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Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck: Pastels Pair

Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck: Pastels Pair

Wearing a purple pastel top, Jennifer Garner picks up Violet Affleck, her cutie pie daughter, on Monday (December 18) from school in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress picked up Vi, 4, and picked up a sheet with news and announcements for parents before the school’s holiday break.

On Sunday (December 13), lucky ducky Violet played at the park with her nanny and played with ducks by the pond!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck in pastels together…

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jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 01
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 02
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 03
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 04
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 05
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 06
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 07
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 08
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 09
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 10
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 11
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 12
jennifer garner violet affleck pink purple 13

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  • frank Sweet

    The beautiful, white Affleck women. This Jenn is such an upgrade over that ghetto skank he use to slum around with.

  • it ges so old

    I said it once before on a previous post,always the same racist troll on every Jennifer Garner post, such a sore spot that ben affleck once dated a latina woman ….like an eternity ago! wow u must be really pathetic you cant move on

  • Anonymous

    Violet is sooooo cute!

  • fernanda teixeira

    owww in my world it is 15 today…so…wrong day

  • love love love Jen :)


  • love love love Jen :)

    love her

  • mimi

    Jared, I will stop going to this site if you don’t stop posting Jennifer/Violet pics. What is really new about this picture? Same scenario everyday – Garner picking up Violet from school. It’s so boring.

  • emma


    do you think he cares about losing one person.
    hahaha. what a threat.

  • coco

    Lol Jared you crack me up. You always fcuk up your posts. How can it be Monday (the 18th) when it is only the 15th today? I know it is not that funny but still I am laughing. I think he just posts these daily school pickups to pi$$ people off.



  • Soaplover

    Jennifer is dressed decently today, not her usual skanky sweatpants and pit-stained shirt. She actually looks like she tried today.
    Violet is always so cute!@mimi:
    The Afflecks aren’t being asked to entertain people. It’s not a movie. This is their normal life, it’s not boring. And duh, it’s the same scenario everyday, Violet goes to school everyday. The paps know where they’re gonna be, so they go their everyday.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest garner affleck fan

    vi cute as always i like jenn,s vest

  • All Women Stalker

    Violet is so goshdarn cute. She will be one breathtaking young lady. :)


  • kizbit

    Enough already. This child and her mother (along with the other kids and parents at the school) should not have to deal with the paps everyday. Let her have some peace and privacy. And seriously, you have to say that they gave the parents a sheet with news and announcements??? That is just creepy.

  • Violets Auntie

    I’m a fan, but even I am getting tired of seeing Violet being picked up from school for the umpteenth time this week. Please, give us a rest and give the Affleck family some peace.

  • Pippi

    Did anybody else hear that Jen’s Stalker(Steven Burky) was arrested near Vi’s school yesterday. When Ben dropped her off that morning there was an incident on that gossip show on CBS (I can’t think of the name of the show) showing Ben and Violet in a very scary situation. Anyway, maybe now, the authorities will do something about the constant stalking of the paps at the preschool. Not cool at all grown men hanging around to get the same pic every d a m n day. However, I will miss seeing vibrant Vi and sweet Sera from time to time.


    @All Women Stalker: yeah in a dungeon.

  • bu tt f uk ugly face she has

    Jen sucked my dirty std infected dick once awwww….she was really good.

  • Inaru

    Paps seem to be always there each time this kid gets to and from school, it should’nt be done, this isn’t right. On the other hand is rather boring, i see no reason for something like this to be celebrity news. Let children live normally, celebrity parents or not.

  • Amaretto

    Here she is the pride and joy of west virginia. and her buck teeth seed.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    I’m wondering for a long time, WHY Jennifer Garner is the ONLY celebrity mom that have her pics takin’ by the paps EVERYDAY as she picking up her kid ????? the paps are sleeps in front of Violet’s school or something??

  • Annie Dows

    You know everything Jen is wearing costs over $100 bucks (maybe $200) but her clothes are just not looking good on her. When she hires a stylist – all is well. When she dresses herself, she looks as special as Violet

  • jolentini
  • mimi

    Dec 16 post – Jen picks up Violet from school
    Dec 17 post – Jen picks up Violet from school
    Dec 18 post – Jen picks up Violet from school
    Dec 21 post – Jen picks up Violet from school
    Dec 22 post – Jen picks up Violet from school

    Dec 16, 2010 – Jen picks up Violet from school

  • mimi

    Her husband got a blind item at D-Listed and CDAN about his “relationship” with that British horsey actress he casted for his latest film.
    I guess once you go horsey- you keep going for horsey women.

  • lakers fan in boston

    @mimi: lol, true

    i guess jen cant look good all the time =[
    she really looks bad with that vest tho
    and she has on those dirty jeans she always wears when she’s sloppy

  • jamie

    Come January pictures like this will he illegal thanks to california’s new paparazzi laws. Finally violet will get the privacy she deserves and her ambitious fame seeking mother will have to find some other way of keeping herself famous, she should take some acting classes or something.

  • yes

    @jamie: thank the LORD.

  • Kelly Luver

    She is so pretty

  • mimi

    Yeah, I don’t understand why she can’t dress like Victoria Beckham when she goes to pick up her kid from school. She got as much money. Oh, I forgot the hired help picks up the Beckham kids.

    Anyway, she is a very gorgeous woman, no wonder her husband buys her expensive jewels and hugh mansions. I’m so jealous.

  • mimi

    Her little girl is so cute. They are a beautiful family.

  • anitaquintero

    so kiut

  • Pippi

    I adore beautiful sweet little Violet. I am glad she is safe. I will miss her when the new laws go into effect. She had a way of always making my day brighter just by flashing her darling dimples and adorable little baby teeth. Such a delightful child.

  • Killraw

    Mrs. Boneface

  • J

    OMG!!!! Violet is so ugly. Look at her diasteme, the space between her teeth! And she could fly around the world twice with those big ears! Its funny how celebs get ugly kids, caus they have done plastic surgeries, but it wont ever change genetics. Lol.

  • Come On

    See ya Mimi – keep your word and quit coming to the site!

    You don’t ; but we do!

  • sheila

    In all pics, Jen looks like she’s pissed with the papz.

  • Yadda

    There are plenty of actresses who; are much more atractive, talented, and genuine than Jennifer Garner and they manage to keep themselves AND their children relatively off the radar unless it’s for a project they’re working on. What is, more boring than vanilla sex, Jennifer Garner doing that has her daughter’s pre-school being harassed by the paps everyday? As Scott Foley once said, she wanted the celebrity life that went with living in a fish bowl. Now she has it.

  • doesn’t matter

    Thank’s god, a normal kid. I like her. Violet is a very beautiful name.

  • hong kong

    @mimi: Yeah, you stopped…Thats why u even commented on V. Day’s trailer! LOL

  • Stone

    I can’t believe how much she’s let herself go? Is she under a doctor’s care?

  • MMA

    @Stone: Give her a break. Is she supposed to dress to kill 24/7?