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Adam Lambert: Jingle Ball Before Big NYE Performance!

Adam Lambert: Jingle Ball Before Big NYE Performance!

Adam Lambert rocks a dark double-breasted coat and spiky hair at Z100′s Jingle Ball 2009, held at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Friday (December 11).

The 27-year-old singer, who wished his former Idol competitor Kris Allen good luck at the event via Twitter, shared with the press that his new year’s resolution is to be positive.

Adam will watch the big ball drop on New Year’s at Paramount Pictures Studio in Hollywood – Pamela Anderson will host the event, and Adam will take the stage and perform a 40-minute set at midnight to kick off the new year!

For tickets to Adam‘s NYE performance, check out!

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  • WOW!

    Adam, Zachary and Jake on the same JJ page!!!

  • sillyme

    he creeps me out!

  • Jill

    Hot. So hot.

  • jake

    If any of you have ever wondered what an Alpha Male Douche Bag would look like if he were GAY look no more.

  • Amanda

    Be more perfect Adam!! I effing love him!! <333

  • kaaketu


    I find you creepy and him adorable! Get a life! Looks like you are obsessed enough with him to look at his pictures and write a post. That is creepy like a stalker!

  • sara

    He’s looking hot! My friends and I got tickets for the New Year’s event. All you can drink. Should be good times.

  • Gina

    As gorgeous as he is, his personality is even better. I LOVE his new CD. it is all kinds of great.

  • Jill


    You forgot to post your picture so we could see.

  • sadly

    Pancake face much?

  • Jill


    LOL – he is gorgeous and you know it.

    Jealous much?

  • FierceGlitter

    most psychiatrists say what people ridicule in others is what they fear exists in themselves, so enough said about the poor bashers! Wish I could go see Adam, he is so gorgeous so talented and such a beautiful person on the inside!! Rock on Adam, you are the best!

  • yasmin

    He was sooooooo sweet and down to earth in person o m g.

    He was one of the friendliest people there. I love him now lmao.

  • quotes

    “Peter Facinelli, so hot in person and very amicable! I told him how much I loved his wife and how great she was and he just said “don’t I know it, I love her” which I found adorable. They make a fantastic couple :)

    Mark Indelicato, I had no idea he was there. I was turning around and smacked right into him and went from “OMG, I am SO sorry… OMG I LOVE YOU!”, yeah embarrassing Ugly Betty fangirl moment, lmao. He is a sweet kid and we both talked about glad we are that UB is going to be on Wednesday now.

    Kris Allen. Pretty nice guy, I didn;t talk to him much but he was more than willing to pose for a picture.

    Ke$ha, lmao. I know nothing about her I just happened to be passing by and she saw me with my camera and offered to take a picture so figured why the hell not. She had lots of creepy stans back there with $$$’s all over their faces and body parts. o_0 (And I have no idea wtf kind of face I was making, I think she just really caught me off guard so I went into drunken-myspace-pose-mode despite my sobriety).

    The tallest man backstage, John Mayer. He was so funny he kept making jokes and was pretty nice to all the fans backstage. He had a gaggle of 10-12 year olds seriously gushing over him.

    Leighton declined a pic but came off nice even as she blew me off, lol. Plus her dress was damn hot.

    Justin Beiber or w/e. I wouldn’t have known who he was but the screaming children backstage tipped me off, lol.
    Usher was floating around with him occasionally but I didn’t snap a pic.

    The “controversial” man of the hour himself, Adam Lambert. Oh lord, we had like 4 run ins and all I wanted was to get his autograph for my roommate as an early Christmas present since she was unable to come. When I finally had my chance to take a picture and ask him for an autograph my camera acted up and he had to leave before I even had a chance to finish talking to him. Finally while I was puttering around on stage I ran into him again and he asked if I still wanted a picture (very cool of him) so I got one and we talked a bit about his AMA performance *insert simulated blowjob gif here* and then about our gauged ears and the lol-factor about how it’s suddenly trendy. Overall he is a pretty down to earth guy and I like him more than I did before I met him :)
    OH! And as I was walking away and he was talking to record execs he reach out and lightly pinched my arm and winked at me. Love him.”

  • :)

    Adam is adorable but he looks sooooooo much better without the “8 pounds of makeup” [HIS WORDS lol].

    Just sayin. But I like him.

  • manny

    I’m an Aquarious just like Adam, full of insecurities and commitment and me don’t go in the same sentence, so don’t expect him to settle down any time soon. I would never ever date another aquarious guy, never in my life, I’ve done it and honestly, …they are liar, very independent, curiouous,that;s their own advantage and disadv. Adam, good luck, anyway!But probably in a years time, we won’t hear from you any more…….

  • Ron

    Yep, in a years time we won’t hear from him any more, hopefully,….Freak!!!!!!

  • Paulie

    LOVE him!

