is soooooooooooo much better! We wouldn’t want to believe she was almost 30! Then she’d be *gasp* OLD. How do you know she’s really 27? Why is IMDB wrong? Cause Olivia claims she’s 27? Unless she’s posted a birth certificate then I will believe she’s 29 and btw tht’s generous since the vast majority of “celebs” are lying about their ages anyway, especially women who make money off their looks.

  139. 139
    Poor OMUNN! Says:

    OMUNN can’t take the heat. OMUNN has comments deleted at her weblog if all you said was you disagreed with her and she’s not empowering anyone. Poor OMUNN. If you can’t take the heat cover your a$$ and get out of the kitchen.

  140. 140

    Deleting comments, banning IPs of anyone that dares to debate? You’re a immature child.

  141. 141
    Sam~E Says:

    It sucks that Chris Pine is by association getting her all this attention. The funny part is that all she’s doing with the attention is repeatedly making an idiotic ***** of herself and by extension making his image less appealing to the public.

    It’s one thing to be a ***** in private, its another thing to be a ***** a very public way. An intellectual?? Funny how every interview she does has to involve talking about her ‘boobs’ (must be to get the attention away from the fact that she has no talent), they are called breasts Olivia, ‘boobs’ are what horny desperate undersexed men call them….but wait, that’s the only audience you can get to pay any attention to you.

    What’s really sad is that her entire sense of humour is so vapid that she continually has to reference nostalgic nerd crap to hold anyones interest. Most of which she only has a vague understanding of… I bet you she can’t even spell DeLorean or figure out why they are cool.

    That’s why G4 hired her though…must have been hard for them to find a girl who could deep throat a jumbo hot dog (hands free), dress as a ****** french maid to roll around in mud and get down on all fours for a back shot of her ass, and let her male co-host actually physically grab her breasts and jiggle them for the camera. Classy girls like that are a rare find.

    Btw, she thinks she’s a singer now…her debut single is “Sweet Ass In Your Face”. I am SO not even kidding. She’s even going to put out a music video for it. Move over Taylor Swift and Beyonce, Olivia’s going to teach us all about EMPOWERMENT.

    I never noticed her before the Chris Pine limelight hit her but after seeing what she’s built her career on, I have to say that her name is not Munn its MUDD.

  142. 142
    Violet Says:

    I think he’ll dump her (if he hasnt already) after this. She’s even more useless and attention-seeking than Audrina, and Ceiling Eyes is waaaay more attractive. I dont think he seems the kind of person to appreciate the kind of speculation this girl is giving to his credibility. I also think Olivia leaked the original story that he was smitten with her – he was seen with a completely different girl while he was filming. I think she has just been playing on the booty calls for pr.

  143. 143
    swf? Says:

  144. 144
    adada Says:

    that bettyconfidential article was so vague, if a snitch a g4 told if i were olivia i would have them fired.

    @violet i think he will dump her as well and the clock is ticking, but i dont think chris is as private of a person as he has people to believe.

  145. 145
    U2 Says:

    He’s thinking with his head…(Possibly, a very small one thanks to miss Munn and her non discretion). He’s not dumping that until he has stamped it thoroughly. Even then, she seems like she knows how to play the game and, no offense, but he seems like he’s dumb enough (where chicks are concerned) to fall for it.

    Don’t mean to be mean, but they seemed naturally paired as both (yes, even him from at least the print interviews that I have read about him) comes off as very angry douches.

    More power to them, but I think one of the earlier comments were slightly wrong. Her stock may have risen, but his has vastly dropped. I didn’t think anyone could be on the level of Audrina, but she seems just as bad.

  146. 146
    Nella Says:

    “Her stock may have risen, but his has vastly dropped.”

    Couldn’t agree more. I think he only pretends to be private and certainly isn’t very smart. I also think this whole thing was set up, publicity for her, straight image for him.

  147. 147
    Alex Says:

    At my office Christmas party this weekend everyone was calling him “Tiny-Piney” because of these photos, LOL.

  148. 148
    Jon Says:

    Tiny-Piney Capt Kirk! oh good Lord, poor Chris…..I hope it doesn’t stick.
    He should fire his publicist!

