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Suri & Isabella Cruise Visit Tom On Set

Suri & Isabella Cruise Visit Tom On Set

Suri Cruise and big sister Isabella visit their famous father, Tom Cruise, on the set of Knight and Day in Sevilla, Spain on Friday (December 11).

The 3 1/2-year-old cutie pie was happy to see her dad in action but seemed to be a little apprehensive about coming too close to the motorcycle he sat on with co-star Cameron Diaz!

Isabella, who turns 17 later this month, comforted Suri and held her hand when she looked scared during shooting.

10+ pictures inside of Isabella and Suri Cruise visiting Tom Cruise on set…

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  • Lindley

    Cute family! Love Tom & Katie!

  • carrie

    i believe Suri is more famous than her dad or mum! why?

  • What-a-brat

    Something is very “off” with this child.

  • Pandora

    *Happy* to see her Dad? This child never looks happy. She looks disdainful, if anything. I see she is wearing high heels again. This time she’s been accessorized w/ “Hoe” hoops, too. Ridiculous!

  • to what-a-brat

    oh goodie! another arm chair child psychologist, who has never had access to this child, at work.

  • lala

    OMG it’s too cold in spain right now for that little girl to be dressed like that! Those people are crazy

  • WTF

    Why do they dress her as a little woman?! The summer dress (while Isabella is dressed for fall), high heels, purse, earings???

    Suri is cute but what’s gonna be left for her to explore when she’s gonna be a teenager? Sex?

  • lica

    suri is so cute! but i wanna see Bela with Sunny too!

  • mandy

    @WTF: Suri is cute but what’s gonna be left for her to explore when she’s gonna be a teenager? Sex?

    God knows what the press coverage will be like when she hits her teens.

  • rocky

    What’s up with those earrings? This little girl is going to be so ‘old’ before her time. Isabella looks like she’s got some cosmetic issues. I’m NOT going to say anything mean about Isabella’s cosmetic’s issue because alot of children her age go through them. Hope it’s being addressed, as she’s getting older. Looks like she’s got a bit of makeup on to hide the bumps a little.

  • vespertaire

    TomKat critics are patritiotic and classy, so Jackie O!

  • kyle

    Does anyone else think this child looks the most precocious child ever?
    She’s always with fancy dresses as though she’s going to some Hollywood party!! How ridiculous!

  • Five

    She isn’t, #2.

    Like what, #3?

    You’re ridiculous, #4.

    Right, #5.

    She’s just a girly-girl and stop sexualizing her, #7.

  • IamBW-BWisme

    omg she is such a pretty little girl :) Lover her

  • Five

    They’re just earrings, #10. Many little girls have them and they don’t make her look old.

  • kyle

    Also she has her arms uncovered, no coat, heels, earings… wtf? How is she gonna make any friends of her own age with such attires?

  • petra

    Love this little girl, so cute whimsical and creative.
    Bella is wearing the same headband as Katie, bet they are so close friends.
    see her everyday ,and she never seems sick from not wearing a jacket
    gorgeous little girl
    you naughty people are very jealous of Suri, because she more cuter than your idols
    she is the most adorable child in Hollwood
    ah ya ya ya ya ya

  • quincymob

    Love these TomKat critics who fight for peace, justice and the American way, Thanks JJ!!

  • moi

    Why on earth do Tom and Katie insist on putting their daughter in high heels all the time? dress their daughter up like some sort of real-life Barbie doll . She’ll have nothing to look forward to if she’s wearing earrings, heels and make up at such an early age. There’s a difference between children playing dress up at home and dressing too old for their age regularly.

  • Sarah

    She doesn’t look cute, I think it’s ridiculous. What would you say if your 50 year old mother dressed up like a teenager or a little girl?

  • queen bee

    I don’t think Suri likes anyone being on the back of Daddy’s motorcyle but her Mommy! Cameron betta watch out!…she don’t wan’t none a Suri….


    Seriously though….Suri is an adorable girl, but there is something strange about continuously indulging a little girl in wearing items reserved for older girls…..I’m concerned.


    That said, it’s not my place to judge someone else’s parenting when it appears that it is harmeless, at the moment…

  • mommymonitor

    Suri is cute. She could be dressed really pretty for winter.

