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Gerard Butler: Pulp Fiction Fingers

Gerard Butler: Pulp Fiction Fingers

Gerard Butler channels his inner Pulp Fiction during a press conference at the Dubai International Film Festival held at the Madinat Jumeriah Complex on Tuesday (December 15) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The 39-year-old Scottish actor, who was greeted by screaming female fans, picked up the award for International Star of the Year.

“Thank you for all the screaming. It makes me feel very sexy,” Gerry said. “I do not win too many awards, which is why I will cherish this one.”

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and his Pulp Fiction fingers…

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gerard butler pulp fiction 01
gerard butler pulp fiction 02
gerard butler pulp fiction 03
gerard butler pulp fiction 04
gerard butler pulp fiction 05
gerard butler pulp fiction 06
gerard butler pulp fiction 07
gerard butler pulp fiction 08
gerard butler pulp fiction 09
gerard butler pulp fiction 10
gerard butler pulp fiction 11
gerard butler pulp fiction 12
gerard butler pulp fiction 13
gerard butler pulp fiction 14
gerard butler pulp fiction 15
gerard butler pulp fiction 16
gerard butler pulp fiction 17
gerard butler pulp fiction 18
gerard butler pulp fiction 19
gerard butler pulp fiction 20

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • p3rp3tu4


  • p3rp3tu4


  • Lowest denominator

    He’s 40 (Nov. 133th)
    And a VERY good lookin’ 40 at that.

  • Lowest denominator

    Nov. 13th (my bad)

  • mslewis


    I just watched “The Ugly Truth” the other day and I could not take my eyes off Gerald Butler’s face!! He was so BLOATED, he looked scary and so unhealthy!! He looked especially ugly when his face was next to Heigl’s pretty, smooth, YOUNG-looking face. Boy, was that some mis-casting!! If not for Old Gerry, the movie would have been fun, funny and quite good. But, because of him is was embarrassing to watch. I only ordered the video from Netflix because I like Katherine Heigl and think her movies are funny but this was a big mistake. And now, he is international star of the year!! Boy, some people can be fooled all the time, right?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Damn! This is one fine looking man. Thanks JJ!!!

  • Mr. Giggles

    It’s about time JJ got these pix up — thanx…. we needed a new thread..

  • Mr. Giggles

    It’s about time JJ got these pix up — thanx…… we needed a new thread..

  • Mia

    Better late than never, JJ.

    Anyway, Mr. Butler, you are one FINE man.

    He’s just beautiful, and he’s not a cookie cutter ‘star.’ He’s spontaneous and real. He just tells it like he’s feeling it in the moment. No one can reign him in. They have tried, but they have failed. Not Alan or Rupert or anyone else who’s making money off his back. ‘Return to media relations school, GB’, some might say. But, that’s why some us adore him. He’s a hoot, but he’s brilliant at the same time.

  • Swansong

    Gerry looks fantastic. Love the longer hair on him. Really emphasizes his eyes.

  • twitter….

    gerry looks a little tired. long day?

  • twitter….
  • Gracey

    I, for just one moment in time, had forgotten how hot this guy is. This DIFF event brought it all tumbling back. It’s not just his looks. While it is that too, I will admit, it’s the outside combined with that singular personality. He’s almost too much to comprehend. No wonder someone hasn’t ‘caught’ him yet! Mr. B is unique. I hope I’m still around to see who he finally settles down with. She’s going to be quite the woman.

  • Euro

    He’s an accident of DNA. He can’t take credit for it. It took a lot of generations to get where he is. He owes it to the world to procreate. Pass on the genes. Don’t be stingy, Butler.

  • Ria

    Gerard Butler is the star of my year.

  • OK

    OK. He’s OK.

  • Guido 2

    Wouldn’t it be funny if in the end Guido from so many other threads knew more than the rest of us? No, Butler’s not dating JA, he’s living with her!! Just joking, I think.

  • Dawn

    What’s up that it took JJ so long to post these photos?

  • oy

    “I once had a vagina THIS BIG!”

    Could someone please buy him a mirdle or explain to him that he should buy his shirts a size up and have them tailored to accommodate his love handles? Hasn’t ‘What Not To Wear’ taught anyone anything? He looks like he’s smuggling brisket under that shirt.

  • oy

    JJ censors everything.

    It was “I once had a v-a-g-i-n-a THIS BIG!”

  • twitter….
    i am the lady in the pink scarf…and gerard butler has just agreed to marry me! dubai dec15
    about 14 hours ago from web

  • Hollywood’s Vanity Insanity

    Ger looks soooooo much better without Botox; with Botox his face had no movement. The natural lines on his face add so much more character. It’s good to see his eye is better, too.
    Please eschew the hollywood vanity, Gerluv.

  • sugar

    I agree. I prefer him with a bit of grey hair and wrinkles. I don’t know why he cuts his hair shorts, it looks better long and wavy

  • Salt&pepper/shaven/long&wavy

    @sugar: agree. I prefer him with a bit of grey hair and wrinkles. I don’t know why he cuts his hair shorts, it looks better long and wavy

    Read more:

    Agreed. I love it when he has the salt and pepper going on and especially the grey at the temples because it makes him so much more distinguished looking. Gerry looks best when clean shaven, too. You are right about his hair length being at it’s best when it is a bit longer and wavy.

