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Adam & Sadie Sandler Hit The Mall

Adam & Sadie Sandler Hit The Mall

Adam Sandler and his daughter, Sadie, make a quick trip to the mall in Los Angeles on Saturday (December 12) to do some last-minute shopping on the first day of Hanukkah.

Although the two got caught in the rain together, Sadie, 3, was covered in baby Uggs and a cute Ariel umbrella!

Adam took Sadie to see the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid during a trip to New York City earlier this year.

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adam sandler sadie umbrella 01
adam sandler sadie umbrella 02
adam sandler sadie umbrella 03
adam sandler sadie umbrella 04
adam sandler sadie umbrella 05

Photos: Famepictures
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  • michaela

    I’ve never seen the little girl’s mom. Does she live with only Adam?

  • Lex

    OK, she wares a jacket and no high heels, but d-a-m-n…

  • Dubai Chick


  • Cals

    im sorry but that is one ugly kid… but I love Adam

  • Anna

    #3, how insensitive you are to call someone else’s kid ugly. If your kid was “ugly” as you say it, would you love him/her any less. Good luck, if you ever have children, but god forbid, now I would be sorry for them.

  • Stone

    The family that ooks together, spooks together!

  • Melissa

    Aww look at her freakin curls! They remind me of my daughters. I love curls. And look at her pimpin the little mermaid umbrella and skull boots…so funny. You go girl. Adam looks like he is about to eff a muther up, lol.

  • LuckyL

    She always seems so pleasant and well-mannered.

  • Frida

    Cute, it looks like she has dressed herself in that little princess dress, cardigan, leggings and UGG boots. A big difference from princess-like Suri who Katie clearly dresses like a doll just for show.

  • Jenna

    She is Adam shrunk down into the body of a little girl! :O

  • nativenyker

    Not a flattering photo of this little girl – AT ALL!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Chef Coa

    They look real.

  • cindy

    She’s cute! Has her own style. As for Suri….she just a “LIVE” doll.

  • chloe

    that is one fugly kid

  • ellie’

    Love Adam Sandler.. His daughter is a cutie with all those curls….
    I can’t believe you people can make fun of ant child…

  • MMA

    If it were the Criuses, they’d all have their own umbrella handlers walking step in step with them!

  • Liza

    I would take Sadie over Suri anyday.

  • Ashley

    This family is so CUTE!

  • Posh

    I thinks she’s cute, her curly hair is adorable, and look shes dressed age and weather appropriate!



  • C

    Taking photos of kids and posting them on gossip sites and magazines should be against the law. This is not right and is an invasion of privacy.

  • omg!!

    @LuckyL: i thought the same thing !

  • g!na

    you guys are sooo mean! Sadie looks cute in these pics and she really has grown into her looks! LEAVE HER ALONE! sadie you are cute ♥

  • omg!!

    i think shes so adorable ! and i love her dad

  • Five

    Her parents are still together, #1.

    Damn what, #2?

    Was there a need to point something like that out, #4?

    C;early, #9? How can you possibly tell the difference of what motivated their parents to dress them like this?

    I don’t see how that’s an insult, #13.

    What an awful thing to say about an innocent baby, #14.

    Why, #17? There is no competition.

    I wish your parents were neutered, #20.

    I’m afraid you’re right, #21.

  • Ashley

    SADIE LOOKS CUTE!! love her and her dad

  • LuckyL

    omg!! @ 12/13/2009 at 3:10 pm

    @LuckyL: i thought the same thing !

    Exactly. I have a sneaking feeling she’s going to really be a lovely person inside and out. I feel like she’s being hated on the same way Sarah Jessica Parker is/was but she’s the one who dated “John-John”/John F. Kennedy Jr., one of the most wanted men in America.

    And some of the fug face models people praise on here is outrageous so whatever, cute name, nice girl, obviously Daddy’s little girl and the apple of his eye.

  • Bitchetta

    Hope she grows out of her looks….she’s ugly….I don’t care if she’s just a child……I call it like “it” looks. As much money as Adam has… his child always looks like a homeless kid.

    @ FIVE (#25)………your one sick puppy…are you a self-designated comment monitor… definitely have way too much time on your hands….get a life.

  • Kelly Luckstone

    She looks just like Adam!

  • Bloms

    I. Want. Those. BOOTS!

  • larice

    That’s one unfortunate looking kid.

  • MYOB

    Bless her heart….

  • Tillia

    Fact is fact. If a picture is posted (we have nothing to do with taking them and posting them) then we have the right to say what we think: good or bad. It’s the same comments people would say to each other at home – just online now. Some kids you see in your families and you say to yourself “that’s one ugly kid”. Some babies/kids are attractive and others are not. Now, what do people expect to gain by saying these things online….I don’t know. His daughter is not very attractive but neither are other kids. I don’t think I would say it on here though. I would say it in privacy. But I never go out of my way to write all positive lies on this website about celebrities to fulfill their fragile egos. But I won’t talk about someone’s kid online. I save it for my friends and families regardless if I think his daughter is attractive or not. Just my thoughts :)

  • Candy

    The child is not cute. I would not say it to her face but I cannot bring myself to lie at the same time. Maybe she’ll grow out of it. She looks like her dad and he’s not what I’d call ugly.

  • AutumnM

    Sadie looks just like Adam! I think she’s a cutie

  • mel

    I think it’s awesome how much she looks like her dad. What are we all supposed to look like? Should we all be blond, blue eyed and exactly the same? Adam seems to be an involved dad, unlike a lot of the celeb dad’s.

  • KC

    Adam Sandler is a wonderful father! He is ALWAYS with one or both of children. I cannot believe some of the cruel and unkind things people say.

  • Cameron

    That is one unfortunate looking child.

  • jolentini
  • u r Perverted and criminal

    U r child abusers. Criminals. This website will be prosecuted for promoting child abuse and criminal acts.

  • u r Perverted and criminal

    U r child abusers and criminals. This site will be prosecuted for promoting child abuse and criminal acts.

  • e

    I agree with #21.


    aww what a cute

  • cindy

    hahhaha….#25 MERRY CHRISTMAS! :P

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think those r ed hardy boots she’s wearing
    ill be nice for once
    ummm cute umbrella
    but damn she looks exactly like her dad

  • Five

    Even if it’s true, it’s mean to put something like that out, #28. Especially when it’s nothing she has control over.

    You have the legal right but not the moral right, #33. So expect the backlash.

    No one is forcing you to go out of your way to post only positive things to say. We’re just saying that you don’t have to or should say anything at all if you feel that way.

    And it has nothing to with celebrities and their fragile egos. You shouldn’t say things like that about any child.

    Then don’t lie, #34. Just don’t say anything at all.

  • miapocca

    the mom does hang out with them..but she is not as famous as adam , so she and saide alone dont attract paps…I love her outfit..she is looking so grown up….but we all know a facelift will be in her future:( hey its hollywood, unless they can bring her up without the influence of the perfect little nose etc..maybe she can live with Babrbara striesland?? for some confidence on her looks..because left to youn ghollywood, she is in toruble!!

  • J

    @u r Perverted and criminal:
    Delusions of Grandeur? Or maybe… you’re just a dead loss pathological liar? histrionic despair? mythomaniac?
    I would bet all my money that you are the one here drooling over celebrity babies, open-mouthed! How many hours have you spent here gazing at enlarge pictures of Suri Cruise, eh? in her cute little dresses and high heels?

  • anitaquintero

    i loved

  • anitaquintero

    this is beautiful family…
    esas botitas de lindas….