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Victoria Beckham Pre-furs Black

Victoria Beckham Pre-furs Black

Fashion icon Victoria Beckham works out a faux fox fur cape while arriving at the Gare du Nord in Paris, France to catch the Eurostar train back to England on Saturday (December 12).

The 35-year-old soccer wife is expected to fly back to Los Angeles this weekend to be reunited with her husband David Beckham and children.

Posh is getting set for New York Fashion week in February where she’ll be showing off her new collection.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Victoria’s cape – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham and her faux fox fur cape…

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44 Responses to “Victoria Beckham Pre-furs Black”

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  1. 1
    Katsaridoula Says:

    this is the MOST MISERABLE WOMAN IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!! Cheer up, chick, life is too short!!! She probably thinks she is cool, but all she is is a frowning MORON idiot :-)))))))))))))) luv, have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Moon Says:

    Love her style very much!! And please..this is just a very simple look, really. I have seen more women dressing more extravagant than her at the airport or train station, and even bus station!

  3. 3
    jackson Says:

    god this women thinks she is some kind of “model” the airport is her runway. She loves the attention; who else would wear leather on a transatlantic flight- most people wear comfortable clothes.
    she is truly pathetic………go home to your kids!

  4. 4
    Mai Says:

    Man this voting-system sucks ass, Jared. Sorry needed to say that. Every time I press one, It says another vote is being processed?

  5. 5
    =Logan= Says:

    JARED. why are you posting this horrible woman again?

    is she paying you again for attention, so sick of her and her attempt to be on every tabloid magazine

  6. 6
    Ilaria Says:

    I see a stupid, superficial and insensitive famewo.hre as her friend Kate Moss wearing a fur!
    They’re only two very lucky and hare-brained woh.res!
    She’s so stupid and insensitive to support on animals cruelty for her vanity!
    her face looks like Marylin Manson!
    she looks like too skinny, used,.. bad bad bad! Ridiculous and patethic mask!

  7. 7
    CiaoBella Says:

    she is not horrible.. she’s just insecure so she tries to do things like this.. i sometimes wonder why becky is still with her.. maybe becaues of the kids…she is pathetic

  8. 8
    Seth Says:

    How uncooooooooool

  9. 9
    Critic Says:

    Yes I agree she needs to smile once in a while. However for those of you who seem to regard her as nothing but an attention grabbing git, I beg to differ. She has risen to fame on her own merits if you haven’t noticed. If she were nothing but an idiot, then her fame would have come to a crashing halt by now. You may not like her, by the same token I’m not saying I do either but I doubt she is purely an attention seeker. She’s a business woman in her own right.

  10. 10
    SANDRA Says:

    I saw her at the GeorgeV in Paris, I was the only one to call her (well fan of the Spice Girls) She didn’t even smile or wave or anything, she is such an idiot really she is nothing…

  11. 11
    Binkie Says:

    Think of how incredibly lonely she is. Her husband is off chasing tail. The boys don’t exactly want to play with mommie. Mommie doesn’t seem to have any close friends. So she enjoys playing dressup and she loves the attention. She’s not hurting anyone. Its all she has!

    Will she ever crack a smile? Not likely!

    Will she ever dress like a normal everyday person? Never!

    She is over the top. When she dies there will be a big red tent over her coffin!

  12. 12
    Lela Says:

    she’s a supid and superficial woman. There are a better way to spend time and money further shopping, party and to show herself!
    and she ‘s so insensitive and cruel to wear a fur with well konw animals suffer and agony!
    She’s only a pathetic, ridiculous and useless!

  13. 13
    Marcus Says:

    she mus be a frustrated, empty, superficial woman!
    she’s a awuful, anorexic and insignificant woman!
    I wonder why Beckhamis still is with her…

  14. 14
    MMA Says:

    What, they don’t sell it in adult sizes?

  15. 15
    Erin Says:

    It’s not faux.,. it’s right off the Antonio Berardi Pre-Fall 2009 collection. They use REAL fur.

    I bet her Louis Vuitton fox tail bag is fake too, just like her Fendi fur coat is fake, her G. Valli fox fur paneled dress is also fake. I think it’s time you just realize she wears real fur.

  16. 16
    chinese fvcker Says:

    she is totally a *****!!!

  17. 17
    Stone Says:

    Bare ankles but a fur coat. Go figure!

  18. 18
    nguyen tran gia linh Says:

    She is The Best
    Love Her

  19. 19
    Chef Coa Says:

    I wonder when she’ll buy the other half of the cape jacket?

  20. 20
    martha Says:

    That’s not “faux” fur, it’s a dead animal she’s wearing on her skinny shoulders. The fox was hopefully dead before it was skinned, but sometimes, the animals are skinned while still alive.
    fur is death.

  21. 21
    Janey Says:

    POOR FOX!!!!! where’s PETA?
    you miserable twit!!!!

    I am so far from liking you & Jared, why but
    why do you always post this twit?
    Your site is so repetetive.

  22. 22
    wendy Says:

    I want this jacket, NEED IT!!!

    So stunning, she is rocking the whole look!

  23. 23
    carrie Says:

    why does she wear a dead pet on her shoulder?

  24. 24
    Luiza Says:

    she looks a tranny

  25. 25
    countess von zinzendorf Says:

    How does she always manage to look like a manaquin.

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