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Zachary Quinto: Spike TV Video Game Awards on Saturday!

Zachary Quinto: Spike TV Video Game Awards on Saturday!

Zachary Quinto goes for a walk with his canine companion, Noah, on Friday (December 11) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 32-year-old actor brought along a female friend with him for his walk with Noah.

This evening, Zach will appear on Spike TV’s Video Game Awards 2009! The event airs LIVE on Saturday (December 12) at 8/7c on Spike TV.

Also expected to appear are Jake Gyllenhaal, Olivia Wilde, Samuel L. Jackson and Alyssa Milano.

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  • So Judgemental

    Love this man. She is with him a lot.. an assistant or a long time friend I think. And I am digging Noah’s new bandanna..purple rocks.

    Can’t wait to see pics for tonight’s event!

  • Steve Sanders

    So who is he dating?

  • heyyou

    @So Judgemental:

    I’ve seen that woman before, I think that’s the lady who was hula hooping in those pics with him several months ago. She’s his best friend I believe. If Heather is around maybe she can clarify.

    I like her hair, and to the hater at #1, whatever.

  • hello

    whenever zach is with a woman, she’s known as a female friend but whenever he’s with a man, he’s known as a mystery male. what’s up with that?

  • angeles

    Props to him for having normal looking friends in this town which can be so fake all,the.time.

  • Mary

    @hello: We don’t care about his female friends, but are very curious about his male friends!

  • angeles


    Dunno, I was wondering that myself, I guess with a mystery male they are expecting Zach to do something risque or very ghey risque’, but with a female friend she’s mentioned as an afterthought. Double standard me thinks.

  • Karena

    @hello. I agree. That bothers me as well. Hopefully it’ll stop. We’ll see what the next post(s) say. As for Zachary, he looks so cute. I love it that he takes Noah everywhere too and Noah is such a well-behaved pup. I cannot believe how calm he remains, despite the attention they always get.

  • wowza…

    Love the jacket, love the hat, love the glasses, love the dog, absolutely love the man himself BUT……dislike the shoes.

  • lol

    “whenever zach is with a woman, she’s known as a female friend but whenever he’s with a man, he’s known as a mystery male. what’s up with that?”

    The fact that it’s pretty much an open secret that he’s gay and so tabloids imply he might be sleeping with any of them men he’s seen with.

  • SAN

    I agree with lol. And Zach is always awesome!

  • Video Game Awards 2009
  • Stone

    The dog should know better!

  • Stone

    The dog should know better!

  • Dexter

    Cute geek! Ha. Love him!

  • emma

    He always has very nice style.

  • Jay

    I like Zach. He seems a nice decent guy.

  • heyyou


    Yeah an open secret that Perez Hilton himself started back in 2007.

    I’m not saying Zach is or isn’t, but if he is, where’s his boyfriend or boyfriends? I mean they catch him all the time with his dog, but never snuggling up to any of these mystery men. He can’t be sleeping with all of these mystery men (a list of “mystery men: who I’m told have included his brother Joe, his business partners and a guy dressed as a steak whom he’s known since “he was like 4″).

    I can’t be the only one who has wondered about this.

  • Zoe

    #19 ditto…open secret or wishful thinking? lol

  • amtj2008

    Open secret is an oxymoron, I have met him twice and neither time was he at all “gay” I think because perez said it people now look at him like that and try to find ideas to support it. My gay bff tried hitting on him once and Zach was nice but didn’t take the cake. My bff is hot, (omg at times I wish he was not gay lol) not flamboyant, and he pulls hot guys. Zach is actually about as gay as Adam levine(who many people believe to be gay and once perez said so too) and he is a male whore. That is just my opinion, I have pretty good gaydar, a personal one at that lol, and he seems to like the vag.

  • angeles

    Your BFF hit on Zach? Go amtj’s BFF.

    Perex (maybe I will call Perez that from now on) thought Adam Levine was gay? Seriously? LOL. That guy couldn’t be more straight, I mean his love for having beautiful young models as playthings is a well known thing.

  • Heather

    That is Brigid, she was at the premier of Star Trek with him, along with Roberta who you may know as his love interest in Hostage! Brigid is married, but not to Zach ;) I get the feeling most of the people you see with Zach that are not in the industry are college friends of his, which is cool.

