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Nicole Kidman: Christmas in Sydney!

Nicole Kidman: Christmas in Sydney!

Nicole Kidman promotes her new movie, Nine, on The Today Show, in New York City on Monday (December 14).

The 42-year-old Australian actress shared a bit on how her life has changed since being married to country singer Keith Urban: “It’s simpler. It’s filled with love. It’s a nice place to be.”

As for how she’ll be spending the holidays, Nicole shared, “We go back to Sydney. Our family’s there. So, we’re taking the family down there and we’ll spend Christmas and New Year’s there.”

Other pics include Nic leaving her yoga class in Los Angeles on December 11.

15+ pictures inside of yoga yummy Nicole Kidman

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61 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: Christmas in Sydney!”

  1. 1
    andres Says:

    She is beautiful….

  2. 2
    arlene Says:

    haora si es bonita ,mas natural,pero que elimina elcolageno en los labios ya

  3. 3
    dani Says:

    Class act. So glad she found Keith.

  4. 4
    anon Says:

    I wonder if the family includes Connor and Bella.

  5. 5
    funstuff Says:

    What the hell happened to her lip, she looks weird.

  6. 6
    arlene Says:

    que puerca es ,esa ropa la de la entrevista ya la uso hace poco en new york ,uf esta mujer no tiene remedio ,con tanto dinero y no tiene para comprarse otra ropa ,que puerca y dura ves de usar su dinero lo guarda.

  7. 7
    jolentini Says:

  8. 8
    john boy Says:

    She’s gorgeous. Thank God she got away from that maniac, Tom Cruise.

  9. 9
    vool Says:

    does she ever see her two children that she had with Tom Cruise…ever?

  10. 10
    john boy Says:

    She didn’t have 2 kids w/TC, they adopted. She sees the a lot, she just doesn’t pimp them out like Tom does his stepdaughter, Suri.

  11. 11
    To arlene Says:

    arlene,What’s wrong with you, certainly you need a Psychic treatment to deal with your obsession with Nicole or let’s say obsession with Big love Comments @ tomkatcrazy .

  12. 12
    The Truth Says:

    The Truth is: She never has anything to do with her kids. She chose her acting career over being a mother.

  13. 13
    to #12 Says:

    To #12 (aka Katie Homely): Jealous much?

    Nicole’s intelligent, beautiful, talented, a wonderful mother, has integrity and morals.

    Katie (#12) You are ugly, a golddigger, snaggled tooth, cankled tree trunks for legs, no talent, dumb as a rock, a h*ore, and a very bad mother who’s child should be placed with child protective services.


  14. 14
    Dell Says:

    Nicole has already stated that it will be her husband and Sunday Rose going to Oz for Christmas. In fact, she referred to those two as her family – leaving Isabella & Connor out of the equation. Once again, I don’t understand why people say Tom “pimps” out Isabella and Connor when Nicole does the exact same thing to Sunday Rose. For as much as we see Nicole out with Sunday Rose, why aren’t Isabella and Connor with them? If she protects Isabella and Connor, why doesn’t she protect Sunday Rose then?

  15. 15
    yogaman Says:

    does anyone else think it strange how just when Nicole has to be in L.A. for a few weeks for promotional duties for “NINE”, that suddenly Isabella appeared in SPAIN to visit her dad on set of his movie filming there? I have begun to notice that happens alot with them…i.e. Nicole and Keith will be seen in New York one week, go back to Nashville, then the very next week we see pictures of Isabella or Conner in New York with Tom….Just bad planning???

  16. 16
    Team Elin Says:

    Nicole is a real talent. Good mum. private. Has a good thing with a good and real man,Keith,and her equal.

    the part about family is not quite true, because Isabella and Connor are not allowed by Tom to be with her and their step-dad, half-sister,grandparents, aunt. They will be with Tom, Katie,
    Queen Suir, and Tom ‘s family and Katie’s family.

    There is something really sad and weird about that Tom Cruise and his hold on theose kids over Nic.

  17. 17
    kizbit Says:

    Connor and Isabella go to the Scientology school in LA. The are brainwashed. That’s why they don’t see Nicole. And they call Katie “Mom”, so that’s gotta hurt. It’s nice to see love and happiness in Nicole’s eyes, unlike the vacant stare of Katie.

