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Adam Lambert Loves His Pink Underwear

Adam Lambert Loves His Pink Underwear

Adam Lambert poses backstage with a pair of pink “Don’t Judge Me” boxer briefs at the Y100 Jingle Ball concert held at the Bank Atlantic Center in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The 27-year-old American Idol vet was gifted the pink underwear from electro-hop group LMFAO, who performed earlier in the evening.

During the after-party at Hard Rock Cafe’s Opium club, Adam told that he absolutely loves Ke$ha because “she knows who she is and that’s a rarity in the industry.”

The day before at the Z100 Jingle Ball, Adam was excited knowing that his pedaling on the Duracell Power Rover (pictured below) would contribute to the energy used to power the 2010 numerals in Times Square. He was actually convinced to come by and try it out via text message from Ke$ha, who’d done it earlier!

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Photos: INFdaily, Mark Von Holden/Wireimage
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  • w3ad

    i don’t care if he’s gay, he is so hot

  • jObrOs


  • Dorena

    Adam is adorable. Love the pink undies!!

    Hey you haters – Adam’s cd is fantastic and he is loved by many. He is not going away anytime soon!! HA HA!

  • Crafty

    It was a gift from LMFAO. They presented it to him. It’s suppose to be funny. Stop venting your hatred. Get a life and for sure a sense of humor. Da*n.

  • XYZ

    then why are you idiot morons even on here, oh the little stalkers, oh can’t stand him but know everything about him cause they can’t stay away, you people need help, you are irritating and have IQ of a brick. Psychiatrists state that people who ridicule and bash in other is what they fear in themselves.
    Rock on Adam you are a star,!

  • jc

    you meant pervert? meow…purvert

  • Callie

    I love it! You and Adam make a cute couple, btw, Jared.

  • .net

    I’d like to see anyone of you stupid sick hater/bashers even have half the balls to put yourself out there and try for success, you couldn’t handle it and would tuck tail and run whining like you do now. Hey, I guess we gotta have the Walmart workers too.

  • .net

    @Rattlesnake: then get off his story, what are you a masicist, why subject yourself on something you claim to be tired of, why are you following his story. Looks like the attention whore is you, stupid idiot.And hey moron Adam outsold the AI winner more than 2 times over .yaaaaaaaa…….real loss there. You are just so dumb

  • You Suck

    @Relentless Poser: you judge on one performance, hope when you try something , your judgers are more tolerant of your mistakes, you gutless worm

  • Paulie

    YAWN. Homophobes and bigots are tiresome.

  • Sarah

    I like Adam, but Jared, please post more on Kris, too, PLEASE?!!!!! You never do. :-( <3

  • slashgoddess

    hot stuff is hot XD!!!!!!

  • forever56

    ok, first of all, this was a gift so duh he is gonna pose with it. it’s funny. secondly, if you only know him by the stuff you read on media outlets then I could see why you’d be annoyed with him. watch some interviews of him. see some of his old AI performances. he is extremely talented and very sweet. Yes, I was turned off by his AMA performance but I’m not gonna write him off completely for that. give the guy a chance, he’s probably one of the most talented guys in the industry right now.

    ps: jared, you are SO lucky you got to meet him!

  • pieforrealz78

    #11 HAHAHAHAHAH. he lost AI. so yeah he lost the title but he won the success he sold over twice as much as Kris Allen did. he didn’t need the title to be successful. he’s already had great album sales and had his song in a huge motion picture. and this is just within months after being on AI. he is more talent then any of the other crappy artists out there too.

  • http://justjared adamluv1000

    Adam is so cute and has a great personality. Wonderful performer. If you don’t like him, quit following him! Those of us who do are sick of the same negative followers everywhere. You spend an awful amount of time for something you don’t like.

  • terie

    Is Steven Spielberg wrong, too or Rob Marshall? Can EVERYONE be wrong about ADAM and you few haters be right? I think not. Is that why he is HEADLINING the GRIDLOCK NYE bash at Paramount in Hollywood? General admission starts at $150. 40 min. set! Sang the National Anthem for the dinner honoring Steven Spielberg & got a standing O from EVERYONE there. You can’t stand ADAM? WHO ARE YOU & WHY SHOULD ANYONE CARE WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK???

  • Jory

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i flove him flove him they guy own my heart .. sigh <3 once he is so cute and others just a sexy beast love him :)

  • Stephanie L

    *sigh* I wonder how many of these haters on here have even SEEN any of Adam’s personality. They’re probably JUST going based off of the AMA performance, which if they’d bothered to WATCH any of the gazillion interviews he’s done since then, they would know that that was just him playing a part and interpreting the lyrics of that ONE song.

    In reality, he is not a douchebag AT ALL. He’s actually an incredibly sweet, awesome, and adorable guy :D

    And these pictures are WAY too presh <33 I lurve him, and I love that hat too!!

  • Stephanie L

    Oh and yeah, people, these were a GIFT. They were MEANT to be funny! Thus he was being SILLY in posing with them! Honestly, get over yourselves.

  • Jory


    so pathetic !!!!!!