  149. 149
    Sil Says:

    She want to be known as an actress? *lol*
    Good god! She should first learn how to act as a mature woman.

  150. 150
    Violet Says:

    CP’s starometer has gone down 47% this past week, i presume for being associated with a famewhore. OM’s has gone down 36%, I presume for being a famewhore.

  151. 151
    wimpy77 Says:

    @violet are look at those imdb ratings? i dont know who on earth votes in those things. last week she was up 246% i think those are based upon hits of an individual person’s page.

  152. 152
    wimpy77 Says:


    if u read the comments, it sounds like they are coming from the same person. i believe someone in his camp is talking. i believe it wont be long before they asking him to get rid of her and i agree i dont think chris is as private of a guy as he claims, if he was it would have gotten rid of her after this incident.

  153. 153
    wimpy77 Says:

    @U2: .

    i think this relationship will last until spring or maybe summer but not longer.

  154. 154
    Violet Says:

    Wimpy77 – are you going on every site banging on about Olivia, saying the same thing over and over? You have been posting the same **** on Perez/IMDB – how about giving it a rest, kid.

  155. 155
    Violet Says:

    Olivia is now hosting the JJ NYE party with Kellan Lutz – which prolly means her PR people truck up a deal with this site (hense why needless olivia postings – behind the scenes, buying condoms etc) when no one cared about her aside from the CP association. So regardless whether she is still dating CP or not, she pretty much got what she wanted; exposure. Unfortuantely, not all of it good, for her or for him.

  156. 156
    @violet Says:

    I was going to say the same about the JJ NYE Party. It’s pretty clear now her PR people are in bed wit this gossip site. INteresting that Chris Pine’s gf would want to do something like this for a site that is one of the worst violators of his privacy. Also makes it pretty obvious that since Olivia and her PR are in cahoots with JJ that he would not have posted those condom pictures if she didn’t give the thumbs up. Considering her flip little comment about it we can see that she was A-OK with that “violation”.

    She did get what she wants and it is good for her because it goes along with her slutastic reputation. Good for Chris? Depends. IF he’s got something to cover up then a fake gf is an excellent way to do it. If he’s just a normal guy wanting his privacy bad for him.

  157. 157
    @violet Says:

    and btw notice she was never mentioned on this site before the chris pine gossip/ “date” pictures. coincidence that she is now dating him just as she’s getting all this media attention? she is also on Do the readers of people care about her? Their demographics are not hers. I doubt women and mainly housewives care about a G4 hostess/maxim model. So looks like her PR is working overtime. Only interesting thing is no mention of Pine on People. Maybe his “people” didn’t allow it. An obligatory girlfriend reference is standard though so it is curious.

  158. 158
    Violet Says:

    Hi there, yes I have noticed too. Her coverage here came after they were photographed, so I guess after that, her people made a promotional deal with JJ. Her people are clearly pulling out everything to get her noticed after the CP spotting. Going by the Betty Confidential story (which wasnt complimentary on her, seems like that came from his end to conflict with the ones coming from OM’s end like condom-gate), and the non-mention of CP in People, I wouldnt be surprised if she’d already been dumped tbh.

  159. 159
    @violet Says:


    I wonder if the deal came before the original set of pictures. I suspect she st that up too, as in tipped the paparazzi of their location. Pace restaurant is not a normal paparazzi hot spot so someone had to tip them. Could a random person have done it? Sure. But I doubt it. It’s highly “unlucky” for Pine that as soon as he stepped out for the first time in LA with Munn they got found.

    He then managed to return to Pittsburgh for filming for about a week right after condom-gate and is supposedly back in LA now so we will see what his part in this PR stunt is. When Audrina tried to use their hook up for press he didn’t allow it. We’ll see if he allows it now.

    I agree about the Betty Confindential story. Seems like his side is to say he’s having fun for now and she’s borderline psychotic/using him for PR. Pretty clear that she is on a big PR push right now.

