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Orlando Bloom: Not Engaged to Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom: Not Engaged to Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom and girlfriend Miranda Kerr are not engaged, despite reports to the contrary.

“There is no truth to any rumors of engagement,” Orly‘s rep tells

False engagement reports started to surface after Miranda‘s brother reportedly told an Australian publication, “He’s finally done it. Orlando has proposed. They’re getting married.”

Miranda‘s rep also denied the rumors, saying, “I can confirm with absolute certainty Matt did not say anything of the sort and was upset to see the article.”

One day, these engagement rumors will be true. Just not today!

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  • Kris

    What did MK have to launch this time? Another failure like Kora?

  • tashka

    Kris, I guess so! Otherwise there wouldn’t be any mess about the fake engagemenet. Oh life.

  • shenanyginz

    moving on :rollseyes:
    new concept art for Sympathy for Delicious featuring Orlando Bloom as The Stain!!! exciting :)

  • LC

    I doubt these rumors will be true. Damn this is becoming a ‘boy/girl who cried wolf. There have been so many rumors of an engagement which then been false that if they were to do it, no one will believe them.

  • @4

    This doesn’t just happen with them.
    It happens with EVERY celeb couple.

  • @3

    I want to see this movie so bad!

  • callmewhatever

    What happend to him? He use to be BANGIN! For the past year or so, he looks so blah.

  • >

    I hope these engagement rumors will NOT be true ever. Thanks God!
    2 clowns as usual. Nobody deserves!!!

  • @Kris

    I have to agree – everytime she is back home, they re-run the engagement rumours…

    I wonder what it is this time, no doubt time will tell……

  • ummmmm

    Haterz- 1. Shippers- 0.

    Oh the agony of defeat. LOL!! LOL!! LOL!!

  • ivanka

    @callmewhatever: ikr, maybe she is changing him -.-

  • cristina

    She would make a better pair with Jared Followill from KOL ,they are gorgeous on their own but would be the perfect Rock &ROLL COUPLE!

  • @10

    I think it hilarious that NONE of the “shipper” sites took this rumor seriously, yet the “hater” site ran with it like crazy.
    Too darn funny.
    Haterz = fail
    Shippers = scrored big on laughter

  • me

    They always saying that. Guess people can’t find nothing to say about them. Funny when the holidays come that’s when the rumors starts.

  • janet
  • @me

    Yes, each time holidays come and especially each time she is in Australia….

  • @ @me

    last time he was there her mother ‘confirmed’ it too. her family doesn’t seem to mind lying through their teeth to get her press and then playing dumb afterwards.

  • @17

    Sooooo true!!!

  • @17

    Someone is actually stupid enough to believe that the rags actually talked to any of her relatives???
    So funny!
    So pathetic.

  • @19

    Yeah, how stupid! It’s not like her mother and brother never talk about their comings and goings or run to the press to deny their breakups! They are the souls of discretion!

  • Refresher!

    At the time Kerr’s mother told Confidential that to her knowledge her daughter was not engaged, adding excitedly that “she may have some news for us when she gets home”.

    Yesterday Therese Kerr was offering a “no comment whatsoever” when asked the same question, prompting Confidential to speculate that something may well have occurred in the past three weeks.

    “It is totally up to them,” she added, somewhat cryptically.

    “Whether it’s right or wrong, I’m not saying.”

    Now, if Mama Kerr never said this why didn’t Miranda’s rep issue the exact same denial she did about Matt? Hmmm?

  • newsflash read all about it

    by the time the holidays are over there will be yet another engagement rumor. orlando will propose over christmas OR on new year’s eve! he’s going to turn 33 soon you know and doesn’t want to get old and be alone!

  • @Refresher

    Maybe because this time it was Matthew and not Therese the one who talked with the magazine?

  • LOL!

    If a magazine had been burned by someone giving false information, do you think that they would be stupid enough to play along a second time?
    That IS stupid.
    This is just the same BS that rags do to everyone.
    No difference except for the level of hatred levelled at the girl.
    I think that only the Jen/Brad/Angie “fans” even come close.

  • one question

    Why such different denials? MKs rep doesn’t deny the engagement only that Matt Kerr spoke to the magazine. OBs rep flat out denies the engagement. Why didn’t MKs rep do that too?

  • Kris

    Oh man….why al these questions? A denial is a denial…I don’t see much difference between telling that he necer said his sister was going to marry and saying these 2 are not engaged….

  • @25

    Maybe cause she would like to get married but he doesn’t even think about it….!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    ‘One day, these engagement rumors will be true. just not today” lol

  • anon.

    Actually, Orly is dating Reese Witherspoon and Jake is dating Miranda. LOLOL! U R right, the magazines lie and lie and lie. They will now make stuff up for this story, then they ‘ll write another story about “what went wrong !” or “Why the engagement is off!” or some other fake cr*p. If they say a couple is getting married that’s a story. Then if they don’t there’s a slew of other stories. People keep on buying it, so they keep on peddling their lies. No one “KNOWS” but the people involved.

