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John Mayer is 'Freaked Out' About Dating

John Mayer is 'Freaked Out' About Dating

John Mayer told Ellen DeGeneres that the idea of dating is freaking him out right now.

On an episode airing Tuesday (December 15), the 32-year-old singer sat down with the famous funnywoman and admitted that he’s had a crazy dating life so far and he wants to take a break.

“I don’t know if you know this, but I have sort of a funny track record. Which is actually not that strange, given my age,” he said (via Us Weekly). “I’m a little freaked out right now about it, to be honest.”

In the past, John has been romantically linked to Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Minka Kelly.

“I have a good heart,” John concluded. “I think I may have gotten lost a couple of times, but so does everybody. I’m just going to hunker down. 2010 is a peaceful year for me, no matter what I do.”

John Mayer Talks Dating with Ellen DeGeneres
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  • Dani

    Why don’t you date me??


  • mimi

    He’s got a lot of LOVE for one person only- himself.
    So much ego and self-love in one person. All women are just tools for more PR for this guy.

  • jessalyn

    I do love him in interviews. I find him very charming.

  • lakers fan in boston

    the reason i dont like this guy is because he complains about everything in his life
    i just find him annoying

  • agree w/mimi

    yeah i agree w/#2:
    he’s classic narcissist
    he’s missing a chip

  • Michaela

    John Mayer is amazing! And he was hilarious on Ellen, the two have the best chemistry.
    I should have been born 10 years ago.

  • Jude Law Baby Fund


    I don’t know much about him, but that is the *vibe* he gives me too. He’s just sort of…yucky.

  • AnĂ³nimo

    If you don’t know him just shut the f—–up

    people talk shit about him and he’s amazing!

    He’s such a great of the best actually!
    and you can see how wonderfull he is in this interview..


  • jc

    i’m so glad he said he’ll give dating a rest, even just for a while. i understand that his personal life is his own business and and as a fan, i can’t complain because his music has remained awesome. but it’s been painful to see the press covering his antics, staged or not. i’d hate to see him lose his credibility as an artist because of the tacky tabloid stories. he’s too amazing a musician for that.

  • Kelly Luver

    He still loves Jenifer!

  • Maria

    What a douche bag loser with sucky music. This nacissistic fool loves only himself. Jennifer fans are so pathetic and desperate.


    Maniston totally ruined his cred, whatever cred he had anyway. She’s such a lame, and a middle-aged one at that. You can be older and be hip (see Madonna or Demi), but believe me, she ain’t. Helll, she didn’t even know the guy’s songs. Plus, he’s so age conscious, always pointing out how ‘young ‘ he is (er, your 32 Mayer, not 22 – get real..lolol) – and referencing his ‘generation,’ etc., that’s why I knew he must be making her miserable with all of his generational differences and references, not that she knows sh*t about sh*t she SHOULD know about. The woman is not only without charisma, but is as banal and dim as they come. John, do yourself a favor – start dating someone who wasn’t doing bad teeeveee shituational comedies when you were in diapers. lol

  • hag

    chinny’s fans ADORED him when he gave jenny pity fkucks. john mayer was the MAN to them. now go on threads about him and they hate him now because he DUMPED the old lady who Maniston’ freaks identify with.

  • Elizabeth

    Kelly Luver stop embarrassing Jen with gay guy.

  • ava

    how did Jennifer Aniston date this loser, what a douche, even worse a douche who thinks he’s funny,

  • ellie’

    Love John Mayer.. some great musician..

  • Julie

    no, why did john lower himself for chinnifer (jen aniston) her total make-up is always off of some one Else hard work and fame, her fans are as dumb and shallow as she is, no substance what so ever.

  • Melinda

    He is sick in the head and his music is garbage. Too bad he believe his own hype. Jenni don’t need him anyway.

  • marwa

    John mayer ! he is freak pot head..he need to improve him self first.he is totaly lost dont know what he saying..Money and fame is nothing.
    Life is is beautifull.You never knew when You die.before is to late .Have kids John mayer

  • Queen bee

    He’s a good musician (minus to stupid faces he makes when singing), and he’s usually much funnier than this….which proves all the hate from the JENHAG fans is getting to him. They can’t get over the fact thae HE DUMPED HER….


