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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Tapas Bar Family!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Tapas Bar Family!

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes take their three kids — Suri, Connor and Isabella — to taste authentic Sevillian food on Monday (December 14) in Triana, Spain.

The family ate many delicious foods at the small tapas bar Ordago — anchovy, Spanish omelet and kokotxa (cheek of cod or hake).

The Cruises are in town to support Tom, who is shooting his new movie Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz.

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  • Lela

    Beautiful, patriotic family.
    God bless them.
    Tom is so handsome.

  • phillygobby

    @Lela: Eh oh! here comes simonette the nutcase! How many comments are you going to post on this thread under different nicks? 30 patrotic comments? And what about Jackie O tonight?

  • to simonette comment1

    patriotic family???!!! What are you babbling about again, dipstick?

  • Oceane

    big sister got fat!!

  • Kelly Luver

    What a beautiful family

  • Headless Obama

    Tom rocks!

  • wondering

    so when do connor and isabella join their mother in australia for christmas? or do they? i could be wrong, but i get the sense that tom has physical custody of the two.

  • to Oceane

    big sister got fat!!

    i haven’t seen enought pictures of this girl to make that kind of comment. but in any case; what business is it of yours how much she weighs or what size she wears in clothes?

  • Janelle

    I knew people were going to talk about Isabella’s weight. I think she looks pretty and she’s just a child. All of their kids are cute.

  • pass kate some tissue!

    mrs. tom cruise must be balling her eyes out with the thought of “nine” premiering tonight. she was the biggest cry baby in hollywood when rob marshall rejected her. she didn’t even get a call back.poor thing.

  • AutumnM

    Wow, why has Isabella gotten so fat? And please save your comments about how Isabella is beautiful and how she’s just a teen and that she’s average size,etc. ,etc. ’cause I don’t care, she does not look good. I just wonder if she’s eating out of depression? It seems to me like she’s treated second best and has to play babysitter to the “Queen Brat” known as Suri. That sucks for her. Tom should really try and do something to help Isabella with her acne and weight problem, but unfortunately I think Suri is his one and only priority. Poor Isabella.

  • Miss Anonymous


    That is beyond rude.

  • rainbow

    Isabella has always been chubby. It’s probably hereditary. I don’t think she looks too heavy here, but the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. So her parents should make sure she has good eating and exercise habits.

  • TLC

    Bella is always like that and she seems to be OK with what she looks. It’s not like her weight is fluctuating. But compared to her, Conner is a good physical specimen. We haven’t seen him for a while, but once he showed up, he would be in a great shape. Nicole mentioned that Bella is going to art school. His father’s son Conner is probably going to join entertainment business.

  • wtf

    Why can’t they EVER comb that child’s hair?

    Bella needs to peel 20lbs or buy bigger clothes, that is not a good look.

  • @autumnM

    Yes Bella is overweight, but she has an absolutely gorgeous face. If she lost weight she’d be stunning. However, she doesn’t like the Hollywood scene according to Nicole and she wants to be an artist. So there is absolutely no need for her to buy in to the shallowness of Hollywood and minus size zero.

  • Nic

    Maybe Kate could teach her to smoke.

  • Carl

    I knew they would start pulling the other two kids into these photo ops pics after posters started writting about these 3 kids are never together.

  • Very very good article

    This is an excellent piece of journalism.

    Is Suri Cruise growing up too quickly?
    At age three Suri Cruise is photographed like a pint-sized model in heels, nail polish and designer outfits…. On a film set in an exotic location, a chic young starlet is wearing her latest outfit. With trendy clip-on earrings, and oh-so-fashionable polka-dot high heels, she looks ready to face waiting banks of paparazzi. But this is no ordinary photo opportunity. At the centre of the flash-gun frenzy is three-year-old Suri Cruise.


  • Very very good article


    “Let’s get one thing straight. Grown-up women wear high heels to feel more attractive and, dare I say it, sexy. Children are not mini-adults. And if we celebrate them for being all grown-up they soon start to think that being “sexy” is where their value lies.

    And while Suri herself may be safe from predators, if her outfits invite just one perverted thought or encourage even one paedophile to think that young children welcome this kind of attention, that’s one too many. But then as if the high heels are not bad enough, on a visit to the zoo last week, Suri was seen wearing make-up and carrying her own lipgloss pack.”

