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Jennifer Lopez Covers 'Allure' January 2010

Jennifer Lopez Covers 'Allure' January 2010

Jennifer Lopez graces the January 2010 cover of Allure Magazine, on stands December 22. Here’s what the 40-year-old “Louboutin” singer shared:

On not being a target of the paparazzi anymore: “It’s a business. Once they stop making money off of you they stop coming around.”

On knowing she had talent, but not an extraordinary talent: “It wasn’t like it was with Marc, who opened his mouth at age three and was blessed with a voice from God. That wasn’t me. I had to work at it, but I knew that once I had achieved it, people would respond to me in a certain way.”

On the pressure to look good in Hollywood: “Part of my business is being in shape and looking good. You can’t lie to yourself about it. But I’m not the monster I used to be in the exercise department.”

On trying to get hubby Marc Anthony to quit smoking: “Yeah, well you have to let a person do his thing.”

For behind-the-scenes pics of Jennifer‘s cover shoot, visit!

Also pictured: Jennifer with a young fan who came to visit her on cover shoot set from the Make A Wish Foundation, Yamarie Mayol.

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Photos: Michael Thompson/Christopher Melton/Allure
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  • jesse

    love jlo!!!!!!!!!!

  • ciko

    wow she is sooooo beautiful who is angelina:-))????

  • erica

    gorgeous ! love her.

  • andy

    omg she looks sooooo beautiful
    i missed her, glad to see her looking so good!

  • W. Sweet

    Airbrushed too death. ugh! Anyone would look decent if they were airbrushed and plastered with tons of makeup, and had several cosmetic surgeries to hide their natural hideousness.

  • The JLo Spot

    Jennifer is so pretty in this shoot

  • bailarina

    i´ve seen photos of the set and she looks as gorgeous as the pics!don´t be unfair

  • shamrock7

    I love the soft colors, honey glow to her skin, and her lips look like sugar. She looks so natural and truly beautiful. Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry have similar features with the lines of their face and always looking classy and soft like honey dew.

    Great cover~

    Especially like the photo for the MAKE A WISH foundation. Nice!

  • thats_right

    Jennifer is sooooooooo what happen to her nose it looks like a car drove over her nose flat and ugly, and someone asked who is Angelina, Angelina is the godess of the godesses you better recognise it :) ANGELINA JOLIE I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU

  • Evelyn Schwartz

    Jennifer looks stunning

    only insecure women won’t be able to acknowledge the beauty in others, this woman is one of the most beautiful faces in hollywood and that nobody can’t deny it either you like her or not.

    ms. jennifer is beautiful, glad to see back in the scene, looking forward her cd and movie.

  • Evelyn Schwartz

    lol @ the haters, why put jennifer down to big up angelina or vise versa. angelina and jennifer are my two favorties celebs ever, they’re both beautiful. So stop the hate insecure ugly people

    i would love to spend a day shopping in jennifer and victoria

  • Dr. Facelift

    Let’s see: She has had a nose job, skin whitening,face lift, breasts implants, butt lifted, dyed hair. She looks completely different now than she did in the 1990′s thanks to the wonders on modern science. There is nothing true and honest about this woman.

  • Nadal

    Why are people comparing the beautiful white Angelina to this? There is no comparison at all. Compare this Puerto Rican against, say a Mexican like Salma Hayek and Salma wins hands down.

  • Evelyn Schwartz

    Dr. facelift should be called Dr. stupid, then every woman in the world is fake cause we all dyed our hair, use make up to enhance our natural beauty , clean our teeth, etc, jennifer is one of the fews celebs that haven’t have all the work done you’re calling out. All her feautures still the same from day one, she’s just looking better with age and of course the lil tricks here and there help like we all woman do. stop hating and get a life.

  • Wow

    It ain’t easy getting someone to quit the crack.

  • africa

    i don´t understand why some people just can´t accept the fact she is really beautiful…you don´t like her, ok, so why you have to be here telling lies like she has a nose job….have you seen her nose?it has like a mini bump, when the hell a doctor´d do a nosejob like this?And what if she has her hair dyed?Like probably the rest of the women of the world?It´s crazy.
    But if you feel better saying she is ugly and things like that, go on!

  • Emme

    If you see her in earlier movies like Anaconda you can tell that she has had extensive work done on her face. Her nose was much larger and bulbous before and her jaw line looked different. She has had plastic surgery.

  • hmmmmm

    she looks the same except a little mature; her face thinned out and shows a defined profile of her face due to age.So are her eyes and nose, the fact she is 40 or over. Also she lost some weight and baby fats on her face.Just like jolie, she has that youthful face before now, she looks mature but still the same pretty face, though she’s only 34. I think having family and her busy activities contributed to that but she will be fine. I applaud jolie for all the accomplishment she has done that empowers other women to do same thing or atleast half of what she achieve. I also applaud other women who does valuable things in life and inspires; besides tanning,shopping,partying,sexting,gossiping( specially bad ones),salon and hanging on the beach , all these 24/7.

