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Rihanna Takes Over Fuse This Monday

Rihanna Takes Over Fuse This Monday

Starting at 11/10c on Monday (December 14), Fuse will be dedicating a whole day to music superstar Rihanna!

The marathon will combine RiRi‘s videos with an exclusive interview.

Here’s some of what to expect from her interview:

On making “Rated R”: “I had a very fearless attitude making this album. I didn’t think about making hits – I just made songs that I loved.”

On how far she goes for music she loves: “If I believe in a record enough, then I’ll do anything. I’ll go to the end of the earth for it.”

On her evolution as an artist: “From ‘Pon de Replay’ to ‘Russian Roulette’ – it’s not even the same person!”

Don’t miss Rihanna on Fuse this Monday!!

Rihanna Takes Over Fuse
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  • starlissa

    She’s not saying anything new.

  • Letty

    HAHA `Titia´ Rihanna seduzindo *-*

  • Baby

    Her fame is about to be over

  • yawn


  • ha!

    Another Rihanna post? What a surprise!

  • true blood

    Her record label must be shelling out a lot of money for this coverage. I can’t wait until her promotions are over and we start seeing other celebrities on this site again.

  • angel

    She looks like Amber Rose there

  • Onyx

    So, basically Fuse will be like it is every day there?

  • Silver

    So tired of her hair!

  • gaboi

    She looks so old with that hair style.





  • cute

    She’s cute but her forehead is HUGE.

  • Weeds

    She is really going to regret getting all those ugly tats one day.

  • Trinity

    I used to like her…now I’m tired of seeing her.

  • villa

    It’s time to cut that alien creature off her head.

  • xxx

    “From Pon De Replay to Russian Roulette its like its a completely different person”

    LOL yeah Rihanna.. probably cos you hired a different set of writers for the two different songs? She’s such a joke… she’s never written any of her music. I hate when people like her bang on about the album when they basically did nothing except the vocals… she’s as bad as britney spears.

  • H.

    Overexposed ho.

  • Sadie

    It’s a shame she doesn’t write her own lyrics.
    She will regret it. She is losing a lot of $$$$.

  • Adam

    Still looks like a tranny.

  • cherib

    Go back to brunette, RiRi.

  • uh oh

    Sorry, she got fug.

  • spider

    Rihanna would look adorable with bangs.

  • Citgo

    Girl needs a new wig.

  • Story

    Enough with the Rihanna posts.
    More Gaga and Beyonce!

  • Julie

    love her, same jealous haters, different day, go riri!! she is still going strong, on top of the world, she’s gorgeous, ha.

  • tadow

    @Julie: Yep , you’re totally right. They are soo jealous. I love Rihanna

  • huh

    “From Pon De Replay to Russian Roulette its like its a completely different person”

    Yeah then she was just young & stupid; now she’s old & stupid. Ohhh how time flies.

    The loser’s who post, “same jealous haters” need new material maybe you should buy some like rihanna buy’s her “songs”.

  • goldenGirl

    Why is JJ constantly posting stuff about RiRi? I used to love SOS. Now, her music really sucks, and the new album really shows how little talents she has. Can’t dance, can’t sing, and music sucks. But JJ still wants to post articles about her. JJ, you don’t have to be this diplomatic. Have some balls, please.

  • Quest

    @Julie: Same stan who needs to get a new byline. The hate card is getting old. I feel sorry for this girl. She will not be around in three years and she is limiting what she can make now by not writing her own material. Hope she doesn’t go the Toni Braxton route and end up bankrupt. It’s sad how these singers/celebs live the big pimping lifestyle and then crash when their labels/audiences move on to the next young, cute face with marginal talent.

  • Marge Sampsons

    She is so pretty

  • jams

    She used to be cute. Not anymore.

  • jolentini
  • =Logan=

    love her, but her hair needs to be darker

  • enoughalready

    They really are messing up this time on their marketing skills, they over loaded people with her then she comes out with the CD and again she is everywehere and people are just tired of seeing and listening to her right now.. This was a bad time for her to come out with anything new and especially how she came out singing terrible! She’s fake! with no talent.

  • Tha Phoenix

    rated R has flopped hard – that’s a fact.

    Only debuted at #1 in 3 countries compared to 10 for GGGB (which was a sick album – I;ve got both GGGB and AGLM).

    Has fallen to #16 on BB200, debuted at #16 over here in the UK and has fallen to #19.

    RR just isn’t going to do as well as GGGB …. and I wish people would face that fact.


    (check out

  • shitneyfan

    seriously so over stories on this shim (she/him) sick of the sound of her voice…………………….

  • LL

    so over hearing this shim’s (she/him) voice …………………go away !

  • mutha f*****

    same comments everyday…i dont see none of yall commenting on the other top story eg Jessica alba story has no comments…so if yall cant say nothing good about rihanna dont go on her post cause she not the only story line on JJ…c’mon on….

  • Stone

    She really does need to go home.

  • waseela

    show some respect to talent – stop dissing RiRi – at least she does not claim she has written her own material unlike somebody…………….who knows Neyo

  • jj

    So 4 people out of 41 still loves no talent? Way to go RiRi. And thanks for letting me know about Monday so i will make sure not to watch. I believe it is not that we don’t like her, we just like talented people. And to Julie and Tadow this blog shows up under Chris’s site too, so tell them not to post it there if it bugs you so much that people who don’t like her respond to it.

  • Lesli Lipstick

    She is such a strong person

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    @Julie: go riri !!