  • Jory

    yaaay for BB ahhhh i love him so freakin much <3 he is so sexy and handsome :)

  • Twilight

    Yeah, what a freak, I’m still waiting for him to write a good song and sing it, all what he does is singing other people’s songs, well, other people’s rejected songs.

  • TJ

    @Ron: looks like psychiatrists are right about this one LMAO

  • mimi

    In a years time, nope,….as soon as the next american idol season starts he’ll be forgotten,………..he is not original at all, he is just trying to copy lady Gaga or Madonna, who the he ll does he thinks he is, FREAK!

  • Ron

    Sorry babe, you come back to me in a years time and remind me who Adam Lambert is. By the way, are you single?, well, if you are, just let me tell you you’ll be single for the rest of your life,-let’s take a moment here:hanging around beautiful gay men in the hope that one day they might get drunk enough to confuse your gender and kiss you is a bad look. Just buy some cats and move on with your life.

  • Ilia

    Will this air? I definitely would love to watch it. And most of the haters here are closeted homos themselves, so pay no attention to these deluded freaks.

    Adam Lambert is da shiznit!

  • lyndsay

    Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!You rock, do you write for a magazine

  • Ron

    Actually, yeah, I do. I work for Heat magazine in the Uk, but here just giving my opinion, babe. xxxxxxx

  • Stephanie L

    Um, do you actually KNOW anything about Adam? Clearly not, because he happens to be super super nice, charming, and not a douche bag at all :D

    Seriously, there’s a REASON every person who has actually worked with him has raved about what a great guy he is.

  • Jay

    I think that Baptist Church that pickets military funerals are paying haters to go online to all of Adams sites. Bet the idiotts who say he’s fat and ugly don’t have a photo of THEMSELVES because even a bird wouldn’t want it in the bottom of their cages. Adam is a doll. I’d love to see my son express himself in what he wears. Grow up people. Negative stuff about Adam only makes his fans even bigger fans. You won’t change our minds with your garbage.

  • twitter

    Jingle B tweets from last night:

    RT Leighton Meester just denied a little girl’s photo! “I’ve already taken photos” what…!??

    RT Just met Adam Lambert. He is so sweet. But way taller than I expected.

    RT Adam Lambert…one of the ones I found easiest to talk to. friendly n laid back but chatty

    RT Is Kris Allen drunk lol? Dude’s slurring his song.

    RT: @AdamLambert in the building. Super nice guy.

    RT Who is this Justin kid.

    RT Justin Bieber guitar solo. Four words I never EVER want to type again. #ImJustJealousCuzThisFetusHasProbablyHadMoreSexualPartnersTh

    RT The excitement is so thick here at Jingle Ball, you could cut it with @justinbieber’s buoy knife.

    RT Adam lambert just passed us. More details to come.

    RT OMG. My Bieber interview almost got cancelled because he needs a nap.

    RT Bieber is actually a nice kid. Yeah he thinks he’s the shizz but it’s funny.

    RT I just interviewed some girl whose publicist bombarded us. I had no idea who she was. “What brings u here tonite?” “I’m performing.” Whoops.

    RT Jordin and band singing Ill Be Home For Christmas acapella.

    RT Swifty just joined BLG onstage. I’m not drunk enough for this.

    RT Backstage Awww Kris, Adam, Allison reuinion! These guys are so funny together.

    RT Ke$ha and mom spotted backstage crying. First big performance, both proud of her

    RT Damn Kesha needs a good ol’ wash……………..

    RT Lambert enters, cameras go mad.

    RT Adam Lambert doing the press round. He def has a presence

    RT Just interviewed Adam Lambert, such a sweetheart.

    RT #AdamLambert is hosting. Funny guy.

    RT awwww adam lambert is lovely!!

    RT Justin Bieber is performing, little girls are going mental. Shrill screams galore. HELP ME

    RT So #adamlambert’s super sweet. Says if he had 2 do AMAs all over, he’d sing better & stick 2 rehearsal script.

    RT Just interviewed Idol’s Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. Both such nice, chill, friendly guys.

    RT Kris Allen is teeny but so cute. Looking for Adam…

    RT leighton meester gurl needs to get her priorities straight. just bc you’re hot don’t mean you can act like a freaking diva

    RT I guess Taylor Swift broke up with Taylor.

    RT Taylor Swift, piano. R…A…P…E!

    RT Taylor Swift and Adam Lambert hugging

    RT lambert, allen and iraheta are so cute together

    RT John Mayer in front of me I’m dying

    RT justin autotuned outta his head. at least the jbros are kinda sorta talented……

  • Jay

    Just looked up Ron’s Heat Magazine on Wiki. The example cover page given’s headline is “Sheep watched me lose my virginity”. Guess Ron is one of their top employees. Sorry Ron, go back to watching the sheep.