  18. 18
    AutumnM Says:


    I agree. If Nicole is so private, which I do think she actually is, but why do we sometimes see pics of Sunday Rose? But yet she’s NEVER photographed with Isabella or Connor? Don’t tell me it’s because of Tom either. If she wanted to see her kids, i’m sure she could. There’s no way he could stop her if she was really determined. But as always Nicole’s crazy fans are making up excuses for her when it’s clear that she does not see those other two kids. I guess once she had a biological child of her own, she forget her adopted children. It’s rather sad I think.

  19. 19
    Jim Says:

    Nicole is classy & elegant lady, great actress with big talent & a good mother for her children, no matter people said bad things about her, it’ll never change her as a great actress in hollywood.
    Specially tomkat fans who’s having very bad comments here.

  20. 20
    Dani Says:


    She has said the older kids value their privacy. People see her in Nashville with them.

    However, you don’t know what the cult is doing either. She is basically a supressive person which means the cult does not allow her to see the kids. If she didn’t have a high profile, she probably would be allowed no contact at all. Google the cult and supressive persons. You say there is no way he could stop her if she was determined. Haha. If the cult doesn’t wnat her to see the kids they can use all sorts of force from blackmail to telling the kids that if they see their mother they will kill her. You don’t know. She obviously adores Connor and Isabella. If you go back 16 years and look at her comments and the FEW pictures (even when they were young she protected them) — she was and is a loving mom. Maybe she wanted a child with Keith (and they NEVER ruled out adoption if she did not biologically conceive) because she knew if they ever ever got divorced there wasn’t a cult waiting to take her child away.

    And yes it is rather sad. It is sad that Tom Cruise is an a$$hole who belongs to a cult that condones practices such as winning at any cost. If you are a supressive person you can expect them to come after you if you attempt to see your kids or partner if they are still in the cult.

  21. 21
    neo8087 Says:


  22. 22
    dianelll Says:

    I just hope her kids write a book about mommy dearest it should make very interesting reading

  23. 23
    Dell Says:


    Dani, I have a suggestion for you – Google “family law”.

  24. 24
    Melissa Fanbag Says:

    She is so Tall!

  25. 25
    adt Says:

    @john boy:

    suri is not his stepdaughter.

  26. 26
    =Logan= Says:

    i love nicole, but she should wear sunglasses in the morning or after the gym, as it is never your best look

  27. 27
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    love to see beautiful classy elegant nicole before she has her makeup done false eyelashes and hairpices put in place, and when she doesn’t , she wears her sunglasses
    BU T SHE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THE CELEBRITY GAME, so I’ll give her that much, something Silly Katie doesn’t know how too
    GIVE ANYTHING TO SEE Katie playing the celebrity game , anything, its about time she started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28
    dani Says:


    I never said the the steps the cult takes are legal. In fact many actions of the cult in order to prevent suppressive from seeing their kids are illegal. You don’t get it. Google scientology and suppressive persons

    Two examples:

    When someone disagrees with policies written by Hubbard or is critical of Scientology, if the group cannot change this person�s mind, the group declares the person a “Suppressive Person.” Once that declaration has been made, not one Scientologist will speak with the “SP” except for the “International Justice Chief.” Even that individual wouldn�t speak to me after I was “declared” and would only deal with me via mail. An SP declaration is a very serious action, taken to cut off people who are critical of the Church of Scientology, its members or Hubbard.

    If you are labeled an “SP,” your child will no longer be allowed to talk honestly with you about anything meaningful, but only about the weather or other surface topics. The other alternative is to “Disconnect” from you – which means literal disconnection.


    Lawrence Woodcraft said he grew disillusioned soon after joining the Sea Org and wanted to take his children and leave the Church. But he said he felt that wasn’t an option.

    “You’ll be declared a suppressive person, and then you’ll never speak to your family again,” he said.

    “Suppressive person” or “SP” is Church lingo for someone who is anti-Scientology or, in their terms, “seeks to suppress any betterment activity or group.”

    “If you leave without permission, they declare you a suppressive person and they make your family and anyone who knows you in Scientology disconnect from you,” Astra Woodcraft said.

    Despite the risk of being labeled an SP, Lawrence Woodcraft left the church, and he and his wife divorced.

    “I was told I couldn’t see my dad anymore because he wasn’t in Sea Org,” Astra Woodcraft said.

    Jenna Miscavige Hill also spoke about having contact with her family restricted. She said one day when she was 14 she got in trouble for chit-chatting when she was supposed to be studying. She tried to make a phone call to her parents, but she says she was prevented from doing so and even punched someone during the altercation.

