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Angelina Jolie to President Obama: Help Darfur!

Angelina Jolie to President Obama: Help Darfur!

In observance of Human Rights Day, Angelina Jolie has taken to Newsweek to let the the Obama administration know that it’s not doing enough for the Darfur region of Sudan, where “government supported militia have left 300,000 dead and 2.7 million people internally displaced.”

In hopes of bringing down corrupt Sudanese leaders, the 34-year-old UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador writes, “I believe President Obama and his special envoy Scott Gration will do their best to bring peace to the region. Their policy, though, raises a number of questions. How is the Obama administration’s approach to Sudan an evolution of justice? In addition, when the administration says it intends to work to ‘improve the lives of the people of Darfur,’ I would like to know what that means, besides the obvious point that their lives could hardly get worse.”

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  • missy

    yay! 1st!
    i thought this is the unicef ball thread.

  • missy

    I love Angie!
    And brad too!

  • missy

    JJ please put up a thread for the Unicef Ball?
    pretty please.

  • jolentini
  • sotos

    I am really happy that Angie seems to be really interested in saving the world. she is such an amazing person.


  • Theresa Theresa

    She is really an amazing person, actress and mother.

  • sotos

    I am really Happy that Angie really tries to save our world. she is such an amazing person. WHAT DO THE REST OF US DO FOR OUR WORLD?

  • missy
  • Ozzie

    Jared, where’s the photos from the UNICEF Ball…?

    Hopefully this letter will shut up Angies detractors, but I doubt it. The ole double standard is at work. She doesn’t hate Obama at all. That was gossip and no-one bothered to find out if it was true before accusing her of saying it, just as long as it sells eh… trashy rags and hens lap it up!

    Angie just wants to know as do most of us, what’s being done to help those in need in Darfur and the surrounding regions.

    Angie’s letter in Newsweek was extremely well written and heartfelt.

    Angie looks stunning in that beautiful white with gold and silver accents, dresss. Very sexy low cut neck line. Love the tumbling curls.

  • Anna

    Who the hell does Angelina Jolie think she is to question Barack Obama’s policies.In reality she is only an actress and nothing more.Yes she got involved with the U.N. but do you really think that if she wasn’t a movie star the U.N. would even look at her twice,like hell they would.She is no authority to question what the goverment,she droped out of high school to become a model and didn’t attend college yet she believes that she has some superior right right to question and involve herself in matters that shouldn’t concern her.All Angelina Jolie is is an uneducated movie star who hires someone who went to college to write her speeches and press releases.Angelina these matters of importance to people who actualy know what they are doing, and have earned the right to do what they do and you just stick to making Wanted 2 and other dumb movies.

  • Think again Angelina…

    Oh my, she has no idea… I’m majoring in politics and we discussed the Darfur conflict (and everything else that’s going on in Sudan) a couple of weeks ago. There have been millions of Dollars given, but hey, their government is corrupt. Troops have been send, but there are so many armed people, militias and so on. They can’t just be disarmed as this would end in a violent conflict with many outbursts across the country. A foreign country stepping in (especially the US) wouldn’t be respected by the people, as the solution has to come from within to last and build a solid ground. Right now the refugees have to be protected (specially women and children), so yeah, they need more troops there. But again: this is defensive not aggressive and it is a step to be made by the African Union, not by the United States.

  • hey!

    can’t believe I’ll be on the first page of some 1000 comments Brangelina thread!

  • Think again Angelina…

    She looks dreadful… not aging well.

  • hey!

    I love her! She’s gold!

  • http://http Angelina is the BEST

    Angelina is a beautiful person inside and out. She shares here blessings with the less privileged people around the world. She is a role mode.

  • caroline

    go angie- what an amazing, intelligent voice she has. it strikes me as funny that people on here are commenting or condemning angie’s opinion when chances are they HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY BEEN TO DARFUR, unlike ange. . . talk about uninformed and dumb.

  • http://justjared Angie is Intelligent

    Angie is beauty and brains. No wonder a lot of people love her and admire her.
    I love her courage and forthrightness . She’s one of a kind.

  • Jolie is AMAZING!

    What an amazing woman Jolie is! She’s a mother, partner, humanitarian, professional actress … and the list goes on and on. I love her take on Darfur and Sudan.
    God bless her.

  • alexkziel

    Angelina can question Obama because she an american citizen.
    Or you can’t do that in this country?

    I respect Angie very much, she is smart, brave and well informed.

  • Jemima

    Wow! Angelina can write! She is so blessed. She really cares for the less fortunate.

  • soopx1

    We the people who vote can question the President.We are the voters who put him in office.This is the United States of America.

  • jorge

    Anna think hard before you comment on Angelina. She may be an actress but an actress with substance. UN would not be silly to give her her position if she has no brains. Angelina’s detractors are always criticizing no matter how hard she tries. It’s not easy to be an ambassador especially if you have seen with your own eyes the hardships of those people involved. It’s just easy to criticize especially when you are a fan of the hasbeen TV actress who has no talent at all except to expose herself unashamedly. At 40 years of age she has not matured, still very childish and selfish. The hasbeen does not even care for her fans (if she has fans considering the failure of her movies in the box office). All the hasbeen cares for is herself. Each time there is a new thread of Angelina you never fail to comment. If you hated her that much what you’re doing in her thread is insane. A normal person who does not like much more hates another person would not bother commenting but in your case you say that you hate Angie but you are always in her thread. Is it the case of the more you hate the more you love in your case?