  • Very very good article

    ” For Tom and Katie, the focus on their delightful daughter must be a welcome distraction.

    The attention on Suri’s love of kitten heels must feel like a blessed diversion.

    Some may argue that with tens of millions in the bank, what doting parent wouldn’t dress their child in Armani, Versace, Dior and Burberry.

    Yet Violet Affleck, daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, is seen mostly in Gap as is Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s daughter Coco.

    Although there’s probably even more fascination with Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, her dress sense is altogether less headline-grabbing.

    But by promoting Suri as a living doll, I’m sorry to say it’s Tom and Katie who look insecure and needy of attention. “

  • hag

    the next split.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    i love tom its great to see the whole cruise family all togeather

  • ho hum

    so boring

  • Very very good article

    ” For today’s outing in Seville, Spain, where her father Tom is shooting his new movie, Suri is wearing the latest addition to her expensive wardrobe — a flamboyant pink flamenco dress.

    An innocent moment of childhood dressing-up — or a more deliberate ploy by her father to win the hearts of the Spanish media by dressing his daughter in its national costume?

    Today he apparently welcomes the cameras into his daughter’s life.

    But she has been seen in them so many times since that kitten heels have become her signature look.

    Yet at times, pictures of Suri remind me of JonBenet Ramsey, the tiny painted pageant queen who police believe was stalked and murdered by a paedophile. ”

  • Very very good article

    ” Yet Tom Cruise has said he views all the attention on Suri’s appearance as “flattering”. Is it? Tom should realise he’s in danger of forming the personality of a little girl who is going to think that the only thing that matters is how she looks.

    Already born a princess of La La Land, I would have hoped Tom and Katie would fight to keep their child grounded – not allow her to tour the world like a pint-size fashion model.

    By giving her everything Tom and Katie must realise they are in fact depriving their child of the most precious thing of all – her childhood. “

  • andamentothat

    Isabella looks so much like Nicole Kidman.. Her nose, cheeks.. Good for them enjoying tapas, and having some downtime as a family.. I am no fan of tomkat but I am beginning to like Conner!!!!

  • g!na

    Suri is adorable and Bella is cute! So what if she has acne! All teens go through it.

  • who takes care of these kids?

    …so, nicole takes care of the “others?” how come you never see them with her? these kids only pop up now and then and at soccer practice…who do they live with? and yes, suri’s outfits are as ridiculous as her parents…even if they are “patriotic”…;-)

  • Five

    They have joint custody but the kids live with their father to stay with their friends and not have two different houses to spend months on end in, #7.

    Exactly, #8.

    How was she a cry-baby, #10?

    Was there really a need to point out her weight which is no business of yours, #11?

    I was wondering why it was taking so long for dumb favoritism accusation popped up in one of these threads. I mean how exactly is she treated second best? He loves all his kids equally and seems to give an equal amount of attention.

    She doesn’t need to do anything, #15. She’s comfortable in her own skin.

    Maybe you could shut up, #17.

    Quit giving yourselves credit for everything, #18. You sound paranoid. It’s always a a case of coincidence or self-fufilling prophecies here. I haven’t heard such accusations recently.

    Excellent piece of journalism, #19? It’s an excellent case of busybodies judging people they don’t know, is what it is..

    It’s no parent’s job to keep perverts in check. And it’s not like anyone can read mind and know exactly what will set a pervert off. No one is going to keep a pervert thinking what he/she wants to think.

    So other celebrity parents dresses their kids more cheaply. So what? That’s fine. It doesn’t make anyone insecure or needy of attention.

    It’s ridiculous when people attach hidden agendas to the most mundane things just to criticize TomKat. Be it Kidman’s youngest daughter’s name being a jab to Cruise or Cruise doing Valkyrie to promote his religion in Germany or Cruise trying to get good PR by having his daughter dress up in a costume, these comments are ridiculous and should end.

    If their daughter is being raised to be materialistic, while that is sad, it’s no one’s problem to deal with.