    “People were physically stopping me,” she said. “Basically I got held down by like three people.”

    Shortly thereafter, she said, she was confronted by her uncle David Miscavige, who she said told her, “What you did is unacceptable. You’re not gonna get any more special treatment,” she recalled. “I was like, if special treatment means being held down and not being allowed to talk to your family, then I am happy to be rid of it.”

  29. 29
    SAD Says:

    The only thing that is obvious is that the Paps and these sites and each of us, who look , are out of control.

    We have no right to stalk, peek, judge or comment on the private momments of anyone.

    The present generation of the USA has sunk low. LOW in the respect, manners, and decency department.

    We ALL need to be better people. Live to a higher standard of personal integrity.

  30. 30
    Bella Says:

    Nicole is a classy lady and a beautiful Mom. She does not pimp out any of her children! It is not her fault that the paps trail her everywhere, attempting to get pics of Sunday Rose.

    When Nic was making “Australia”, Connor was with her the entire time. He had a job as a horse wrangler, which he loved, and also a bit part in the movie. Unlike Tom and Katie, who parade Suri around as if she was some kind of trophy with her $3 million wardrobe, Nicole is fierce when it comes to setting boundaries to protect her kids – all three of them.. I was horrified when I saw the pics of Suri a few days ago in gold lame high heels!

  31. 31
    zzzz Says:

    Nicole comes across as a sincere, happy, down-to-earth person who is private and protective about her relationships, whether it be with her husband family, kids, whatever. I have never seen anything that would suggest that she doesn’t care about or doesn’t see her older kids. I don’t know wher some of you people come up with your negative remarks about her as a mother.

  32. 32
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    If she is such a brilliant mother why doesn’t she take her children out of the so called dangerous cult, we’re not short on money or resources

    the answer NOTHING
    the truth, they probably like being with their father, who seems to adore them and they him
    geez pretty simple isn’t it!

  33. 33
    hmm... Says:

    @john boy:

    You’re kidding, right? First you correct someone for saying that she “had’ two kids with TC. Whether natural birth or adoption, she and TC are responsible for those kids. Then your claim that Suri is TC’s stepdaughter is invalid, and only proves that you have some negative sentiment towards this family. CHILL!

  34. 34
    Jim Says:

    Here video of nicole interview in today show, she is so pretty, down to earth as a big actress.

  35. 35
    comeoffit Says:

    If the paps can follow NK and get pictures of her with Sunday, then they will also find her with Bella and Connor, in Nashville or wherever they happen to be!!! I don’t believe they’ve been seen in Nashville otherwise pictures would have been posted on the net.

    Bella and Connor are not so private that they can’t be pictured with Tom, Bella and Suri so why couldn’t they be pictured with NK?

  36. 36
    snowman Says:


    Connor was not with Kidman the entire time “Australia” was being filmed. There are several pictures from the sets of the movie, and Connor was only there a few days. He was in the movie? Really? Please tell me the timeline in the movie, so I can watch it? You must have that confused with the Will Smith movie. I’m sure Sunday Rose’s wardrobe is worth a fortune as well. She wears Uggs, and those run a minimum of $150 for toddlers. If Kidman doesn’t like the way Tom was raising his kids, she has good attorneys. She could do something. And remember, it wasn’t Kidman that left Tom, Tom left Kidman!

  37. 37
    Jim Says:

    I REPEAT AGAIN TO ALL TOMKAT FANS, whatever you looked for Nicole’s lack or fault, it will not reduce our love & respect to this beauty, talent, great & legend actress in hollywood.
    Here picture of Nicole & adorable Sunday Rose, when this little adorable use bracelet, which is Bella’s bracelet when she was baby too, as Nicole said in other interview.
    Nicole Kidman is a good mother for her children & she love them.

  38. 38
    shelby Says:

    Still at it. Is your life so depressing that you have to follow NK around on the internet to trash her? Get over it. She won. She has Keith. That doesn’t mean you can’t find happiness with someone else. Either that or wallow in your misery forever. Your choice. And it IS a choice.

  39. 39
    Snake Says:

    Nicole’s sister, Antonia, is going to be getting married very soon, and it sounds like she is moving with her new husband to Singapore – along with her four children from her previous marriage. So I’m sure this is absolutely fine with Nicole’s fans that her sister is keeping her chilldren so far away from their father, but shame on Tom for doing this!