  • joe


  • shelby

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it baby! He’s so cute! And so talented!

  • Yily

    Still a fucckin’ douchbag to me.

  • cat

    JARED & ADAM pic *woot* *woot* <3
    so cuteeeeeeeee

    thanks for posting more Adam
    and thanks for not posting the one who not named Adam
    not a news worthy dont waste you space

  • happy girl

    so hot. adam is so hot.

  • joesph

    What is with all these homosexuals being overtly homosexual, no one wants to know about this wierdos sexual exploits. The dude has to tone that down because it is getting out of hand.

  • giselle


  • maya

    Oh god,the boy is HOT!!!!!!!

  • lookah

    pink elephant it is! adam is adorable! =)

  • Chef Coa

    It doesn’t surprise me.

  • MMA

    At least they’re big enough to go over his diapers!

  • Stone

    What a well thought-out gift for him!

  • lilyx

    LOVE ADAM! He looks so cute in all of these pics and Jared you’re pretty cute yourself. Ke$ha and Adam should def. write a song together~

    How is Adam flaunting that he is gay in these pics? Some of you people are ridiculous in your persistent hatred. Get over it already.

  • mary

    I love his HAT…and he is so handsome

  • Shelly

    I like his voice when he isn’t scream-singing but he needs to stop trying so hard.

  • lynn

    with that kinda comment what r u?

  • Knight

    @Rattlesnake: hey stupid, guess what Daughtry came in 4th and he is doing awesome, Jennifer Hudson came in 7th, she has an Oscar, and quite a few music awards, winning has nothing to do with it, lets see you get out there moron. Adam is selling over twice as much as this years winner, Adam is here for the long haul, with his incredible talent he is here to stay.

  • lynn

    Adam Lambert has a critically acclaimed cd. He has a voice that can hit notes others can’t. He is intelligent and articulate. He is darn nice looking with a great sense of style. And, as he isshowing in this picture because some photographer probably said “hold them up Adam” he shows his sense of humor. He’s a nice guy that happens to be gay. Celebrate his music. Buy his cd For Your Entertainment and you will hear some real talent.

  • Star

    @terie: Right on Terrie, it just makes the haters and phobes even more terrified when intelligent successful people see the great talent Adam has and honor him, they can’t stand it because it shines a light on there own failures.

  • JLM

    @jdub: If you get it, then you know this is HILLARIOUS!!! The underwear were a gift. Where is everone’s sense of humor!! Adam looks so hot!!

  • Jenn

    These photos were from a party, Adam was given the undies as a gift. He didn’t make the press put the photos up you goofs!! The press just hounds everything he does. Adam is just being his humorous self!! You should try it. Adam always has such good will toward others and you bashers are just crapping on others.

  • Julie

    Adam you are so funny and adorable!!

  • http://justjared sandy

    lambert is so overxposed….totally sick of him

  • XYZZ

    Here comes the SERIAL HATE BLOGGER again using different names but same MO – posting one after another. LOL! You want us all to stoop down to your gutter level. You shall reap all the hatred you sow against Adam. It can’t be denied because your mirror will say it all. I’m sure your mirror reflect the ugliness of your dark heart. So surely it will even become worse if you have no realization. KARMA?

  • Beauty


    Yeah Joseph…What Gives!!!???


    I mean with a scantily clad woman draped over practically EVERYTHING to sell just about ANYTHING, Vicoria’s Secret (window displays and runway show), rap and rock video vixens, soap operas, Desperate Housewives, Madonna, Lady GaGa, Pink, Christina Aguilara, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna, PRACTICALLY EVERY PERFORMANCE ON MTV VMAs, and EVERY time I see a man and a woman show any type of attraction for one another…PERIOD!!! I mean…REALLY!!??

    Yeah, NO ONE wants to hear about Tiger Woods’ (or ANY OTHER heterosexual’s) sexual exploits!!! That dude, (and any other dude / dudette) REALLY needs to tone it down!!! All this RAMPANT heterosexuality is just sucking this country down the tubes!!!

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot…..”WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!!???”

  • XYZZ

    To all HATERS,
    Do you know that the opposite of love is INDIFFERENCE? And when you hate actually means the person actually matters to you. If not, you will just ignore and not at all bother and waste time posting which is being indiffferent. So, the more you bother means the more Adam absolutely matters to your life. You just CANNOT do without him. You CANNOT get him out of your mind and your heart. It can’t be denied, great spirit like Adam does affect people strongly. But violent negativity comes from MEDIOCRE minds only, ask Einstein.

  • He’s a complete nobody

    Who is Adam Lambert?

  • Beauty

    @He’s a complete nobody: (it takes one to know one)

    Oh…..he just happens to be SOMEBODY that you chose to search for, read about, look at a picture of, and spend your never retrievable time and energy to comment on!

  • Cindy

    LOL like Adam Lambert actually cares what you dipsh*** say about him. -.-
    As for the AMA performance, that’s was like a long time ago. What the heck are you haters bringing it up?. It was a gift get over it. If you are so sick of hearing about him, why are you even reading a post that is mentioning him in the first place? exactly moron!.