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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Check Out Seville Cathedral

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Check Out Seville Cathedral

Tom Cruise, wife Katie Holmes and his daughter, Isabella, visit Seville Cathedral in Spain with some friends on Friday (December 11).

The 47-year-old actor, who’s in town to shoot Knight and Day, took time to visit the church, which is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

Earlier in the day, Tom shot scenes with co-star Cameron Diaz – both Isabella and Tom and Katie‘s daughter Suri came along to watch!

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and his family visiting Seville Cathedral…

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tom cruise katie holmes isabella cruise cathedral 01
tom cruise katie holmes isabella cruise cathedral 02
tom cruise katie holmes isabella cruise cathedral 03
tom cruise katie holmes isabella cruise cathedral 04
tom cruise katie holmes isabella cruise cathedral 05
tom cruise katie holmes isabella cruise cathedral 06
tom cruise katie holmes isabella cruise cathedral 07
tom cruise katie holmes isabella cruise cathedral 08
tom cruise katie holmes isabella cruise cathedral 09
tom cruise katie holmes isabella cruise cathedral 10

Credit: Kadena Pix; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • jenny

    Too bad they are both atheists!

  • fiona

    This is probably the most education that Tom or Katie have ever had.

    Aren’t they both grade school dropouts?

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest cruise fan

    wow Isabella has grown up so much

  • Candy

    Isabella is the only one in this photo with any sense. She seems like a very intelligent young lady. She obviously got her brains from her mom.
    Maybe she’ll be able to teach Katie a thing or two.

  • bob


    um, hello, those kids were adopted LOL by tom and nicole kidman

  • Wow….

    They Don’t believe in GOD, so what is the point here??? Another photo-op of course. And they both looked drugged up…..check out the body language.

  • meg

    Tom looks like he’s ready to fire lasers out of those crazy eyes of his. Scary.

  • jolentini
  • Candy

    Bob…um, hello…..she was raised by Nicole, her mother. Do you think that Nicole is not her mother because she adopted her? Good grief….Nicole could teach you a thing or two as well. LOL

    You must have misinterpreted my comment. I didn’t mean that Isabella got her brains literally (via birth) from Nicole.

    I suppose you thought I didn’t know what I was talking about since my name is Candy?

  • erin

    Is this Tom’s first time in a real church?

    Definitely a photo op. These losers know they screwed up in the public eye when they became cult followers. Now they are trying to make everyone think they believe in God.

    SICK….Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are SICK!

  • Jimbob

    Tom looks like a middle aged lesbian with child bearing hips.

  • moi

    I like Isabella. I think her and Connor are the only normal beings in that family and the only hope for Suri to get some adequate psychological support when she’ll need it.

  • nia

    Uh, no Katie’s not a drop-out. She actually has more education than Nicole who dropped out of school at age 15 or 16. Katie on the other graduated from a very good private high school and was accepted to one of the most prestigious universties (Columbia).
    Of course, there are some smart people who didn’t graduate from highs school, and I’m sure Nicole is bright. But you guys should get your facts straight.

  • Toby

    I love u Tom
    Wish I could go to Spain!!!!!!!!

  • john boy

    #13 …in your dreams…Katie Holmes didn’t get accepted into any “prestigous” university.

  • Annie

    Looks like he is going to start couch jumping again. My lord, look at the Crazy Lunatic!!! And what an insult to Catholics! WHY are they going through the Cathedral??? PR AND PHOTO-OP trying to improve his image once again. I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either stick to your Sc-Fi crap or don’t, but don’t make a mockery of the catholic church. And just look at their arms!! Maybe Lucifer will strick them down, I can only hope.

  • bob

    @Candy: wow, way to diss yourself, Candy… I didn’t even make fun of or mention your name, but obviously you do that yourself lol

  • john boy

    Bob…get a life :)

  • Miss Anonymous


    Nicole was smart enough to get away from Tom. Just saying.

  • Omen

    Good job they left Suri outside. Wouldn’t have been very good P.R. if the ground started violently shaking, stain glass windows blew out and large chunks of masonry started falling when the CRUISE CHIIIIIILD stepped into the hallowed grounds.

  • nia

    ^^Lol, she didn’t “get away.” He left her even though she begged him to stay. She even admitted in her Vogue interview a couple years ago that she would have stayed married to Tom forever if he hadn’t divorced her.

  • Miss Anonymous


    You’re missing the point, Sherlock. She’s not a Stepford Wife anymore. She’s FREE.

  • Pat

    I wounder whether Katie has anything longer than those shorts/mini-skirt/whatever that she has chosen for an excursion to the Cathedral?

  • pookie

    # 13-

    u gave me a good laugh about Katie’s so-called education. Have you actually heard this bimbo talk? It’s hilarious!

    Also…she has no clue on how to raise her brat…..just look at how she dresses her…..and can’t even figure out how to even raise her right. Suri is a huge brat at age 3 (going on age 30) already!

  • Wow!

    I have never, ever….EVER…..seen Suri look at Katie like this!

  • Wow!

    And it looks like Katie wants to be Megan Fox.