  • anon

    More likely that Orly is dating Jake.

  • MMA

    Nice airbrushing!

  • Stone

    Nice couple, and so are they.

  • they are not…

    engaged ’cause they’re already married, silly!

  • @33

    Yes, they got married on a plane…

  • Melissa Funbag

    I already asked and she has agreed to marry me, sorry O

  • jolentini
  • facts first…

    It amazes me that all these gossip sites/magazines/newspapers ran with the story ‘their engaged” without first confirming it it’s true with either Orlando’s or Miranda’s reps.

    All it takes is a simple phone call.

    The magazine where the information came from “Woman’s Day” is notorious for making up and writing BS stories about celebrities every week.

    It’s a trashy tabloid that has absolutely no credibility what so ever, I knew as soon as I read where it came from that it wasn’t true.

    Good to see Miranda’s rep categorically state that her brother Matt didn’t make the statement at all and put a stop to the rumors straight away.

  • lakers fan in boston

    it seemed weird that her brother would say anything
    and i didnt even no she had 1 before these rumors
    i like em together, altho i hate orlando for having such a beautiful gf =[
    hopefully they do get engaged some day

  • Jam

    The Delphi loons are all b!tches
    Your conspiracies have me in stitches
    One minute he’s g@y
    The next he loves Randa May
    Then he fooks so many whores his c0ck itches.

    You all should really get a life
    Otherwise you’ll never be anyone’s wife
    Alone ‘till you die
    Every night you will cry
    Then you’ll slit your wrists with a knife.

    The worst offender is Alegria
    She has so much bite she’s like a Terrier
    She states things as fact
    And no facts are backed
    She should get laid and then she’d be merrier!

    You should all remember Las Vegas
    Your spin is nothing but hopeless
    Love was in the air
    Your nostrils they flair
    You are nothing but jealous, fat haters.

    Take heed!

  • Jam

    **** = kok.

  • Melissa Fanbag

    He has a lot of mistresses like Tiger perhaps

  • @40….

    So true, Alegria is the most bitter and envious one of the Delphidiots, and that is saying something……..she’s eaten away with jealousy over Miranda, so consumed with hatred all because Orlando loves Miranda.

    I really think she believes that one day Orlando will be hers, so instead of facing reality and accepting their a couple, she’s concocted this delusional story about him signing a contract, it’s all a showmance and that Miranda is evil.

    I mean any sane, rational person would be embarrassed about such ridiculous rantings, but instead poor Alegria has created her own forum to further her delusions.

    It’s all rather sad and pathetic.

  • @40 & 43

    yes….and the two of you express so much love and no negativity what-so-ever in your posts.

    get over yourselves already. no one wants to hear from a self righteous ass hole on either side of this issue.

    sounds to me that both shippers and haters are so jealous of what orlando and miranda may or may not have together, they can’t get over themselves.

    Once and for all STFU about how right you are and how wrong everyone else is….both sides

    Unless you have current, not to mention accurate information, about what either one of them are doing as far as projects go, why post all this crap about how bad everyone else is? I just don’t get it.

    Do you really believe that anything you say hurts the other side so much that is why they stop posting for a while.

    They stop posting because they can’t stand reading what you have to say. Your feelings mean no more to them than their feelings mean to you.

  • @44….

    Who is being self righteous now??? According to YOU only YOUR
    opinion matters and everyone else should just agree with you.
    Pot calling kettle black………you need to get over yourself and
    your self righteous indignation.

  • Bah

    It took like one day for Miranda’s rep to deny that Matthew said that so it’s obvious that she didn’t want that engagement rumour to spread around. It’s pointless to keep saying that boy said that, or that they planted that rumour on purpose.
    There are engagement rumours every certain time, whether she’s in Oz or not, just like there are the same rumours about every celebrity couple.
    This is all the tabs trying to sell.

  • lennie

    Who are they anyway??? Boring…

  • LOL!

    I love how idiots come here trying to insult these two by saying that they don’t know who they are, or that they are “boring”, when their own lives are so full that they were able to find time to post on an older thread about people that they claim to not know.

  • booboobear


    So true this does seem to happen everytime – 1. they go on vacation (holiday) 2. Spend time together on a beach 3. Et cetera.

    Get over the movie is getting tired

  • booboobear

    and secondly – why is it always her people(s) starting or running with the rumors – and his people squishin it like a bug.
    Orlando has family, too, but you never see any quotes by his sister or mum or Sabatian (his cousin). Telling the world about any pending engagement/weddings.

    So for me – when they actually come out and say so then it will be believable – maybe. You know them hollywood types. Anything for the show and ratings.
    And again didn’t he break up with Kate when too many rumors hit the fan – her eating/not eating disorder was being blaimed on him??? Just sayin…

  • ?

    The rumours are started by her family only in your imagination. In the real world they’re started by crappy tabloids that are aware of all the attention you give them.