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Zachary Quinto Visits the Video Game Awards

Zachary Quinto Visits the Video Game Awards

Zachary Quinto is sexy and scruffy at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards at LA Live’s Nokia Event Deck on Saturday (December 12).

The 32-year-old actor joined actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Olivia Wilde, Samuel L. Jackson and Alyssa Milano to celebrate the best and brightest in video games this year.

Zach will reprise his role as ultra-evil Sylar when Heroes returns to NBC for its fourth season on Monday, January 11.

10+ pictures inside of Zachary Quinto at Spike’s Video Game Awards…

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • angeles

    He looks so adorkable, cute.

  • l. thursday

    Ugh, he really needs to stop going out in public like this. It’s just not fair when I know I haven’t got a chance in the world to mack on that. DARN YOU, ZQ, DARN YOU TO HECK.

  • Pat

    agree .. ZQ’s very handsome

  • http://hayden zachary

    i love him i just wanna to be his boyfriend if he’s gay ( i’am not )

  • MMA

    If I saw him on the street, I’d hand him a quarter.

  • LiLo

    Any pictures of Zach and Jake?

  • Stone

    He looks like he’s played 1 video game too many!

  • Chef Coa

    Sleep. The boy could use some sleep.

  • diane

    sexy? eeewwww is he gay by the way? and what the freak is going on with those pants.

  • Odd but sexy

    He’s sexy – but in an odd, non-conventional way. Sometimes he looks really good – other times he just looks — kind of strange. He was cast PERFECTLY as Spock however. VERY sexy with the ‘pointy’ ears!

  • Jello Head

    U.G.L.Y dude. NOTHING attractive about him, this look, etc… One seriously NOT good looking. Yuck!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    @Jello Head:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……………NO ur wrong. I think u must be either blind or joking cuz (i’m a guy and straight) he’s good looking and one of the best top actors in the world. I agree that he needs to shave though. Doesn’t he looks like a wolverine or something with full beard. Hopefully he plays more roles than just spock or sylar. I want this guy to win an oscar and he deserves it. BTW, when he was on stage, he felt so confident going up there than the other people at VGA’s. Isn’t amazing that all the other actor or people were on stage where nervous and when Zachary Quinto was talking, he felt so comfortable. Anyways, he’s far from ugly.

  • lol


    lol at “all the other actors or people”

  • Jello Head


    To each his own; the guy is BEYOND unattractive in MY (and many other’s) eyes. If you are “straight” and think he is good looking, well, dude, you might want to re-evaluate a few things going on in your head! And I never mentioned whether he was a good or bad actor, I just stated his is one ugly mo fo.

  • lol

    @Jello Head:

    You really have jello for brain, don’t you.

  • Anonymous

    @Jello Head:

    LMAO at “the guy is BEYOND unattractive in MY (and many other’s) eyes. WOW that whole sentence means you lost the credibility to talk. As far as I know, there are alot people who says this guy is attractive. Seriously, Are you high or something? Actually u know what, I don’t care if you think he’s ugly thats just your opinion. And If you say this guy is ugly then you might be ugly as well because your just jealous.

  • curious

    Hmm…I love Zach’s glasses but I’ve always wondered if he’s visually impaired or does he wear glasses as a fashion statement. Anyone know?

  • curious

    One more thing…those who come on here and say that he’s ugly or gay are just as curious to know as those that praise his work and wonders whether he is or not. everyone is entitled to their opinion but I’m sure Zach doesn’t give a rat’s @ss about what his haters thinks…he’ll probably tell those that doesn’t enjoy his work not watch his show or movies and those that do enjoy his work he’ll thank them for their support. Even JustJared love this guy because Jared always post Zach on his own site.

  • Kelly Luckstone

    Heroes is so terrible, I never watch anymore

  • Jello Head


    I care as much about what YOU think probably as much as you do about me. I can only assume you are also a very unattractive fat he/she who thinks that because you live in your parent’s basement at 29 that it’s “cool” but sadly, you are just a lonely closet case with a first cousin as a lover and he probably doesn’t like you much either. Enjoy your Twinkies fat boy.

  • Jello Head


    Sorry, nothing jiggling here. Toned all over, not an ounce of ugly.

  • nams

    i like the kid, but those pants are too tight. and he should bring his dog everywhere – the pooch is priceless!!

  • Anonymous

    @Jello Head:

    Challenge huh okay fine, I would like a challenge.
    I didn’t go that far but you really need to pay attention what I’m saying you dumba$$. First of all, you are a complete douchbag idiotic person I’ve ever talked to. No really you really you are an idiot. I’m not joking Jello Head whoever you are, an it I presume. You or it need to shut “beep” up. You/it, my friend jealous, i will say it again through your thick a$$ skull of yours. You are jealous just face it. Zachary Quinto is better looking than you much better looking, I know this for a fact. Now why don’t you go home masturbate to a guy/girl which you can never get any. I’ll bet you are ugly or trying so hard to impress someone but you can’t. FYI, never be so damn negative in life otherwise it will sting like a bitch.

  • Milodrums

    Hmmm Sexy <3

  • So Judgemental

    anon.. don’t argue with trolls who throw comment is the only excitement they get and they thrive on the negative attention.

    The majority of internet lurkers (both male and female) call Zach an articulate GQMF for a reason. The man is beyond fine and when not showcasing the fineness in ways that make designers weep with happiness that he made their creations look better then they even imagined… he is then completely adorkable which is equally overwhelmingly doable. This is a known fact. Those who cannot see it.. cannot see. They never will, it is their loss. Don’t attempt to drag them into the reality of it.. it is pointless.

  • Melissa Baby

    He is good in star trek

  • Heather

    Yes, he was… and Zach has actually said in numerous interviews that he is not a gamer and does not play video games.

    There was something, back in season 1 of Heroes on NGTV, the cast of Chuck vs Heroes playing Halo and Zach got killed off in the first second, Zach Levi said something to the extent of “please Quinto, you’ve never even seen a video game” ;)

    As for the attractiveness…maybe he is not conventionally Hollywood handsome, but the man is gorgeous.

  • heyyou


    I never saw that Halo thing, sounds LOL. I guess I always pictured him as a video game geek and like the rest of his generation had Atari as a kid and played pac-man at the arcade. Someone should just say to him one day “Colecovision!!!” just to see what his reaction is. Ha.

    Learn something every day.

  • Katrina

    mmmmm, Zach looks hot as usual! I dont care what anyone says, but the scruff and the nerdy attire make him look insanely sexy to me….plus i think hes an awesome actor!