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Alexander Skarsgard's New Love Interest: Natasha Alam!

Alexander Skarsgard's New Love Interest: Natasha Alam!

The Bold and the Beautiful actress Natasha Alam has been cast as the new love interest for Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) on the hit HBO vampire series True Blood, EW reports.

Natasha, 26, is joining the season 3 cast in the potentially recurring role of Yvetta, Eric’s new dancer (and sexual relationship) at after-dark bar Fangtasia.

As for other new cast members on True Blood, Gregg Daniel (NYPD Blue, Desperate Housewives) has been tapped to play Reverend Daniels, a love interest for Tara’s mom.

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Timothy Norris/Getty
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  • yes!

    She looks like a stripper.

  • mike

    No way she’s 26. She looks more like 36.

  • jess

    I read that earlier. She’s on Myspace and her profile says she’s 27.

  • lina

    she is not enough for alexander

  • my3cents

    I think she fits a stripper/dancer part perfectly

  • vanessa

    cool she looks a like a stripper…looks a bit old though

  • RedRock

    Sorta cute but I’m getting a shemale vibe from her.

  • groovelicious

    @vanessa: Agree, nothing wrong with that but this chick does not look 26. Does anyone think she’s lying about her age?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    he’s been linked to about 20 different girls in the past 2 months. ahahahahaha.. and she looks 43. ahaha

  • wendy

    Um misleading title Jared!! She is the new love interest for his characther, NOT him, he is with Kate!!!

  • jbird

    old or ugly, doesn’t matter. she’s one lucky girl! and hey, if it gets alex naked, i’m all for it! :)

  • Jaded

    She is friend with a few of my friends on face book and the girl is hot. Her modeling pictures are amazing, and her baby is uber cute. This is by far not the best shot of her I’ve seen.

  • eme

    i always wonder why these stupid things get posted on this site.Is it jared connection to this chicks publicist or jareds connection to her?Why would a nobody soap actress be reported about for having a small role on true blood?

  • Dan

    She’s not pretty at all.
    She just has big tits.

  • beats

    She’s definitely lying about her age.
    This broad has to be at least 40.

  • essence

    I didn’t know Eric’s mom was an exotic dancer.

  • way too easy

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: For once I agree with you! If you go to her page, it says she was married in 1998. How can she be 26? Did her parents give consent? That’s pretty young.

  • Liz86000

    Well, as long as Eric isn’t with Sookie, I’m happy! :) And I think she will play a stripper, so she may as well look like one…
    But I thought the reverend was (spoiler) Sam’s mother’s love interest?

  • true blood

    @eme: Because it’s related to AS and JJ knows he brings hits to the site.

    Agree, she does look older than 26. More like mid-30s.

  • Next

    Good casting. She has the skank look down pat.

  • just saying

    @Jaded: Her facebook pictures are not very flattering either. She has a lot of modeling photos there.

  • just saying

    oops..sorry…meant myspace.

  • Vixen

    She’s ok, but let’s face it…it’s hard to find a woman in Skarsgard’s league. That blood hooker they used was pitiful.

  • icey

    I like her hair but she’s kind of butch looking.
    She probably has a fabulous body and will do well playing a dancer.

  • LT

    She’s not what I pictured for Yvetta. I pictured someone a bit younger and sexier. I don’t believe she’s 26. Most people lie about their age in Hollywood and it’s pretty obvious she’s lying or something has incorrectly reported her age.

  • Christine

    26… and I’m the Pope. Everyone kneel and kiss my ring. On that note, she’s really butch. I bet her voice is lower than Skarsgard’s.

  • Dee

    shes looks manly..def not who i had in thought for the stripper..they should of gone with someone younger and hotter

  • megan

    lucky girl

  • Marieme

    This is getting really exciting. Besides this info I’v been reading about Sam’s mom being cast, Tara’a new romantic interest and a couple other vamps. I really just hope TB doesn’t get too stuffed with characters like Lost did. Sometimes producers get so excited about new faces they go crazy and we core fans care mostly – if not only – about seeing the regs.

    Btw I’m hoping to see a lot more of the Sookie/Bil/Eric triangle. Wonder how this actress is going to fit into that. Cause MORE problems for poor Sook?

  • cassie

    she looks older than that

  • jen

    she definitely looks much older than 26 maybe in her mid to late 30s

  • Lisa

    NO NO NO,Eric is supposed to get with Sookie,not some vamp hooker/stripper!! Terrible idea!!! Bring on the Eric-Sookie storyline!!
    Won’t mind seeing more of a nude A Skars though,he is and Adonis!!

  • benjie

    wow lmfao shes a looker alrite i doubt there b ne hockup roumers this time

  • benjie

    wow lmfao shes a looker alrite i doubt there b ne hockup roumers this time

  • vmars111

    Of course all the jealous females will nitpick her appearance because they “can’t have Alexander-pooh!”

    I’ll just say that she really resembles a younger Fran Drescher lol.

  • TB2009


    I agree….. I knew AB would throw in some crap to take up our tv time…..I don’t like it! Hopefully, it is only a small part like Ginger. I can’t believe Eric would have any real interest in another since he had a beautiful blood donor in S-2 and he was bored with her. What’s this girlie’s appeal to him?

  • geez

    @vmars111: Nothing to be jealous of here. This girl looks like a chick with d.ick and you could land a plane on that fivehead.

  • Karl

    @TB2009: I didn’t find the blood donor that cute. Whoever does their casting seems to like old broads.

  • jolentini
  • lindsey

    lame stripper idea…bring on eric and sookie

  • sugarbaby

    @vmars111: y r u complaing its way ppl r not just i really doubt u have never said ething about ne1 n a rude way

  • pickles

    @geez ROFLMAO ur comment cracked meh up

  • forkme

    ok, while all of you are drooling over Skarsgard, there is a new hottie slpping in the door that might just bring “Skarsgard back down to the ground – the fellow cast to play Alcide…. Reality check quickly coming!

  • anna

    you realize she’s suppose to play a trashy european stripper,right? So her look fits the part.

  • pickles

    this is so exciting ….. thuglife

  • Lisa

    Good for her! She’s obviously not a dog if she got a role on a show known for the fact that its castmembers are phenomenally sexy. Clearly someone in charge thinks she looks great next to Alex…just relax and retract your claws.

  • JJ

    @Lisa: I don’t think anyone has claws out. They just don’t find her attractive. She does look rather old for 26. And yeah, someone in charge also found the blood hooker good looking and she was an average looking bimbo. Some of the cast is sexy…not all of them. A lot of them are just average looking.

  • Kelly Luver

    Wow, good choice! She is hot!

  • Lawton

    She is an attractive if somewhat masculine looking woman for 46. If she’s really 26, I would like to see a birth certificate.

  • kj

    first of ew shes not hot enough. I pictured someone with like black hair.