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Nicole Kidman: New York Nine!

Nicole Kidman: New York Nine!

Nicole Kidman looks stunning while walking the red carpet at the New York premiere of Nine at the Ziegfeld Theatre on Tuesday (December 15).

The 42-year-old Hawaiian-born actress also posed with her co-stars, Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Fergie, and Judi Dench.

Earlier in the day, Nic attended a luncheon for Nine at Thomas Keller‘s famous New York restaurant, Per Se.

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman at the New York premiere of Nine

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Photos: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty
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  • Pattycake

    Hope Nicole used plenty of tape on the top of that dress. She is dangerously close to a nip slip.

  • bebe

    I am Nicole’s biggest fan BUT she NEEDS to stay off THOSE NIDDLES she has no FOREHEAD EXPRESSION.


    her face is scaring me a wee bit. I think she is preggers though. see the design of the dress, it poofs out around the abdomen camafloging the bump.

  • andamentothat

    I love Nicole but something is off about her in these pictures.. the camera angles are not good and is making her look unflattering.. The dress is beautiful but its not looking right on her..

  • cupcakes

    Lovely and talented ladies!

  • Botox free…

    Nicole isn’t using Botox on her face as in all her recent interviews
    you can clearly see her raise her eyebrows and frown which is
    impossible to do if you’ve had botox. She has stayed out of the sun
    all her life and has beautiful skin to show for it, not everyone has lots of wrinkles on their forehead, having good genes also helps.

  • Lots of it

    It’s very obvious that not only does Nicole have botox all around her eyes and forehead, she has also had a recent breast augmentation, fillers in her naso-labial area and lips (which are lumpy and strange when she smiles), and many resurfacing procedures, probably laser (which, when done excessively, give the skin its telltale melting-wax look). Yes, she has not been a sun-worshipper and that has probably helped immensely in keeping her skin young and healthy, but if I thought that staying out of the sun would make my skin look like it’s melting off like wax, I would RUN, not walk to the closest tanning bed.

  • eek

    Nicole is beautiful but really freaky looking with all the stuff she does to her face. It’s completely frozen.

  • Highwayroller

    absolutely gorgeous woman

  • TLC

    Those beautiful and successful women. Everybody expected them to have diva days on the set but it never happened. They are relaxed together.

    During Larry King interview, somebody mentioned that they all have success in their profession and are very confident women and they are just not into cattiness/competativeness. So rare to have many big names working together and they all are happy to have that chance.

    back to Nicole, you can see all the creases on her face. She could have used some dermal therapy/cream too. Her skin is always thin and appears stretched out since she doesn’t have much subcutaneous fat. She looks the same when she’s with no make up/shopping at Target.

    Mind you, she’s 10 years older than Tommy days. Her looks has changed since she’s older now @ 42.

  • kay

    Err.. Nicole isn’t Hawaiian born??!

  • BarbaraDarling

    She sure looks much better going back to her red hair. But those wierd fake lips and breasts only detract from what would otherwise is a very attractive woman.

  • Liz86000

    Nicole, Penelope and Marion look gorgeous!

  • taco

    # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 = same persone = tommy crazy fan girl

    nicole looks unquestionably beautiful. haters accept it

  • taco

    ahahahahah god I can’t belive haters even in front of evidence still have the courage to say stupidities. really you are boring and pathetic. you have a big problem of accepting the fact this woman is BEAUTIFUL, SUCCEFULL AND TALENTED. stupid crazy tom fans

  • Benjin

    Love the dress. The hair is amazing

  • Lola

    She was the best dresses of the doubts

  • eric

    All the Ladies plus Daniel are looking great. Nicole is my favorite. The dress is pure perfection on her.
    Love the earings.
    Thanks JJ for posting

  • Amanda

    Love this look. for sure her best look promoting Nine

  • J

    That woman needs to stop with all the botox, i mean look how dead her face looks. and her forehead is all stiff. Her eyes and face looks all dead. Come on woman ur not 30 anymore.

  • J

    Haha her lips and breasts…augumentation….so obvious. and her botox.

  • Miss Anonymous

    moulin rouge is one of the greatest films ever made, so suck on that, haters.

  • Zoe

    Message to the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise/Keith Urban fanatics here: stop with your “OMG! She needs to stop the Botox, she looks freaky!” bullsh.t. You’re ridiculous.
    The woman is gorgeous. Stunning. And more importantly, she’s everything you crazies are not : classy, intelligent, nice, respectful and talented.

  • regis

    Can’t wait for nine,. Love musicals.
    Nicole looks veru beautiful, Marrion and Penelope too

  • sarah

    breats augumentation?why people speak about things they simply don’t know! God, ingorants!!!!!
    Stop the hate.
    Beautiful cast

  • zoe

    i think nicole looks gorgeous! although she looks like she may have had botox….she still looks pretty decent in her outfit. i have to say that marion looks the best out of the girls. she is glowing!! kate hudson needs to loose the train and something is off with penelope’s red dress…

  • Rouge

    haters are so..pathetic…the botox is in your brains.

    nicole looks stunning and perfect!