  40. 40
    Jim Says:

    Here pict of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban & Sunday Rose, this little adorable used bracelet which Bella’s bracelet when she was baby too.

  41. 41
    sara whrite Says:

    # 38 You must be out of your mind to think anyone would want a recovering alcoholic druggy

  42. 42
    Snake Says:


    I assume you believe every bit of nonsense that comes out of Kidman’s mouth – along with her comments that her face is all natural.

  43. 43
    Jim Says:

    AGAIN, we appreciate her talent as great & A list actress in hollywood, not her face or other think, that’s it.
    We Love & respect Nicole Kidman whatever people said about her. she is an icon as Rob Marshal admit that.

  44. 44
    shelby Says:

    #41 addiction doesn’t define you as a person. You have MUCH to learn.

  45. 45
    carrington Says:

    You haters are amazing. You don’t know a thing about Tom and Nicole’s arrangement, but you feel free to blame her for everything. You don’t know a thing about scientology, but you are too lazy to google it to see what they do to people who leave the cult.
    Nicole is much more talented than Tom, has more compassion and inner beauty than he will ever have.
    It doesn’t matter what any of you haters think–it ONLY matters what Bella and Connor feel. Nicole’s biggest mistake, and from little tidbits in interviews she probably agrees, was giving Tom physical custody of those kids two years after the divorce. She had physical custody and she did what she thought was right for the children by letting them live in one place–LA. She probably regrets that decision.
    And as to why she doesn’t step in legally and go after them now? To what purpose–an excruciatingly public scrutiny that will HURT the kids?? And then there is the fact that they are older and would most likely choose to live with Tom now anyhow. The cult has been brainwashing them for years.
    She has stated that they want to live in LA because that is where their friends are and they find it exciting. She is hoping they might want to spend time in Nashville at some point. So personally I give her a great deal of admiration and kudos for CARING more about her children than what YOU HATERS THINK.

  46. 46
    Snake Says:

    Truly incredible the lies her fans will make up to protect her. Nicole had joint custody with Tom. When did Nicole ever go back to court and waive custody to Tom? Please provide some type of documentation or article to back that. Also, isn’t that quite a statement to make – here, have the kids since they like living with you bettter. It doesn’t say much for Kidman’s maternal instincts. Doesn’t Kidman want to be a part of that life that the kids enjoy? Actually seeing their mother is more important than hanging out with friends – unless she isn’t that great of a mom after all. If she didn’t want to hand her kids over to Tom, why didn’t she give up her career, live in LA and concentrate on her children after going through traumatic divorce?

  47. 47
    So Judgemental Says:

    No one goes up against the church and wins. No one. You could end up supposedly killing yourself by hanging yourself while on your knees in a bathtub (google it).

    It is obvious with the way Nicole dances around issues with Tom and the kids and the church that she is scared @hitless of them all. As well she should be. When she was a naive young actress and they first married she must have signed one hell of an agreement with Tom and the church because she minded her p’s and q’s and when he unceremoniously and without warning kicked her to the curb 9 years and supposedly one month shy of their 10 anniversary (after celebrating it surrounded by friends and family in Telluride) she was scared and shocked. She was in survival mode.

    And it is also obvious that he labeled her an SP.. remember the leaked Scientology video of him asking himself rhetorically if he had met an SP? And then laughing hysterically with a huge OH YEAH.. you could say that!

    Remember the special artist interviews artist piece where Russell Crow interviewed her and asked her after the divorce if she wanted to have biological children.. she just about jumped out of her skin and even this is dangerous.. I need to think about how to word this..(contract with Tom territory) .

    And interesting how both of Tom’s ex’s never had children with him but as soon as they remarried were able to conceive quite easily. And there is no way a woman with multiple miscarriages due to natural high risk pregnancies would have gone horseback rising, jogging, played tennis or done the activities Nic did while pregnant with Sunday Rose. More secrets kept for Tommy boy more then likely.

    And although they were supposedly granted joint custody.. Nic gets limited time with the kids because they were and are home schooled by Tom’s sister who lives with Tom and Katie.

    And you are absolutely wrong about Nicole choosing acting over motherhood. She protected those children from the media. She would have NEVER allowed them to photograph those kids like Suri. She had them on set with her at all times, she cooked for them, she took care of them. After the divorce she continued to protect them from the media.. both Bella and Conner were on set with her for Australia. She took them to the Kids Choice awards but had them sneak in through the back while she was obligated to walk the carpet and then met them inside. She spends as much time with them as Tom and his plans and his church will allow.

