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Tiger Woods to Take 'Indefinite Break' from Golf

Tiger Woods to Take 'Indefinite Break' from Golf

Tiger Woods released a statement on his website today announcing an indefinite break from golf to focus his attention on his family.

In the statement, Tiger also admits his infidelity and asks for forgiveness.

Here’s the statement:

“I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children. I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I’ve done, but I want to do my best to try.

“I would like to ask everyone, including my fans, the good people at my foundation, business partners, the PGA Tour, and my fellow competitors, for their understanding. What’s most important now is that my family has the time, privacy, and safe haven we will need for personal healing.

“After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person.

“Again, I ask for privacy for my family and I am especially grateful for all those who have offered compassion and concern during this difficult period.”

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  • lucy

    BLAH BLAH BLAH… go find another whore!!

  • DickRambone

    BREAKIN NEWS: The guy hits little tiny balls for a living. WHO CARES. I could careless whose dirty punetang he puts his golf club in — its not going to influence my decision to buy or not buy a product his face is on. I could care less. Moving on.

  • Janelle

    Tiger….I still love you as a golfer but you messed up. Your family didn’t deserve what you’ve put them through. I think a break is needed.

  • Jen

    It’s very sad what he’s done to his family. His actions were thoughtless and selfish and as a result he has completely ruined his family. If Tiger wanted to keep sleeping with cheap women, then he should have never married Elin and had children. She deserves a lot better than him.

    And I don’t understand these women coming forward. It makes them look like cheap sluts who want attention for sleeping with a married man. That is nothing to be proud of.

  • AGA

    I just can’t believe that Tiger got away with so much for so long. Just goes to can’t believe anything when it comes to celebs and there handlers!! They will do and say anything to stay in the public’s good graces!! Who would of thought that boring old Tiger was actually a sex-fiend LMAO

  • Halli

    He won’t quit the game but will take a hiatus of sorts. A gifted golfer like him has years and years before he should even think about retiring.

  • xxx

    Disgusting, dirty man. Wait.. he doesn’t even deserve to be called a man.

  • AGA

    @Jen: Exactly my thoughts! WHY did he bother with Elin at all,if he was sleeping with waitress’s before & during his marrriage. If he’d stayed single he could of done whatever he wanted to.Now his kids will grow up knowing that HE is a skank who slept with lots of skanks without protection…..And if he never used protection,how is it that none of these women fell pregnant..after all that would guantee a 18yr payday!!!!

  • Jen


    Yes, it’s extremely sad, it’s actually rather tragic. He didn’t even have enough decency to remember to put on condoms while he was sleeping around with various women, including a porn star, both before and after he got married. Never mind he could have passed on a disease to Elin, especially while she was pregnant. I hope she and the children get checked out immidiately.

    I don’t understand men who get married but refuse to stop sleeping around. Just don’t get married. Nobody actually has to get married. If you know you can’t be faithful to your partner, just don’t bother and let them move on if they want a committment.

  • ganymede30324

    Golf is not what he needs to be taking a break from.

  • pooper

    # 10—-what do you mean?

    I hope you are not saying what I think you are saying.,

    If so..,,,you are an idiot!

    Men like Tiger ….should be very ashamed of themselves

  • insincere

    What a complete a$$. I see he’s made sure to get in an apology to his business partners in there, as well as to his wife – it really is all about the money, ain’t it?! He’s sure cashed in on his squeaky clean image, it really makes me angry to think how much money he has made on that image, which was a complete crock. He’s only sorry he got caught.

  • zzzz

    When I heard about the first girl he did, I thought he made a big mistake. Now that the news is out about all these other women, one after another (and overlapping), I’m wondering about his mental condition. He needs help. Although I still think he’s a bast*rd, and his wife needs to leave.