  • erica

    Emme that’s called loosing weight !! did you see her when she was pregnant ? all her face including her nose got bigger.

  • Evelyn Schwartz

    All women are beautiful in their own way, who determine and measure beauty? there is always someone that will find you beautiful. I don’t care what anyone do or don’t do, people have to live their lives and find their happiness in whatever way works for them. I don’t see major change in jennifer features but of woman who takes care of herself like most women do…Nothing more beautiful that when you’re comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself. Most people calling others ugly, fat, this and that are just miserable people that feel the need to put others down in order to feel good about themselves. life is too beautiful to be so negative, so haters work within your own issues, get to a better place and start enjoying life.

  • Dayanara

    Before JLO became famous she had a bigger nose and darker skin. She looked more like her daughter who has dark skin, coarse hair and a huge nose for a toddler.

  • franz

    she looks yummy

  • again!

    again all the univision haters here. oh god. what a bad bad obssesion with this woman


    ew. Airbrushed and ew.

  • Sari

    D-Lister. She needs to stay home with her children because it is over for her.

  • hmmmmm

    i guess when you lost weight and ages , you still look the same right?…goldberg you need to see an optometrist. That cataract is prohibiting you from seeing the actual thing.

  • hmmmmm

    dayanara, that’s the name of marc anthony’s ex-wife. I really wish anthony and dayanara stayed together , i heard they renewed bows but all of a sudden broke up again…sad.

  • evangeliny

    she looks gorgeous!
    i´m laughing, how people can be so envious

  • mm

    She’s horrible inside and out.STAY HOME JLO!!

  • lexy

    I’m no fan of hers b/c she has NO talent BUT she looks nice on the cover.
    JJ notice her comment about paparrazi and it being a business and then ask yourself how Rachel Bilson always ends up on this board b/c she’s “stalked” by the paparrazi – you know b/c she’s big target for them!

  • next

    If you had all the operations she’s had anyone would look good. Besides, the stylish did one hell of a job with all the airbrushing and whatnot to make her look less like a 40 year old woman without a career.

  • bENNY


  • Inaru

    Stunning! JLo has such beautiful, exotic features. I don’t think she’s had extensive plastic surgery like some seem to be so sure of, i think her face has change with age, like everybody elses.

  • Trueblood

    Angelina is not half Native. Her mom is 100% French and her dad is all white. Don’t believe everything you read on profiles, they usually make things up to appear more exotic and mysterious. I think Olivia Wilde looks ethnic but she too is 100% European. American white often claim to have some Native ancestry to make them feel like an original American, but they lie. They don’t mind being a bit Native as long as they don’t look like one or have to live like one. Angelina’s native ancestry is bogus.

  • ulisses

    wuuuaaaajajaja at the white godness comment LOL how people can be so racist and so laughable<?And she is really pale!If that´s so important for you, have you see her in her fly girl days?Anyway, i love the bronzed look in her. She is one of the most beautiful celebs out there, still so many racist people who hate a successful latina!

  • Naima

    She looks good and always photographs well, but I’m lmao at her actually believing she has talent. She’s a great dancer and great at marketing and selling herself as a brand but by no means does this woman have any acting or singing skills.

    Oh the delusions of grandeur when you’re surrounded by “yes” people. Before she tells her husband to stop smoking, she should advise him to stop shoving coke up his nose, maybe that would help lessen the nicotine cravings.

  • jolentini
  • rae


  • janeth

    @Naima: Dido!!!!! She is full of BS, another home-wrecker with lack of talent.

  • Bad Mom

    It’s really sad that she is ashamed of her children and never takes them anywhere.

  • A Morgan

    Why must one be a hater just because they don’t think JLo is beautiful? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t think JLo is ugly but I don’t think she is beautiful either. I think she has a very nice profile due to her great bone structure but when I look at her face frontwards she looks harsh and mannish.

  • The Truth

    Drog dead gorgeous. Beautiful women always have their haters.

  • Kelly Luver

    So she is still married to him?

  • Geraldo

    She is an unfit mother married to a crackhead Heroin addict. She hates her own children and can certainly learn a lesson or two from the fabulous Mother Of The Year, Jennifer Garner.

  • anitaquintero

    diva of the divas for ever!!! and always

  • MalibuSunrise

    did she leave her breasts under the bed?



  • bad azz

    oh my god people you are´s really sad, probably you´d wish one day you could look so sexy like her….i think is because she is always in the sexies lists and her ass is the most famous ass in the world…she has a pretty face too..that made some women crazy!
    i´m a man and i think she looks extra gorgeous

  • Jo

    re: Bad Mom

    You are such a fool, did you know that both Emme and Max was backstage of this photoshoot? They played around at the set, while Jennifer was working.

    The fan in the photos confirmed that after she had been and met Jennifer and the twins. Jennifer is most likely a better mother then both of you, it’s just freaking annoying how you can sit and blame her for being an unfit mother, when you dont even know her personally.. It’s jelousy all over, because she is beautiful, successfull and has a beautiful family.. jeezz..

  • susan

    Wow! She looks good here.