  • Poster

    both (?) former Catholics

  • zzzz

    It is very disrespectful to enter a cathedral in Europe dressed in a tiny mini skirt, even with tights.

  • Wow!

    If a picture can speak a thousand words…this one is telling me that Isabella gives Suri far more maternal warmth than Katie, as this unusually engaged, happy expression of Suri’s is something that is always lacking. And that Katie is probably more interested in trying to look like some sort of (*cough*) glamorous, A-list, sexy superstar, fashionista than being a mother. How come we have never seen pictures of Suri gazing adoringly and smiling warmly at her mother?

  • Leslie Lohan

    He had Suri when he was 45? Wow that is old

  • Wow!

    @Wow….: Ha! Sorry – didn’t see this username was taken.

  • LuckyL

    Hey look, it’s Mr. Maniac

  • bobo

    …and Quasi-Kate ‘O’

  • Moikle

    And Izza-(better run like)-hella…

  • yak yak yak

    they are FREAKS!

  • barbie

    For crying out loud, millions of people visit this historic church in Seville every day. I doubt every single one of them is a Christian….some of the comments in this thread are bordering on lunacy!

  • =Logan=

    i love katie, shes so gorgeous and natural.

  • Lex

    Actually, only the Vatican has a dresscode for visiting St Peter’s Basilica.
    I visited the Sagrada Familia in shorts and nobody minded.
    So I guess shorts with dark stockings is not that big a drama.
    The real drama is Tom’s smile, whenever I see a picture of him smiling I don’t sleep at night.

  • regina

    Thank goodness Bella is with her father!
    Katie is the real STEPMOM! a real b…she doesn´t give a damn o Bella, but don´t forget Katie, Bella came first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coleen

    He’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Pablo

    @Lex: The real drama is Tom’s smile, whenever I see a picture of him smiling I don’t sleep at night.

  • MMA

    Is he thinking of buying it?

  • Pablo

    @MMA: Think he’s just checking out the competition.

  • Oliver

    Umm, hey Annie (#16) sorry to disappoint you, but given that the Catholic Church has not only shuffled around, but also DEFENDED PEDOPHILES, I think having a Sci-fi crackpot in a cathedral is the least of the church’s concerns!

  • Baby

    didnt know they where still together

  • LYNN

    I realize that these people hate Tom and kathie, but why do you have to tell untruth to make your statement on him believeable. I dont understand haters calling him gay. I did not hear all this negative talk about him when he was married to Nicole. Are these the same haters that hate on another certain famous couple.

    jj: Why did you say, both Isabella and Tom and Kathie’s daughter Suri came along to watch? Why are you also contributing to the hate also? Are you trying to insinuate to the public that you are also in agreement with these haters that keep putting out rumors over the internet, saying that little Suri isnt Tom’s child? Why anybody be that lowdown of a dog to say that to another man. A real man will not say that to another man… !!!!NOTICE I SAID A REAL MAN!!!!

  • @lynn

    There have always been rumors about Cruise being gay–even before he married Kidman. Don’t you remember? He sued a couple of times I believe regarding people who stated he was. Some guy who said he had an affair with him and a magazine. Both while he was married to Nicole.
    Another reason rumors swirl is the CULT of scientology is homophobic, although they say they aren’t–it is well known in hollywood that they have a program to deprogram gays and make them hetero.
    So yes the rumors continue.

  • LYNN

    THAT IS NOT THE FIRST TIME TOM CRUISE HAS BEEN IN A CHURCH. HE WAS BROUGHT UP CATHOLIC AND STUDIED TO BE A PRIEST BUT GAVE IT UP. I bet Tom knows a lot about his Catholic upbring, but I notice no media will dare ask him about those day of his life. I wish he would write a book about his days as a catholic, might be quite interesting.

  • James

    #19 Miss Anonymous @ 12/11/2009 at 8:27 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +5

    Nicole was smart enough to get away from Tom. Just saying.
    Get your facts straight. Nicole did not leave Tom, she said she did not want a divorce from Tom. Tom is the one who did the leaving.

  • LYNN

    Listen, I am southern Baptist and you know how Homophobic they are even though we have gay church members with the church. We also have homophobic senators in Washington even tho some of their cohorts are undercover gays. Why dont u people point out these folks as homophobicalso. So why just focus on the Scientologist? Is it just because you can be secretive when trying to destroy another man’s livelyhood along with the person that you have a vendetta against? What is the vendetta and what has Tom Cruise done so bad to anybody in this country? We all have followed him his whole life and I think we know quite a bit about his history which is rather boring compared to some other stars and I know he will admit to that. There have been more than Tom Cruise that have sued people or news outlet for reporting erroronous info. I even know of a case where people have sued for pictures that were leaked or some reporting that they were into drugs. I notice those stories faded even tho Mr Cruise lawsuit is just as old, but you are still hating on Mr. Cruise for some strange reason. I would like to know the real reason, since he is not the only actor that is Scientology. Mr Cruise is still a very good Actor and has helped quite a few actors get inside the door. Thanks for letting me vent. lol