    Oh how nice would it have been to have Isabella all dolled up, fancy in designer duds and heels, hair coiffed and bejeweled with soft make -up all befitting a 17 yr.s old and with her MOTHER at the Nine premiere. What 17 yr.. old girl would not want that…getting all done up!
    And jewelery…Suir sure likes getting heels,hair,earrings and stuff with party dresses. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nicole is the enemy she is not scientologist we must bann her from the children we must bann her she can see thechildren a few times a yr,. according to the planet Zeno’s moon nicole is the enemy a bad influence…

    BOY, I DO NOT what goods Tom has NICOLE. This is Hollywerid so , really? What? there is nothing. What can be worst than Tiger Woods stuff? Charlie Sheen?

    WHY does NICOLE not get those kids of hers more often, beats me. If I were their mom, I show up at the house with LAPD, paid by me and take when see fit.

    Wouldn’t you!?!?!!

    Weird!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry Tom and Katie fans, but this is one weird family

    Hopefullyy at 17 now,Isabella will be going to college and will be able to just go and see her mom at will.

  • emma#2

    a real little cutie pie!

  • Swe

    She is so adorable! She looks like a happy girl, with great parents!

  • anonymous

    I think this girl has not such a good childtime, always between grown-ups!

    And what little chance there has been of her having a childhood, is going to be gone completely within a year or two if they keep making her the focus of the cameras. In twenty years time Paris Hilton will be over, this little girl is just waiting in the wings.

  • Cathy

    That Baby Girl never has a coat on! Everyone around her is wearing long sleeves and coats. She’s always dressed as if it’s summer. Put a coat on that girl please!

  • Sunshine

    She must be a spoiled brat and they are allowing her to dress herself. It is ridiculous that a 3 1/2 year is always wearing summer dresses in the winter time with heels and now large earrings. She must scream and gets what she wants. I wonder if she has her bottle in the purse.

  • yipee!

    omg!!!! she’s so cute!

  • anonymous

    She won’t live a normal teenage life…

  • buck

    I agree with whoever said there is something “off” about this kid.
    She looks ridiculous too.

  • Five

    Because they feel like it, #18. Now go mind your on kids and stop telling others how t raise theirs.

    Good thinking, #21.

    Isabella Cruise still is in close contact with her mother, #22. She’s just a tomboy and she likes her privacy.


    Has it ever occured to you that maybe those kids maybe like being with their father THATS WHY THEY ARE ALWAYS WITH HIM. KIDS KNOW WHO GENUINELY LOVE THEM AND WHO DON’T

  • Chris

    No jacket, socks? WTF, is with those high-heels!! Enough of this BRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why must we see her plastered everywhere, she’s not anything special, just another celebrity weird kid!

  • Five

    That’s silly, #25. You got all that based on a few minutes of paparazzi photos.

    Of course not, #29. She’s the daughter of celebrities.

    You people are always saying that, #30.

  • Karon

    Oh good lord…..she looks like a hooker. Great parents she has. And look at these photos on Popsugar. She has TONS of bruises!! The one on the inside of the arm is especially troubling….I had one just like that when I had an I.V……just sayin.,0,1

  • anonymous

    Is she wearing make-up? Seems to me as though she wears some mascara and light color lipstick.

  • one word


  • two words

    get help

  • andrea

    You are quite boring making comments on a 3 year old girl…

  • three words


  • Wow….

    What HUGE hands she has!!!…And there she is PICKING them and stimming again. Where is Cankle? Sleeping off the hangover I suppose. What a piece of crap mom and dad. Horrible, incompetent parents. And earrings, lipstick, and high heels???Chris KLein must be soooo pissed!

  • to Sunshine

    “I wonder if she has her bottle in the purse.”
    Very strange little girl indeed. I wonder what kind of teenager she will be.

  • Sunshine

    Supernanny, please help them.

  • anthony

    God please dress this child normally! You have to figure we only see the other kids with Tom and KAtie because Nicole is rarely seen around she a MUCH MUCH more private person then Tom and Katie are.

  • to Karon

    “Oh good lord…..she looks like a hooker. ”
    I agree, it’s very sad… She may become angry at her mother when she’ll hit 20 and will look at pictures of her now.
    “Great parents she has. And look at these photos on Popsugar. She has TONS of bruises!! ”
    I’ve noticed that too, she has many little bruises. Maybe it’s normal for a child of that age… I don’t know

  • adele

    Isabella is another chaz bono in the making

  • =Logan=

    so cute

  • sad.. she’s too young for that

    Pedophiles surfing the Net must have pictures of Suri Cruise plastered all over their walls.

  • gklj

    This child is everything BUT normal.

  • coco

    Suri is so cute. I hate her name though.
    Isabella is cute too. Again hate that name too.