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Jake Gyllenhaal: Half-Naked Prince of Persia!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Half-Naked Prince of Persia!

Check out Jake Gyllenhaal looking ab-tacular in the new blockbuster from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, in theaters May 28, 2010.

“I over-prepared myself [physically] because I never knew how much they were going to ask me to do, so I just made sure I’d be hopefully able to do anything,” Jake told ET, saying with a shrug, “I guess I’ve gotten buff. It’s going to turn into fat [when we wrap] and I’m going to be happy.”

For the first shirtless pictures of Jake on the Persia set, click here!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Half-Naked Prince of Persia!
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  • LuckyL

    Strangest body I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • kim

    I like Jake, he is funny and smart and not full of himself at all in this video

  • fresh

    Oh my. Nice bod. Yummy.

  • ck_always

    @LuckyL: Uh is that strange or remotely abnormal(no pun intended).

  • khristi

    As good as he looks, you know that there isn’t a woman on here that would complain abot him or any other man being half naked, but I’m sure alot of you would say negative things about a woman doing just that. It’s sad really because there is absoluely nothing wrong with enjoying your body.

  • Gone

    Too bad he lost 85% of his fans when he decided to associate with Biitchface Reese.

  • H.

    Umm, he did? He lost his fans? How do you know that? That’s really an absurd statement.

  • Ava

    Before bearding Jake’s pictures at iheartjake used to get thousands of page views, since being with bitchface he’s lucky if gets a couple of hundred views.

  • wtf?

    Disney must be desperate.

  • Kelly Luv

    Wow, Austin must really like it

  • Kelly Luv

    I hope he marries reese

  • yep


  • sotos

    the only reason to watch this movie is his shirtless body

  • wow

    I like his hairy body. Only Hugh Jackman has a better hair body

  • Ronda

    My Goodness! I didn’t know he was working with ALL OF THAT!! Beautiful body. Reese is one lucky Woman!

  • me me me

    he’s so not the prince of persia, it’s almost painful to watch :S

  • wow

    Hairy men are so manly!

  • wow

    He has just the right amount of body hair – Hairy men are so manly!

  • wow

    ^^ lol you stole my name but I must agree. LoL Hairy men are the sexiest. as long as it doesn’t look like he’s wearing a sweater.

  • slambang

    Oh GOD. I love him. I just…love him. YUM x 1,000,000!!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    ck_always @ 12/15/2009 at 11:53 am

    @LuckyL: Uh is that strange or remotely abnormal(no pun intended).
    I’ve never seen any man’s chest have such a large gap almost like women’s breasts. And his body just resembles rippled fat to me, not muscles. It’s seems like it’s really, really difficult for him to gain any muscle or tone up. He certainly is no Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds.

  • All Women Stalker

    I didn’t like him with long hair at first but this photo is making me want to watch the movie. :D


  • nyg

    never considered him looking this hot :O

  • Austin

    @Ronda: LOL!
    Reese Witherspoon is one dumped beard,
    she never got anywhere near Jake’s cooooock.

  • shirley

    gross! this movie is going to suck.

  • fred

    I am completely not interested in this movie, especially since the only reason to see it – Jake’s shirtlessness – is free all over the internet. Oh my, the things I would do to that man. Wow. Jake always works for me, but this latest series of pics is nearly impossible to stand.

    Jake, whether you are into boys or girls, it doesn’t phase me. Go on with your bad self and never, ever put your shirt on or shave your chest.

  • Austin from Texas

    Jake is my man. Leave him alone.

  • marion

    Jesus, help me stand up! Jake is amazing! That´s hot!!

  • miriam lane

    Jake and Reese split up!
    I think he took the right decision. Reese wasn´t future for him!
    She needs a man who doesn´t married and no more kids. On the other hand, Jake wants woman who can give kids. I think Reese doens´t want more kids because she has already two kids.
    So, I think they will be more happy in different ways.

  • Tralalalala

    He is easy on the eyes, that’s for sure and I can certainly appreciate the hard work it requires to get into shape like that. However, it’s hard for me to get too worked up over a gay man since I am a straight woman. All these gals in the comments who are fawning over him crack me up.

  • Tralalalala

    @miriam lane
    Honey, I think Jake wants a woman with a penis. Kids aren’t the issue.

  • Tralalalala

    If you were to add a letter p to the name Enis, you would have the word that got starred out on my last comment. What puritanical editing they use here. Last I checked, that “P” word isn’t any more vulgar or inappropriate than”elbow”.

  • Lauren Lipps

    He broke up with Reese

  • Stone

    A real boyscout!

  • MMA

    @Stone: Who knows, cub scouts might not be beyond him!

  • Tihomir Park

    Hi looks like happy man

  • pineapple girl