  • ivanka

    omg cant believe

  • Ani

    Give he and his wife a break right now…damned if they do and damned if they don’t! Nothing is more important than their precious babies and their long-term success as parents no matter what occurs during his time away from golf and his/their attempt to heal this horrible betrayal on his part and the disturbing violation of all those women who are without conscience and knew he was married with small children at home while they were playing with his twig and berries. Sending light to this couple and their precious offspring.

  • mimi

    Did you notice that his organization, A CHARITY, was paying for some of those ladies?
    That Uchitel girl was paid and her room and travel came out of the organization.
    If I was one of the people who donated money to Woods charity, I would be pissed and ask for my money back so I can use it for people who actually need it, as opposed to Tiger’s trashy strippers and hookers.

  • AutumnM

    Leave Tiger alone already. Okay, he cheated on his wife with a bunch of low class whores and that was stupid, but how does that affect anyone here personally? It’s not as though Tiger killed someone or committed a crime, so why is everyone on his case? These skanks he was messing with aren’t any better running off at the mouth to the press for money. Hopefully, Tiger will take some time to himself and work on his marriage with Elin and hopefully he’ll figure out why he was cheating in the first place, but as I said, it’s none of anyone’s business really.

    Tiger doesn’t owe the public any apologize for cheating on his wife. It’s a private matter.

    Good luck to Tiger and his family. I wish them the best.

  • LuckyL

    She’s still going to leave him, so what’s the point with this sh*t? Golfing would actually be therapeutic.

  • xxx


    #17 – don’t say oh my god its his private life leave him alone because he made the choice to become a professional golfer… (I won’t say pro athlete because I don’t think golf is a sport hahah). He made the descision to play golf.. and sign so many massive endorsements deals. Therefore, millions and millions of people know who he is and look up to him. Don’t try and defend him and say its his private life because when you put your self in the spotlight… well DEAL WITH IT TIGER. Or is it Cheetah, now?

  • diva

    Why are ppl acting like he commitied a crime like he murdered someone or caused them bodily harm! face it men cheat not all but some do and in Tiger’s case these women were throwing themselves at him the only reason why men cheat is becasue women are allowing them to. If any of these women respected the marriage or themselves for that matter this mess wouldn’t have happend not to say tiger isn’t at fault but lay off the guy

  • http://hotmailaustralia Laila

    Well, I do hope they can work it all out. I admire his wife so much for giving this another chance, God Bless Them all with this.

  • xxx


    Tons of male celebrities get women thrown at them.. but most of them don’t cheat… ever heard of self-control? Spineless man.

  • AutumnM


    I’m simply saying that the media needs to leave him alone and I also don’t think that he owes the public a damn thing. Tiger doesn’t owe any of us ANYTHING. He needs to answer to his wife and family, that’s it. That’s who he owes the apology too. I really don’t get why he’s apologizing to the public. I would not have done that if I were him. Only thing is that Tiger comes across as a phony because he’s always portrayed the image that he was a good guy with traditional family values and morals, but I guess not. Oh well, no one’s perfect. As I said though, it’s not as though he killed someone or something, people need to let him be. Him cheating on his wife is not affecting anyone here personally.

  • xxx


    Well he should apologise to the public because millions look up to him…. he is a role model to many…… thats why!

  • LuckyL

    ^^Exactly and he is a fraud and represented himself as one kind of man and fooled everyone. Fake, lying, man who willfully and verbally considers himself a role-model. That fake image brought him millions along with the golf–you call in “role models” for paid speaking engagements, workshops, endorsements, etc. So yes, it matters. Now done with this sordid business. Never read any of his dicey letters.

  • LuckyL

    mimi @ 12/11/2009 at 10:48 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Did you notice that his organization, A CHARITY, was paying for some of those ladies?
    That Uchitel girl was paid and her room and travel came out of the organization.
    If I was one of the people who donated money to Woods charity, I would be pissed and ask for my money back so I can use it for people who actually need it, as opposed to Tiger’s trashy strippers and hookers.
    Thanks for pointing that out btw.