    If Bella and Conner want to rebel and demand to see their mother more they would risk being labeled SP by the church which means everything they have grown up surrounded by.. people, family, friends will turn their backs on them. Forever. No second chances. Or worse you could get shipped of to Sea Org and made to sign their life away for 1000 years, not be allowed to have children and work in a military style operation for the church.

    Ok.. now I want to tell you all that this is all pure speculation. In fact I made it all up so please do not label me an SP or and enemy of the church.. don’t ruin my business or threaten my children.. I mean that’s also ridiculous.. I am drunk right now and do not know what I am saying. The church is a wonderful organization that save millions of people and Tom is a very virile man capable of siring thousands of children if he would like and is the best actor humanitarian in the world. Long live Xenu. Everyone should give every last dime to the amazing church.

  48. 48
    Jim Says:

    I really excited to see Movie Nine, lot of awards i heard (9 nominations).

  49. 49
    snowman Says:

    @So Judgemental:

    For all the reasons you just mentioned, Nicole should really fight for her kids! She’s really looking out for their well-being and future.

    Why don’t you do a little research – Nicole was photographed on the red carpet of the Kids’ Choice Awards with the kids.×400-ENT-NicoleKidman14-600×400.jpg

    That doesn’t look like the back door to me. I guess Larry King had to sneek into the back door as well – along with all those other people.

  50. 50
    Reese Pieces Says:

    She is better off without tom

  51. 51
    Kat Says:

    Face it Nicole fans, Nicole’s career will always come before her family. As much as she likes to claim otherwise, her actions show the truth. Her family, minus Bella & Connor, are already in Australia. She could have been there already too but she wasn’t willing to give up walking a third redcarpet for the same movie. She claimed that being away from her husband for more than 4 days was non-negotible. Well, they are on day 7 now and will probably go up to 10. All because Nicole had to stay to walk another red carpet because 2 just wasn’t enough. She chose to put her career over her family. The truth is there, you are just too blind to see it. And she likes to claim that she isn’t photographed with Bella & Connor because they want’ the privacy. I guess then that she doesn’t care about Sunday Rose’s privacy.

  52. 52
    Kat Says:

    To Dani #20. I don’t know what Nashville you’re talking about, but those kids have never been seen with her there. Thanks to the internet & Twitter, Nicole sightings are listed all the time. NEVER once with Bella or Connor. Nicole fans have a way of stretching the truth as much as they possibly can.

  53. 53
    b. Says:

    it’s so weird that she’s always away from connor and bella. actually it seems to be that she’s not their mother

  54. 54
    Rouge Says:

    strange because they spent thanksgiving together in los angelese..uh uh uh what do you think to get a life dumbs?

  55. 55
    Benny Says:

    @Rouge: Kidman lies. Pictures don’t.

    Kidman lies. Pictures don’t.

  56. 56
    notbusy Says:

    Some of these comments are hysterical. Bella and Conor were almost never photographed with Tom when he and Nicole were married. After the divorce and when Katie Holmes came along and Tom’s image was shot, he started using those kids for PR to look better. When Suri was born, nobody saw that child for 3 months. So Tom can protect Suri from the press if he wanted to. He uses all three of his kids to help his horrible image. He is the joke of Hollywood now. Everybody makes fun of him. It’s shameful the way he uses Suri in particular. Nicole doesn’t have to use her kids for publicity.

  57. 57
    notso Says:

    That argument holds true when you are talking about very young ones but not when you have a 17 and 15 year old who by now I am sure have strong minds of their own. If Kidman was with her eldest 2 as often as many claim I’m sure they wouldn’t be hidden away out of sight and not photographed together.

  58. 58
    notbusy Says:

    Age has nothing to do with it. Elvis Presley has four grandchildren. Two are teenagers and two are babys and you never see any of them photographed or paraded around in the press. The only time you see them is when Lisa Marie decideds to let people see them.

  59. 59
    British Latin American Says:

    Nicole is such a loving person and a great mother. If she is aware of all the mean-spirited remarks about her as a mother, she just laughs with pity at the people who say them.

  60. 60
    Stone Says:

    In some photos she still looks hot.

  61. 61
    MMA Says:

    She looks absolutely beautiful!

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