  • Bella

    She looks so beautiful

  • Holly

    The other ladies are very beautiful (except Ferhie of course, her face is kind od scary to me), but comparing them to Nicole, they look so “average”. Nicole’s beauty is rare.

  • Leo_xs

    Nic looks like a porcelain doll. Very beautiful and elegant

  • Annie

    WOW!! Talk about star power! All those beauitful, smart, strong women in one room. You go girls!!!

  • lin

    very beautiful. The hair looks makes her look younger and fresher

  • Fendi fan

    I really don«’t care if Nicole has botox or not. I still think she is one of the most beautiful woman in the world, one of the greatest actress and a very nice person
    Kidman seems very happy and I’m so happy for her

  • Seraphine21

    whooooo! I love her look. That dress is beautiful

  • Benny

    I saw an old interview last night that Nicole did for the Biography channel on a show for Ron Howard. It is really very sad what she has done to her face. This interview was back when she was married to Tom, and she was pretty. Now, she looks like some type of alien in the face. IF she isn’t using Botox currently, she is definitely experiencing the side effects of it. Eventually the facial muscles have no strength anymore from continuously being paralyzed, and basically the face will look entirely different from its’ original state. As far as breast implants go – how does a woman, whose rib bones show in detail, have any sort of breasts? Pay attention to the veneers as well!

  • Santaiscomin

    She had those teeth done a while back. She used to have a slight gap between her 2 front teeth but that disappeared.

    It’s true – she does look like a china doll – very tall one!

  • Santaiscomin

    But then everyone in Hollywood has had their teeth veneered.

  • Bia

    She so perfect

  • angel

    Nicole is the worst mother in the world! Why is it that she never has her two older kids? If scientology is a dangerous cult, she should being doin something about gettin her kids out! Not just leaving them there to rot. Last night on Larry King she didnt even mention her son Connor! All she talks about is Sunday. She really needs to step up an be a mother to Connor n Bella! By the way I cant wait to see Nine!

  • Tammy

    Lmao!!!! Haters are to funny to be attacked! Please people let them write whatever they want! They simply make life funnier!
    Even “white immaculate” theeth now! Gosh gosh!! When Nicole is more beautiful than usual their fantasy run sooo fast you can hardly see it. lol!

  • http://TUTI75 arlene

    que le paso debajo de los ojos y la nariz se ven muy blancos,que mal la maquillaron han salido muchos reportajes del desastre de maquillage debajo de los ojos y nariz ,pobrecita no pega una ,con lo del botox y sus labios deformes la pobre no ganara ni un oscar mas en su vida , y si ya no mueve su cara ya no podra actuar mas y cero oscar para ella en el futuro ,por que mejor no se dedica a ser mas madre ,esposa e hija y si quiere ser ser actriz que elimine el botox para siempre y yo estare muy alegre de que por lo fin elimino el botox de su vida y la adorare otra vez como acriz y como persona,por que haora no es santo de mi devocion.nicole please se tu misma yo se que en el corazon y por fuera eres un ser magnifico y humilde y muy bella ,solo se tu misma .y a los fans de nicole quiero que sepan que yo no soy fan de tom and katie ,yo era fan de nicole pero me disgusto que pensara mas en su fisico y en verce joven y no pensara que ella era una de la mejores actrises de todos los tiempos hasta enpeso sus tratamientos de botox y por favor vamos a hacer una pajina para que nicole la lea y entienda que el botox no es para una actriz exelente como lo era ella y asi pueda salvar su carrera de actriz y le tengan mas respeto como pease ayudenla todavia hay tiempo para un cambio en nicole ,sien verdad la quieren ayundenla .

  • Jim

    Nicole is gorgeous and she is such an amazing actress. Her acting is outstanding and I think she really shows her talents here.
    You are the greatest Nicole.

  • eliza

    Compare her looks in an interview from ten years ago? None of us look exactly the same. It’s called AGING. And Nicole is doing it beautifully, enjoying the dividends from protecting her skin and exercising. She looks gorgeous and elegant, love the dress. All of the ladies look great.

  • Dell

    Marion beats Nicole in appearance – hands down!

  • m


  • zak

    Fergie looks amazing! best dress..i like also Kate and Marion :)

  • K

    # 11,Not a Nicole fan are you? She was indeed born in Hawaii, her Australian parents were there for school.

  • elisilla

    She’s very pretty, she doesn’t need plastic surgery or botox…. She made a bad choice.

    What’s that white thing on her face?

  • angel

    i thinl Nicole looks the same as she didi b4. I just think there are a little changes, cause she had a baby. She’s a great actress! But a horrible Mother to Connor and Bella! Great mom to Sunday though!

  • mimilala

    Nicole is very pretty, but I think she’s overshadowed by Penelope. Marion Cotillard looks great, too!