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Adam Lambert Gets Jojo Jolly!

Adam Lambert Gets Jojo Jolly!

Adam Lambert and JoJo share some holiday love as they pose together at the Jingle Ball after-party at the Opium Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida on Sunday (December 13).

The 27-year-old Indiana-born singer was on The View on Thursday, but his performance was pre-taped. ABC claimed that his appearance was taped “because Lambert could not be in town Thursday or perform live” – but others believe that the network was still concerned based on his performance at the American Music Awards last month.

Co-executive producer Bill Geddie said, “I think this is…ABC extending the olive branch.” (After pulling Adam from previous appearances on ABC)

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adam lambert jojo hard rock 01
adam lambert jojo hard rock 02
adam lambert jojo hard rock 03
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Credit: Ralph Notaro; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • MMA

    I hope she carries condoms in her pocketbook!

  • lucy

    love her!
    she looks so pretty!
    and adam is awesome too!

  • Katie

    Cool look, love the hat

  • Stone

    God bless them!

  • Jamie

    Looking good Adam. Although I’m amused that Jared’s hard-on for this guy now matches his hard-on for Brad and Angelina.

  • Chef Coa

    He’s as over exposed as Rihanna!

  • Kelly

    Wow! Those are some hot photos!!! Thanks Jared!

  • jaded

    He’s completely oversexposed. He also has no style or needs a new stylist, wears too much makeup which does nothing for his terrible skin and his hair looks terrible….reminds me of Kate Gosselin’s reverse mullet for some reason. . His singing is also too shrill which he tries to cover up by oversinging. I really don’t care about his sexuality which is completely irrelevant but he has got to be one of the most overexposed, annoying celebs out there. He should just get back to his core talent which is singing. He needs a complete image overhaul.

  • sara

    The thing I find most facsinating about Adam is who his look is so different from event to event. Most guys look the same no matter where they are. I love that he changes it up day to day. It makes following him entertaining that’s for sure.

  • aaaah

    I MET HIM! HE’S SOOOOOOO NICE OMG! He was so lovely and funny lol. But he’s really tall!

  • jen

    Damn~ adam you look great,love the whole outfit!

  • kings

    Best line - “My dreidel spins the other way!” LMAO

    He’s soo quick I love him. And he has amazing style. He knows how to dress and accessorize. It is soooo refreshing to see a dude who actually thinks about how he looks instead of buying gross store bought ‘grunge’ looks.

    He l o v e s fashion and style, and changes his hair and make-up for the occasion. In all the noise about the AMA performance, it is hard to remember that Adam won the best dressed man competition that night.

    One of my fave looks of him is the one in the desert where he’s wearing a mirrored tophat, he looked so cool. His personality is super lovely but quirky and his style always matches that.

  • jen

    Damn~adam you look great,love the whole outfit!

  • yay
  • sacha

    JoJo what are you wearing girl :3

  • q

    Lol Jojo wore that exact same dress last time

  • jennifer francisco

    hey jaded, go back in the hole you crawled out of….Adam has amazing style and always looks hot. you jealous much???

  • apple

    adam looks always perfect every time i see him ^^ not only his face, but also his clothes~ i have so much fun 2 study how he dress up and every time he is able 2 teach me how 2 be more fashionable! :D

  • goldie

    I thinks it’s so funny that everything Adam does turns into a huge deal. He even talks about it here w the Z100 dude:

    Like when he went to a bar last week and it turned into a huge deal and was even posted on Perez like going to a pub is a big deal. His mom said he still finds the lack of anonymity hard. But he is one of the most positive, thick skinned celebs I’ve ever seen. The media are OBSESSED with him, he’s lucky he’s as chill, earthy and good humored as he is.

    And it’s not just the media, everyone talks about him, just like they did on Idol. Even the “haters” (a person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Over and over again) can’t stay away from his posts.

    He is so lovely. – Who do you go to for advice:

  • meteo

    “A loaded smile, an empty glass. And one last dance”

    I adore his album.

  • YT

    Adam Lambert sings “Whataya Want From Me” Acapella at y100′s Jingle Ball

    It’s only short tho

  • LOL


  • :)

    I approve of his outfit and hat.