    Amt, good for him hitting on Zach… I did too… kind of LOL… it is hard not to flirt a bit,he is just that guy. I do agree though most of the people who think he is gay think that because of Perez or some internet thing… until I hear it from him… I have no clue… I don’t take him not taking ‘the cake” with me as proof or not… Zach could just be single, there are plenty of people who date for a long time but don’t find someone to give preference too!

  • Michelle

    It could also be that the guy was hurt badly and prefers to be on his own…what’s the saying: “once bitten, twice shy”? I dunno anything as fact just like anyone else who posts here on the net. I’ve met the guy myself a few times and he seems like a really nice guy. But seriously I’d never take the word of someone like Perez or some “unknown poster” who claims they are “in the know”. I doubt that any of Zach close friends, family, or associates would post on a public board about his private life and stating he was gay if he hadnt said so himself. Just my opinion…

  • angeles


    That’s very true, as I said before on another thread, when hurt (and he was hurt if the rumors are indeed true), that hurt can last for a long time and make someone wary of getting into another serious relationship. Like most people, been there myself, done that, know how it feels.

    I have met Zach too, nice bloke, very flirty. He didn’t strike me as someone trying to be anyone but who he really is. People need to stop judging this guy and go meet him themselves, that’s all I can say.

  • MMA

    It’s hard to tell who’s walking who.

  • @amtj2008:

    He didn’t seem “gay” to you? Well, you seem like an idiot to me.

  • Chef Coa

    He’s so ove-rated!

  • lol

    I never said I believed what the tabloids were writing. Who does, really? It’s all fun and games until someone gets sued.

    Open secret is indeed an oxymoron, thank you for the literary analysis. It means that he’s gay and doesn’t take any extreme measures to hide but neither does he go outing himself to the whole world.

    Nothing against an attempt to keep one’s private life private but if he had a girlfriend, there’d be no problem in getting seen with her once in a while. With a boyfriend, however, he would have to (and it’s not fair, but it’s the way things are currently) explain the whole gay thing just like Neil Patrick Harris did.

    Therefore, I think he’s gay – there might of course be other reasons for him not having a girlfriend – but this is the most likely.

  • lol

    I also don’t know why I shoud “wish” he were gay or otherwise. What’s it to me? I’m just being realistic. But if he’s gay as I think, the only think I wish is that he’d come out completely for the sake of contributing to the gay issue so that it’s no longer an issue.

  • amtj2008

    Well, if you met him or know any gay people at all, you would know that you can not always tell who is gay just by looking. So thank you for calling me an idiot because I did not judge someone based on other idiots opinions. Like I said you see him as gay because that is what has been put in your head. I know just as many “straight” looking/acting guys that are so gay. Also even though he may or may not be gay he always supports gay rights. I think that if he was hiding he would not be attending events that would make him appear gayer.

  • lol


    What’s your point?

    First you say that sometimes you can’t say someone is gay just by looking, suggesting that there’s some general “gay image” you either have or you don’t.

    Then you said that it’s wrong to judge someone based on someone else’s opinions.

    And *then* you created this gem of logical reasoning by saying that if he was gay he wouldn’t go to gay events which would make him look even gayer,

    Just think about what you wrote, honey, It has no rhyme nor reason. In fact, it’s offensive and just plain stupid.

    Supporting equality rights doesn’t make anyone seem gay, in that latently derogative way you put it, it just makes them more deserving of the title of a good human being.

  • angeles

    >Therefore, I think he’s gay – there might of course be other reasons for him not having a girlfriend – but this is the most likely.

    In your mind he’s gay because he has no visible gf to speak of, correct? Did it ever occur to you that the key word is “visible”, and that he might have many people that he dates or/and casually sleeps with, but doesn’t feel the need to parade them in front of the paparazzi? Why does he have to prove his sexuality anyway? That is my question.

    I mean most male stars feel the need to prove that they are het to the masses, by being alpha male in interviews or having the newest starlet on their arm. He doesn’t do any of that. If it helps before I met him I believed the internet stories about him too, that he was as gay as Christmas. My bf observed him as I was talking to him, said to me later that “Sylar was checking you out babe, I thought you said he was gay?”. My boyfriend has finely tuned gaydar, even better than mine, got nothing from Quinto at the reception following the play about gay marriage in a place where there was a lot of gay acceptance and love. No bells, no firehouse alarms….