    I thought the same of the non mention of CP in People. Yes People goes by PR wishes but they also are known to sometimes not do that so it wouldn’t have been so terrible to put “alleged girlfriend of” in there but they did not which means someone with clout (not Munn) probably told them not to. If People believed they truly were dating they’d likely ignore that anyway (like they did when they were the ones to break the recent Witherspoon breakup).

  160. 160
    @violet Says:

    forgot to add she linked on her twitter to the People story so she is clearly all about self promotion. The People coverage is truly perplexing. Why would the readers of People (vast majority is women) care about this person? Without the Pine mention the story seems seriously out of place. If the story was framed as Captain Kirk’s girlfriend does Maxim I could understand it but as it is it is an eyebrow raiser for sure.

  161. 161
    ada Says:

    this does look very suspicious on her part. if u look at the pics from that night he was seen with her i think he knew something was up. i think he knew someone tipped the paps and he wasn’t the restraunts people or any of the patrons inside it. if these two aren’t seen out together within the next 2 or 3 weeks im gonna say they are done already.

  162. 162
    heyyou Says:

    >At my office Christmas party this weekend everyone was calling him “Tiny-Piney” because of these photos, LOL.

    LOL. One of my friends has a crush on C.Pine, have to run that one across her, just to see if I get a laugh. I know it’s mean, but whatevers.

    Pine, you have nothing on your co-star Quinto when it comes to peen size. True fax.

  163. 163
    ada Says:

    well, there are rumors circulating that they are done. dont know if its true or not but those are the rumors that are starting to circulate.

  164. 164
    @ada Says:

    Does this all come from that one guy on twitter?

  165. 165
    Sasha Fierce Says:

    Whatever it is (as it really doesn’t matter), this is a pr push either way. Whether it was planned or an afterthought, it still benefits one or the other (her moreso).

    You aren’t seen on one date and then BAM! Suddenly be all over the place. The fact that she has a mag coming out, a small part in Iron Man, and surprise surprise…a maxim layout, aren’t coincidences. Oliva Munn is not known to the general public or the A-list Celeb watchers. She’s the G4 babe, nothing more. More power to her, but one or both of them knew something about it. Whether it’s to elevate her or get some of the small gay rumors off him, I don’t know.

    But when his own publicist put this info out there AND gave the woman’s name and described her as an “Actress” (which she is not branded as that nor is it her claim to fame…G4 co-host is the appropriate title) when he is supposed to be super private about anything outside of his professional career, I just can’t image that all of this is completely random.

  166. 166
    @Sasha Says:

    I agree. Definitely PR at work here. I am not totally convinced that his agent really did give out info (that gossip columnist sounds like an obessed Pine fangirl particulary claiming HE called HER on his birthday–what?? LOL) but IF his Agent did tell a gossiper that then for sure he’s hiding something with this sudden romance. Gay? Probably, that’s what actors are usually hiding when they do this kind of thing. However if he just went on a couple dates with this chica and she is the one using it for PR when all it is is a booty call then it should be over post haste. Time will tell. Either he’s a guy hitting that for fun or he’s got a big gay skeleton in his closet.

  167. 167
    @Sasha Says:

    The fact that she has a mag coming out, a small part in Iron Man, and surprise surprise…a maxim layout, aren’t coincidences

    Don’t forget the book, hosting the JJ party, the inexplicable story on She is simply not interesting to general gossip fans except in her capacity as Pine’s ‘gf’. You’re right, too much all at once for this to be a lucky coincidence.

  168. 168
    ada Says:


    oh i have no idea, i was told about that night. i didn’t even know it was on twitter until you said something. i went and check it apparently yes. i think he might have read to much into her maxim cover.

  169. 169
    @ada Says:

    I don’t know where he got it either but i think its weird to wonder if Chris or Munn is single again. Who says they’re dating? They’re not in high school, he didn’t ask her to go steady. Sex =/= dating.

  170. 170
    ada Says:


    well all the gossip talk says their dating and if their pr people are talking they are saying they are dating apparently. i think if it was definite they were done it would be out by now.

  171. 171
    Janie Says:

    Well they appear to still be together as there are new pics of them here on JJ.

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