    His “mommy this shirt is ichy!…” joke was so corny. there is something really douchy about him, but it was less recognizable before jen anuston…..she RUINED him for all other women. That’s why he’s taking a break. He’s waiting for her to find another guy….but he’s not gonna be able to hold out that long. hehe.


    I hope jen and john get back together….cause it will TOTALLY fail cause she’s not pretty enough for him, and he’s not mature enough for her! Trainwrreck waiting to happen.


    ANYBODY ELSE NOTICE WHAT HE SAID “…I WAS A LITTLE LOST FOR A WHILE THERE….” He’s saying he was LOST when he dated jenhag! LOL!!

  • cat

    @mimi: and what is wrong with loving yourself ! before you can love others you have first love yourself….it just like you can not make other happy without being happy with yourself!!! it doesn’t works that way!!! it sound selfish but its true!

  • Violet

    The worse thing he did with regard to Maniston was to contractually go back with her to save face after publicly dumping her and saying they didnt have any chemistry. Then the Hag talked about him in Vogue and GQ, and got him spray tanned and in a tux for the Oscars as a pretend date. Everyone saw through it, it was clear he didnt want to be with her, the awkwardness was apparent. But it def damaged his credibility, being linked with the patron saint of pathetic women. The JenHags are STILL sending him abusive messages on Twitter (some are grandmothers) and even Jen’s own friends are doing it to him. I bet you old Johnny-boy regrets his time with The Chin personally and professionally. He is so eager to be disassociated from her that he is releasing another album out next year , even though Battle Studies was only released last month, because people were wrongly assuming it was about ChinChin. He wants complete severance publicly and professionally, dating her even effected his sales. But tabloid wise he’ll never get away from her until she finds another faux boyfriend.

  • cris

    i used to HATE john mayer but ive slowly started to love his music and after watching this interview i like him even more. like so what he dated those girls. if you havent noticed their track records arent so great either all those girls were dumped by other guys too, so either they dont have good choice in men or they have other issues.
    but anyways, he seems really cool and fun. so dont hate.

  • aquame

    I have a soft spot for Mayer. Can’t help it.

  • AutumnM

    I don’t get why John Mayer dated the likes of Jen Aniston or Jessica Simpson. Well at least Simpson has some personality, but she’s so dumb. John Mayer is a cool guy though. Really good personality and makes awesome music. Hopefully he finds someone to settle down with one day.

  • RJP3

    He is a lost little boy — his need to do his impression spoke volumes.

    Ellen looked at him like the loon he is.

    He is far to taken with himself — at 24 it is cute.
    At 32 pathetic.
    At 42 it is going to be ugly — just like the Narcissistic goon I just divorced.

  • aquame

    RJP3. Hate to say it, but you’ve got a point. LOL

  • eliott

    This guy is so enamored with himself that it’s a little embarrassing to watch. Can you imagine what it would be like to go on a date with him? The first five minutes would be mildly entertaining. After that it would be torture to listen to him go on and on about himself. Even worse, he might practice his stand-up routine on you. Tedious.

  • 100mph

    Mayer is shadow boxing with himself in the closet, a losing battle..

  • Zoz

    He’ll never date you so don’t worry

  • Zoz

    He’ll never date you so don’t worry

  • Erica

    Narcissistic piece of cr ap!
    When is he going to disappear.

  • Crystal

    His music is rubbish. All you here about is what hag he is dating. So this means we will never hear about him because that horrible music of his never get attention unless his people buy another Grammy for him.

  • Stone

    I don’t know why. Gay dating is pretty accepted now.

  • MMA

    Is he really gay?

  • sparklefirefly

    I’m hoping that John and Jessica make “SWEET MUSIC TOGETHER”, and make some BEAUTIFUL BABIES TOGETHER. I can still remember John looking LOVINGLY, into Jessica’s eyes after an awards show. Tony Romo left Jessica like the wind, when he found out that John was texting her. Tony knows there’s still some love left between John and Jessica. 2010 is the year for John to make Jessica his wife. Can’t wait!