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Michelle Duggar Gives Birth to Baby Number 19!

Michelle Duggar Gives Birth to Baby Number 19!

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, stars of TLC’s 18 Kids and Counting, have welcomed a new baby to the family, People reports.

Josie Brooklyn Duggar was born at 6:27 p.m. on Thursday at an Arkansas hospital, weighing 1 lb., 6 oz.

Mama Michelle was taken to the hospital for a gallstone and had an emergency c-section to deliver Josie early.

Josie is stable and in the ICU for extended care, a TLC rep told People.

“The most important thing right now is for mom and baby Josie to get as much rest as possible,” their rep said in a statement. “The family is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes during their recovery.”

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  • MAC

    how the hell are they support those kids? With our tax money i guess

  • Lex

    19 !?!?!
    And another show with lots of kids from TLC apparently. Are they sponsored by the Vatican?

  • Sunshine

    All of those pregnancies can’t be healthy for her. She needs to stop.

  • melody

    this is sick

  • tinsky

    i love babies but this is just sick!

  • georgee

    this is sick find something better to do

  • ct

    I’m surprised the 19th didn’t just drop out on the floor when she was a-makin’ breakfast………….Hillbillies.

  • j

    these christian hicks must bang like jackrabbits

  • Dell

    The Duggars always say they will take as many “Gifts from God” as He gives them. Well, the gift from God is the miracle of conception. It is up to us to determine when ovulation takes place to get pregnant or not. Chances are if you get busy when you are ovulating, you are going to get pregnant. They need to stop! They can’t possibly give individual attention to all of these children. I wasn’t crazy about Jim Bob, but when they were on “Say Yes to the Dress” to pick out her second wedding dress, he was nothing but a chauvinist pig!

  • Mile

    Pa ova je gora od Hanče!

  • Jen

    19? really? insane

  • g!na

    aaw, i hope that baby is going to be alright! very tiny & born three months early. Baby wasn’t due until march 2010!

  • Hugo Hurley


    Lex….your statement is really rude and offensive.

  • katie

    Wow, you guys are all pigs! Honestly God gave her all 19 children, and they take care of it with there money…if u ever watched the show you would know they have no debt and plenty of money…there smarter than all yall. And you should be praying for their family not cursin them, because in all honesty there a whole lot smarter thn ya

  • katie


    Thats terrible, the give so much. They have givving over 500$ in grocercys for poor people…they buit a home fo a person, who did have a big enough one for there new child! Honestly, what ever you buy is probly from there tax money. Also they dont go to school…there homeschooled. so u should really do some research b4 u start hatting

  • katie


    how is it sick?

  • Dell


    Have you watched the show katie? These kids know nothing about current events/pop culture. I believe the oldest son sells cars for a living from a business his dad started for him. If any of these kids have to go out into the real world as adults, they will have a tough time fitting in – yes, they are nice kids, but mom and dad have sheltered them from too much reality. Other than another family like them that they see about once a year, they have no outside friends other than their siblings.

  • Rhonda

    the Duggars don’t get government help. They own property rentals and all kinds of small business. that home is so clean and well kept and those kids are the most helpful and well mannered kids I have seen. While its not my thing either, I sure respect people that can raise good kids and are NOT sucking on the government tit. Its really quite amazing.

    I hope the baby is ok as well, that seems really small!

  • Child Abuse

    No sweat of Mom’s back. She just has all of her oldest girls raise the little ones while she nurse for 6 months and tries to conceive the next one in her child army.

  • ace11

    a family of money making pigs

  • Chester

    Insane! What’s the goal here?

  • sheila

    It’s great fun to watch big TV money change this family From simple down home folk to Jaguar/BMW driving,make-up wearing, teeth whitening, mega consumers while they talk about ,”saving money”. It’s only the start. Next Jim Bob will have a stable of Ho’s.

  • ck_always

    Imagine what her beef curtains look like …

  • river

    @Child Abuse:

    even Jim Bob’s niece makes fun of their lifestyle. I saw an episode where one of the teenage daughters had to take care of one of their younger sisters who was sick and vomiting all over the place. guess who had to clean up the mess? no child should have to take care of sick siblings like this.

  • Paulie

    Oh look, a member of the Duggar family is posting here!

