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Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron Black Out

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron Black Out

Zac Efron and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens brave the rain as they stick to their workout schedule at a gym in North Hollywood on Saturday (December 12).

Vanessa, 20 and Zac, 22, both donned black workout gear with matching black hoodies!

Looks like V‘s going to be in tip-top shape for her 21st birthday tomorrow! We wonder if she can deadlift more than 155 pounds by now!

More pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron blacking out…

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vanessa hudgens zac efron black out 01
vanessa hudgens zac efron black out 02
vanessa hudgens zac efron black out 03
vanessa hudgens zac efron black out 04
vanessa hudgens zac efron black out 05
vanessa hudgens zac efron black out 06
vanessa hudgens zac efron black out 07

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • sara12
  • hsm smh

    I don’t like her… and he looks gay. She sucks!!

  • Carol

    Lol I would never go to the gym in a Saturday night.

    No wonder both of them has a body to die for.

    Love them!!!

    Matchin again!

  • Babiivfanforeva

    Cute, I so love them :)

  • ashlee

    hot and cute couple =)

  • emmaa

    Lol they’re on a mission. Hot :)

  • malak

    love them!!!!!!! happy birthday nessa <3 =D

  • curiosity

    working out on a Saturday night….gotta love them. Great couple.

    Thanks for posting.

  • maeli

    so happy to see them back home zanessa forever

  • http://zanessa flores

    zac and vanessa always adorable

  • lslsharon

    They are so adorable!!!Love Nessa!!
    Hope you have a great birthday party ,Nessa!!!!

  • MMA

    What’s with his chicken legs?

  • yets

    working out together ha.
    so lovely couple.

  • lana

    Vanessa is lovely.

  • Karen


    The only reason you or anyone else mention “chicken legs” in regards to Zac is due to HIM referring to it while filming Hairspray. He gained 15 lbs as he felt his legs were too skinny given the type suits he had to wear to reflect the 1960′s. Even a stupid interviewer said something like that to Vanessa over a year ago when she was on tour. And where did the stupid woman get it? From blogs like these.

    HOWEVER, if you had ONE brain cell you’d see that this young man is no longer a teenager. He has grown and matured and more muscular. His calves are not at all “chicken legs”—if they ever were. Plus, I don’t believe he was referring to his calves in the first place but to his thighs at the time—which are also larger and more muscular now too. After all, he is not 18-19 years old but a 22 year old man. BUT there are those who know nothing about him only that you want to insult him in some way. So, this is your only way to do so. If it is your desire to poke “fun” then you will need to do a little more research on this guy or just keep your mouth shut for writing stuff like that only makes you look like the joke.

  • heat

    they would go workout in that weather

  • Tiptoes

    I am happy to see them working out together….

    I am wondering at the points/ numbers up beside our name – something like what TH is doing ?

    Anyway, happy weekend to everyone!

  • Jun

    I love Vanessa

  • Stone

    They look a bit indifferent to each other.

  • Steph

    You go Karen! :) Hello my Angels!

    Yay, Vanessa’s going to be of Legal Age! Happy Bday V!

  • .!?

    You should really keep these two over here instead of jjj. They don’t belong with a bunch of kiddie actors i.e. Ashley tisdale, jonas brothers, etc.

  • Athenais

    What do you know if Vanessa ends filming her movie ?

  • Chef Coa

    It looks like they share their clothing.

  • rose

    I afree with you. They look bored with each other. Poor Zac, all wet as usual.

  • rose

    I afree with you. They look bored with each other. Poor Zac, all wet as usual.

  • rose

    woops! I ment agree

  • irongrumma

    yes i read that she finsh with her movie.zac leg are just fine.i wish the the people just say think about them that not true zac not gay vanessa is pretty. i hope they will take a trip and try to get a way for a while.i think zac will star a nother move soon it want him back for Hairspray 2. i read that.vanessa is the best think for zac she like to do evethink he like.vanessa i hope you have a nice day tomorrow.happy brithday Vanessa.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac and Vanessa look so adorable Together.