  • observer

    The media needs revenues badly, so this story is overblown. So the world now knows he cheated on his wife. But he became rich because of his atletic abilities in goft, not for being a faithful husband. I would hope people would not try to end his career. Why are people so inflamed about this?

    He never came across as a womanizer, now we know he is. But that does not change my respect for him as a great gofter. And he has done a lot of good things charity wise. So why does the public/media act like he is irredeemable? I know some out of envy are probably happy to kick him while he is down. But I hope most people are more humane than that.

  • observer

    mispelled golf in my post.

  • Annabelle

    Wha’s done, is done. I feel for Elin and thank God the kids are small.
    Tiger screwewd up and need proffesional help. But there is a hope and people do change! I took my ex 20 years.
    I wish them both lots of luck.
    Looks like Elin is a strong woman and doesn’t give up easy.

  • Edila

    So many families are broken every day, wifes and husbands cheating and they don’t even fell sorry, they think they had reasons for cheating and always blame the other spouse, they got divorce and hate each other for the rest of their life, but when you are famous you have to say you are sorry you have hurt your family and aske for forgiveness just because of the midia.

  • reversemergers

    If I was his wife, there would be no second chance.

  • Team Elin

    He is a pro golfer. that is not why the media is all over this story. If he were just a pro golfer and all this came out,so what. The thing is he made himself more popular and put himself out there as a spokesperson for compaines,family man , idol, good guy image. He could have played his pro golf, but HE CHOOSE to go that extra palce out and away from golf which has enhanced his bank’s acct.That is why it is a big story.

  • Team Elin

    reversemerger, click on my thumbs up. I clicked on yours.
    Look everybody at the little icons under your name.
    That is something new.

  • AutumnM


    Parents should be role models to their children, not celebrities. That’s a ridiculous thing to say. As I said, if your name isn’t Elin or you aren’t one of Tiger’s family members or close friends, then he doesn’t owe you anything as you do not know him personally. He owes you nothing. He doesn’t owe the public anything. Get real.

  • Team Elin

    If Tiger were single and played with and on all of these women, so what.
    If he were married with no kids and had run on all of these women, the public and media would ok….lets say Tigers people could fix it.Give Elin 10 million. Say it was never a real marraige….he was always gone fromhome, no privacy,etc.That could have worked.
    He is married and has those precious babies and so this story is really hard to try to swallow.

    This is so crazy, hard to believe because he was so likeable,talented, good image, etc.

    Will he ever be off of the magazines?
    It does not seem like it.

  • Protected mode

    (…)…need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person (…)

    Does that mean Elin is stickin with Tiger’s sorry ass?

  • xxx


    He is one of the most successful golfers of all time…. therefore , he is a role model. Don’t kid yourself, all recognizable people have some sort of an influence on the public………. especially children!!!

  • AGA

    Hate to break it to some of you…but this story is not going away any-time soon! In fact Tiger will NEVER live it down.You guys know what the media is like and they will keep this story going for as long as they possibly can!! I like Tiger,but am shocked at his choice of me he picked the ones most likely to tell..low-paid waitresses.How did he get away with it so long??? And I agree with others..He could of just stayed a golfer instead he choose to Marry and misrepresent himself..That’s why it’s the public’s business

  • Shoes4life

    Boy there are some pretty bitter comments towards Tiger, actually some are scaryespecialy for someone they don’tknow and probably never even watched this man play golf. I also see the stupid “team” crap trying to start.

    Anyway, I agree with Autumnm and observer the media & bitter public need to back off of this famiy. It’s like people have such hate for him that they will not be happy until he fails in everything. Thank goodness there are people who understand that there is no such thing as a perfect human. I don’t think Tiger owe anybody outside of his household no explanation of what he and his family is going through, he has said more than enough. Cheating is a horrible thing but it is a situation between a husband and wife.