  • enoughalready

    This needs to stop and right now, this is just another form of Welfare! These reality shows should be called The New Welfare..

  • Heguiberto Souza

    Talk about carbon footprint and living responsively!
    People keep talking about global warming but forget that procreation is the major cause of it.

  • soft


    Don’t forget spray tanning! Michelle looked like an Oompa Loompa this past season!

  • Paulie


    “there homeschooled”

    THERE?!? Were you home-schooled too, Katie?

  • Ace

    Like 6 billion ppl on planet already – and the world’s in trouble. This is sheer irresponsibility! Population control – this lady needs to stick a cork in it or have it removed, Jesus!

  • annie

    woman needs a hobby other than having sex with that freakish man…

  • fresh

    How do they afford to take care of so many kids??

  • mrd

    We are having trouble with world population. Do the math. If each of these 19 kids have 19 kids, and if each of those 19 kids have 19 kids, and if each of those have 19 kids, etc. Children ARE a gift from God; he also blessed us with brains to know when to quit!!!!!

  • kate

    at 25 weeks, I’m afraid that this little one will not be with us long. She’s just too early and too tiny. If she does survive, she may have severe disabilities.

    I just think that mother should stop and think about the danger she is putting her babies in next time she goes to knock herself up. Shame on her

  • soft


    I have a friend who was due in March & went into premature labor in December. Surprisingly, the baby never had any complications while in the hospital and is a healthy five year-old now!

  • Ace

    @kate: I say fcuk to these ppl & their attitude that it’s ok to pop out sprogs one after the other. This world is hurting & these sick folks r contributing. How fcuking big is their global footprint! The size of fcuking Mars I should think!

  • MalibuSunrise

    Holy mother of…. SHE was due in MARCH!!!!! : ( That poor, poor baby! It’s only mid-Dec! Poor baby! I wonder if she’s going to be all right!!!!!!

  • happy girl

    save some for the women who are trying to have at least ONE baby!!!!!!!!

  • Ace

    This is not about God’s gifts. Be responsible. This is about ignorance & fcuking greed & lust. These folks should be shamed.

  • abby

    I think this emergency C-section was God’s way of telling them to STOP PRO-CREATING!!! This is a sign people!

  • Shawna

    You are all so ignorant! They have NO debt, and no they do not get any help from the government. They do not even have a mortgage. They don’t believe in borrowing money. Their carbon footprint is a lot less than most families of 4 because they don’t drive big SUV’s and have millions of clothes and electronic gadgets. They buy things used, the recycle, and they take care of themselves. If they want to have 19 children then that is their business. The baby was not premature because they have 19 children, she was premature because Michelle developed health problems which could happen to ANY mother, even a first time mother. And for the idiot who said “save some for the women trying to have ONE baby”, you do realize how stupid you sound, right? How many children someone else has has no effect on the reproduction capabilities of another. It’s not like there is a certain number of babies available and she is taking more than her share. All of you are just ignorant and it’s pathetic. I pray that this little baby makes it and that she doesn’t have any lasting consequences.

  • soft


    That’s right – they probably don’t have a mortgage because the family (kids) literally built that house. The original show that got them their current series was about this family building their own house. Talk about child labor!

  • Zoe

    I do give them credit for supporting their kids and not taking advantage of the system but they really need to stop having babies already. I don’t think its fair that the older siblings have to practically raise the younger kids. Where is their childhoods? The boys probably have it easier than the girls who are brainwashed. I mean all those girls want to do is get married and have 19 kids themselves. Come on already, they have to be shown that they DO have a choice and quit brainwashing these kids and show them more of the outside world.

  • anja

    A ko je Hanča?


    BABY AT THE SAME TIME..WOW.. See her baby grandson and her
    son will be the same age

  • kate

    I worked in the nic-u, i know what I’m talking about
    25 wks is way too early. there’s no way they had time to hit her up with steroids to get the surfactant levels high enough



  • Ace

    @Shawna: Do they grow their own food? How bout milk? 19 children have a fcuking bigger environmental impact than 1 or 2 children. They probably consume more food than a small african country.

  • soft


    Yes, the miracles of modern medicine were used on the baby, but she never had any emergency situations in the hospital, and she doesn’t have any side effects to this day.

  • Dell


    They don’t need milk from a cow. They have Michelle’s breast milk because she is always lactating!