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Sienna Miller is 'Teardrop Diamond' Delightful

Sienna Miller is 'Teardrop Diamond' Delightful

Sienna Miller and her After Miss Julie co-star, Marin Ireland, get cozy at the premiere of The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond at New York City’s City Cinemas 123 on Thursday (December 10).

At the Gotham Magazine-hosted event, The 27-year-old British actress checked out the film, based on a screenplay penned by Tennessee Williams about of the daughter of a plantation owner in the 1920s. Bryce Dallas Howard plays the lead role in the film!

The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond opens nationwide on December 30.

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Photos: Jason Kempin/Getty
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  • Gasol16

    BEAUTIFUL!! I want to raid her wardrobe! Love her outfit! She is and should be called the fashion icon!

  • marie

    great hair, great skin, great smile, great clothes. She is adorable.

  • Chris

    She is a cute girl. I hope she is back with Jude and doesn’t shack up iwth anymore married men.

  • A

    those glassy eyes were really ‘interesting’ in that evening.
    as usual JJ is skipping the most ‘revealing’ pictures

  • A

    how high was she

  • Fiona

    I like the shoes, bag and necklace. She’s got great style, bohemian and designer which is a great combination. Looks like she’s giving the red Prada bag a rest! I’m not sure about the holding hands thing…..I last did that when I was about 7!

  • sofia

    What are we looking for in in those hi-res pics you posted, A? The only thing I saw were large pores.

  • lakers fan in boston

    omg, yes, yes!!!!
    sienna finally looks good for once
    it’s been months the last time ive seen her dressed up
    every time i see pics of her it’s with her stupid dog
    sienna looks so beautiful in these pics, i was really doubting her lately, i was thinking the cigs were aging her fast

  • A

    well, she wasn’t in the circus at that moment, was she
    “getting high”, google it

  • Anna

    She looks soooo good. I hope she’s back with Jude it always seemed like she never got over him. I always admire her minimal makeup look, and the Marc J. bag is gorgeous. I was just admiring it at Barneys

  • Mira

    Wonder if Jude’s cheating on her again yet.

  • Mira

    @A: You are pretty crazy.

  • Mira

    @sofia: Ditto. I think ‘A’ must be tanked up to the eyeballs on medication or something as there is nothing wrong with any of those pics as far as I can see. Apart from the fact that they are of Ms. Miller.

  • T

    She’s attractive but she looks 37 instead of 27. She has a mature look about her.

  • MMA

    Can you blame him?

  • davinci

    Perfect match. They’re both cheaters.
    If they get bored with each other, she can go back to Getty and he can find a nanny to ****.

  • Stone

    She could pass for a daughter of a plantation owner.

  • Chef Coa

    Are those cheeks or breast implants!

  • mimi

    She is the most beautiful British girl we had in years, except Keira Nightly, which is beautiful, though had plastic work done.

  • shoe bunny

    She does look older but she can really pull off classy and boho chic looks. Gwyneth rarely looks this good.

  • Carmela

    Oh god, high sandals with black socks?? I want to vomit, just because it is raised in uk (remember she in fact was born in New York and his father is from USA) not everything that she uses is trendy. I bet you that if it was Brittney who dress like this it was immediately destroy. Its so funny who jude fans now are pro-sienna lol

  • Carmela

    *her (for his) and *how (for who)

  • A

    when you, all of a sudden, will read/hear somewhere that Sisi has had a little addiction for quite a while, you can come back here and quack all you want that you see ‘nothing wrong’

  • sofia

    I can see that her eyes are an amazing navy blue color. Wow.

  • A

    at least you could say, that it was just a little doobie, harmless weed
    but all I can say, looking at the lags in responses of the central nervous system on her facial muscles, it’s something more powerful than just a doobie, and she was much higher than you could even imagine
    that’s usual and sober SM

  • kristin

    sienna is and will always be my fashion icon!

  • A

    and she just can’t stop. the glassy eyes never lie

  • Yily

    Sienna is gorgeous. I love her style. She has that unique fashion sense which a lot of Hollywood actresses doesn’t have.

    Go Sienna!

  • A

    actually, that dinner with Weinstein is even more sad than it looks like.
    since she’s unemployed, and Law can’t get her a job, she decided to wine and dine with some movie producer, she gets her looks changes hairdo and gets high so she can easily offer him something ‘interesting’ in exchange for some movie gig. yeah, that’s Sisi

  • A
  • A

    although, looking at how Weinstein moved his head a little bit away from SM on the last photo, I think Robin Penn still keeps her hand on his balls, and Sisi will be unemployed for a little longer.

  • Yily

    What the fucck are you talking about “A”? Sienna is currently working on Broadway doing a play and she has a movie coming out this year.

    Do you even know what you’re saying? Fucckin’ grow up and stop hatin’ on the girl. She’s fucckin’ rich and probably doesn’t give a shiit what people are talking behind her back.

  • superKateM

    She’s so pretty; I love that Marc Jacobs’s bag she and Kate are my favs fashion icons.

  • justme

    I thought that’s Jen Aniston. Sorry, Sienna didn’t mean to insult you there. :P

  • Sara


    Dude you need to get informed yourself. Her show closed on the 6th, almost 2 weeks ago. She is and will be unemployed for a while. She may not care what people blog about her but she may care that studios won’t take a chance on her horrid reputation. Even if Jude is stupid enough to go back with her. And I dunno about that whole rich thing. The play was the only work she’s had since March of ’08. The way she blows through money that won’t cut it.

    Talentless hag is figuring out the casting couch isn’t gettin her anymore work. She looks like an aging barbie.

  • Melissa Fun

    She is not slutty

  • Yily

    @Sara: Wow, jealous much? Look who’s the bitter biiitch? LOL. :)

  • Sara

    I think you sound way more stupid than I sound bitter. I was just pointing out that you were completely wrong in your attack of another poster. She’s not working and she’s really not rich.

  • Fiona

    #21 It’s black tights she’s wearing not socks! I don’t see anything wrong with that, I always wear tights/socks with heels in the winter because it’s just too cold. Didn’t realise that it was a UK thing either. It amazes me people that go out with bare legs and no jacket at this time of year, they must be freezing! She does have a mature look as I’m the same age and look younger but then I was told I look 19 recently so maybe I look young for my age lol!

  • Ashley Griffith

    I liked her outfit but the shoes were just not her style but she is a good movie star and i hope she has more days were she is just normal like everybody elese but i like her anyway