  • http://wtf wtf

    Yes, FIVE, this is a message board. It is not our problem, that is true but Tom and Katie do thrust their child in the spot light by dressing her in heels, flamenco clothing, etc. I don’t often see them shielding their daughter or taking her out a different door where Paparazzi are not waiting. They absolutely encourage the photos with Suri…THUS…while it is not our problem, this child actually becomes public property to discuss. That is sad. I also believe that is why so many people post about this. They see pictures of this child in mags and newspapers and website and feel that they can comment on her appearance. This child has no say whether or not she wants to be a celebrity. She already is at the the age of three years old because her parents trot her out in front of the paparazzi constantly. You will say that they are famous and can not help it but PLEASE other even more famous celebrities manage to keep their children better protected. You will also say it is their right to take their kids out in public and dress them up in flamboyant expensive clothing. Yes, it is their right but when you have children, you make changes to your lifestyle to protect them. Sometimes you have to give up a little of your own personal freedoms to keep your family safe. For instance, It may be our right to sleep in a house without locking the doors. True, but then you may have someone break in. So, you lose a little freedom and you end up locking your doors at night to stay safe.

  • pr person

    “They have joint custody but the kids live with their father to stay with their friends and not have two different houses to spend months on end in”

    Really, Five?! Wow! Did the children tell you that? ‘Cause that there is some impressive first hand knowledge! Seriously.. get a grip! YOU have NO clue why those children are living with their father. Pathetic pretend know it all.

    Jared needs to bring back those thumbs!!

  • to AutumnM

    @ 12/15/2009 at 10:18 pm

    another poster says that you’re rude. i personally think that you are a judgemental bitch

  • Lindsay

    I get the sense that Five is unable to function in the world–spends all of his time in front of the computer defending all things TomKat. Yet, most likely, he cannot dress himself without help and cannot go to the bathroom by himself.

  • rewind

    “Tom and Katie do thrust their child in the spot light by dressing her in heels, flamenco clothing, etc. I don’t often see them shielding their daughter or taking her out a different door where Paparazzi are not waiting. They absolutely encourage the photos with Suri”

    Absolutely. There are precautions they can take if they are worried about Suri’s well-being in front of the cameras, like going through back entrances, covering her face, etc. But they DONT. Suri is the one who has to cover her face. She is treated more like a pr prop than a child. CPS should investigate Tom and Katie.

  • myriam

    I think Isabella is very pretty, she has a beautiful face. But she is overweight, she should loose at least 25-30 pounds.
    And Connor…. so handsome young man!

  • Team Elin

    Thanks for that article.

    That says something.

    Something that is true is that TOM and NICOLE had some weirdness ,deep mess in their break up. HE has the kids. They live with his sister and are homesschooled by her.
    Nicole sees the kids every now and then. Seldom.
    Hardly ever. Ido wonder waht are the goods that he has on Nicole or that Nicole has on him or that Scientology has on them

    We don’t know, yeah,maybe they call her,their MOTHER, all of the time,everyday.

    they callKatie ,Mom.

    WEIRD! They call Nicole,Nicole. If I were her, that would be over my deadbody.

    Their mother should be called Mom,Mommy, etc.
    Isabella looks like a pretty, regular 17 yr. Yeah, her face broke out so their is a soap like Ambi she maybe needs. Maybe it is thattime of the month.

    She might want to loose some weight for something AS WE ALL DO.
    Connor is a good looking boy. I appauld TOM for having two kids living decently, respectfully.

    Queen Suri is just too much. Every winter,she lacks winter clothes,kids clothes,hair combing,

    NICOLE is in NYC promoting NINE at the big premire.Her two kids here are in Spain. Wherever she is,they go the opposite. Weird.
    She, KEITH and their baby will be in New Zealand and Australia for Christmas and NYE. Those kids won’t be with her.

    TONIGHT on LARRY KING LIVE,he asked the cast of nine if they had kids. Kate said her son’s name and age. Danel Day Lewis said his boys ages . Dame Judi Dench said her kids and grandkids.
    Larry said you ahvea tenager now.Shesaid yes. How old he asked?She said 17. I think Larry asked her name too. She said Bella.,

    She did not mention Connor.

  • rainbow

    That article from the mirror was so stupid. The writer said that they should dress Suri in GAP. Well, if he bothered to do a bit of research, he would see that many of Suri’s dresses are from babyGap and other affordable brands like American Apparel. But even if they were dressing her in expensive designerss all the time, who cares? It’s their money and they’re not hurting anyone.

