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Chris Brown Quits Twitter

Chris Brown Quits Twitter
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  • anon.

    Ever since he beat up Rihanna, we are getting a real close up look at how his mind works. He hasn’t changed at all. He sees himself as a victim when he isn’t. Walmart WAS carrying his CD. He is just ranting because it isn’t selling so he wants fans to believe it’s a “conspiracy against him.”

    He rants on Twitter, You Tube, and anywhere else he can do it, so I guess the anger management stuff and the cousneling isn’t working.

    All his TV appearances talk about how hurt he is. Tough. Chris Brown hasn’t change his attitude or his outlook. He will have more “anger management” problems. Just wait. He will do an OJ and end up in jail.

  • tealeaf

    His violent temper was showing on twitter, he blames everyone else for his failings..What a punk.

    Billboard post an article saying his rant about being blackballed is FALSE…

  • miapocca

    Nicole kidman cannot say anything bad about scientology when they still have her kids…its a friendly kidnap situation…shut up or you see less of your kids than you already do!!

    Interviewers should try to think of the children before they ask her questions on scientology

  • miapocca

    chris brown like rihanna are all narcissitic arses!!

  • Young Jayro

    Look here, if a couple of police officers can shoot unarmed nigga’s in the hood and keep their job than the media should leave chris alone. What he did was bad but they are crucifying him when he apologized for it. Hate the sin not the man, that is the christian way, yet i see more and more hypocrisy from our media every day. This kid is not a bad kid,Christopher Brown did something impulsive that he learned from his father who use to hit his mother.

    The media does this with a lot with black males, wesley snipes who got hit with tax evasion charges is doing 3 years in prison which is unprecedented, because he was not the one who did his taxes it was his accountant. For tax evasion you dont get prison time you just pay a fine. The columbine kids after they had killed the whole town the media was trying to blame everyone except the kids. They said there parents were to blame. Yet this kid does something offensive and these cartoons want to crucify him for an action that in reality Jay Z should have handled and whipped this kids behind.

    This kid has to eat, I wouldn’t stop David Duke from feeding his family so why stop this kid from feeding himself. Leave the kid alone and let him sell his records. Its funny, all of a sudden Wal-Mart is the bastion of honor, with their unscrupulous labor practices, unionization and employee issues they want to talk about righteousness.

    Bunch of corny as$ Americans who are not half as pious as they seem, hop off his and let the man feed himself.



  • nativenyker

    Twitter isn’t the only thing Brown has closed down!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Bcuz U People Are Perfect

    Chris u did the right thing to close it down because we already knew Rihanna’s team would not let you Outsell her even though u may have. If they decided not to stock ur album on the shelves in some places that is horrible.
    But then again they could have ordered it from Amazon if people really wanted your album. Go Figures!

  • Kelly Luv

    His song and album is good

  • Bcuz U People Are Perfect

    Jesus Saves!

  • chris brown Lover

    2 HIM


  • terri

    U fans are as dumb as him

    Um those stores were selling his crappy album. And that was proven. He bombed ans is emmabrresed to be proven wrong so closed it down.

    His album flopped!

  • lakers fan in boston

    is that lil bitzch still talking, no1 cares dude, stfu
    how tall is miley? most of the times when she’s in a pic she’s taller than most ppl
    does any1 care about tara reid?
    tony romo’s girl doesnt look special at all, just like any platinum blond chick
    say what u want but cindy crawford has aged
    anne looks so cute in those pics!! =D

  • Jim

    @Young Jayro:
    Wesley Snipes is not in prison. He’s out on bond while his case is in the appeals process.

  • Stone

    I thought they locked him up!

  • MMA

    @Stone: No he’s not. He’s wiggled out with lawyers. But remember, it took them a WHILE TO FINALLY LOCK UP OJ, TOO.

  • The MusicMan 1989

    thank God it looks like he will finally do what i wanted him too take a break for a few year he is only 20 years old, think things over write some songs and come back , kick ass and take names.

  • jackkkkk


  • kristie

    tony romo is not engaged. i’ve heard that he’s just friends with the gal, nothing else. it’s not even serious.

  • GOpota

    Es banu uzliku :)!

  • patch

    Are you have account in facebook? I want to talk with smart human.

  • candelace

    stp being sooooooo mean chris brown iz a very great person and we should all support hm and i luuuuuv him soooo much:)