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Sam Worthington Premieres 'Avatar' in London

Sam Worthington Premieres 'Avatar' in London

Sam Worthington shows off his scruff at the premiere of Avatar at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on Thursday (December 10).

The 33-year-old Australian actor brought along his girlfriend, Natalie Mark, and posed for photos with director James Cameron and co-stars Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver, who planted a kiss on him!

Sam recently told The Mirror how he landed the role of Jake Sully:

James Cameron phoned me up and I was having my breakfast,” Sam said.

“He said, ‘Do you want to work with me?’ And I went, ‘It’s about time you asked! Do you want to work with me is more to the point.’

“And he said, ‘Yep. How quick can you get out here?’ I said, ‘I need a week. I’ve got to fix the brakes on the car.’ He laughed and said, ‘That’s my boy.”

15+ pictures inside of Sam Worthington and co-stars at the Avatar premiere…

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sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 01
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 02
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 03
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 04
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 05
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 06
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 07
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sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 10
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 11
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 12
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 13
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 14
sam worthington zoe saldana avatar premiere 15

Photos: Dave Hogan/Eamonn McCormack/Getty
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  • Anon

    Umm, I have the sneaking suspicion you’re talking about Sigourney Weaver when you mention Susan Sarandon!

  • pretty young girl

    So handsome and sexy. Too bad he’s always wearing those crappy shoes for every premiere.

  • SS

    The film is apparently great – early reviews from audiences –

    really looking forward to this one. It’s also getting in the high 80s on Rottentomatoes.

  • dp

    ummm i think you mean sigourney weaver…

  • Mileena

    Zoe Saldana looks gorgeous. I never thought, when I first saw her in Crossroads alongside Britney, that she would actually make it this big. She’s a great actress and she is beautiful, good for her. Yeah, Jared, it’s Sigourney Weaver. OH MY GOODNESS, this dude is so hot. Sam Worthington. He’s definitely worth my time. I keep drooling on him. He’s so damn handsome and has that SEXY aura. His girlfriend is so f.ucking lucky. I freakin’ envy her XD

  • Mileena

    Oh and by the way, I AM DYING TO WATCH THIS MOVIE! It seems AMAZING. Can’t waiiiiit! Unfortunately, it’ll open in theaters only in a few days in Paris XD

  • Tia

    He looks great. The girl needs to cut back on the pose a bit , she looks like she is trying out for Top Model with Tyra Banks , kind of rediculous.

  • xxx

    I love Sam! He’s so AUSSIE.
    He is a real aussie boy……. Hugh Jackman is an unpatriotic joke… thank god we have someone like Sam representing us in Hollywood now! :)
    Hope the movie does well for him.

  • bob


  • MMA


  • dizzamn

    he is really good looking. damn

  • Zoey

    Zoe is too skinny. She weighs less than a 100 pounds.

  • dollhouse

    his girlfriend looks like trash

  • mercy

    Get a life, dollhouse. Sam and his girlfriend make a great couple.

  • nameless

    hmm. didn’t know he is kinda short.

  • yourlover
  • Ewa

    Gosh…he’s so short…I’m the same height as Sigourney Weaver. He looks kind of miniature next to her, even though she is crouching a bit…

    PS: His girlfriend is pretty and classy looking, dollhouse. Get your glasses on, hon…

  • jolentini
  • happy girl

    Zoe is wearing that dress. What a gorgeous dress. Who is the designer?? WOW! I never liked her much on screen but she looks good.

  • carrie

    but you’re cute even with your shitty shoes and even if you ‘re a few small!

  • Monty

    zoe’s poses really takes away from the glamour of her look. she looks awkward and like she’s trying too hard in those poses.

  • Sam….sigh!

    Sam is so hot, sexy and masculine, not one of those pretty boys but a MAN!

  • SamIsIT

    Sam is amazing!!! A great, hard- working, in demand actor who is being OFFERED roles at this young age. AWESOME! That is because he is real, honest, manly, smart, hard working–not hard partying, non-hollywood (or hollyweird), and takes chances. Not to mention he is so ruggedly handsome it makes me swoon. The fact that he dates a real woman and doesn’t get caught up in the stupid starlet dating game or dating every co-star bodes well for him. Shows that he is professional which will only keep him in demand. Love u Sam!