  • to myriam

    i agree; she should loose about 25 lbs. but that’s just me. i’m not her mother and i’m certainly not her doctor. don’t forget that isabella was adopted. we have no idea what her biological parents look like. for all we know, they could be heavy set just like isabella. you can only fight genetics so far.

  • Team Elin

    Yeah, Isabella does look like Nicole.

  • Moses

    Isabella looks like a fat lesbian. And she’s not a child, she’s 17 this month.

  • myriam

    @Moses: You’re really mean and there’s no need for that even if you dislike this family as I do. I myself think that Tom and Katie are famewhores, particularly Katie who has zero talent, zero screen presence, a miserable lousy c-list actress, using her baby child for publicity.
    But Isabella have not chosen her father neither that gold digger which is her stepmother. There’s no need to insult Isabella the way you do. Please stop.

  • http://wtf wtf

    You have also missed the point Rainbow.THIS IS A MESSAGE BOARD ABOUT CELEBRITIES. Unfortunately little Suri is a celebrity because her parents do not protect her privacy. They do not protect her privacy and allow pics of the child to be circulated and appear on websites, mags and newspapers. Because this happens, Suri is a celebrity. Sadly, her pictures are fair game for people to comment about. Yes, parents can dress their children however they want and they can also allow their child to be photographed, Unfortunatley though, the child becomes a topic of conversation and people have every right to talk about her. It truly should be none of our business but the photos our put out there for the world to see and you better believe people will choose to either criticise or praise what they see.

  • the joker is here


    I totally agree with you. Suri is always dressed for max public consumption and for max pap adoration, she is a 3 year baby who parents appear to be completly oblivious to the sad reality that Suri is potentially attracting the attention of Child Predators with the way they parade her around dressed as a manniquin.

    Tom and Nicole did not parade Isabella or Conner like this when they were tiny children. Those kids were only seen from time to time until they were much older than 3 years old.

    Tom and Katie see Suri as PR gold, jmo. Suri is used to increase their flagging popularity and get them free publicity.

    And those defending the way that baby girl is thrown out in the limelight by her nutty parents need to go jump in a deep lake.

  • keeoui

    How the HECK do you think Isabella looks like Nicole? She’s friggin adopted. Next you’ll think Conner looks like Tom…

  • khristi

    Why oh why is the human race so pathetic-let’s not always judge people on face value. All of the people that have gone on to do great things in this world were once belittled by something as mundane as not being what the world percieves as good looking and attractive. You guys need to seek the help of something way bigger than yourselves. Otherwise you wouldn’t spend so much time trying to find the most indecent and degrading things to say about another human being.

  • Five

    Any parent, including TomKat, should be allowed too dress their kid in whatever they feel like (not exactly everything but you get my point) without being accused of trying to attract or encourage the spotlight. #31.

    Did you just call a child public PROPERTY? You’re just looking for excuses to justify your unwanted advice and need to meddle in a pair of strangers’ lives. Their daughter is just a child and famous only by default. Leave her alone and let her parents raise her as they see fit. It doesn’t matter if she’s seen many or few times. She’s not fair game. You can stop this but choose not to. You WANT to interfere. Quit blaming TomKat for people thinking they can comment on their kid because they’re famous.

    I really don’t think locking doors at night can be compared to innocently dressing their kid or taking your kid out in public. Bad analogy.

    Of course I do, #32. Kidman said it and inferred the rest from educated conclusions based on other facts and common sense. I’m not a critic and don’t pull things out of my ass.

    You ‘sense’ wrong then, #34.

    ‘Calling CPS’ has lost all meaning, #37. Will you idiots stop saying that and just do it already? They’ll naturally laugh you off but at least you won’t be just talking the talk anymore.

    She should lose or gain whatever she feels like losing or gaining, #36. Who asked for your advice anyway?

    Right, #38.

    Exactly, #39. So there as no need for you to offer what this girl you don’t know should do.

    You’re sick, #41.

    You can’t use a kid that does nothing for publicity, #41.

  • to Moses

    you are one very sick person. your post is disgusting. are you paying attention jared?

  • pooper

    uh uh,….

    FIVE is the sicko

  • dippitydo

    Why does Katie wear those silly pom pom shoes?

    …..because she has NO taste in clothes, etc.. LOL