    Nada. But again, that was my experience with him.

    Like I said before, if you get the chance t o meet him, please do, he is a nice bloke.

  • lol

    “Did it ever occur to you that the key word is “visible”, and that he might have many people that he dates or/and casually sleeps with, but doesn’t feel the need to parade them in front of the paparazzi?”

    It did. And I think they’re male and that’s why he doesn’t parade them. If they were women, the good PR thing to do would be to show them (or maybe not all at once like Tiger Woods ;) because otherwise people begin to wonder – as they already did.

    It’s a double standard, I know. But it’s the way it is.

    Until proven incorrect, I’ll just assume he’s gay based on this reasoning because it appears to be the simplest explanation. I can’t really give any other arguments for or against ’cause it all comes down to the fact that we all here just don’t know and it’s all just opinions.

    Anyway cool for you about meeting him. I won’t get too much into the “no manifested gay behavior” topic, because again, it’s prescriptions and definitions and nobody’s saying gay men can’t flirt with women.

    Maybe he’s bisexual.

  • angeles

    >Maybe he’s bisexual.

    That has crossed my mind to be honest.

  • lol


    We might never know for sure. Tantalizing.

  • Kelly Luckstone

    I loved him in Trek

  • Heather

    I do agree about bisexuality.. and again…. i do believe Ang is correct… see, sometimes I have constructive things to say, Ang just gets to it first LOL great minds think alike ;)

  • Michelle

    i agree with Heather & Angeles…think it’s possible he could be bi but who knows for certain. As for no visible girlfriends/boyfriends, perhaps he has neither and prefers to be alone. Why does everyone have to be dating someone or be in a relationship? Personally I’m perfectly content to being on my own and single. Maybe he’s the same.

    #34 Perhaps Zach doesn’t care to flaunt his relationships for PR purposes. He strikes as the type of guy who is just himself and is living his life as he pleases. He doesnt seem to care what people think of him….
    Angeles-I was at the Standing on Ceremony play as well…fun times:-)

  • Heather

    Michele, I was too… how odd 3 of us all getting along here on Just Jared, if I would have known I would have said the three of us should have gotten a drink together! :)

  • angeles


    Aww thankies.

    Isn’t it interesting, now it’s four of us who were at the same place, at the same time and never met. But we met Zach. :)

  • Heather

    Yea, and we probably saw each other too LOL and we saw the girl in the pink dress.. who is I believe his friend.. Sian? and we all thought he was sweet!

    Such a small world.

  • So Judgemental

    It simply doesn’t matter at all if he is gay or straight. It changes nothing about the man. Still articulate, fine GQMF, who is good to fans, is loyal to childhood friends, supports local businesses, supports gay rights, and supports unwanted animals.

    His personal life is his personal life. He refuses to make his sexual preferences an issue so why should everyone else? The man has a great career ahead of him.

    The people who repeatedly make the sex of those lucky bastards or bastardettes who get to share his bed the most important issue regarding the man actually make themselves look lacking in some way. Why should it matter? Why the desperate need to know? It is basically none of your business.

  • lol

    @So Judgemental:

    Yes and that’s why we are posting on a gossip blog. Because we don’t care about celebrities at all. We’re above all this.

  • Me

    and here I am, reading all the comments, hoping someone would bring up issues of importance – what’s the exact date Heores returns? I’ve read all these different dates all over the internets. Anyone has a correct and confirmed info on this? Thanks. :)

  • angeles


    Jan 4th.

  • Me

    Thanks angeles! :) Where do you guys all live that you all got to meet him? Cali? Btw gooood for you, wish I could meet him one day!

  • angeles


    I met him in NoHo (North Hollywood), I don’t know about the other ladies but I do live in LA.

    He really is a nice bloke and I do hope you get to meet him sometime, so worth it. So tall, and handsome and a flirt. If I didn’t have a bf, woah. :)

  • Me

    *sigh* Yeah, he’s a keeper. To bad he’s on the other side of the big pond of me. And he’s a famous person. And .. yeah. :) I guess I’ll just keep meeting him in his movies :))