  • twitter….
  • Zing goes my heartstrings


    Awwwww…I love it when Gerry gets that mischevious twinkle in his eyes. One of his co stars from TUT described him as “boyish” and “not jaded at all”(I’m extremely jaded so I always find it nice when others aren’t). Ger is all smiles here and clearly having a nice time.

  • Mr. Giggles
  • anna

    HEY JJ, he’s 40 not 39. Second time you make this mistake, come on! lol

  • Regina

    OMG, I just watched the on YouTube where that woman in the audience asked Gerry to marry her. I cringed just looking at the clip! What a pathetic, embarrassing woman. It wasn’t even funny and you could see how embarrassed Gerry was. I loved when he said “now that we’re getting ridiculous we better wrap this up”.

  • terryberry

    I just KNOW the haters will come along any minute now. Dam*, I wish just ONE Gerry thread could stay nice. Oh well…

  • anna

    and it’s spelled Madinat JumEIRAH, not Jumeriah like you did.
    someone was a little distracted in the office last night. lol

  • Not a hater

    @terryberry: Sweetie – if you want worship alone – go to the motherships of the Gals and the nets women – and you will get your wish. People who post negative comments might not be haters, but realists too. Loading anyone with a different opinion to your own as a hater is pretty silly. This is not a moderated forum like the fansites and good for it too. NICE Gerry Threads = go to the Fansites. Also, if you make a naive comment like that you surely ask for the ‘haters’ to come out of the woodwork too!

  • Not a hater

    @terryberry: or maybe you just want to be a martyr and go off to argue with what you deem as a hater! In which case, good luck, I wish you well with them!

  • Not a hater

    @terryberry: Or maybe your just want to be a martyr for the day and argue with ‘haters’ – I wish you luck of them. Have a ‘NICE’ day cz sure as anything, there will be other commentators whos oposing views are also welcome here. LOL

  • @Not a hater

    Wow…calm down.

  • nyob

    He looks crazy hot in these pictures.

    But I agree that he needs to make better clothing choices. Too tight. I would love to see him in basic levi’s (slightly loose fitting), a nice button down shirt (TUCKED IN), a leather belt and leather boots. Yum!

  • underworld

    @Regina: Totally agree!!! Anyone have a pic of the woman who asked him?

  • Emma

    @oy: That is too funny. I agree, we should send the fashion police his way, my problem is the trousers man… the trousers don’t always work. anyway, I’m a little Gerry saturated today, wrote too much yesterday… I was even called a psychofan, i think? LOL brilliant. I’ll check back later. have fun jjers.

  • debk

    He said he flew in from LA. I thoght he was spending time with his family.I think that is all for publicity. Where has he been these past weeks?

  • Angel

    @Guido 2: Who’s Guido??? Did he say that Gerry and Aniston LIVED together? How on earth could he know that? *confused*

  • anna

    @debk: if you read the previous thread (good luck, it’s long) you’ll get a glimpse of G has been up to. He’s been all over the place, mostly working. @Angel: Guido is someone that we try to ignore because he seems to have a little retardation problem.

  • @anna

    I thought Gerry was in Britain until about a week ago when he left for LA. Could you PLEASE tell me a little about the things he’s been “up to”? I don’t know if I can read that long thread.

  • anna

    @@anna: ok well, from what I remember (that thread is too long indeed), after all the LAC press he was hanging in london, keeping a low profile, then flew to LA, met with an acting coach who spilled on twitter about it, then was seen in Philadelphia (where some of the girls put 2 and 2 together and found out he’d be taking part in the Sam Childers movie project) now there are reports he was also seen in NY and yesterday he was in Dubai and now probably off home to mummy (this last is just my guess).

  • @anna

    @anna: LOL, thanks anna! Yeah, I think you’re right about him going home to see mummy. He said in an interview that he will be spending Christmas in Scotland with his family.
    I wonder if he brings Lolita…? =)

  • One leg @ a time

    @Emma: I agree, we should send the fashion police his way, my problem is the trousers man… the trousers don’t always work.

    Read more:

    I’m so glad someone else said it. Gerry has interesting hips; I mean they are kind of round or something and so his pants are not flattering, in general.

  • Xmas in Scotland

    @@anna: He said in an interview that he will be spending Christmas in Scotland with his family.
    I wonder if he brings Lolita…? =)

    Read more:

    Here’s hoping he does spend Christmas in Scotland. He must get a little lonely sometime in the USA. At least, back home with his kin he knows he’s loved for himself.

  • mimi
  • ThreeTimesACharm ;)
  • Tina

    @ThreeTimesACharm ;):
    That’s Gerry’s girlfriend at the time, a Latvian ex-model named Ines Misan. She was later (or maybe before Gerry) linked to Ricky Martin.

  • Confused

    I thought the girl is Ingrid who is married to his best buddy Ariel Vroman. I could be wrong, but the Gals page lists her as an Ingrid.