    I send out heart felt prayers to the Woods family and hope that they do not allow the public scrutiny to decide their fate. Marriage is for better or worse and they are being tested right now and can get through it, if they avoid the naysayers.

    Peope need to stop, look at, and work on their own sins, instead of tearing down another man for theirs.

    May the Tiger & Elin be in peace and blessings no matter what they decide to do in their marriage.

  • The Truth

    Good riddance and don’t come back.

  • barbie

    Well, his wife (the apparently wronged one in this whole sad story) is sticking by him. And that tells a LOT. Mainly that he is essentially a good person, extremely talented and a good provider for his family. Elin obviously sees the huge benefits of staying with her husband rather than setting out alone as a single mother.

  • To the haters

    Tiger will be back!

    He and his wife is going through it right now but trust me you think Tiger was big before, you can bet your ass he will be bigger than ever when he returns to golf. This is the sport that this man made golfers and non-golfers love. He brought an interest to the game and made it cool to younger generations and broke racial barriers in a sport that most minorities deemed was only for the rich white guys that like wearing plaid pants.

    Golf will go on but it will be missing that spark, some interest and crowds that Tiger Woods bring to the tournaments when he plays.

    Hang in there Tiger and Elin I and many, many others are rooting for you!

  • missD

    U Americans are such politically correct puritans !
    Men do cheat even when married and specially when they’re rich and when beautiful/ trashy girls come to them without even having to lift a finger ! Its human nature, give a man money, power and sex and he will go crazy !
    U people shouldnt care that much about what he does behind close doors, all the public should care about is his ability to play golf cause thats what u liked him at first.
    He will never get dropped by his sponsors cause the guys on top of these businesses do the same and understand !
    If he cheated that much it only reveals the problem his couple had, his wife seems beautiful inside and out and he slept with not that beautiful girls which means that he didnt try to replace his wife but probably was missing something. Anyway its all about money : he wants to keep his deals, the wife wants more and the whores want their share !! To have sex is one thing to love is another …
    Go Tigger, come to europe !

  • L0125

    He was a role model and did present an entirely different image to the public. And come on, is he really sorry or just sorry he got caught? Do you think if this hadn’t come out, he was going to confess or something?

  • missD

    one last thing people, america is so fake because of the large place given to celebrities. Celebrities are not there to educate your children and show them what life is about, its the parent’s role ! Parents should be their own kids role models, not Tigger/Lindsay/Chris Brown/ or who ever. Celebrities are just there to give dreams, their lives shouldnt be compared to regular people’s…

  • missD

    @L0125: America is so fake because of the large place given to celebrities. Celebrities are not there to educate your children and show them what life is about, its the parent’s role ! Parents should be their own kids role models, not Tigger/Lindsay/Chris Brown/ or who ever. Celebrities are just there to give dreams, their lives shouldnt be compared to regular people’s…

    Read more:

  • Tiger wood fan

    Fact, People think is a cheat, fact he is a celebrity, fact is half black that makes things worse sometimes. If the media or a number people don’t care about him or his golf anymore then go after something pure and decent elsewhere or even get sponsorship deal out some those women who have come out. If people don’t care or like him anymore why write about him or make jokes and money out of his infidelity out there. If there no man without any transgretion up there especially the media then find a pure soul and make money out of it. the insult will not change what has come to pass or will change many who are still cheating.

  • African Girl

    Why is he apologizing to everybody? He wasn’t married to everybody? TW needs to make his apologies to his wife coz she’s the only one who counts…despite what some fans may think.

  • gillian

    Don’t ever come back. Cheating is awful but sex with many many women without condom is beyond crazy. What Tiger risked for his wife and his beloved children is just disgusting.

  • julia

    so what if he cheated! it shouldn’t interfere with his work..he’s an ATHLETE! It makes no sense, his personal issues don’t change the fact that he’s an amazing golfer! still is! this role model thing is crap..people have minds of their own contrary to popular beleif