    Besides Angelina did not steal Brad. Brad and hasbeen’s marriage failed because they themselves no longer wanted to remain married. In Brad’s mouth they have reached deadend. Do you want them to remain married without love? Probably your own marriage is one without love that’s why you are so bitter towards Angelina that you always blame her for your own failure. It’s obvious that you are an unloved woman.

  • Wonder Woman Angie

    Angie cares about human rights. She’s really wonderful! WONDER WOMAN!
    Go on Angie … express the hopes and dreams of those who do not have the opportunity and to do so.

  • http://google MOST POWERFUL ACTRESS

    MOST POWERFUL ACTRESS! … and now writing an op-ed. Angie rules!

  • betty

    God bless Angelina Jolie.

  • betty

    God bless Angelina Jolie and her family.

  • jes


  • Protected mode

    @Think again Angelina…:

    I agree with the above o darfur situation, as I’m also a Poli Sci major myself. Angie is only concerned with normative approach; what should be..

    In a world of real politik, Human Rights or Humanitarian deeds are low politics for foreign policy makers of powerful states. homeland Security is first, followed by economic performance.

    For some1 who is a rep of UN, I would think that Angie would understand the politic of Security Council and veto power. China ‘s veto power is a threat to any Darfur resolutions, as the Chinese government and corporations have invested immesely in sudan. The US can’t act unilaterally, remember what happened last time in Iraq. Then there is the politic of naming, no unanimous decision so far by General Asemby to confirm genocide is taking place. The veto powers can block anytime they want. China wants is supporting the regime big time..US can only do so much

  • rhia


  • silvia

    Love her!!! well said

  • hyacynth

    Great Angelina!

  • Oceane

    Obama is too busy winning Nobel Peace Prize’s by sending more troops to the war in Iraq.. He’s a puppet..

  • abcd

    I admire Angie. A woman with a big loving heart.

  • Deb

    You still crying after 5 years,You need to get a life.


    yaaay, there’s a pic with angie and muhammad ali at the ball tonight, I got my wish – now I can go to sleep! lolol…can’t bring over though – it’s on jjb, will se it soon enough. thanks guys (on other thread) it’s been fun! :-D

  • http://hotmailaustralia Elaine

    Jes, how can she be a homewrecker when the marriage was over and no children were involved.

  • old lady

    Thanks JJ for the new thread and God bless everybody.

  • http://hotmailaustralia Elaine

    Just like you can speak up against Angelina, don’t you think then Angelina has a right to speak up about her opion. Or do you think you are the only one intitled in America to voice your opion.

  • T-pain


    Angelina questions the Obama administration while Jen tries to sell a yoga dvd…

    Angelina always wins..

  • JEN THE hag

    Anna @ 12/11/2009 at 2:48 am

    It’s the people who puts the president in the white house by their votes, so the public/citizen has the rights to question the President and all PUBLIC OFFICIAL!!

  • Sybi

    Oh gosh, my gosh, how angry all u detractors get b/c a brave, caring, concerned woman speaks out. Well I just bet that none of u speak out n make ur voices heard so that a difference can be made. U think b/c she is beautiful, famous actress she must keep close her thoughts n words. She speaks b/c she cares. More than u many here who do not care. Persons of the world pain need persons like Angelina to speak for their voices are not heard. She speak for them.

  • http://hotmailaustralia Laila

    Angelina is such an amazing woman, and I am sure she knows what she is talking about. Having been there to see first hand. She is also a very intelligent woman and I am sure she is not going to make a fool of herself without the right information. She represents UNHCR, that should say heaps. God Bless All the Jolie- Pitt family and all their fans.

  • Linda

    Everyday people give up time and money to go to countries in need and never get an ounce of respect like Angie is given. They also do it with less money. There are plenty of people who work as Ambassadors for the UN, plenty of people who go to refugee camps, donate their time and money, but only the most fu*k-able one gets all the attention. Personally, I’d take Charliz Theron over Angie any day. She too works for the UN. She just wasn’t smart enough to become a global star by running off with someone else’s husband.

    Read more:

  • Jordan

    oceane you’re an idiot. angelina is getting annoying now. she needs to worry about the problems in our backyard then darfur.

  • JEN THE hag

    Headless Obama @ 12/11/2009 at 3:05 am

    Somebody should drop your a s s in DARFUR and let’s see how thankful you’ll be that one Angelina Jolie is concern about the situation in a country where YOU are.

  • alexkziel
  • me me me

    barack obama winning the nobel peace prize is the biggest disgrace ever, it’s a slap in the face for all those who actually work to achieve peace instead of just talking about it. so i think she has every right to question his policies, and she definitely nailed the general problem: lot of talk, no changes. although i’m more concerned about some other aspects of american foreign policy, i like her article. it’s worth reading.

  • http://hotmailaustralia Laila

    Thank you for those lovely photos, your right Angie is so cute.

  • me me me

    @Headless Obama
    i hope you lose your home and your job, all your money and can’t even afford food and water, and when you beg for help some asshole says i don’t care. no wonder your country has so many social problems, it’s cause most people don’t care about anyone but themselves. your biggest problem is your mindset.

  • fan

    all angelina :)