  • Weedy

    Now that’s a MAN…….freaking hot!!!!! Tired of all ‘dem femme metrosexuals…

  • reba

    Zoe’s ‘over-posing’ comes from years of being a classically trained dancer. Her thin figure doesn’t help, but she has always stood/posed as if she were dancing – very dramatic.

  • Leslie Lohan

    Can’t wait to see this

  • AutumnM

    Is Zoe anorexic? Such a pretty girl, but too skinny

  • barbie

    Sam’s girlfriend is really pretty. Alas Zoe Saldana is trying far too hard with all those model-like poses. She is naturally so beautiful with a wonderful figure, no need for those silly contortions.

  • fan

    sam is kinda ALPHA MALE !…

  • Jappel

    Zoe is just perfection.

    And ugh, this arrogant Worthington character…crappy, wooden ‘actor’.

  • emmaa

    I love Zoe!

  • Baby

    cant wait till this movie comes out….

  • martha

    I didn’t realize Sam was so small. He’s sort of a pocket sized hunk.

  • Steve Sanders

    This movie will be awesome

  • Chef Coa

    She’s got it down!

  • yep

    I can’t wait to see this movie, I hope it’s as amazing as it says in the early reviews. SW is beyond handsome, makes me want to watch the movie even more!

  • D’Authority

    What the hell is Sam Worthington doing with that ugly lady? He can do a lot better than that! Was she the only one who adored him when he was still ugly? Or is she the only one who’ll put up with those ugly boots of his?

  • j

    anyone know what brand boots Worthington is wearing?

  • j

    anyone know what brand of boots worthington is wearing?

  • j

    anyone know what brand of boots worthington is wearing?

  • anon

    @ D’Authority:
    He never was and never will be ugly. Sam Worthington is frickin’ HOT. His girlfriend’s not ugly but omg, I feel a little jealous. I wish I was her lol.

  • CJ

    @Trekki: Trekki, are you racist? YOu must be, just like most Americans who only value “white supremacist” standards of beauty. YOu probably don’t think of yourself as racist, but you are. You probably feel the same way about Sarah Jessica Parker/jewish women with bigger noses or any dark skinned black women who don’t own pixie nosejobbed Janet Jackson noses. So I suppose in your opinion, only Angelina Jolie should be considered beautiful. Goes to show you we are way behind when it comes to what we consider beautiful. Maybe you probably have nothing against pretty black women… as long as they have “white features”, right? And by the way, why don’t you post your own photo? I’d love to see what you look like and tear you apart. I’d bet you’d cry like a little whiny bitch. If you can dish it and call people ugly with potato noses, I’d love to see how you’d react to others comments about your own looks. Coward.

  • Chris

    CJ: Not every American is a racist, just like not every American is arrogant and proud. I’m an American, and like many other people I am able to see the beauty in everyone, regardless of what ethnicity or culture they may posses. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I find Zoe beautiful, Sam very handsome, his girlfriend beautiful. America consists of a mix of many cultures, and to stereotype us all as racist and only being attracted to “white features” is a very broad statement, one I take offense to. I for one am tired of being labeled as racist, arrogant, ignorant, stupid, and all of the other insults that float around in regards to Americans. We are not all the same, yet it is a true statement that the loudest among us are yes, often times the most frustrating. I write this not as an attempt to insult or offend, but merely defend not just myself but the millions of other good people who are not blind to the beauty of others and are most certainly not as ethnocentric as many others in the world believe.

  • Jennie

    @Chris: Well said Chris although I do agree with CJ a little bit . It’s so refreshing to see smart opinions in this website . I’m going to be honest and admit it usually when I write an opinion in this website it’s kind of mean one but the reality is am a nice sweet person but for some reason this site brings out the Nancy Grace in me. But again it’s always nice to find smart people here.

  • Steve

    “You probably feel the same way about Sarah Jessica Parker/jewish women with bigger noses or”

    Ridiculous. Sarah Jessica Parker is not good looking. It has nothing to do with the fact that (her father was) Jewish. There are plenty of Jewish women who are beautiful. This “non-European beauty” thing is bullcrap, because what it actually does is call women of any race “European looking” if they are good looking, even if they are right ouf of Africa. Who decided “Europeans” have dibs on that “look”? And if Sarah Jessica Parker is good looking, then who is ugly?

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