  • YoungG

    Do these camera crews just chase these kids all over the world. I really don’t get whats so important about these two anyway, its not as if they invented anything remotely relevant. But these two kids have more posters posting about them than other worthy celebs, I guess fame and beauty is what these little kids have to have to be a celebrity star these days. I see where Kim kardashian and the other stars get their celebrity status from. I guess thats white culture huh, beauty and a smile gets you everything including undue celebrity status.

  • Just Interested

    matching jackets again <3

  • Tiptoes

    I don’t know how you will look like under pouring rain, after a workout and people are taking pics of you – yeah i wouldn’t be smiling too.

    But you have to admire the dedication of Zac and Van to their fitness regimen – another area where they are compatible and its a way of their life. Its hard when you partner is not as dedicated to fitness and getting a toned and fit body as Zac and Van are. And let us be realistic – this is Hollywood. You need to look good and fit!

    #30 – There is a lot to admire with this young couple and we fans like them here in the JJ main page. So if you are not a fan, go to someone else’s thread.

  • xoxo

    oh geeze would you look if you left the gym in the rain late at night?!?!?! Just because they arent walking hand in hand you think they are mad at each other now??? grow up…they are a real couple and dont need to be attached to each other 24/7. I wouldnt look to impressed either when im all sweaty its cold and there are papparazzi around.

  • http://jj daydreamer

    They both look fantastic. If there is a little discusting look coming from him it’s for th paps. Happy Birthday Vanessa for tomorrow. May all your wishes and dreams come true.Can’t wait to see what her next project will be. Hope they get to take a little vacation first.

  • lslsharon

    Nessa looks so cute!Happy birthday,V!!

  • Sharon Chung

    They are really adorable.I don’t follow their news all the time,but it’s really great to know that they are still going strong after so many years.This is definitely precious considering their age and popularity.
    One more thing,I think Vanessa is turning out more and more charming and attractive.Of course she is very beautiful,but there’s something really special makes her so different from other young hollywood stars.

  • yipee!

    lol! they are so cute together!

    btw, jared i like this new thumbs up, thumbs down feature you have in the comments section. :)

  • Memei

    they remind of rob and kirsten in this getup

  • ivanka

    they are pisssed because of the papz. can wait to see what zac has planned for v’s bday:)

  • .!?

    @YoungG: Dont compare Zac and Vanessa to the Kardashians. These two actually have talent. The attention and praise they receive is based on their talent and hard work. They actually have jobs.


    Maybe they’re working out because they enjoy it or it could be for an event, photo shoot, new project, who knows. Whatever it is, I’m glad we have pictures but sad that they can’t do oridinary things without being followed.

  • Carol


  • jamie

    Losers! Two big losers! LOL

    Robert and Kristen are the stars of the moment now, Zac and bitch-Nessa will have to go back and doing stupid Disney movies to return to the top again LOL

  • ayen

    cool. I should get dedicated w/ my exercise also. :D

  • Greg

    I have seen plenty of Zac but not as much of Vanessa. She is always either hiding her face or dressing down. Wish she would do a few more glamorous things. She is beautiful when she dresses up.

  • Jess!

    i love Vanessa!!! so cute”

  • fad

    Vanessa I love you !! Can’t wait for her movies to come out !

    And how sweet Zac and Vanessa are working out together ! Gotta love them

  • http://justjared minda

    just love them so much perfect couple happy birthday vanessa

  • S*

    everytime I see them Im surprised they are still together… I mean its Hollywood

    So good to see a young couple strong like them..when everybody just breaks up all the time in Hollywood

  • Jay

    TipToes – And let us be realistic – this is Hollywood. You need to look good and fit!

    Sadly many of you little kids and grown women will believe that and will prioritze beauty as more important than brains.

  • peggy


    Exactly how any people do you see coming out of a gym in the rain hanging all over each other.

    See what’s there and not what you want to see.