  • Big Pimpin’

    he looks really cute/handsome!

  • gk

    wait how old is jojo? isnt that outfit a bit too tarty for her age?

  • Paulie

    I love his debut album For Your Entertainment. The critics reviews have been positive too! Like Barbara Walters said during her Most Fascinating People special, “What a voice!”

  • jaded

    @ 12/13/2009 at 10:42 am

    Ummm, I can assure you that I don’t live in a hole but LOL anyway. Lighten up dear….it’s called “having an opinion” and everyone has one. Sorry, I don’t like this guy and I’m tired of seeing him everywhere.

  • ha

    The overexposed comments are amusing because I have to SEARCH for Adam Lambert articles whereas Rihanna is posted everywhere. It’s YOU that are drawn to his articles thus NOTICE it lmao. If the media are obsessed with him, direct your anger at the media. I remember when Adam went to his best friend Danielle’s bday party and still the paps found him! He even drove HER car instead of his own Ford Fusion Hybrid but they STILL tracked him down like f-n eagles. They’re lucky he’s so patient and has a f-n sense of humor about everything.

  • wow

    @jaded: The don’t click on his posts lol!

  • X

    I want to F…U….C….K him

  • Ashley

    Adam looks HOT! Always does! HE is so incredibly talented that we all love to hear about him and see his pictures. You haters just stop clicking on his articles and posting your crap! Nobody cares what negative garbage you have to say.

    Adam will be around for YEARS! so get used to it! :)

  • barbls

    Jaded and Yaya your names fit you. It amazes me how people seek out and post such hateful things about people. Go find someone you like and post some positives and stay away from posting your hate for those you do not like. Chef Coa: Adam and Rihanna are promoting their albums. Think first so you will not sound so ridiculous when you say they are overexposed. Adam looks both adorable and gorgeous as usual. His acappella verse at the drop of the hat of “Whataya Want From Me” was totally amazing. Who can do that? Only Adam. He was pitch perfect. He is pure magic and I just adore him.

  • XYZ

    @jaded: then stay off of the stories about him stupid!

  • photos are just photos

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. He is sooo nice and charming in person. I don’t understand how you can spew about someone so SWEET it makes no sense. Look at yourselves in the mirror first.

  • JLM

    @Yaya: You’re always looking at him though aren’t you – LOL!!

  • JLM

    Adam is so hot!!! So funny that the poor guy can’t do anything without photos being taken and an article being write. If he is over exposed it is because the press love this gorgeous man!! So do I for that matter!!

  • XYZ

    @JLM: So agree, the media can’t get enough of Adam, he is fascinating and so talented. His voice is incredible and his fashion sense is class all the way.

  • will

    @JLM: So agree, the media can’t get enough of Adam, he is fascinating and so talented. His voice is incredible and his fashion sense is class all the way. I can’t wait for his tour

  • Stella

    Adam looks amazing. I love his style and how he likes to mix it up from glam to casual. I can’t wait to see Adam and the band in concert. Thanks Jared for all the Adam coverage and the HQ pictures. :D

  • Jory

    God he is so hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooot .. my heart is melting for you BB Adam .. i flove you <3

  • Ava

    Love him in brown, a nice change from the usual black. It’s a softer, and very sexy, look on him.

  • jaded

    I don’t ever click on his posts but he looks so ridiculous I had to comment. The reason he get exposure is not his talent but the publicity stunts he pulls (AMA personance perfect example) and all of the stuff related to his “ambiguous sexuality image. The terrible thing is he does talent but if he weren’t so poorly managed he might stand a chance.

  • jaded

    If ihe defensive people backing him up are his fan base…then good luck to him. LOL…have a nice day and go buy his cd.

  • :D

    Adaaaaaaaaaaaam <3

  • Majistic


    He is ugly as hell. He wears a ton of make-up and his skin is full of craters.


  • cat

    oh dear @ the haters
    i hate him yadayada but i know everything about him yadayada

    Adam is so gorgeous
    @X i want it too :P

  • Kelly Luckstone

    He should talk to Janet jackson

  • Anne

    Adam looks absolutely stunning! Good for him :)

  • Mari

    Oh I love adam and Jojo <333

  • jolentini