  • LSCH

    Twilight: Do you always investigate the origin of every song you listen to? A whole lot of vocal artists sing songs written by other people. Adam co-wrote 4 of his songs and would have done more if not for the photo shoots, recording sessions and the tour. I don’t think Elvis wrote many if any of the songs he sang. So what? Who the hell cares? It’s how it’s sung that matters. And, Adam’s the best. If you don’t like his music, don’t buy it. Who cares? Direct your interest toward someone you do like …if such a person exists. That goes for the rest of you obsessed cyber-stalkers, too.

  • Amelle

    I met Adam. He was super charming, friendly and nice. He really is a sweetheart.

    I just think he should smile more in photos :) Because personality and charm doesn’t come through in photos. Bye.

  • cool
  • Ron

    Wuaouw, well. darling, just to say thank you for taking the time to look at that,…I guess you are a proper Glambert, won’t argue with that, I just hope you have a fullfilling happy love life, because if you are waiting for Lambert to get drunk and give you a kiss, you might waste your entire life, have good Christmas anyway,love!xxxxxxx

  • TJ

    @Ron: LMAO – you just keep provin my point! ps. love how you think my life is, I am sorry for you !

  • Angie

    Did you really do that? you are awesome, girl. anyways, I love heat magazine in the UK, hot of the press,….. goood luck with lambert. hope you get personal with him, I don’t think you will turn him straight, anyway,but keep dreaming!

  • Ron

    Uhhhhh!Love you,….but darling, I’m gay and I’ve been in a realtionship wit my love Lee for 15 yrs,…I guess you are a straight woman alone with nobody to sh*ag you,poor thing, I can tell by your comments, you know what,……get your best make up, go out, and get laid, I bet you haven’t felt a d*ick for a long time, I’m sure Adam is,love him!!!!!!!

  • Rogger

    Adam always BLACK HOT! He’s so amazing.

  • Jay

    Ron, did you change your name to Angie??? Lol, love it. I’m happily married with a son Adams age. I don’t see me doing anything with Adam except going to his next concert (already saw him at an Idols concert this summer) and buying his CD’s. You on the other hand seem to be obsessed with Adam. I think you have the hots for him. Tired of watching the sheep???? PS, I flew to London last year from the States to see Sir Cliff Richard’s 50th Anniversary concert at Wembley. So I go to whatever concerts and wherever I please for them. You wouldn’t know good music if it fell off a lorry and hit you in the head. Or did something fall off a lorry and hit you “somewhere”????

  • Ron


  • Ron

    Uhhf! Hello, I don’t know who angie is, all my respect for her,……uh, yeah, I loved Adam if he had natural black hair, sorry, I know he is ginger, so that’s a total turn off for me. Can I ask you something very personal, does your husband still fancy and pkeasure you? It looks like you are an unhappy woman, that’s how it comes across, hope it’s not,I’m starting to like you,……girl as I say Ihave a long term partner, Lee….so happy, no crush on Adam, too fat for my taste, no offence to anybody,though……

  • Angie

    Hi, Ron! Sorry people got me confused with you, I still like you on HEAT MAGAZINE,baby!

  • Ron

    Sorry, I don’t have more time for this web, Off to party and enjoy myself in London city,………it’s saturday, don’t tell me you don’t go out tonight, I wouldbe so dissapointied,…..woman, get your husband to take you out, it;s the weekend,…by the way, I’m propossing to my boyfriend on Christmas, hope he is going to say yes!!!!!!!!!!IUHHHH!Love you all, I’m so happy!

  • Jay

    Good for you Ron. Have fun. Watch those escalators at the tube stops. And congrats. I’ve been happily married for 34 years. May you be that lucky.

  • sara

    Adam talked about the trolls on the net and his advise is to just ignore them and focus on the positive. I agree. People who do nothing but come online so they can trash others are obviously missing something in their own lives and we should pity them.

    By every account from people who have met Adam, he’s a sweetheart. Who cares what he looks like? His voice is wonderful and his personality is just as great.

  • Ron

    Yeah, darling!I have been married for 4 yrs only but I hope to make it to 34 like you,… although, I’m hoping to feel passion and love for my husband at that piont and not fantasing about someone I can never have,…but keep dreaming, that’s what probably make your marriage go on,…I actually feel sorry for you, woman. No, sorry, I feel sorry for your husband, who has to put his d*ick in a old stinking hole just to show you he still loves you, poor man!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Yeas, but at the end of the day, his CD is tanking, nobody is buying it, he should be more carefull about the people on the net, they buy his album,too.

  • Riannagray

    Love Adam and his amazing voice, can’t wait for his next cd! He isn’t going anywhere but up and his fans are here to stay. Always curious why haters feel the need to post about him! hmmm

  • Layla

    Adam is a freak with no talent, he thinks he is lady Gaga, but he can’t write a song, what a douchebag,…!


    Wait a minute this guy is 27. I thought he was 19 or 20, what a loser your almost 30 still dressing like that playing characters!!!!!??!!! I don’t mean to bring anybody down but damn hes almost 30, he needs to act and dress like it!